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Tub Time

A pair of ladies share dinner and an intimate bath
Cindy relaxed on her soft couch, waiting for her co-worker to arrive. Amanda was a feisty redhead who had been working at the firm for about a year now. She was also the person who had been assigned to show her the ropes during the first week of work. They had hit it off right away and found they both had a love of lasagna, which Cindy was an expert at cooking.

The doorbell rang and Cindy opened the door. Amanda was dressed in tight jeans and a similarly tight sweater, which showed off her ample bosom with great effectiveness. "Come in." Cindy motioned to the couch. "Would you like a drink?" She went to the kitchen.

"I would love some wine." Amanda looked around at the neatly arranged boxes and furniture. "Still unpacking?" she asked as she sat on the couch.

Cindy opened a bottle of wine and looked over the countertop that separated the kitchen from the living room. "I unpacked the important stuff." She held up the wine bottle. "Like the wine and the furniture." She grinned as she began to pour two glasses. She was still wearing her skirt and a white blouse from work, having shed the jacket once she had returned home. "The rest I was saving for the weekend." She sat down beside Amanda.

"I guess that is one way to spend your first weekend in town." She sipped at her wine. They spent the next ten minutes chatting about work. When the timer went off they moved to the table in the kitchen. The lasagna was perfect and there was French bread with garlic butter as well as a hand tossed Caesar salad. Amanda was very impressed. "This is wonderful." She raised her glass. "My compliments to the chef."

Cindy smiled. "Thank you." She then raised her glass. "My compliments to a lovely dinner companion." They both giggled as they realized their glasses and the bottle were empty. "Another bottle coming up." Cindy opened the fridge and leaned over to get the new bottle.

Amanda found her gaze lingering on her new friend's tight ass as she was bending down. "I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday evening." She slid her glass across the table when Cindy returned.

"I hope I'm not keeping you from your boyfriend." Cindy returned to the table as they sipped their drinks.

"No I'm between boyfriends at the moment." Amanda felt the wine warming her inside and curiosity was stoking other fires even deeper inside. "Besides a guy could never wine and diner a girl like this," she pointed out.

"What can I say?" Cindy tried to gauge Amanda's last comment. "It's not the first time I've cooked dinner for a girlfriend." She held Amanda's gaze as her statement sank in.

Amanda was very curious now. "Really?" She leaned forward. "How many women have you seduced like this?"

Cindy watched as the redhead's eyes lit up with a fire to match her hair. "Four not counting you." She finished her wine. "Desert?" she asked.

Amanda's loins suddenly became very warm. She squirmed in her seat as she asked, "What do you have?"

Cindy went to the freezer. "I seem to have forgotten to get dessert." She turned and closed the freezer door. "Guess that just leaves me," she invited.

Amanda couldn't believe her ears, had Cindy just offered herself up for dessert? She was even more surprised when she answered, "Sounds yummy."

Cindy grinned and walked over to sit on the table. She leaned over and pushed the long red hair away from Amanda's ear, gently caressing as she did so. "I'm low fat and sweet." She licked along the outer edge of the nearby ear. "The perfect dessert," she whispered.

Amanda shivered as the words shifted her libido into high gear and the warm tongue caressing her ear sent fiery sparks running along her spine. "I can't wait to try it." She turned and captured Cindy's mouth with her own. Their tongues mingled and probed, tasting each other as they kissed.

Cindy stood back and unzipped her skirt. "Do you prefer breast or pussy?" She wiggled her ass and slipped the skirt off.

"Well..." Amanda watched as Cindy began stripping. Her eyes were hungrily roaming over the lithe form being exposed.

Cindy unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a lacy blue bra and matching thong panty. She wondered why Amanda had paused in her answer. "Did I forget an option?" She playfully turned and swatted her now exposed ass cheek.

Amanda flushed with embarrassment at having been caught staring. "I like the whole package." Her face was red like her hair now. She recovered and reached out to caress the offered ass cheek as she slid her fingers up.

Grasping the panty she pulled it slowly down watching the thin material roll up as the waist slid down. Once free of Cindy's upper thigh she released them and they fell to the floor.

Cindy turned and stepped out of the discarded under garment. "You like?" She held her bra in one hand, having removed it while Amanda was removing the panties.

Amanda looked at the woman standing nude before her. Hard, perky nipples stood out from breasts just slightly smaller than her own D cup mammaries. There was a pink flush of excitement covering the tan skin, very pronounced around the nipples. Her gazed drifted down as she answered, "I like very much." Her gaze rested on the bare patch between Cindy's legs. She could just make out the swollen lips of her pussy between her thighs. She was surprised to see a totally bare pubic area. "You shave," Amanda pointed out.

Cindy grinned and soaked up the attention, she loved showing off. "Of course I do." She grinned an impish smile. "It helps me feel every nuance of your tongue." She stepped over and sat in Amanda's lap and kissed her cheek. "Don't you shave?" she asked.

"I do," Amanda answered. "Just not all of it."

"Oh you must try it." Cindy stood and pulled Amanda up as well. "You get undressed while I run the bath." She walked off into the bathroom.

Amanda shook her head at the way the evening was going. Her hands were quickly working to remove her jeans and sweater as she thought about the impending bath.

Steam filled the room when she entered. Cindy was sitting at one end of the tub with the water splashing over her. Amanda stepped into the tub and sat facing her. "Just lay back and enjoy," Cindy instructed. She lifted Amanda's foot and placed one on each side of the tub, exposing the swollen pink lips and the red bushy pubic hairs.

"Do be careful," Amanda said. She had never had anyone shave her before.

"Don't worry." Cindy turned the water off. "I've done this a few times." She began rubbing the bar of soap over Amanda's legs.

The slick soapy foam quickly covered the entire leg. Amanda shivered at the feel of the bubbles sliding over her skin. Then fingers and a warm firm razor touched her right leg. The strokes were smooth and confident as Cindy worked her way up. The warmth of the water seeped in relaxing her muscles, her mind drifted. She was alight with fire inside, each stroke of the blade on her leg shot another wave up to her pussy and from there it ran up her spine to her brain. Her thoughts were all jumbled up with feelings and sensations. She could hear a moaning noise and knew it was coming from her lips. Her eyes popped open when she felt fingers upon her stomach.

Cindy worked slowly and diligently cleaning every hair from Amanda's legs before starting on her yummy looking pussy. Her fingers brushed lightly over the moaning woman's stomach before rubbing the thick bar of soap over the thick hair. Lather formed and she dropped the bar down to rub between the wet lips, the corner briefly finding the nub of her clit. She grinned when Amanda's eyes widened and knew she had found her target. "That will be my tongue in just a few minutes," she teased. She brought the razor down and began to shave away the hair.

Amanda gasped as the touch to her clit had sent a small orgasmic wave through her, not a full-blown orgasm but a definite prelude to a much larger event to come. Her nerves were tingling all over as the soapy lather shifted with each tug of her skin. Her pussy was aflame with desire the soap just adding to the slick wet feeling. The newly uncovered areas of her pubic area were extremely sensitive. She felt the fingers as little jabs of orgasmic bliss as they pulled and tugged at her most sensitive regions.

Cindy poured warm water directly onto the recently shaved area to rinse the hairs away. "All done." Her hand rubbed the skin lovingly. "Smooth as a baby's bottom."

Amanda looked down at her now bare pussy. Her own hands rubbed at the smooth skin exploring the new feeling. She felt Cindy's hands slide underneath her. "What now?" she asked.

"I inspect my work." She lifted with her hands raising Amanda's ass into the air. Amanda helped lifting with her own legs. "Mmm...Yummy." Cindy smiled and licked at the thigh beside her.

Amanda groaned at the feel of the warm tongue. The blood rushing to her head made her slightly dizzy. The tongue sliding toward and then into her pussy made her head explode. It took less than three long licks from ass to pubic bone for her to begin her orgasm.

Cindy continued to work her tongue around and into the smooth pussy as Amanda tensed and relaxed with waves of pleasure. She grinned as she timed her licks to be the most effective. First flicking the hard clit above and later sliding seep into the juicy moist opening below. After several minutes she felt a major shudder run through Amanda and stopped, letting her settle back into the cool water.

Amanda gasped and screamed when Cindy drove deep with her tongue and her lip or nose pressed into her clit. The orgasm exploded upon her suddenly and without mercy filling her whole body with an electric tingle. She relaxed and realized that she was now in the tub again. She could hear the water running and felt it beginning to lap up over her hips and onto her belly. She looked at Cindy. "That was amazing." She turned to sit between her legs and kissed her gently as she settled into Cindy's arms.

Cindy rubbed soapy hands over Amanda's large breasts, half stroking and half just holding her as they sat in the now warm water. "When you are rested it will be your turn to eat dessert," she whispered seductively to the woman in her arms.

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