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Train Ride

Cassidy finds herself stuck on a train with a sexy stranger.
My heart pounds in my chest as she walks by. The smell of her perfume fills my nostrils as she struts past me, hips swaying with every step. Her eyes dart to mine, just like every other day. My palms are sweaty as I once again avoid her gaze, and pretend as if I wasn't just gawking at her plump ass.

There's something different about her today. She seems more defiant, more dangerous than usual. The tattoos on her arms and chest are amazing, only forcing my brain to imagine where the rest lead...

She isn't my type. Dangerous, tattooed, boyish. All things I steer clear of when I'm staring at a woman. But there is something about her that has my pussy dripping.

She's always bagging her pants, showing off boxers designed with different things. A baggy shirt over small breasts and a tight waist. A single chain hanging from her hip. A sexy eyebrow piercing curling around her thin clean shaven right eyebrow.

My mind wonders. An image only a mind can conjure pops into my head. The train is full and we're both forced to stand up. Our body's forced together with every jolt of the moving train. My body shudders every time her body presses into mine. The short skirt I have on is nearly up to my waist.

I don't have panties on, and my pussy is beyond wet. I'm feeling naughty as I slowly and secretly position my body closer to her, so that my back is pressing against her front, and with perfect timing the trains stops and an unbelievable amount of people pile onto the train shoving us closer together. 

Her hand is accidentally forced between my slightly spread legs.

She can feel the wetness as I moan from the feel of her long fingers finally against me. She shudders and raises one hand to grasp the pole just above my head, she presses her body more against me as she slides her finger into my dripping hole.

"Oh fuck," I whisper, honestly there's no point seeing as how the train sounds like a tornado. Her hand slides in and out slowly, teasingly. Tingles spread through out my body and my breathing is jagged. Fuck, it feels so real. Suddenly her thumps is on my clit and she fucking me faster.

"You like that?" she whispers in a husky voice, a smirk evident on her face. She starts ramming into hard after a few seconds. "Answer me!" she growls in my ear, automatically taking control.

"Yes I like it!" I gasp in a short whimper. My body loving how she immediately takes control. Her finger curls and she instantly finds my spot, causing me to nearly collapse as my legs turn to jello.

Her finger speeds up relentlessly banging against my insides, hitting the same sexy spot repeatedly.

Her thumb once again finds my engorged clit, and the skin to nerve contact has me cumming faster and harder than ever before.

I can feel the uncomfortable arousal building up in my panties, the need to be released is stronger today then any other. I'm too lost in my thoughts to see her sitting directly across from me, her big grey eyes staring at me as I dream of her strong looking hands caressing the skin on my waist as she teases me from behind while I continue convulsing against her.

"What's your name?" The accent is thick, London maybe, sexy. I can't tell if it's in my imagination or not, but my pussy dampens even more. "Hello?"

"Huh? Oh me, um, Cassidy..." I blurt, jolted from my fantasy. The same fantasy I always have as soon as she gets on the same train, same cart... every day. I try to keep my eyes off of her lips as I clench my legs closed.

They look so soft and inviting. Soo drool worthy.

"Can I call you Cassie?" she asks, that thick accent and those soft lips almost make me cum.

"Yeah sure... What's your name?" I ask trying to keep the conversation going just so I can hear her voice. I curl my hands in my lap as I see her tongue dart out to lick her bottom lip. I look around trying escape the feeling of jumping her bones.

It comes to my immediate attention that the train is empty aside from the sexy stranger across from me, a mother and child at the very end, seeming to be getting off at the next stop, and of course myself. My heart throbs along with my seeping pussy.

"Sam." she smirks, probably noticing my reaction to the sight of her tongue darting out so quickly. As if on que the train stops at the next destination, and her back arches, eyes closed, mouth open, her tongue stretches out like a cat. The piercing on the tip has my pussy clenching its tight hole begging to feel that long tongue shoved inside of it.

Fuck, I nearly moan out loud as she finishes her stretch, her tongue curling back into its cave.

"Long day eh?" she smirks again, the movement so sexy and alluring.

Before I can say anything, the train jolts to and abrupt stop, the sound of the wheels squealing hurts my ears. I can see the blue light of sparks against the window.

"Sorry folks there seems to be something wrong," the voice on the intercom shuts off along with the lights.


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