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To get the Mark

When the bell rung, Tina Andrews didn’t stand with the rest of her class to make an escape to the door. Instead she sat, watching as all her classmates left. She was in trouble, and she knew it. The look her teachers eyes, Miss Newbury confirmed that as their eyes briefly locked.

The last of the students had left, leaving Tina alone with her teacher, who now stood, and made her way to the large solid door, closing it and then locking it, which clicked loudly, giving Tina an odd feeling!

“ Well Tina, looks like we have a problem!” Her teacher announced moving closer to Tina’s desk. She sat on top of the desk beside Tina’s Crossing her long slender legs over one another. “ Miss Newbury, I’m sorry, I interrupted your class.” Tina began, then her teacher held a hand up for her to be quiet.
“Tina your problems are far from being, a class interruption, it’s more along the lines of weather or not your going to pass this class or not, and I’m pretty sure you need to do that in order to get into your course for college, Am I right?” Miss Newbury asked crossing her other leg over to the other. For a moment Tina was pretty sure she saw her teacher wearing nothing under her skirt other than her panty hose.

“ Miss Newbury, I didn’t think I was failing this class, doing poorly sure, but failing, are you sure?”

“ Tina, I’m positive, and even if you got a hundred on the final exam, you still wouldn’t pass!” Newbury frowned slightly. Tina felt a twinge of panic sweep through her, and was about to give into it, when her teacher spoke again.

“ Tina, I have ways to make you pass, I can alter scores on past tests and quizzes making it possible for you to pass, but the question is? What are you willing to do to get this passing grade?” Miss Newbury asked quietly but firmly.

“ Anything! I’m willing to do anything! As long as I pass.” Tina replied glancing up at her teacher, who now swept a lock of her blonde hair out of her face.

“ Good, I’m glad to hear it! So shall we begin?” Miss Newbury asked un-crossing her legs again, revealing her pussy to Tina’s eyes again.

“ Yes, but what are we going to do?” Tina asked, feeling slightly confused. Her teacher now smiled and then spoke.

“ Well Tina, you seem to have a discipline problem, and I think were going to rectify that first! So you can start by bending over your desk!” Newbury replied keeping her eyes on Tina’s shocked face.

“ Pardon!” Tina said, not sure if she had miss understood something.

“ Bend over your Desk Tina, or you can let yourself fail if your not wanting to do as I say!” Miss Newbury replied now standing herself. Hesitantly Tina bend over her desk. Her large breasts squashing underneath her as she bent, hanging her ass out for her teacher.

“ Good, Tina, now we can begin!” Tina wasn’t sure what she meant until she felt one of her teachers hands slap against her ass on top of her kilt. “ Ouch.” Tina stammered and was about to say something, and then again her teacher slapped her across her ass. Harder, and a little more aggressively. Shocked, Tina didn’t know what to say. Miss Newbury, lifted her kilt up, flopping it down on her back, to Tina’s surprise, Miss Newbury pulled down her panties, exposing her bare ass to the coolness of the classroom air.
“ Aw, Miss Newbury.” Tina cried, and then it came. A loud cracking sound as Miss Newbury’s hand connected squarely with her ass cheeks. A cry of pain escaped Tina’s mouth, but a cry of pleasure did as well, Tina wasn’t sure which seemed to be more present then the other. Pleasure or Pain? Another hand crashed hard against her. This time a moan escaped past her lips. To her utter surprise Tina felt wetness seep through the lips of her pussy. As her teachers hand again slapped her ass, she cried out with a loud moan. Without any form of warning Tina, felt one of her teachers slender fingers reach between her thighs and stroke firmly against her clit and pussy. “ Oh, Fuck!” Tina moaned. Again her teachers finger touched against her clit. This time rubbing a little more firmly. A wave of moisture escaped from her a waiting pussy.
“ If I stick my finger in your pussy, will you be good?” Miss Newbury asked. Tina nodded and said yes at the same time. Feeling the need to be satisfied. Miss Newbury’s finger slid slowly and deep into her pussy. Tina could feel her climax coming, sensing this her teacher told her to turn around and sit on the desk, and to take off her shirt. Tina obeyed, complying perfectly with her teacher’s order. She sat on the desk, removing her blouse, and removing her bra, letting her large breasts fall out. Without a word her teacher stood before her, who pulled off her own blouse. Her slightly smaller breasts in Tina’s face. Hidden behind a black lacy bra. “ Take them out, Tina!” Tina reached behind her teacher, feeling the softness of her teacher’s skin against her fore arms, as she unclasped the lacy black bra. The bra feel to the floor between them. “ Suck them, Tina.” Miss Newbury said, putting her hands into Tina’s thick long blonde hair, pulling Tina’s head to them.

For the first time in her life. Tina felt another woman’s nipple in her mouth. She licked and sucked, at first guess what she should do. Miss Newbury, moaned slightly, giving Tina a better idea, of what she should do. Her teacher’s hand reached down and brushed softly against her pubic hair, and softly against her pussy, just before the finger again found it’s self in Tina’s soaking pussy.

“ You’ve been so good Tina, I want to reward you!” Miss Newbury said softly pulling her breasts away from Tina. Kneeling before Tina, Miss Newbury pushed her face in between Tina’s thighs. Excitement, rushed throughout her body, and then she felt it, as her teacher’s tongue slid softly against her clit. And then again, Tina let a loud moan escape through her lips. She felt as though she were going to cum very soon. Her teacher’s tongue began moving faster, making Tina gasp for breath. “ Oh, fuck, Oh, Fuck, Tina panted out. Miss Newbury plunged two fingers deep into her students snatch as her tongue flicked violently across the young girls clit. “ OH, FUCK.” Tina cried out, as she came. A gush of her juice washed into her teachers mouth. Shutter’s shook though her body, leaving her feeling as though she were weak.

A minute or two passed by as she sat there her eyes closed to the room. “ Now Tina, it’s time you earn your marks!” Miss Newbury announced. Tina looked up to see her teacher removing her skirt letting it fall to the floor, she leaned over the desk, showing Tina her firm and tight ass. I want you to lick my pussy, Tina.” Tina crouched behind her teacher pushing her head up deep against Miss Newbury’s neatly shaved and wet pussy. She pushed her tongue against the gaping hole. Letting it push between the lips. A moan escaped from the older woman. “ Aw, yes, do it Tina.” Tina pushed her tongue in and out, as fast as she could. A series of moans came from her teacher. Accidentally she brushed her thumb against her teacher’s asshole, bringing a deeper and more lengthy moan from Miss Newbury. With her thumb Tina began to massage Miss Newbury’s asshole, and with her tongue continuing assaulting her clit and pussy. Moving from her pussy to her ass Tina slid her tongue over her teacher’s asshole. “ Aw, Aw, Tina,” Was all her teacher could whisper. Tina pushed her thumb slowly into Miss Newbury’s anus, as her fingers slide deeply into the woman’s dripping pussy.

Slowly she let her hands pump into her teachers holes, and then with more speed, she could feel her teacher thrash and push herself against her hands. “ Tina I’m coming .” Miss Newbury panted out letting herself crash against the desk. Tina continued pumping her hands until she was sure her teacher had finished coming. Easily she let herself sit back on the floor, where Miss Newbury joined her. “ You a great student. Tina, I’m glad you’ve decided to work on that poor mark of yours!”

“ I am too.” Tina replied.

They got dressed in almost total silence, finding their articles of clothing upon the floor. As they were finishing up and heading toward the door. Miss Newbury asked “ Same time on Monday?”

Tina smiled, and nodded “ I’m happy your helping me Miss Newbury! I’ll see you Monday!”

They took separate directions in the hallway, Tina felt herself growing excited thinking about Monday, but could she wait until then. She wasn’t sure! Outside she walked across the field smiling!

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