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To Russia with lust: chapter eight

In which Pixie packs a pistol

It was too dark to see who was moving, but not so dark that I could not see a second person moving towards my berth. Discounting a very early morning call with coffee, this could only be bad news. Someone was going for Alessandra and someone for me. Unfortunately for them, they would find Alessandra not at home, and as I was watching them, the same fate would befall my assailant. I had only moments to react.

I grabbed the phone Alessandra had given me and set it to taser mode. Pointing it at the person opening Alessandra’s compartment, I fired straight at the solar plexus; down went the figure with a grunt. The other person alerted to their presence, froze, just long enough for me to fire off a second blast, and down they went too. As they had both just opened the doors, they conveniently fell inside. I locked the doors and ran back to where Alessandra and Emm were sleeping off the effects of their passionate encounter. They reacted in their different ways to being woken.

Alessandra was instantly awake and stepped down from the berth stark naked, grabbing her gun from under the pillow. I could not but admire her figure; tall, full-breasted, she made a good match for Emm, who characteristically, complained at being woken. But calling to mind her talents, I asked if she still had her rope in the baggage, and if she did, could she get a bloody move on, as I had use for her talents.

Swiftly donning robes, both of them followed me, Emm still complaining at having had her beauty sleep interrupted; hell, if you looked like Emm, I figured, you could lose a heck of a lot of beauty sleep and still look like £5m.

Opening the door to Alessandra’s compartment, we turned on the light, to reveal the bulky form of the figure of one of the two Russians. No one hog-tied a girl as well as Emm, and I set her to work on our supine Russian. Say what you like about that girl, but she tied a mean knot, and fast. With him done, we went to my berth.

As we turned on the light, we saw the figure of one of the two American women. I did not even need to ask Emm. An attractive woman on the floor was meat and drink to Emm, and she swiftly did the needful.

‘What about their companions,’ asked Alessandra, ‘they will be expecting them back.’

‘They will indeed. How long do we have before Sofia?’ I asked.

‘About three hours. We’ll get nothing from experienced operatives in that time unless either of you has experience in advanced interrogation.’

Emm was positively enthusiastic about interrogating the American woman, but knowing what her idea of interrogation was, I put a stop to it.

‘Well,’ I said, the Dining Car is Ekaterina’s, and has in it a cold storage area, I suggest we dump these two in there and wait to see what transpires.’

Dismissing Alessandra’s suggestion that we threw them out of the window, which was the only other option, mine was adopted. Emm and Alessandra did the heavy lifting.

The heavy baggage having been deposited, I let Emm and Alessandra get back to whatever it was they wanted to do at that time of the morning and settled myself down to wait.

It did not take long.

After about a quarter of an hour, I heard the sound of another pair of feet. I waited.

I watch the handle turn down and the door open.

As they came in, I switched on the light and pointed my PKK 388 at the intruder. It was, as expected, the other American woman.

Blinded by the sudden flash of light, by the time she recovered, she was facing my handgun.

‘I suggest you make no sudden movement unless you want to suffer the fate of your companion.’

As, of course, she had no idea what had become of her companion, that made my threat sound all the more deadly.

‘I suggest you discard any weapons you possess, as I am not going to give you the benefit of the doubt if you make any sudden move; you will follow your companion over the side.’

She looked shocked.

‘You can’t do that!’

Smiling, I responded:

‘But you see, I did just do that, and to be honest, it would be convenient for me if you followed suite, so please, carry on and give me a reason for shooting you.’

She did not know the truth, and I profoundly hoped my bluff would work. It did.

She dropped the gun she was carrying and removed a knife from her jacket.

‘Super, now shall we talk? I am sure you were not coming here, armed to the teeth, to be nice to me, and I am equally sure you will lie to me, so let me say that if you don’t tell me what I want to hear, you will be going over the side. I really don’t care, the choice is yours, I’d as soon lose you.’

‘But that’s not how we work!’ She protested.

‘I don’t know who the “we” in that statement is, but it is how I work. So it’s up to you. Tell me what the fuck you are up to, or goodbye Vienna.’

Shocked at my blatant disregard for whatever honour existed among those who were employed in her profession, she told me.

‘You’re working for the Russian mafia, we want to put an end to what your boss is up to, and that meant putting an end to you.’

‘Gee, thanks, and you protest at me at least giving you notice. Fuck you, lady.’

With that, I gave the taserTaser another shot.

I was in collecting mode.

This one I could truss up myself, and dragged her down the corridor and pushed her into cold storage.

The other Russian was more sensible, and I saw no sign of him.

Using Alessandra’s phone for its primary use, I phoned ahead to Sofia to tell her operative there that there was ‘cargo’ to unload.

Thus it was that at just after five-thirty, we pulled into Sofia station and the ‘catering’ division removed the detritus from cold storage. It was too bloody late the sleep, so I went back to the Dining Car for breakfast.

As I sipped at a thick black Turkish coffee, I saw the other Russian enter. He looked at me. I looked back. He was clearly longing to ask me whether I had seen his companion. As we moved out of the station, he finally asked me.

‘No, did he not get off with the Americans at Sofia?’

He looked alarmed.

‘The American got off there?’

‘I believe so, perhaps he has struck up a warm friendship and they have gone off for a morning of passion, who can tell nowadays?’

It was delightful to see him disconcerted. He pulled out his phone but oddly got no answer from his companion. He ran off, and that was the last I saw of him.

I was tired, but the coffee and the pastries did the job of keeping me awake.

I watched as the train began the scenic drive into the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. We were about twelve hours from Bran, and had, I hoped, seen off the main danger. But I still had an uneasy feeling.

I went back to the Sleeping Car. Sarah was still sound asleep, blissfully ignorant of the night’s events. I thought I’d best go update the love-birds.

As I opened the door, Emm was on all fours, Alessandra driving a large strap-on into her rear end.

‘Hi darling, do take a seat, oh, fuck, Al, that’s so fucking big, even my asshole is having trouble.’ At which she giggled, and went back to concentrating on how much of it she could take at one drive.

I was tired, I was horny, and so what the hell, I might, I thought, as well take a ring-side seat.

The sight of Alessandra’s toned ass thrusting a twelve-inch strap-on into Emm’s equally toned ass was not one to pass easily. She went about her task with commendable thoroughness, encouraged by Emm’s moaning and thrusting back.

Emm’s hand was rubbing her cunt furiously, and Alessandra was smacking Emm’s ass, turning it red, which was simply making Emm even hornier.

I was, perhaps fortunately from Sarah’s point of view, too tired to join in, but I could not pretend that watching was a trial.

The juggling of Alessandra’s firm breasts as she thrust into Emm’s asshole was a sight to behold, and Emm’s tits swinging in time with the fucking were making me damp. She reached under and squeezed Emm’s nipples, making her moan even louder. She thrust home, calling Emm a ‘fucking whore,’ which, naturally, made my friend even hornier.

Emm began to cum. There was no mistaking an Emm orgasm. Her cunt sprayed everywhere, a veritable fountain, which splashed her thighs and the berth. As usual with Emm, she could not hold back, and a stream of pee gushed forth. She collapsed on the bed, extracting herself from the girl-cock, and dived straight under Alessandra, sucking greedily at her cunt. Taken by surprise, Alessandra began to moan, and as Emm’s skilled tongue worked on her clit, she moaned loudly. Thrusting three fingers into her cunt, Emm, sucked greedily. Alessandra tried to hold out but in vain. In this mode, Emm was irresistible. There was a reason she was valued at £5m, and as Alessandra came noisily, she discovered at least one of them.

Emm, delighted, looked up, her face glistening with Alessandra’s juices.

‘Mm, Pix, fancy a fuck?’

‘Emm, you are insatiable, no!’

‘Ask Sarah then, I still feel horny, and I think Al needs a break!’

As if, I thought, but thought it wise to leave them.

I went back, slightly wearily, towards the berth where Sarah was sleeping.

As I opened the door, I sensed something was not right. I’d left a piece of invisible tape across the door, it was not there. There was nothing for it, I had to find out what had happened. I drew my gun. I opened the door.



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