Two Girls and Truth or Dare

By fantasy1234

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Two girls a bottle of rum and Truth or Dare? What could go wrong?... Or should I say right?
“Okay, awesome. See you then!” Click! I hang up the phone after making plans to see my best friend Veronica. I look at my watch and it’s 2:30. I have half an hour till Veronica gets here. First I run to my room closing the door behind me and walk over to my closet flinging open the doors.

'What to wear…' I think to myself as I tap my foot, I look around for a few minutes and end up picking jean shorts with a blue t-shirt and black matching bra and thong. I turn and check myself out in my full length mirror fixing my shoulder length blonde hair and makeup, I smile at myself and turn to walk out the door. Once again I glance at my watch 2:45. 15 more minutes till Veronica shows up. I close my eyes and imagine Veronica in all her glory.

She was so beautiful, her long brown, almost black hair and olive skin and her mesmerizing green eyes her long slender legs that lead to perfect hips and an even more perfect ass followed by a nice thin body and Nice C-cup breasts. I had always liked Veronica but up until last week when I saw her in the shower room after gym washing her body I noticed she didn’t have any hair on her pussy… and ever since then she has been constantly on my mind. Every time I think of her I feel my body tense in low places and my heart starts to race.

I shake the thoughts out of my head and continue out of my room going out into the hall, I look down the hallway to my dad's bedroom door and see that its closed. Knowing that he’s in there I continue downstairs quietly hoping my dad won't hear. I tip toe to his study and find the drawer I’m not supposed to know about, it was a pretty big drawer found in my dad's big wardrobe. The drawer was packed with alcohol and other things. I look around to make sure my dad isn’t around, then I take one of the full bottles and look at the label and read, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.. I guess that will do.. I take it and run up to my room hiding the bottle under my bed. I stand and fix myself and once again check my watch 2:48. 13 minutes left. With nothing left to do I sit on my queen sized bed and open a book and start to read.



I shut my book and head out of my room stopping in the hallway to see if I still look good.


“OPEN THE DOOR BITCH!” I hear Veronica yell through the door.

I turn and run for the door grinning. I quickly run down the stairs and fling open the door I didn’t even take a breath and Veronica was jumping on me, we fall to the floor in laughs and giggles rolling around as she tries to pin me. Her all over my body was making things low in my body tense and I was trying my best to not imagine her naked on top of me but I just couldn’t help it and I could feel myself get wet.

“Get off me you freak!” I yell at her playfully after she pins me.

She tosses her head back and laughs full and beautiful and rolls off of me getting up and offering me a hand up, I take it and she yanks me to my feet and pulls me against her hugging me, I hug her back feeling her body her body pressed against me I take a deep breath and smell in her scent, she smells like strawberries. I hug her tight and let go.

“Alright, you sexy beast,” she says to me after we part, “Let's get to your room and be girls!”

I nod and close the door then I turn and chase her all the way up the stairs to my room where she flings herself onto my bed and lays down and I finally get to properly see what she’s wearing, A black mini skirt with a green tank top that was a shade darker than her eyes.

“Wow, Veronica, you look hot today!” I say standing next to the bed admiring her body.

“Thanks,” she says stretching “You look pretty damn fine yourself.” She looks over and me and bites her lip in a flirty way and I laugh.

“Hey! Guess what I have?” I say and get ready to reach under my bed,

“A big pet lion?” she asks quizzically.

I frown at her and laugh as I pull the bottle out from under my bed showing it to her. She perks up on the bed and crawls over taking it from me and reading the label.

“Oh Aphrodite! You shouldn’t have!” she says jokingly opening the bottle and taking a swig and handing it to me. I take a sip of it and it tastes awful! But I keep drinking it to impress Veronica. I hand it back to her and crawl onto the bed so were both facing each other passing the drink back and forth.

About half an hour and half the bottle later were both feeling the buzz really well her sitting on the bed crossed legged and me laying on the bed sneaking looks up her skirt, she was wearing a deep blue lace thong.

“Okay!” Veronica says suddenly “I’ve got a great idea!” I look up at her dizzy and wait for her to continue. “WE,” she motions her hand back and forth between us, “should play truth or dare!” I sit up and nod vigorously,

“You go first,” I say and hand her the bottle, she grabs it and takes a big sip, a bit of it dribbles out of her mouth and down onto her chest I watch it slide down between her breasts and disappear, she looks down and giggles and wipes it up.

“Okay, Truth or Dare?” she asks me giving her a devilish grin.

“Hmm… Truth....” I answer taking the bottle and take another large sip.

“Would you ever do anything with another girl?” she asks.

I gasp and look down.

“I’m not too sure… I’ve been thinking about it…” I reply. “Truth or Dare?”


“Would you?” I ask giving her the same devilish grin.

“Oh fuck yeah! But I haven’t and I don’t know if I ever will..” she replies taking the bottle again, sipping it. “Truth or Dare?” she asks again.

“Dare I guess…” I answer and take the bottle taking a large sip, about a quarter of the bottle left.

“I dare you to jump out the window!” she says laughing, tilting back.

“NO WAY!” I exclaim, “I chicken.” I hand her the bottle and she takes it but doesn’t drink.

“Fine but for each chicken you have to take one article of clothing off! And you only have as many chickens as you have articles of clothes,” Veronica says matter of factly.

“Fine,” I reply and take off my blue t-shirt showing off my perky breasts under my black bra. I blush and hide them.

“No, no, don’t do that,” Veronica says pushing my hands away sloppily,” I like them.” She starts to giggle, and with the feeling of all the alcohol and her laughter made me start to laugh too.

“Truth or Dare?” I ask and put my hand on her leg.

“Dare,” she replies straight faced laughter gone.

“I dare YOU to jump out the window,” I say pointing at her.

“Ha! Forget that, chicken.” She says and quickly takes off her shirt showing that she was wearing the same deep blue bra with lace on it her breasts were beautiful I could feel myself getting wet.

“God! Stare much?’ Veronica says grinning at me.

I look up and blush deep.

“Oh come on, like you weren’t staring at me,” I state picking up the bottle. “Besides I’m drunk so whatever!” I lift it giving her a salute and drink half of what was left and hand it over to her.

She takes it with her grin still on her face, she salutes me with the bottle and drinks the rest, putting the bottle down she looks up at me.

“Truth or Dare, Aphrodite,” she asks giving me a flat but flirtatious look.

“Dare.” I reply leaning back on my hands pushy my chest out over so slightly, slyly showing off my breasts. It went on between us for half an hour doing outrageous dares to get all of our clothes off and run out of chickens.

“HA! Now you HAVE to do whatever I tell you to do now!” Veronica says, pointing a finger at me.

We were now touching knees we were so close, I could see her entire naked body as we were both naked. Her beautiful nipples were hard and her pussy was still perfectly shaved. I was getting really wet but it was so hard to disguise when your naked.

“Truth or Dare?” I ask her hoping to get dare again to ask her to do something naughty for me.

“Truth,” she says and looks at me smiling innocently. Bitch.. I think to myself and wrack my brain for a Truth.

“Are you horny?” I ask straight faced almost smiling.

“Yes,” she replies her innocent smile turning into something a little more sexual. “Truth or Dare?” she asks and my smile grows into a mischievous grin.


“I dare you to sit in my lap with your legs wrapped around my waist.” she answers.

I tilt my head at the request, I expected something like a kiss or something. I move on the bed and sit in her lap and wrap my legs around her, only then did I realise why she asked for that specific request. I was sitting in her lap so intimately our breasts pushed together and our pussies so close to touching yet not. My pussy was so wet. I was surprised I wasn’t dripping. I look up to her with wide eyes and lightly clear my throat.

“Truth or Dare.”


“I dare you to kiss me.” There. I said it.

And the second the words left my lips hers were pressed against mine and it was a deep beautiful kiss, our tongues mingling together with her nibbling my lip at some point, I don’t know how long we kissed for but it seemed like forever. After we parted she looks at me a little breathlessly.

“I’m so glad I came over,” she says and kisses me again deeper this time.

I tighten the grip on my legs pressing my pussy against her stomach showing her how wet I was I grind against her a little and she moans into out kiss and puts her hand in my hair so she has a nice grip on my head. She then pulls my head back from our kiss and moved my head to the side using her other hand she moves my hair exposing my neck. She then leans her head in and takes a deep breath.

She inhales my scent. “Mmmmm…. You smell so nice,” she states and then starts to kiss my neck lightly tickling me yet turning me on ever so much.

She pauses over one spot then bites me, the feeling of her teeth digging into me made me gasp out and press my pussy hard against her she moans into my neck and bites me again in a different spot causing the same effect. I pull her head off me and look her in the eyes. She was so hot. I push her down on the bed so she’s on her back and I’m sitting on top of her. I lean down and start to kiss her and massage her breasts, she whimpers into my mouth and I pinch her nipples causing her to squirm underneath me. I start to kiss her deeper still rubbing and pinching her breast. Then I kiss her cheek, then her neck, continuing down to her collar bone followed by first her right then left breast trailing down to her beautiful belly button stopping at her pussy only then did I look up at Veronica. She was looking down at me eyes wide and lips parted. I look down at her pussy then back at her.

“May I?” I ask.

She nods vigorously and thrusts her at me, I look down and study her pussy, her clit swollen with anticipation and her cute lips parted showing that she was much more wet than I was. I’d never eaten a pussy but I sure have thought about it. I knew what to do and I prayed I didn’t fail. I lean in and kiss her clit, putting my lips on it and licking softly flicking my tongue around her clit. I hear Veronica above me moan and I continue to lick her pussy, ever once and a while I'd lick down and slurp her little hole tasting her sweet juices. I moan into her and grab her leg pulling her closer practically burying my face in her sweet pussy.

All while doing this Veronicas moans were getting louder and louder at some point she wrapped her fingers in my hair again and every time I looked up I had this perfect view of her face overtop of her gorgeous breasts, all of this was making me so horny! I keep licking her eating her pussy then all of a sudden.

“STOP! STOP! STOP!” Veronica screams.

I abruptly stop and look up.

“What what did I hurt you?!” I ask humiliated.

“No, no, god no. You were going to make me cum. And I don’t want to cum like this. I have a better plan.” She grins that beautiful evil grin of hers and slides up and pulls me with her, moving me to what she wants, we end up almost in the same position as when I was on her lap but I had one leg under her leg, so out pussies were touching, she calls it “Scissoring.” she claims she read it online.

“Ready?” She asks looking at me. I nod and she pushes her pussy against mine and the feeling was unbelievable. I tilt my head back and she moves her hips in a circular motion.

“Oh fuck, Aphrodite, this feels so good, just like I knew it would,” Veronica moans as we rub against each other. The feeling of our pussies rubbing together was going to bring me fast.

“Oh! I’m not going to last long Aphrodite,” she says body shaking and I knew I wasn’t alone on this pleasure trip.

“Mmm fuck me too Veronica.” I say and continue rubbing the motion of us rubbing and Veronicas moans were bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh fuck Aphrodite I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She screams. Hearing her say that pushed me over the edge.

“Oh my god, me too!” I yell and keep going with her riding the rush, our juices mingling our pleasure flowing through fast and hard.

After the pleasure washed out of us we pull our pussies apart, I move so were laying next to each other.

“Oh. My. God.” I say and we both start to laugh uncontrollably. Suddenly the door bell rings and we stop laughing.

“That’s my Dad.. I gotta go home..” Veronica says getting up of the bed and scrambling to put her clothes on.

I hear my dad come out of his room and go downstairs to answer the door. With just her skirt and shirt on, her panties and bra stuffed in her purse she goes to the door.

“But you’ve been drinking,” I claim and stand up.

“Oh don’t worry about that, my Dad wont notice, we're safe.” She opens the door and leaves closing it behind her leaving me alone in my room still drunk and still incredibly horny.