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Thursday Night- part 2

While Stuart had invited me to stay with them tonight, I could tell Richard wanted Stuart all to himself and who could blame him. Stuart was not only a great looking guy but a great lover as well. As much fun as I have with those two men I didn’t want to stay there I wanted to fall asleep in Michelle’s arms. Although it was late she had called and asked me to come over no matter the time. I called her to double check it was ok to come over now and she had said sure. So I am headed over there now.

As I drive over to her house, I start feeling the little aches and pains for my adventures earlier. My arms are a little sore seeing as I spent some time hanging from the ceiling earlier tonight and my ass is sore from the spanking Stuart had given me. My clit was still sensitive from Stuart’s belt as well but considering what happened I figure not too bad. I thought I would be in worse shape after playing sub/dom games with my boss.

Michelle had mentioned to me earlier today that she would be interested in being my dom if I wanted. I am thinking yes I really do want that although not necessarily tonight. Already played that game tonight I’m good I think to myself. I feel mentally and physically beat tonight and should really just go home but I can’t resist the desire to see Michelle.

Michelle and I had been friends and co-workers for quite some time now. Just this week we became more than friends and I must say I simply can’t get enough of her. I love to run my fingers through her very soft brown hair. And the look of desire I see in her blue eyes when she looks at me makes me wet every time. I could lie in bed with her for hours just licking and sucking her gorgeous breasts.

I pull up in her driveway and go up the stairs to her door and ring the bell. I have a slight smile on my face as I wait for her to open the door, I just can’t stop thinking of her breasts and how they feel in my hands and taste in my mouth.

When she opens the door I all but have to pick my jaw up off the ground as I look at her. She is wearing a sheer red robe with matching bra and thong.

“Holy fuck woman you are beautiful.” I tell her as she grabs my hand and leads me in.

The view from behind is almost as nice as the front, damn but she has a nice ass I think as I follow her inside.

“So did you have fun with Stuart tonight?” she asks.

“Who cares about that right now.” I tell her as I pull her body towards me.

I take my hands and run them through her hair pulling her closer to me so that I can kiss her. My tongue dives in her mouth as if I am starved for her. Then licking her lips and darting in and out of her mouth over and over as if I am fucking her with my tongue. Finally I gently bite her lower lip as I pull away.

“Did you miss me tonight lover?” She asks a little breathlessly.

“Yes I did. While the boys are a whole lot of fun I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I tell her.

“Boys?” she asks.

“Yeah Richard was there as well.” I inform her.

“Really? Well all I can say is that this sure as hell has been an interesting week hasn’t it.” She says.

“Yes it has. Now where were we?” I ask her looking her up and down.

“You were about to take all your clothes off and go and get in the bath I have ready.” She tells me.

“Bath. Mmm sounds wonderful. You’re going to join me right?” I ask her.

“Perhaps. Now get naked.” She tells me with a laugh.

“Gladly.” I reply as I quickly remove all my clothes and start heading towards the bathroom.

“I see Stuart spanked your ass again tonight huh?” she asks me.

I can’t help but rub my ass as I ask,

“What is it still red?”

“Yes it is and I bet still sore.” She tells me.

“Just a little.” I tell her.

“Good.” She responds as she slaps my ass hard.

“OW” I yell out startled at the slap.

She just laughs as we head into the bathroom. When I open the door the room is filled with steam and candles are everywhere filling the room with a soft light and the scent of butter cream, one of her favorite candle scents.

“Nice.” Is all I can say as I take in the scene.

“You like do you?” she asks coming up behind me.

“Mmhm.” Is all I say as I feel her body up against mine her arms wrapping around me.

She tilts my head with her hand and starts kissing and licking my neck. When she starts sucking on my neck I all but melt in her arms. Her hands start caressing my breasts, rubbing her hands over and over my nipples making them hard. She pushes my away saying,

“Now get in before the water gets cold.”

I step in the tub and the water is perfect, hot but not too hot as I slide my body down taking pleasure from the feel of the water surrounding me. I lay there with my eyes closed for a moment just enjoying the hot water soaking into me.

When I open my eyes Michelle is standing over me, taking her bra and then her thong off. I just look up at her and smile, enjoying the view. She slides in the tub behind me and I feel her breasts slide along my back. I lean back against her just enjoying the closeness of our bodies.

“Lean forward I want to wash your hair.” She tells me.

I lean forward and Michelle takes a cup and pours water over my head. Getting my hair all wet. She takes her hands and starts massaging my head as she works the shampoo into my hair I can help but sigh in contentment. She continues rubbing and caressing my head and scalp. She then takes the cup and pours water repeatedly over my head getting all the shampoo out.

Her hands start working their way down towards my neck and shoulders massaging as she goes. I feel as though I could just melt in her arms. I lean back and her hands find their way towards my breasts. Running her hands over them. Gently pulling my nipples and then working her way lower. Her hands run in a circle over my stomach slowly going lower and lower toward my pussy which is dying for her touch.

She turns my head giving her mouth better access to my neck as she starts to kiss my neck. Her fingers start rubbing my clit as she then starts sucking on my neck. I start to moan as she whispers,

“You like that don’t you Annie?”

“Oh yes, don’t stop.” I tell her as my breathing becomes erratic.

She continues sucking my neck occasionally giving my earlobe a small bite as her fingers slip inside my wet pussy. Slowly pushing her fingers in and out of me then gradually harder and faster. My hips start matching the rhythm of her hand fucking me. When she puts her other hand on my breast and starts pulling and squeezing my nipple I know I will cum soon.

“Oh god Michelle that feels sound good.” I tell her.

“I know it does, now cum for me Annie cum for me.” She whispers in my ear.

When I hear her tell me to cum for her I do. My body starts quivering as my hips are bucking up and down as she continues to finger me.

“Oh God, Oh Michelle!” I cry out as I cum.

I lay there for a moment and then turning over I tell her,

“Mine turn now” as I start kissing her.

I start kissing her neck and chest as my hands rub her tits. I take her breast in my hand and start sucking it hard trying to take all of her breast in that I can. She grabs my head and pushes me hard into her breasts. Enjoying what I am doing as much as I enjoy doing it.

I take my hand and start stroking her thighs up and down, my hand getting closer and closer to pussy. I grab her pussy and cupping it in my hand I squeeze. I am rewarded with hearing her moan for me. I go back to kissing her as I slowly insert one finger into her. I start fucking her with my finger as I continue to kiss her. Then I push another finger and another into her while my thumb is rubbing her hard clit she cries out,

“Fuck me harder Annie!”

That is all I need to hear as I start pushing my fingers in and out of her harder and harder. Going faster and faster. Her hips are rising up in time with my hand thrusting inside her. I lean down and start licking and sucking her hard nipple go back and forth between her breasts. In moments I feel her body shudder as she orgasms.

We continue to enjoy the tub for a few minutes more just wrapped up in each other’s arms. I feel as if I could fall asleep right where I am when I hear Michelle say,

“Come on Annie we better get out before we get all water logged. Never mind how late it is and we do have work tomorrow.”

“Oh don’t remind me all I want to do is sleep for a week. Although I have loved every minute of this week and wouldn’t trade it for anything it has worn me out. I need some sleep.” I tell her.

“Well then come on lover get up and let’s get dried off so we can go to bed.” She tells me.

We get out of the tub and dry off and head into her bedroom. We get in bed and I curl up alongside her and kiss her neck. My hand running down her body. I just can’t seem to stop touching her as my hand starts to fondle her breast.

“I thought you were tired?” she asks me with a laugh in her voice.

“I am I just can’t help myself.” I tell her kissing her neck.

She grabs my hair and pulling my head back roughly says,

“Well you better. You need to get some sleep. I have plans for you this weekend subbie and you need to be well rested. Did you think I forgot you agreed to be my subbie?”

“No.” I tell her, getting turned on at the thought of her dominating me.

“No what?” she asks me sharply, as she pulls my head back even further.

“No mistress.” I tell her.

“Better, now be good and go to sleep.” She replies with a quick kiss on my lips.

I roll over on my side and with a smile on my lips thinking about this weekend I fall to sleep.

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