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To Russia with lust: chapter 11: an epilogue

The aftermath

Compared to the Orient Express, the helicopter was both more boring, and a good deal faster.

Emm was delighted. One could tell by the fact that she barely stopped for breath as she went through her exploits.

'But Pix, I am confused. I thought that those buttplugs were suppositories, when did you have time to plant an explosive device in them?'

'Darling Emm,' I laughed, 'have you ever heard of bluff? The only one with the device was the one we used on Jay, but Anna did not know that, and given the threat, she was unlikely to try to call our bluff.'

'But she will know by tomorrow.'

'Yes darling, but given what was in the suppository, she will be spending a good deal of time in the bathroom.'

'You mean,' said Emm, mouth open, 'that it wasn't true? There was no bomb in her bum?'

'That, precious,’ said Sarah, 'is precisely what Pix means. We fooled her.'

Alessandra laughed, mainly at Emm, but that did not stop her cuddling her all the way back to Istanbul.

From thence it was by launch back to Ekaterina's Black Sea dacha.

It was a touching scene, literally.

Alessandra's hands were roaming all over Emm, who was wriggling with delight. I snugged up to Sarah.

'Pix, darling, you were marvellous. What's more, we still have some holiday time left. What do you want to do?'

'Well,' I smiled, I see no reason not to carry on where we left off. No doubt the Government will be disappointed that we did not penetrate Ann's ring, although one might say Emm did, in her own fashion, but putting Anna and Ekaterina at daggers drawn will not be a bad result.'

That, as it turned out, was an accurate prediction.

We fetched up at the dacha about the time dawn broke.

I had kept Ivana informed via text, so we were expected, not least by Ivana herself.

She ensured that Emm was packed off for her beauty sleep, and Sarah, who needed some rest, also went to catch up on a night's tense wakefulness. That left the three of us to have a council of war.

Alessandra was known, at least by reputation, to Ivana, who thanked her for her help, not least in providing the helicopter. Al told Ivana what had happened, and the latter gave me a huge hug.

'Darling Pixie, my goodness, you are more resourceful than a barrel-load of monkeys, and you have as many tricks. It's a shame you could not penetrate Anna's network, but clearly, with her treachery, there was never a chance. I'll ensure Whitehall know, and that Ekaterina takes appropriate revenge. By the way, Anna has asked for her money back, but we gave only half of it back, against good behaviour. She has, it seems, lost prestige with her masters, who are not pleased with losing that amount of money, so at worst, you have helped destabilise her.

'Well, to be fair,' I said, 'I think Emm did a pretty good job of penetrating her ring and destabilising her!'

'So, what now?' Al asked.

'Ekaterina has been depressed since Emm went, and perked up the moment she heard she was coming back, so I suspect, Pixie, you will get a bonus on top of your fee.'

'My goodness,' I exclaimed, 'I'll be able to retire at this rate!'

'Actually, Pixie,' said Ivana, 'I'm afraid quite the opposite is more likely. My masters would like to see you when you are back in London, they have a proposition for you. They also see some potential in Emm, at least as a honey trap.'

'Oh my,' I said, 'I suppose I ought to at least hear them out!'

'Oh,' added Ivana, 'and Ekaterina wants to see you all when you are rested and showered.'

With that, I went upstairs to our room to join Sarah.

Bless her, she was fast asleep, still in her bra and knickers, her little black dress cast to the side.

Well, not one to miss an opportunity to make her comfortable, I rolled her knickers down, and unclasped and removed her bra. How perfect she looked. I was a lucky Pixie to be married to such a gorgeous woman, and her dalliances with Emm were of no matter. Stripping off myself, I snuggled in with her, and we slept, cuddled up together.

Ivana sent the maid to wake us a few hours later, and I turned to Sarah:

'I love you, darling.'

'And I you, you brave little thing you!'

We showered, for once chastely, as we knew Ekaterina was expecting us for lunch on the terrace.

Despite having left all our clothes and cases at the Castle, fresh ones, in our sizes, had been provided. It was, I assumed, Ekaterina's idea of a joke to provide me with Tinkerbell sized knickers and tee shirt, with a short white skirt.

'Oh, Pix, you look about 18, such a doll. I want you to keep that outfit, I will have pleasure stripping you of it later.'

I could have repeated her words back to Sarah, the white shift dress she was wearing was perfect for her.

As we walked out onto the terrace, we were met with a remarkable sight.

On all fours, an anal hook in place, her big tits swaying, was an ecstatic Emm. She also had a tail in place, plugged into her ass, and was on a leash. She was hungrily devouring Ekaterina's cunt.

The latter looked up.

'Fuck, sorry ladies, but she kept telling me what she did to that bitch Anna, I thought this the only way to shut her up.'

'Woof, woof,' Emm barked, 'well you were wrong, woof, woof!'

Ekaterina naked was a sight for sore eyes. Her body was quite as perfect as Emm's, although her tits were a little smaller. Emm was between her thighs, applying her expertise to the task in hand, which was clearly to her taste. From our vantage point, the 'S' branded on Emm's ass was prominent.

Whatever Ekaterina had paid to have that diamond stud inserted into Emm's tongue, was proving its worth. Ekaterina gasped louder. Emm teased her and pleased her until the inevitable happened, and Ekaterina came, and came, and came.

I smiled at Sarah, signalling that we might want to retire to practice our own version of what we had watched.

Ivana, who was transfixed, told us to go, she'd make our excuses.

As we left, I reflected on the oddities of our quest to Russia with lust and wondered where it would lead next. But as Sarah and I reached our room, other thoughts occupied my mind.




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