Tuesday Night- Annie and Michelle

By Susan

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Tuesday has been a wonderful day and I am hoping to continue into a wonderful evening. As I follow Michelle to her house I cant help but think about how beautiful she is. She has long thick brown hair with pale blue eyes. She has kept in very good shape. You would never guess she is in her mid 30’s. Her ass is still nice and firm. And her breasts are amazing as I saw today. I could lick and massage them for days.

We have always known that we both were bi-sexual but had never considered being together until today. Just thinking about this afternoon, and the wonderful threesome I had with her and Richard at work makes me wet and now I get to have her all to myself for the first time.

I pull up beside her car and we both get out and walk into her apartment. She has a cute little 1 bedroom apartment, prefect for a single person. I cant help but stare at her ass as we walk into her apartment. I want her so much right now it hurts. She turns around and catches me staring at her.

“ Well I have never seen you look at me like that before.” she states.

“Like what?” I ask

“ Like I look good enough to eat.” is her reply.

“ Ha, you do look good enough to eat. And that is just what I want to do right here right now.” I tell her with a mischievous grin.

“Have a little patience we will get around to that soon enough.” She tells me.

I have been to her house dozens of times and feel at home as much here as at my house. So I head into the living room. I sit down on her couch, picking the remote up I start channel surfing trying to distract myself from how much I want her. She heads into the kitchen to get shot glasses I think. We are both big fans of tequila. I don’t think either of our homes are ever without it. In fact on the really bad days at work I have a flask I keep hidden in my office.

She walks into the living room with tequila and shot glasses. I notice she is staring at my chest with a look of lust on her face. I know she is thinking the same thing I was on my ride over here. We both like to look at the chest on men and obliviously that is the case as well with women. Michelle pours us a shot and joins me on the couch. We sit watching TV and chatting for a bit like any other evening when we aren’t out on a date and want to hang out with each other. We do a few more shots and before long we both are feeling the warm glow from alcohol and starting to get a nice buzz going.

“ I am going to get a shower and wash the day off care to join me?” Michelle asks.

“Love to.” I eagerly tell her.

I start getting wet just thinking about Michelle and me showering together. I stand up and slowly start taking my clothes off. Michelle just sits and watches. I remove my shirt and with my hands I rub my breasts. I know she is enjoying the show by the look of desire that comes over her face. I turn around and take my pants slowly off bending at the waist so that my ass is right in her face. I feel her hands touch my ass and then her tongue is licking me ass in long strokes. I turn back around and undo my blue lace bra releasing my ample breasts from their confinement.

“Damn your beautiful.” she tells me as she leans forward and kisses each nipple.

The feel of her tongue on my nipples makes my body shiver with desire. I grab her hair gently and pull her up so that I can kiss her. When my tongue slips into her mouth I hear her moan slightly. Just the sound of her moan makes me weak. Makes me want to throw her on the couch and make love to her right now. It takes all my willpower to pull away from her and tell her,

“Your turn.” as I sit on the couch and watch her strip for me.

She quickly has her shirt and pants off and I see her red bra and thong again. She looks beautiful standing over me. She takes her bra off and leans forward so that her breasts are pushed into my face. I take one in each hand and massage them. Then I run my fingers over her nipples I can feel them harden under my touch, as I lick the area between her breasts. Before long my hands work there way down her body and remove her thong. I slowly make my way down her body with my lips kissing her over and over.

‘Stop or we are never going to make it to the shower.” She tells me breathlessly.

“That’s ok.” I tell her. As my hand moves between her legs.

She grabs my hands and pulls me up leading the way to the shower. I follow very willingly. She turns the water on as I think this is going to be a wonderful. I can already picture her body covered in water, tiny beads of water everywhere on her.

We get in the shower and start kissing under the shower head, the water beating down on us. My hands run up and down her back. She mirrors the movements on my back as well. I grab her ass in my hands and pull her body as close to me as I can.

“Turn around.” she tells me.

I turn and lean my head back against her shoulder. I feel her hands on my body. I tilt my head towards her neck and start kissing her slender neck. She turns her head and kisses me as her hands run over my hard nipples squeezing my tits and rolling my nipples in her hands.

“ mmm, that feels good.” I all but sigh to her.

She kneels down and starts rubbing her hands up and down my legs. Working her way up higher and higher. Her hands are now between my inner thighs and I spread my legs in invitation. Wanting to feel her fingers inside me. She takes her hand and starts stroking my pussy lips back and forth lightly. Michelle spreads my lips apart and I feel her tongue tasting me. I put my foot up on the edge of the tub to give her better access to my aching pussy. She brushes her tongue over and over against my clit it feels exquisite.

“Oh Michelle, oh god that feels good.” I cry out to her.

She stops way too soon and stands back up and kisses me. My pussy is throbbing with desire. I can taste myself on her lips. My hand reaches down between her legs and I start rubbing her pussy, spreading open her lips. then my fingers slip inside her and I start finger fucking her as my thumb rubs her clit.

“MMMM, oh yes.” she moans as I continue to work her with my hand.

I push her up against the shower stall and she wraps her leg around my waist. She takes her hand and starts fingering me with the same in an out motions I am doing to her. We are both pushing our bodies against each other as our orgasms rise up at the same time.

“Oh yes oh god.” We both cry out.

I feel her body convulse around me at the same time mine does. Both of us shaking as we ride out our orgasms. We stand there in the shower both of us breathing hard as the once hot water now starts to turn cold we have been in here so long.

“Come on let’s get out.’ I tell her.

We get out and dry each other off . I lead the way towards her bedroom. We lay down on her bed together. Her head is resting on my chest. I am running my fingers through her damp hair.

“ That was amazing .” I tell her.

“ Yes it really was.” Michelle responds with a sigh.

We lay that way for a little while but before long we start exploring every inch of each others bodies. We take our time with it now. I slowly kiss her fingers and with her other hand she is caressing my face. We lay there kissing and touching for what seems like hours, just learning each others bodies.

I work my way down her stomach licking and kissing as I go. I feel her breathing quicken as I get near her pussy . I lick the spot between her thigh and pussy in slow motions as my hand rubs all around her pussy teasing her. With my tongue I lightly lick her clit over and over. Before long she is arching her hips trying to get me to go at her clit with more pressure, but I pull back each time. I see the moisture seeping between her lips and I lick it up with my tongue savoring the taste of her.

“Turn around and straddle my face.” She tells me.

I am more than happy to oblige, my pussy is aching with desire again. With her hands she grabs my hips and pulls me down towards her mouth. When her tongue hits my clit it is electric, causing me to jump a little.

I bury my face into her pussy and start licking her like I am starved for her. My pussy is getting the same treatment. Her hips are snapping up and down I ride her hips with my face as best as I can. I feel her legs start to quiver and know she is going to cum soon. Knowing this I start licking her harder and harder I feel her doing the same to my pussy. She arches her hips once more and holds them there as the orgasm radiates through her body. I lean up riding her face as I feel my orgasm building.

“Oh god, oh yes, I’m cumming.” I cry out in pleasure.

I fall over onto the bed. Just laying there trying to catch my breath. I turn around and crawl up beside her. I kiss her tasting my juices in her mouth and on her face.

“Fuck me, but that was great.” I tell Michelle.

We lay in bed for a while just cuddling and enjoying the closeness of each others bodies. Before long we decide to get up and get something to eat and drink. We head into the kitchen and big surprise there is nothing in her fridge. With Michelle there never is she eats out all the time.

“Let’s order something in.” she tells me.

“Sounds good.” I reply getting something to drink.

She smiles wickedly at me. I wonder what she is thinking when she pulls out the menu for Chinese. I remember that she told me last week that she had seduced the delivery guy from her favorite Chinese restaurant.

“Up for a threesome?” she asks.

I look at her and grin thinking damn I could fall in love with this woman. Although if we don’t get in the office early tomorrow, there will be hell to pay with our boss.

“Sure, why not. But we can’t be up all night we do have work in the morning.” I tell her.