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It's been two years since I've seen and talked her. Since the fall of our three year relationship. Sometimes I like to think I'm over this incredible woman. But realistically...I know that I'm not. I like to convince myself from time to time that I don't want to kiss her, hold her, make love to her... But truth is...I want her. I want all of her. Just for me and no one else. I know that I should be way over her by now, and the fact that I constantly think about her is perhaps on some level pathetic. This feeling ya something so intangible, that even trying to talk about it becomes an intense struggle

About a week ago she texted me. Nothing extravagent, but surprising, we haven't talked in two years, but sadly though it wasn't anything along the lines of "cadence I want you so bad, I miss you and I love you. Come make love to me" it was simply "hey, how's it going stranger" and let me just note, she's a very sarcastic girl, not to forget a smart ass.

We slowly but surely began to converse more and more as the week progressed. I never in a thousand years did believe we would be talking again. Our break up was so tragic and heart breaking that I thought talking again would be too much. But no, we banter now like we use to. 

I'm trying so hard not to show the excitement about the healing of something that could be amazing. 

So I kept cool. Tried not using any exclamation marks. I don't want her to know how I feel. I want her to know that I've been doing well. And that I'm very much over her. 

I laid in bed this morning, woken by my lovely alarm. Oh how I love the sound of blaring ringing noises that make my ears bleed. I just laid there eyes open, annoyed at my interrupted slumber, I held a lost gaze locked onto the ceiling. When she texted me, and I jumped to my phone. 

Was I excited to hear from her? Absolutely not. I have no idea where you got that idea

Her text read "hey, I have nothing planned tonight. You want to go to the new lounge that just opened up in the city?" I wasn't sure if she was asking me out...? Or missed me? Or is bored is her life

Either way. I responded cooly "sure sounds good. I've nothing planned"

So here I am...standing in front of the mirror, gazing at the figure looking back at me. I stood with my back to the mirror, with my head turned and gazed at the dress I had. Black, racer strap, tight...short. I wanted her to feel like she messed up. I want her to know what she's missing out on. I tilted my head as I continued the gazes, happy with the fit.

I walked to my closet and looked at the assorted heels. I needed 6 inch for sure. Tall is sexy. So I stepped forward and slipped into a pair of black heels, and all of a sudden I finished getting ready in less then two hours. Quite an accomplishment. Hair, make up, dress, shoes all done in two hours. This calls for a celebration.

My phone vibrated on my dresser as I put on my earings. I gazed down on my phone at the text preview "I'm here"

If you're here why don't you come to there door then? I rolled my eyes at her lazyness and chuckled to myself. The door bell rings. 

God it's her. I looked in the mirror a last time. Tossled my hair, applied my lip gloss, grabbed my purse and headed towards the door. 

The energy the room holds is intense. My stomach is so light, chest someone physically grabbed a rope and tied this knot on my heart.

My breath became shakey as I neared for the door. I stepped to the door. Closed my eyes as my fingertips embraced the metal knob. I opened my eyes "okay" I whispered softy and opened the door.

I was going to say something to her...but my words got lost in the process.

She's breath taking, more than ever.

"I..I.." I failed to form words, I must've looked like an idiot. She looked up at me through her eye lashes, a smirk painted across her lips. I cleared my throat "hi to you too cade" 

"Erm yea. Hey. Its nice to see you. Please, come in." I stepped back to let her in. She stepped in with her hands burried in her pocket. I closed the door behind her. She shivered "its soo colddd out there" I smiled spathatically at her "I can tell" she smiled back at me and stepped towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck "c'mere cade. I miss you" she embraced me tightly, and I nearly fell into her. Her embraces still have a powerful affect 

I wrapped my arms around her "I know Jean, I miss you too. It's been so long" for a moment, we embraced each other in silence. I inhaled deeply and pulled away, and rested my hand on her arm, and just took in her beauty. She wore a soft white v neck, under a leather jacket, black jeans, and boots. Incredibly sexy. like she always was. When she was mine, I knew even aphrodite was jealous that I had such a beautiful woman to call my own

I stared into her eyes. Those very eyes that can pirce my soul, stop a train, and end a war. I refocused my self as she spoke "you want to drive or...I can. It doesn't matter" 

"Erm...yeah. I can drive...or wait...let's take a taxi. I mean...I assume you want to drink"

"Yeah, that makes sense. And its not too far from here anyway" I called the taxi, and gave the service my address

We causually chatted briefly, then headed out when I got the call that the taxi was here. 

My apartment was on the 15th floor of a condomeanium high rise. We exited my place and headed to the elevator. 

I worked hard for my condo. It was exspensive, yes. But I work hard in my career, and to get to the point where I am at finacially successful has been a rigorous journey. 8 years of college to get the damn degree, to get this college professor job. 

I snapped out of my thoughts when the elevator binged me back to reality. Awaiting outside was a yellow cab. It stood out from the night. 

Jean stepped ahead of me to open the car door, she smiled that sexy smirk of hers. Flashing her sharp canine at me. "My lady..." Such a gentlewoman. 

Chivalry is not dead.

We sat in the car, there was silence except for the bollywood music playing the backround. The drive was only 10 minutes. 

The lotus was a new lounge that jus opened up. A month after its opening, its already at 5 stars, and raving reviews. Nesled right at top of the Four Season Hotel in San Fran, looking out the water. 

We headed to the top floor where it was located. 

"Give me a second" I told her, and left her waiting at the entrance. I walk further in the softly dimmed room. Cantoma was playing, giving this relaxed vibe. I went and talk to the GM. I wanted a VIP room for her and I. I wanted to be alone with her.

I walked backed to her, and followed behind me was the manager 

"Right this way ladies" he guided us through the whole lounge, down a hall and into this secluded room. Bursting with warm colours, and the light dimmed, and candles in red votives decorated this room

The seating was interesting but functional because there were booths lined against the wall stretching across the room, with a coffee table in front, and another booth facing the one against the wall, then there these beds the hung down from the ceiling, with draped curtain going around each of them.

I paid the manager and ordered a us to have a bottle of vodka to the room, as well as other assorted alchohlic beverages

We both walked in, and Jean sat on one of the booth against the wall, and I followed, sitting in front of her

I leaned back in my booth, and looked around 

"This is really nice. Very relaxing type lounge" I said

"I didn't expect us to be in VIP though" she looked at me questionally

"What do you know, me either" I spoke sarcastically



There was a silence as Jean stared so intensely. My heart began to skip beats

"I want this to be nice so I paid a lil extra-" I was cut off thank god by a couple of servers coming in with our drinks.

Two vodka bottles, chilling in an ice bucket. A whiskey bottle, a littler of coke

And two apple martnies for us to sip while we conversed. The waiters walked out 

"Wow I don't think this is enough haha hopefully we'll have fun tonight" she said sarcastically

"Oh we will" I winked at her, and I mentally scolded myself for flirting

She smirked

"You look slim Cade. I heard you're on a cycling team now"

I grinned gently

"Aw thank you, and yes I am"

"Yea I couldn't help but notice your figure, especially since you're wearing such a tight dress" We both laughed. We contiued a very sarcastic banter until our drinks began to settle. She was on her 6th shot of vodka, a very generous shot might I add . Second tumbler of whiskey, and I the same. We we're now definitely drunk. 

" know what I.." She paused and focused "yeah you know what I notice" I felt the drinks sink in and warm my interior. 

"Ha what's that?"

"You're eyes are bright and erm yeah also you've been so shy tonight I jus..." She closed her eyes. I can tell forming sentences for her was a challenge "I can jus tell that you know I want you to sit next to me instead of ya know like that" I smirked "you're so observant, and you're so beautiful" I got up and sat close to her. 

She turned and looked at me

"What's...what's beautiful about me Cade" she inched closer to me, her lips just centimeters to mine. Her lips tempted me, like the sirens.

"Well for one..." I grabbed one of her hands and tangled her fingers with mine "you're uhm" talking became more and more of a challenge "you have beautiful hands" I pulled her hands closer to my lips "and you have a birth mark...right here on your thumb" when I get drunk I do things I wouldn't do when sober, butI'm very much aware I'm doing such crazy antics. The thing is I just can't stop myself. And well that's what's going on.

I ran my hand up her arm, while my other was still entangled with hers. I took her thumb in my mouth, gently bit and sucked for a second. I saw her biting her bottom lip "...god..." I heard her whisper. I knew how much these little sensual acts threw her over the edge

"What..else...?" She dare ask.

"Well..." I trailed off, and leaned forward, and nuzzled myself in her neck, and had my lips meet where her ear ended "your neck is soft...and slender" I dragged my tongue along her pulse point, along her warm soft skin. 

There's a spot on her neck where I know she has always loved. Just below the corner of her jaw, in the middle.

I worked my lips against her, licking the spot. Sucking ocassionally. 

I heard her breathing become shakey and sharp 

"I've..." I sucked harder

"...always loved your neck..." I pressed my tongue hard onto her skin

I felt her hands drive up my back, dragging her nails into me. She felt so damn good, and I wanted her so damn bad. 

I pulled away and straddled her lap. She rested her hands on my sides and looked up at me. Our gazes were locked onto each other. "I want you Jean" her eyes studied my face. I wanted to kiss her lips but I didn't know how too. I bit my bottom lip, still looking at her. Kiss me Jean, just kiss me already. You want me bad, I know you do. "I want you too Cadence" she grabbed my dress straps and pulled me down forcefully and crashed her lips into mine. This was the moment I had been waiting for. God she felt amazing. I moaned at the contact. She held my body as she began to stand then laid me down on the booth, as she hovered over me...our kiss never left each other's

We kissed long, and hard. The passion overflowing between us. My arms were wrapped around her tightly as we kissed more deeply.

This feeling, her being on top of me. Was so intense. I know how wet I am right now, words can't explain the exstacy I'm in. 

She pulled away, so we both could breathe. "God..." 

I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand and leaned up and softly bit her bottom lip. A moan escaped her lips. 

I leaned up so that we were both sitting up, and kissed her softly. "Let's get out of here baby girl" she had her arms wrapped around my waist. She started kissing my collar bone. I threw my head back slowly and let out a moan as her kisses began to go down my body "....Jean.." I moan her name. Her lips felt so incredible. Her hands reached for the zipper of the dress and slid the zipper down, she unhooked my bra, and revealed my breasts to her "god you're so beautiful..." She whisped then took my erect nipple in her mouth, massaging her tongue against it...throwing me over edge. She has always been so skilled with her tongue. With her other hand, she massaged my right nipple between her forefinger and thumb. My back arched in reaction. 

"Do you.." She flicked her tongue

"Like..." She flicked her tongue again

"This baby?" she did it once more. 

I moaned "yes..." I felt her smile aganst my chest, she licked up to my ear and whispered. "You're right, let's get out of here" she pulled away and grinned.

She is such a tease. I sighed and slowly got up, getting use to gravity. I adjusted myself, and clipped my bra back together. We both gathered our things. She walked out first...and I followed behind...with our hands holding.

We both seem to have quickly sobered up, and instead of being drunk we both now were incredibly horny and wanted each other. She held my hand tight as we entered the outside world, it was cold out. She had a stare fixated on the cars, trying to spot a taxi. "Dammit.." She mumbled. "What's wrong" I asked 

"There's no taxi in sight at all" I knew she was flustered, I could hear it in her voice. "Let's take a walk pretty girl, like old times. The pier is right there anyway" I tried to sooth her frustrations

"You'll get cold, its 3 in the morning" I held her chin softly in my hand, and kissed her slowly and spoke against her lips "with you, I'm always warm, c'mon" I dropped my hand and held hers. The pier was just down the street. 

I held her warm hand with mine, and in the other hand I held my heels. We must have been quite the site to see.

We got to the pier, and it was gorgeous. I love the water, it's something that this earth has me whipped on. I rested my arms on the small wooden fence and just looked out. I felt her body embrace me from behind, she rested her chin on my shoulder, and held my hands in hers. 

"I've missed you..." Her words came out as whispers in my ear. Her voice felt like home. I felt her squeeze my hand. I closed my eyes and leaned back into her "I've missed you too..." I said with my eyes closed softly

"These years my life has been nothing but a full void, and I haven't a clue why until recently" her voice sent shivers down my spine. 

"When we started talking again and something about this world felt right..."

"...and I realized that the void that I felt could never be filled without you..." I felt my eyes water. She kissed my neck "I love you Cadence, my life is so full of colour and rich with love when I have you" this couldn't be happening. I mean...she sounded sober, maybe I'm dreaming. I turned around and looked her in the eyes. She was tearing. I caressed her cheek softly. I felt her tears on my hand...this is real

"I..never fell out of love with you" she spoke quietly "shh..." I said then leaned forward and kissed her lips lightly. "I love you Jean, always have, always will" I kissed her deeper "be mine Jean, no one-". 

She wrapped her arms around my neck "yes.." She held me tight "yes, I will be yours Cade. I am yours" she held me, and everything felt right again. 

We both knew what we wanted at that point. I wanted to make love to her. Now, more than ever. I pulled away "let me call a cab" she nodded. Within 20 minutes of calling, we were back at my place. 

We walked inside the building and into the elevator. I hit 15, once the door closed...she was on me. 

We kissed so intensely. The elevator binged. I walked out backwards, kissing her as she walked forwards "you're going to be screaming tonight" she whispered with a smirk. We got to my room, I turned around and unlocked the door and we both walked in. I shut the door behind her, then before she could blink, I pushed her against the door. 

She inhaled sharply "baby, it's you who's going to be screaming tonight..."I grabbed her by her jacket, and pushed her harder on the door. I looked in her eyes, and gazed at the fire burning. I leaned and pressed my lips to hers. Working my lips slowly against hers. This kiss lasted a good 5 minutes. Just slow movements. Her tongue occasionally grazing against mine, soft biting of the lips. She pulled away "god...I'm so wet" she let out. I grabbed her arms, and slowly pinned her wrist above her head, and softly began to put pressure between her legs with my knee "oh...are you?" She tilted her head back against the door and whimpered and nodded "how wet?" I whispered in her ear "really fucking wet...ugh"

"Let's see if you're right" I took my time as I unbuttoned her jeans, teasing her. I pressed my lips against her, kissing her slowly distracting her as I slipped my hand in her pants. I lowered my hand and ran my finger along her drenched slit. She inhaled slowly and closed her eyes "you are very Soaked" she nodded "can we...not be...standing...?" I took my hand out of her pants and held her hand and guided her to my room.

There, we slipped out of our shoes and clothes, leaving us bare. I sat at the edge of the bed and watched her undress compleatly. 

Her body is gorgeous, and always has been. I admired her petite girlish figure. It was sexy. She walked over to me and went straight for a kiss. I cupped her ample breasts, causing her to whimper against my lips. I got onto the bed as she hovered over me, kissing me deeply and slow. I propped my knee up between her legs, putting pressure against her bare pussy 

"God you are really wet..."

She began to roll her hips into my thigh. 

I ran my hands up her back, dragging my nails lightly against her skin. 

I heard her moans light as she grinded into me harder. I knew she was getting close, I can hear it in her voice, I didn't want her to cum that way. I wanted to taste her sweet juices. I set my leg down, and she looked at me frustrated and confused but couldn't exactly form words, I kissed her softly. I slid down underneath her, I wanted to lick inside her.

Her pussy emitted heat, and she smelled incredibly good. God, I'm going to make her cum so hard. I adjusted myself underneath her, and pressed my lips against her clit, and sucked gently. She moaned "god..." She rested her hand against the wall for support. 

She tasted so sweet. Just as I anticipated. 

I ran my tongue along her moist slit, taking in all her juices. I rested my hands on at her sides. And I slowly slid my tongue insider her, deep as I could.

I slid my tongue out, and back inside, caressing her walls with my tongue. I kept my rhythm slow. Slowly in and slowly out. This drove her crazy, her moans her long and lingered. "Baby..." She moaned "fuck me faster...." I sucked on her clit, and she whimpered "...please...Ugh...god...I could do this forever" I smirked and nodded and dragged my tongue along her opening once more and slammed my tongue inside her. Faster in and she wanted. She moved her hips in sync with my movements. 

"Are you close...?" I maneged to get out


I slid my tongue out and began to suck on her clit "then cum for me..."

I slid my tongue inside of her as deep as I could. The fluids flowing out of her like water falls. God she tasted incredible.

I slid out from under her, and kissed her with her own juices. 

She crashed on the bed "god..."

I laid next to her, and watched as her chest rose and fell from her deep inhales. "That was jus..." She closed her eyes

"Just what...?"


I grinned at her satisfaction. She then straddled my lap. 

"I wanna fuck you..."

"No ones stopping you"

She leaned down and captured my lips, in a passionate kiss. 

She's an incredible kisser, and if she wanted she could make me cum just from her kissing me, but she doesn't have to know. She got off from straddling me, ran her hand down my body. I felt her finger slide along my slit. "Wow..." She said against my lips

"You're soaked baby" I nodded and closed my eyes as I felt her slide a finger inside me, I let out a slow moan.

She slid her finger out, and back deeper inside of me...inside, I felt her massage inside of me

It threw me over edge "fuck Jean...." It was incredible. She knew exactly what to do. She leaned down between my legs and began to suck on my clit as she fucked me

She knew what to do. She went slow, then fast.

"You're so tight.." She commented softly. I didn't have the power to form words...just moans. She went deeper and faster

"Fuck I'm so close...Jean. Ugh god..."

She went faster. 

And there I felt, pure extacy "I'm cumming, fuck" I inhaled deeply as the orgasm washed over me.

I couldn't think

"Jean...kiss me" she straddled me again, and pressed her lips to mine. Her lips, moist with my fluids.

"You're so good" I spoke against her lips. I felt her smile. She laid ontop, of me, and I wrapped my arms around her back. I wanted her close to me as much as possible. Her skin was so warm. I missed this intimacy. 

"I love you" she whispered in my ear

"I love you too Jean, don't ever leave me again"

"I won't...that's why I want you to marry me Cadence"

I don't know if I heard the right words. So I opened my eyes, and she sat up and looked up at me "marry me..."She said in a gentle voice. We stared in each other eyes for a moment "I will Jean...yes"

She took my hand and slipped a ring on my left ring finger.

She touched my face softly.

Her touch sent electricy throughout my body. This was surreal. So fast, but I didn't mind. I love her and that's all I need.

We both laid back down. I was holding her from behind. I looked at the clock. 7:08 AM

I kissed the back of her neck softly. She held my hand gently as we both drifted to sleep. Together, as one.

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