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True Confessions: Intimate Touches Part 2

Horny pregnant wife goes in for prenatal exam and has sex with doctor.
What had happened between Jessy and I that Saturday forced me to accept the fact that my husband had never been able to satisfy me sexually, not even before I became pregnant and my hormones started running amok. That was more my fault than his because I married a man thirty years older. Believe it or not, I was still a virgin when I married him a few weeks after graduating from high school.

Well, I had been a virgin in the technical sense anyway. I had never had a man's cock inside my virgin hole. Frank and I had engaged in mutual masturbation before we were married but he would never go beyond that. He wouldn't even engage in oral sex with me. Hell, the truth was that he wouldn't even go down on me after we were married. He thought that oral sex was an unnatural act, but he didn't tell me that until after we were married. I didn't know how prudish he really was until after we were married.

My day in the sun with Jessy had opened my eyes to many things. I had never known such sexual abandonment before, a time when I felt totally free to say and do whatever I wanted sexually. Jessy's uninhibited love making, his desire to only please me in every way, released something within me and I knew that I could never go back to being the girl I had been. I realized that afternoon that even though I loved Frank with all my heart, my body would belong to any man that I felt attracted to sexually. What I didn't know that day, but was about to learn, was that I would give my body just as willingly to another girl. That happened a few days before my nineteenth birthday.

I was scheduled to have my first prenatal exam that afternoon. I had just started working a new job as a TSR for a small niche publisher in Houston and didn't get off until 5:00, so the doctor gave me a 5:30 appointment which was a half hour after her office closed. The waiting room was dimly lit when I walked in, the receptionist having already left for home. I latched the outer door as I had been instructed to do and knocked softly on the inner office door.

“Come on in Jenny.”

The doctor stood before her desk wearing nothing but a very short, white lace applique satin slip. I couldn't stop myself from staring at her. I had never seen her except with her hair tied back, wearing a long, white lab coat that hid her figure like a gunny sack. I had always thought her to have a pretty face, but with her hair down to her shoulders, wearing a slip that did nothing to hide the fact that she was naked under it, she was a truly beautiful woman.

“I know I'm not being very professional, Jenny, but the air conditioning went legs up just before noon. I feel as if I have spent the afternoon in a steam room. My whole body feels as if it is burning up under that lab coat. I took a shower just before you got here. This is all I ever wear under my lab coat, I didn't think you'd mind.”

I was still staring.

“I'm sorry, Julie...I mean doctor, I just never realized how beautiful you were before.”

“Julie's fine, Jenny. Actually I think I like you calling me Julie. Take your clothes off and get comfortable. You're gong to have to get naked for the exam anyway, so you might as well get comfortable now. I'll get us something cold to drink while we talk. I have ice tea, lemonade or Coke. What would you like?”

I wasted no time getting out of my skirt and blouse.

“Lemonade would be great, Julie.”

As I sank down into the deep cushions on the small sofa that stood along the back wall of her office, I watched the sway of Julie's hips and ass as she walked over to the small refrigerator to get our lemonade. As she bent over to get the pitcher of lemonade, I caught a quick glimpse of her bare ass cheeks. I had never felt sexually attracted to any girl before, but there was no denying that I was being sexually aroused by Julie. I wanted to touch Julie in the most intimate ways and I wanted her to touch me.

I studied Julie's body as she walked slowly back towards where I sat. Her titties were smaller than mine but jutted straight ahead like two missile nose cones. Her nipple looked to be as hard as mine, trying to poke their way through the lace and satin that held them prisoner. Letting my eyes slide slowly down her body, I saw the wet spot forming where the thin material clung to her pubic mound. Standing up, I took the glasses from her trembling fingers and sat them on the end table. Reaching up, I slipped the spaghetti straps off her shoulders letting the slip drop around her feet. Pulling her down on the sofa beside me, I kissed her tenderly on the lips.

“It's a lie Jenny, what people say about doctors and nurses not being sexually aroused by their patients. I'm bisexual Jenny. I have a husband that screws me until I can't stand it anymore and have to plead with him to stop. But I love having sex with girls too.”

Julie turned sideways on the sofa, pressing her body tightly against mine, as she slipped her leg between my thighs, pressing her knee tightly against my blood, engorged pussy lips as she continued to speak.

“I have so many sexy patients. I get so fucking horny, but I'm so afraid to show it. My nurse is as straight as they come. I can't even turn to her for relief. All I have is my fucking vibrator to get me off.”

I silenced her by kissing her again, long and hard. As her mouth slowly opened beneath mine, I slipped my tongue deep inside, probing every square inch of her oral cavity. Swirling my tongue over and around hers, her body started to quiver with growing arousal. As we continued to tongue fuck each others mouth, I pushed her against the back of the sofa, as I slid between her thighs, pushing my sopping wet hole against hers, pressing my titties to hers, her rock hard nipples boring into mine. Every where her tongue touched, my nerve endings exploded like star bursts of horny need.

Slowly I pulled her down on the floor in front of the sofa. Twisting around I straddled her face and lowered my mouth to waiting lips. Sliding my tongue between them working it slowly up between them, savoring her sweet juices, until I found her hard, throbbing clit. As the tip of my tongue found that sensitive flesh, she dug her long fingers in my hips, pulling my dripping hole down to her mouth and waiting tongue. My body started to convulse with impending climax as I buried my face tighter in her clean shaven pussy.

I was ready to explode as I started working my tongue furiously, slipping a hand beneath Julie's ass to shove my long finger inside her tight, puckered ass hole. I felt Julie's hand slide up over my ass as she jammed a finger up my ass hole returning the pleasure she was feeling. My virgin ass hole clamped down on her finger as my orgasms over took me. Seconds later Julie's pussy erupted coating my face with her juices.

Later, after Julie examined me and gave me a clean bill of health, we made love again, more slowly this time. We showered together.

“Julie, I love your neatly shaved pussy.”

Julie was dressed in her slip and reaching for a black silk miniskirt.

“Well, Jenny, my pussy loves you. I think that you need to come in for more frequent check ups.”

“ I'd love that, Julie. What I meant was that I have been thinking about shaving mine, but I'm afraid I might cut something important in the process.”

Julie giggled girlishly.

“Yeah, me too. I have mine done at the Intimate Touch Unisex Salon. It the special intimate touch service for special customers. The secret password is “The Works.” I'll give you one of their cards. Just call them and tell them that you want the works, their special treatment. Tell them that you want to be their last appointment of the day. That's the clincher.”

I was still standing there naked.

“Now put your clothes on and get out of here before I take mine off again.”

“OK. Julie, what time does your nurse usually leave?”

“Five sharp, sweet Jenny.”

“Julie, tell her to leave the front door open. Tell her that you'll lock up when you leave.”

“Oh, sweet Jesus. How did you know? Damn it, get dressed. Looking at you is making me all wet and tingly again.”

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