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I told her I didn't want to sleep over because I was sick. She saw straight through my lie.
Shit. A wave of her perfume hit me as I opened the door. The evening’s summer breeze swished through her blonde hair, whipping it onto her gorgeous face. I found myself staring into those marvelous deep brown eyes of hers that I never wanted to see again…

I finally found my voice. “Julia? Wh-what are you doing here? I thought I texted you-”

“Emma, what’s wrong?” her voice, filled with worry, cut through my sentence.

“What do you mean? I told you, I’m just feeling a bit sick today, so I don’t think it would be a good idea for a sleepover,” I lied.

I couldn’t fool her. She pushed her way past me into my house, which was stripped of all its furniture and electric appliances that were already on their way to New York. My parents, too, were already in our new home. I, on the other hand, would leave tomorrow afternoon, as today had been the last day of my sophomore year. Julia pleaded with my parents that I could stay the night to have one last sleepover together with her. Now I wish they hadn’t agreed.

“Hmm…” She tapped her chin. “All your beds have been moved away. So we don’t have anywhere to sleep since we were going to spend the night at my house.” She gave me an accusing look.

I dropped my gaze to the floor.

“I only brought one sleeping bag. So I guess we’ll have to share it,” she decided.

Share? Oh fuck, I didn’t want to be pressed that close to her all night. Just standing near her made me insanely aroused.

“Um, we could…well I don’t really need a sleeping bag,” I said, trying to find some way to escape the torture of lying next to her with so much skin contact. “I could, you know, sleep on the floor. It’s really warm today.”

“I thought you had a fever,” she smirked.

“I…I’m feeling better.”

“No, we’re gonna share the sleeping bag. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m fine. It’s just, you know, last night here so…”

“Stop lying to me,” she snapped. “I know you too well to not see through that ‘I’m fine’ bullshit." Her smooth tanned legs carried her gracefully across the floor as she walked into the carpeted living room and started to unroll her sleeping bag. My eyes flickered briefly to her firm ass that was barely covered by her shorts.

“Emma!” She turned around abruptly. “Earth to Emma!”

Guiltily, my eyes quickly darted away from her stunning body, and I suddenly found the ceiling to be very interesting.

“Huh?” I plastered a completely bewildered look on my face.

“These days you always seem to be off in another world. You just lied to me that you were sick, you haven’t been responding to my texts, and you don’t seem to be all that happy that I showed up today.” Her concerned tone made me feel even guiltier. “Emma, what the hell is wrong with you?”

I bit my lip and looked away, trying to hide the hot tears that welled up in my eyes. It hurt. That’s what was wrong. It hurt that I was moving away and leaving her, the girl of my dreams, forever. It hurt to see her smiling and laughing with her boyfriend Jason. It hurt so much to confide in her every single secret except…

Except for my love for her.

I couldn’t hide the cascade of tears that streamed down my cheeks and drenched my amber hair. She pulled me into an embrace, her soft tits pressing into mine. I stifled a groan.

“Emma what’s wrong? Talk to me,” she whispered as she reached up and cupped my face.

The soft skin of her hand sent a tingle of electricity through my body, and I could feel myself getting wet. Damn I wanted her so badly…No. I couldn’t let my body lose control like this. I just couldn’t.

“Stop,” I whispered hoarsely, pushing her back. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” she asked, confused, stepping closer to me again.

“Stop touching me,” I hissed.

I had never talked to her this way. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t spend this last night lying next to her knowing that it was my last chance to make a move. And I didn’t want to make that move. I didn’t want to ruin her relationship with Jason. Because I could see that he made her truly happy. And as much as it hurt me to see her with him, it mattered more that she was happy.

She backed off, puzzled. “What-“

“Julia please.” Another wave of hot tears hit me. “Please, just go away. Go and don’t ever text me or call me again. Please!”

“So this is how you want to end our nine years of friendship?” she said, hurt in her voice. “You want to move to New York and never speak to me again?”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, closing my eyes and turning away. Then all my emotions spilled out. “It’s just that I…I love you Julia. As a friend…but also so much more.”

Silence. I had never told her I was lesbian, and for good reason too. Her parents were probably the biggest homophobes in town. Every time I went over for dinner they’d be discussing with disgust the latest advancements on gay marriage.

“It’s just that…every time I see you, I feel like a piece of heaven fell to the earth,” I said, bowing my head, trying to fill up the stillness that formed in the room. “You’re so…perfect…I…”

My voice faltered. My back was still turned to her, but I could hear her stepping closer. My words continued; I couldn’t stop now, “I want to give you everything Julia. I know I can. Some nights I can't bear it anymore. I need you so badly. But I also know that you don’t… love me so I…I just…” I couldn’t speak anymore; I was choking on my own tears. I felt her hand upon my arm.

Suddenly, she spun me around and in one fluid motion pinned me against the wall. Time seemed to stop. Holding me by my shirt, she nudged her knee in between my legs, parting them. Her bare thigh was tantalizingly close to my heated cunt. Shocked, I stuttered, “Julia wha-”

Her lips silenced me. I could taste our saliva mixing with my salty tears. She sucked gently on my lips, then slid her tongue between them. As the kiss deepened, our tongues intertwined, exploring each other’s mouths. I was in paradise, savoring the flavor of her sweet lip gloss as her lips pressed on mine.

At last, we surfaced to breathe. Seeing her face, reality hit me and shattered my dreamlike trance. This wasn't right. This was my best friend who I used to think could never be straighter. This was the girl I might not ever see again. “Julia,” I hesitated. “Are you sure abou-”

She cut me off with another kiss. Her knee ground into my crotch, and I lost all control. I whimpered as pleasure pervaded my body like waves, making my aching pussy wetter and wetter. She kissed up and down my neck, grazing my skin with her soft mouth. Her hands started roaming around my body, caressing my arms. Then her hands found my perky boobs, and she massaged them gently over my shirt. Feeling bolder myself, I slid my hands down her back to grab the supple flesh of her bubbly ass. I pulled her up to me and started to ride her thighs.

We locked gazes again. Her beautiful eyes were glazed with a lust that I would have never thought I could see. She dipped her head down and captured my lips with hers again. We moaned, enjoying the kiss, as we continued touching and feeling each other.

My brain, clouded and foggy, screamed for me to stop. But my body refused to obey. Tonight, I wanted her. I needed her.

Taking control, I pushed us off from the wall and onto the carpet. As my house was void of all beds and couches, I grabbed the pillows Julia had brought over and propped them around the sleeping bag to make a comfy spot.

I pulled Julia into the makeshift “bed” and tugged her shirt over her head. Shit. She was braless. My hungry eyes were greeted with the sight of her perfect C-cup boobs, tanned and looking delicious. Her dark nipples stood out, hard and ready. Slowly, I lowered my tongue upon her right nipple, flicking it back and forth in alternate licks. I closed my mouth upon it, sucking gently. I was rewarded with her satisfied sigh.

I gave her other nipple the same treatment, and then kissed around her boobs, sucking and enjoying the taste of her soft tits. I left a trail of kisses down her flat stomach as I reached her shorts. Unbuttoning them, she raised her ass and pulled the denim off. I groaned just seeing the moist patch that had formed on her white panties.

Leaning down, I ran my hands around her thighs, stroking her soft tanned skin. I could smell her arousal through her panties from where I was, and it turned me on even more. I nudged her cunt with my nose, receiving a moan in response.

I lifted the waistband of her panties and tugged. Her ass swayed up to let me slide the material down her smooth legs and toss it to the side. I purred when I saw her shaved and heated pussy. Her soft pink flesh formed delicate petals, and her little clit protruded, begging for attention. Though I had dreamed about this moment for years, I didn’t want to rush it.

I kissed and licked the soft inner flesh of her thighs, going from one leg to another, nearing her pussy, but never touching it. She whimpered at my teasing. At last, I landed a kiss on her clit. I continued with light, torturing licks around her vulva, my tongue waltzing around her wet pussy.

“Emma please! Stop teasing!” she pleaded, finally breaking the wordless silence that had formed. “Fuck me!”

I grinned, enjoying this control of tormenting her. But she had enough. Grabbing my hair, she pushed her cunt into my face. I dug in. She tasted amazingly sweet, like honey and nectar. I parted her lips with my fingers. Her milky juices slowly dripped out of her silky slit. I poked at her tight hole, then tenderly slid my tongue into her. After pulling in and out a couple of times, I replaced my tongue with my index finger. I thrust into her harder and more aggressively, and I could tell by her moans that she loved it. As she relaxed more, I added another finger.

She responded with another begging moan, "Ohhhh God! Emma don't stop! I’m gonna fucking cum baby!"

Hearing her talk like this turned me on even more. I stared up into her eyes, filled with lust and need, as I licked her pussy back and forth, then rotated my tongue in circles. My mouth dropped down and sucked on her swollen clit while I continued fingering her. She was almost there. Her grip on my hair tightened and she pulled my head even closer to her burning pussy. Her breath grew rapid and raspy as I sucked even harder on her pulsating clit. To push her over the edge, I curved my fingers inside her slightly, hitting her sweet spot.

Immediately, her back arched, and her arms began flailing wildly. "Fucccccckkkkk!" she screamed. Her walls clenched around my fingers, but I kept sliding them in and out, hitting her g-spot over and over. "Emma honey oh Emma!" she gasped, as a cascade of immense pleasure crashed upon her.

At last, her breathing slowed. Her blonde hair was damp with sweat, and she was still quivering from her orgasm. My face was drenched in her juices that had flooded the floor and the sleeping bag. But I paid no attention to these petty messes. I licked the sticky liquid off her pussy, cleaning her up. Then I sat up and kissed her deeply so she could taste herself. As her tongue entered my mouth, I was reminded of the throbbing sensation in my own cunt. I desperately needed release, and she knew it too.

A devilish spark was in her eyes, and she leaned close to me, whispering, "Your turn, you little slut."

Her hand sneaked into my jeans and rubbed me slowly over my soaking panties. I tossed my head up and enjoyed the moment as she planted little kisses on my collarbone. She quickly pulled my shirt up and unhooked my bra. Her other hand rubbed up and down my body, finally ending at my tits. Her hot mouth soon found my stiff nipple, and she sucked it vigorously while rolling the other nipple in between her fingers.

She licked her way down my torso and unbuttoned my tight jeans. She shoved me onto the sleeping bag playfully and yanked off my pants. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought my best friend to be doing this to me. I was half convinced this was only a heavenly dream. But real or not, the gorgeous girl whom I had craved for so long was in between my legs. I wouldn't let this precious moment just slip away.

Her fingers delicately peeled away my laced panties. She seductively stroked my thighs as she positioned herself in front of me. She lifted my chin up to look into my eyes. "You want me bitch?" she rasped in a sexy voice that I barely recognized.

I couldn't believe it. Was this really Julia? Wouldn't she regret this in the morning? But my lust overcame my reason. She lightly brushed her fingers over my puffy pussy lips. The tickling sensation drove me mad, and I begged, ”Make me cum Julia. Make me yours tonight."

She wasted no time. Burying her face in my screaming cunt, her tongue went straight for my clit. No teasing, no hesitation. She lashed out at it, swirling and flicking her tongue back and forth on it. I humped her face, wanting more. Instead, she abandoned my clit to explore my sex. Licking and sucking, she covered every spot of my pussy with saliva. Her mouth worked its magic on me as she prodded around with her tongue. At last, she directed her attention back to my clit. As I got wetter and wetter, she couldn’t suppress a moan. The vibrations she caused rippled through my clit and shot a lightning bolt through my body, causing me to jerk and gasp in response.

Without warning, she suddenly rammed two fingers knuckle-deep into my pussy. I cried out in both pain and pleasure, and she began fucking me, gliding in and out. She wasn’t as gentle as I had been; she played it rough. But I loved it. I whimpered when she added another finger. Sensing my increasing tension, she increased her pace.

She slid up behind my sideways body, her smooth skin and boobs brushing erotically on my back. I turned my head to face her, and we fell into a passionate kiss. While continuing to pound her fingers into me, she started to rub my sensitive clit with her palm. Her other hand idly massaged my tits.

My hips started to buck as I neared climax. I broke our kiss as I desperately rode her hand, which ground harder into my pussy. My breath shortened, and I could feel my cunt tightening. Finally, I released with a scream.

My lungs sucked in an immense amount of air, and time froze as the blissful waves rocked my body. My hands formed a death grip on the pillows around me. She continued to fuck me with her fingers as I moaned her name over and over. Her mouth descended upon my neck, giving me a small love bite. The sharp sting of her teeth only intensified the pleasure as I came.

At last, I crumpled on the sleeping bag in a messy heap. As my racing heartbeat slowed, she snuggled up against my back, kissing the sweat off my skin. Exhausted, I could only lay there, letting her lips dance on my body. I was too depleted of energy from the powerful orgasm to even turn around. An overwhelming sleepiness took hold of me. Right before my eyelids drooped shut, I could feel her hot breath against my ear.

“I love you,” she whispered.


I woke up sometime later in the middle of the night. The realization of what had happened earlier hit me. I glanced over at Julia. She was sleeping soundly, lying on her side. Both of us were still naked and uncovered. We were lying on top of the sleeping bag, but since it was a warm night, neither of us had used it to cover ourselves. I sat up and admired her beautiful body. The moonlight flooded through the windows, bathing her in a peaceful light and outlining her curves in silver. She was…perfect.

I bit my lip as tears started to well up in my eyes again. I was leaving tomorrow. Forever.

I laid back down, my eyes still glued to her. I sighed as the hard truth came crashing down on me. I knew her so well…I knew her well enough to know that she hated goodbyes. Most likely she wouldn’t want to face me to bid farewell, especially after the events this night.

Why she had done this, I’ll probably never know. Maybe she did it on a rush of adrenaline, and would wake up in horror tomorrow. Maybe she saw the pain in my eyes from needing her so much, so she let me have her. Whatever the reason, this was our only and last time.

A tear streaked down my cheek, dropping onto the sleeping bag. She was straight. That was the hard truth. It had to be the truth. I could never leave her if I let myself think there was a slightest flicker of hope. No. She and I could never be together.

But tonight, just for tonight, she was mine, and mine only. After this night, I would never see her again.

And I was right. Because in the morning when I woke up again, she was gone.

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