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Twist of Fate Part 3

Part 3! Comment and let know if I should continue the saga or not..
Jessi and John had become my two best friends and together with Julie, we continued having as much fun as we possibly could in our sophomore year of college. We became sex fiends, doing it with each other whenever we saw any opportunity.

This is a recounted story that Julie described to me one night after the two of us had had our fun for the night. She had told me just her and Jessi had been getting a lot closer as friends, but I had never known just how close of friends they were actually becoming.

Julie and Jessi lived in the same dorm building, but on different floors. The dorms around here were setup so it was separated by sex by floor. There were four people to one room and the bathrooms and showers were only at the end of the hallway.

Well one night, Julie and Jessi had gone out together without John or I because we both had tons of homework to do. They had gone to the bars and, as they always did, dressed extremely slutty. Tonight they had chosen to both wear tight, short dresses that showed off their best assets. Julie’s ass was practically hanging out the bottom, while Jessi’s cleavage was going to turn every head that she passed, guy or girl.

Julie and Jessi went to the normal bars and drank more than their fair share. They both tended to get a little sloppy, especially since all of their drinks were bought for them buy random guys at the bars. Julie decided it was time to make their way home, so she grabbed Jessi and they began their stumble back to the dorm.

They got into the elevator and pushed floor number seven for Julie’s room. All of her roommates were at the boyfriends’ houses so she usually had her room to herself. The elevator started going up and so did the sexual tension between the two of them.

Now Julie and Jessi had only ever hooked up with each other when John and I were there with them, outside of that they hadn’t done anything more than make out at a bar.

They couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other in the elevator and by the time they made it to Julie’s room, all bets were completely off. Jessi jumped onto Julie and began kissing her passionately. Julie began unclothing Jessi and feeling her body, as the dress slipped to the floor, of course no underwear was to be found. Jessi followed her lead and pulled Julie’s dress over her head and threw it across the room.

Julie and Jessi were rolling around on the bed completely naked and totally exploring each other’s bodies. Julie’s fingers finally found Jessi’s mound and she immediately began rubbing it till it became soaking wet. She slid one finger inside and Jessi made a quiet moan of approval. Julie decided that she wanted to lick Jessi’s pussy so she made her way down and began sucking her clit.

Jessi moaned even louder now and grabbed Julie’s head to make sure that she was going to stay down there. Julie licked her cunt until she came all over her face. She got up and made out with Jessi, still covered in her juices.

Jessi grabbed Julie by the hips and brought her up to sit on her face. Jessi immediately started licking her clit and fingering her hole while Julie ground her pussy onto her face. Julie began bucking her hips and screaming while she came until she was dripping all over Jessi’s face. They collapsed together in a sweaty heap; both covered in the other one’s cum.

“That was exhilarating!” Juile exclaimed, “I’ve never been with just another girl before, that was an awesome first for me!”

“Well I’m not done with you yet girl,” Jessi said with a wild look in her eye, “come on and follow me!”

Jessi got up and didn’t even bother getting dressed before she ran out into the hallway and turned towards the shower rooms. Julie got up and reluctantly followed, hoping that they wouldn’t get caught.

By the time Julie had reached the shower room, one stall was already on so she walked over and pulled the curtain back to reveal Jessi on the floor fingering herself with one hand and playing with her beautiful tits with the other. Julie walked in and sat down in front of her and took over, biting and sucking on her nipples while she fingered her and rubbed her clit at the same time. Jessi was screaming Julie’s name and cumming again in a matter of minutes, but Julie decided that she was not going to stop.

After Jessi had her first orgasm, Julie got down and playfully bit and licked her clit while her hand moved up to pinch her nipples. Julie licked her wet mound until Jessi came again. Julie quickly grabbed the detachable showerhead and put it on Jessi’s cunt. She began making out with her and their tongues danced while Jessi moaned even louder as she came close to her fourth orgasm of the night. Julie moved down and flicked her clit one last time to finish off her last, body shaking orgasm.

Jessi sank down and lay on the floor of the shower, completely exhausted from the four amazing orgasms that one of her best friends had just given her. Julie turned off the shower and grabbed Jessi to head back to the room.

Halfway down the hall in front of them, a door began to open and the girls panicked and started to run. A guy came out of the door right next to Julie’s and turned to see the girls sprinting at him naked with their boobs bouncing all over the place. They got to the door and ran inside only to hear the guy whistle at them at the last second.

Julie and Jessi laughed as they looked at each other, both completely spent from their night of girls'-only fun. They quickly dried off, hopped into bed, and cuddled until they went to sleep for the night.

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