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Twister with a Twist

A friendly sleepover gets really friendly
My name is Amanda and this is the story of the most exciting night of my life. I’m 18 and about to graduate high school, so four of my friends and I planned one last party before we all go off to college. We had the slumber party last night and it was nothing like what I expected.

First I’ll tell you who was there: there was me, a 5 foot 6 inch blonde with hazel eyes and 32 C tits. I’m mostly a good girl, I get good grades and I’ve been on a few dates with boys from school, but I’ve never done much sexually. Also there was Beth, Kim, Stephanie and Meg, but more on them later. We had all been friends for years and this was our last big get-together before we went our separate ways.

We held the party at my house, so I was in charge of getting everything for the party. When the time came all the girls arrived and we had some fun eating snacks, watching TV and painting each other’s toe nails. I had convinced my mom to make us some things for the party, so she made a marble cake, chocolate chip cookies and we ordered some pizza as well. As we ate, we talked about some of the boys at our school and types of guys we hoped to meet at college.

Beth kept talking about last summer and said things like “Sam was so hot” and “I wanted to rub myself all over Alex.” Beth is a 5 foot 7 inch redhead with green eyes and 36 DD’s. I always knew that she was wild and some people in school even called her “loose” but I didn’t know just how far that went until this party. Looking back I now realize what she really meant and what she did all summer and I’m so jealous.

After eating, we decided it was time to play some games. I brought out the first game that I had picked out for us- Twister. Beth said that she didn’t feel like playing regular twister and instead suggested a version of twister that she had learned at camp last summer. I was a little hesitant at first but this was a party, so I said ok. She pulled a spinner out her bag that was about double the size of a traditional twister spinner. She wouldn’t turn it right side up until we all agreed that we would play and no one would say no to anything that happened. At this point I was getting excited and wondered what might happen. We all agreed to the rules and Beth turned over the spinner.

I looked at it and saw panels that said “group’s choice” and “w/tongue” and I asked aloud, “What kind of game is this?”

Beth had a devilish look on her face and responded, “It’s the only game you’ll ever want to play after tonight,” then she addressed the whole group “and remember you all said you’d play the game properly.”

I started getting a little wet at the prospect of having to do who-knows-what during this game with one of my friends and it surprised me. I’d seen them naked plenty of times throughout the years and never felt anything, but now that we were all maturing and what we would do would be left to a spin of the wheel, I got really turned-on and thought about what this meant about me. I couldn’t wait to see my friends in various states of undress and doing unspeakable things to each other and hoped that I wouldn’t get too embarrassed and stop playing.

I was ready to start playing, so I asked “Beth, how do we play this game?”

She looked me right in the eyes and said, “Like this.”

She proceeded to flick the spinner and we all watched intently as it spun around the wheel. It landed on “strip.” Beth then did a slow striptease for us, which I could tell wasn’t her first striptease by a long shot. As I watched her take off her clothes, I realized just how sexy she was and how much I wanted to have my first girl on girl experience tonight, maybe even with her. She not only looked amazing, but her confidence when stripping and the fact that I could tell that this wasn’t the first time she had done this got me riled up, and I was ready to do almost anything she asked.

After she finished, Beth sat back down on the floor completely naked and looked at me, “Amanda, it’s your turn,” she said.

I stared at her for a few seconds and noticed that her nipples were really hard and her legs were parted slightly, so I could see that she was getting wet. I grabbed the spinner and flicked it and it landed on “kiss right.”

Beth spoke up, “That means you have to kiss the player on your right.”

I looked over and saw my best friend, Meg, a 5 foot 6 inch brunette with brown eyes and 32 B’s. I leaned in to kiss her on the mouth, the first time I had done that with a girl. After we kissed, I pulled back slowly and must have had a look of lust in my eyes that Beth saw because she grinned at me.

“I told you that you’d like it, Amanda” Beth said.

I shot back, “That was really nice, I want more.”

Beth looked at Meg, “Do you feel the same way?”

Meg was speechless and just nodded her head.

Beth then looked at Kim and Stephanie, “What about you two?”

Stephanie is a 5 foot 2 inch black-haired girl with brown eyes and 32 B’s. Stephanie was on the cheerleading team, but I think it’s mainly because her brother is the starting quarterback.

She spoke, “Well I’d like to get some action and see before I agree to anything.” Then Beth passed her the spinner and Stephanie flicked it and landed on “spank choice.”

Beth said “That means that you can spank the player of your choice.”

Stephanie looked around at all of us and said, “I choose Kim.”

Kim got on Stephanie’s lap and took off her mini skirt, preparing to be spanked. Stephanie saw that Kim wasn’t wearing panties and she was wet. Stephanie spanked Kim hard on the ass and Kim got wetter.

Kim is a 5 foot 9 inch blonde with blue eyes and 34 D’s. Kim played volleyball and basketball during the school year, since she is so tall.

Beth then said, “I think everyone is warmed up and ready to go further so I can put this away now,” and she put the spinner back in her bag.

The rest of us stripped as she did so and when Beth looked back up the four of us matched her. We were all in our birthday suits.

Beth grinned widely and said, “Now this is a party,” and grabbed me.

We started making out. I’d never had anyone’s tongue in my mouth, but Beth seemed like she had a lot of practice as she was driving me nuts and making me hotter and wetter than I’ve ever been.

Kim was still over Stephanie’s knees and she asked, “Can you spank me more, Steph? It turns me on so much.”

Stephanie gladly started spanking Kim again leading to Kim moaning quietly. After Beth broke our kiss, I grabbed her tits and started playing with them. They felt really soft and I flicked one of her nipples like I had the spinner.

Beth’s breath caught in her throat and she mouthed, “again.” I got the message and flicked the other one too.

As I was playing with Beth’s tits, I felt a hand run down my spine, giving me chills.

Then I felt hot breath on my neck and Kim whispered, “I want you now Amanda.”

I’ve never heard anyone say those words to me before, but I liked how they sounded. I turned around and Kim laid me down on the floor and started eating my pussy. I was moaning and gasping for breath, wondering where she learned to do that so well.

Just then Beth sat on my face, facing Kim.

This interrupted my thoughts, and I heard Beth ask, “Would you mind?”

I mumbled no and started licking Beth’s pussy. I must have been doing a good job because Beth started moaning as well.

I heard scuffling in the room and then Beth stood up and I could see what was happening, we were making a train. Beth sat back down on my face, only this time she was facing the other way and she had her face in Meg’s pussy. Meg in turn was eating out Stephanie. After a few moments our moans got louder and that was the only sound in the room.

A minute later I screamed and cummed from being eaten out by Kim. Somehow, through my orgasm, I kept licking Beth and I led her to her own a minute later. As she was cumming, Beth switched to fingering Meg, instead of licking her, and Meg cummed seconds after Beth. The last one to cum was Stephanie, who Meg drove to orgasm only a few seconds after her own. This was the first time I had been pleasured by a girl but not the last, if I have anything to say about it.

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