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To Russia with lust: chapter ten

Emm saves the day - or does she?

'Ah, at last, the Pixie awakes!'

I had that groggy feeling that you get when you are overtired and then finally fall asleep for a few hours.

Sarah was looking lovingly at me.

'Darling, you did so well last night while we all rested, I am so glad that you managed to rest at last.'

She kissed me and pulled me into her arms. That was all the reward I wanted.

I looked around.

Jay Dempster was still roped up by Emm, but she had been allowed to wear her nether garments again. She still looked utterly exhausted.

'We have had a discussion, Pix, about what to do when we get to Bran, but the problem is that the Countess will expect to see our friend here, and if she blows the whistle, we are all done for.'

I looked at Jay.

'Did you enjoy Emm?'

She nodded and stuttered an affirmative.

'Well, blow the whistle, and there will be no more of that. We do not intend to harm the Countess, and unless you are very silly, we shall all get out of this alive. She is expecting you to have fooled us, I suggest we stick to that cover story. What happens afterwards depends on how our plans go, but I can tell you for certain that if it goes pear-shaped, you go first, and nastily.'

Sarah explained to her that the butt-plug Alessandra had inserted before restoring her panties contained a small explosive device. It would not, alas for her, kill her, but the damage would be such that she would wish it had. Any attempt to remove it without it being deactivated would set it off.

That seemed to keep Ms. Dempster quiet.

The mountain scenery was wonderful, and as we passed through it, it seemed incredible to think that at the end, we might find ourselves involved in a life and death struggle.

We had been asked by the British Secret Service to infiltrate the network run by Countess Anna, using her purchase of Emm, my friend, as our entrance card. The problem was that having paid the Russian oligarch, Ekaterina, £5m for Emm, the Countess was keen to renege on the deal, and intended to ransom us to the Russian for that amount. If Ekaterina failed to give in, then we would be broken and sold off into sexual slavery. With the sole exception of Emm, who rather liked the idea, the rest of us were against it.

Alessandra, the Mossad agent I had met in Istanbul, and who had a spent a good deal of the journey fucking Emm, had come up with a plan to avoid the worst, but it depended on too many variables for my liking. However, once they discussed it with me, I had to agree that, having nothing better to suggest, we should go with it.

But, I reflected that it was one thing to have beginner's luck on the train with people who did not know what you could do, and quite another to defeat someone like the Countess on her own territory.

The only one of us entirely unworried by all of this was Emm, who had taken herself off to the shower and turned up, an hour and a half later looking like the £5m woman she was. She was wearing leather body suit which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. It moulded to the shape of her curves, and tight across her mound, gave her no so much a camel toe as the whole bloody foot. As she pirouetted to show us the view from the back, Alessandra grabbed her ass and told her she was the sexiest woman ever. That really was not much, if any, of an exaggeration.

And of course, with Emm, there was the sheer guileless charm.

'Pix,' she said, in that little girl voice of hers, 'I'm confused, darling. Am I going to the Countess or not?'

So, we explained to he yet again, that this was problematic.

'But Pix,' she complained, 'I'm still confused. I want to be a sex slave, that's the point. And I want to be a vampire too. Don't you want to be a sex slave too Pix? Wouldn't she make a cute one, Sarah?'

What the fuck? I thought to myself. How could Emm do it? But as she flashed that dazzling smile, and those magnificent tits at us, I think we all forgot to be irritated.

As 18:00 hours approached, we got the luggage ready. Jay was untied, and Emm gave her a good feel up. By the end of that, I think Jay would have done whatever we wanted. That was just as well.

As we pulled into the Station, I looked out of the window, and, as expected, I saw a reception party.

Wishing each other luck, we left Alessandra behind. She had her part to play, but it did not involve coming into the heart of darkness with us.

Sarah looked amazing, her purple dress hugged her figure, and she and Emm together looked like a lesbian dream pairing. Then there was me; ah well, I thought, best be overlooked and underestimated.

Two women of middle height, wearing severely-tailored suits came toward us, their eyes riveted on Emm.

'You are Emmanuelle’s party, yes?'

'Yes,' I replied, 'delivering the goods to the Countess.'

Jay introduced herself as a friend of the Countess. They had clearly been alerted to her existence, and, leaving the porters to take our bags to their huge Bentley, we climbed in.

You could see Bran Castle from the station. It looked like what it was, the model for Dracula's castle. The home of the legendary Rumanian Prince, Vlad the Impaler, it brooded above the town like a source of dark power and mystery; which it was. I certainly felt the menace grow as we got closer. Only Emm, as ever, seemed immune, as she chatted away about how exciting it would be to become a vampire. Sarah looked at me, and I shook my head. All I could think was that this plan had better work.

At the castle, we were welcomed by the housekeeper and shown to our rooms. She told us to be ready within half an hour as the Countess wanted to receive us.

We had been allocated one large room with two king-sized beds.

Emm dolled herself up, not that, in practice, there was any need. She looked the £5m woman she had become, and her palpable sense of excitement made her radiate energy.

'Oh Pix, Sarah, this is SO exciting!'

We went over the plan of campaign one final time, showing where we had stored the mobile phone, but saying nothing, in case the room was bugged.

Sarah looked stunning in her little black dress, and as for Emm, in her gown with the plunging neckline and back, she looked every inch the temptress she was. I swear, she'd have turned a straight woman gay. The best that could be said for me, is that a bit of slap and a hairbrush made me look presentable. But in such company, I was an also-ran.

As we entered the Great Hall, I was struck by the black everywhere, relieved only by swathes of emerald green and red.

The Countess could not have been more hospitable, and Emm's welcome, which was to fall to her knees and kiss her boots, clearly pleased her.

'Rise, my pet, you are such a good girl.'

'Oh, Countess, for you, yes, I always will be.'

That got supper off to a splendid start.

We discussed the journey, and I brought a note from Ekaterina which amounted to a bill of sale. Upon my sending a signal to Ekaterina, the Countess was supposed to pay the balance of the £5m, but she explained that the signal was not good that night, but hopefully would be better in the morning. It sounded and was no doubt meant to sound, lame, but as there was nothing to be done, I accepted it.

'Now,' said the Countess as we finished, 'to our pleasure!'

The maids led the way up the grand staircase to a bedroom the size of a house. It was equipped with everything a bedroom-cum-dungeon could need, including chains and a rack. This was Emm's stuff, not mine, and I felt uneasy. Sarah and I looked at each other.

'Are you ready to be received into the sisterhood, Slut Emm?'

From the look on Emm's face, you'd think she's just been told she'd won the lottery.

Oh my goodness, I thought, her lust was going to betray us all, she knew what she had to do, but what if she forgot, or got confused?

Sarah looked like she had the same thought.

'Yes, please, Mistress Anna, but I am confused!'

Anna looked at her in the way people often looked at Emm when she was confused.

'About what, my precious?'

'Well, Mistress, I wanted to show you, first, how grateful I am, and it just seems wrong I should get pleasure before you do. Don't worry about Pix and Sarah, hehe, they can get hot watching.'

Anna smiled.

'You are such a good girl, Slut Emm. And yes, a good point, you can have your entree into the sisterhood when I have had my pleasure.'

'May I undress you, Mistress?'

Anna smiled, giving her assent.

Emm helped her out of her long black dress, and as the straps slipped down her shoulders to reveal her pale breasts with their red nipples, Emm gasped. Her skilled fingers began to play with Anna's nipples, even as her other hand completed the removal of the gown. Anna was naked underneath.

Well someone had to, so Sarah did it. As Emm stripped the Countess, Sarah helped Emm out of her dress, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath.

Emm steered Anna to the bed and began to eat her out. The moment that diamond-studded tongue touched Anna's clit, she began to moan. Skillfully, Emm massaged her aching cunt, and within moments, Anna was dripping. Emm's technique was perfect. She licked slowly at first, and then sucked on her clit, drawing it out, before pushing it back and licking faster. Using her fingers, she coated Anna's asshole with her cunt cream and then, fast as anything, inserted a butt plug which, on entering, expanded. Anna came.

When I say Anna came, I mean that for the next five minutes, she could not stop coming.

Gradually she came down.

'That was very naughty Slut, I did not say you could put anything in my ass, you will be punished for that. Now, using only your teeth, remove it!'

'I fear,' I said, 'that will not be possible. It needs to be released by an electronic signal, and that comes from outside your castle - and with two conditions.'

Anna bridled, looking at me furiously.

'What! Stop this nonsense, or I will have you both taken to the dungeons.'

'I wouldn't do that if I were you, but then you might want that plug to explode. It will within twelve hours, and it will if you attempt to remove it. It won't kill you, but you might hope it had.'

She looked at me, red-faced.

'How dare you? You little cunt!'

'Well, Cuntess, I gather you were going to sell us into slavery, so that's how I dare. Now, we are going, and in the morning, you will release the last tranche of money, and we will release the ass plug. Do you get that, or is your brain so addled by your vampire shit?'

Her look of fury was priceless.

As Emm put her dress back on, she smiled sweetly.

'You see, Anna, I may be blonde, but I am not stupid. After all, it is you, not me who has the bomb up her bum!'

We took Anna's dress with us and went out to the courtyard.

Overhead we heard the sound of a helicopter.

As it landed, Alessandra summoned us.

'In, fast. I take it that it worked?'

'To perfection,' Sarah grinned.

We got in.

As we flew away, I looked at Emm.

'You, darling, were wonderful!'

'Hehe, Pix, you know me, is hot sex is involved, the kinkier, the better, I will be there.'

Sarah smiled at me, I kissed Emm and then kissed her.

Against the odds we were clear.

Now it was back to Russia with, to judge from Emm's look, with plenty of lust.


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