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Two Go Wild in Benidorm

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A threesome with a Massai Warrior
Doreen and Barbara, two English divorcees, are sharing a beach side apartment in the Spanish resort of Benidorm. Barbara is the owner and uses it as her base for discreet prostitution work, servicing the needs of frustrated middle-aged British ex-pats. Her close friend Doreen is visiting after the breakdown of her marriage, which had been virtually sexless for years.

The two women couldn't be more different in looks and demeanour. With her hourglass figure, peroxide blonde hair and painted toenails Barbara epitomises what the Irish refer to as a 'brasser' and the French - rather more flatteringly - as a 'lady of the night'. Doreen is altogether more demure, though her plain-Jane outfits conceal a trim figure with long elegant legs, a tiny waist and classically-proportioned breasts.

The Spanish vacation soon turns into a joyous romp of sexual discovery for Doreen. Barbara regularly massages her breasts with sun oil, kissing her tenderly as she lies naked on the sun lounger on the apartment's balcony. These sensual sessions are usually heightened by liberal quantities of Sangria to the sounds of Spanish Flamenco music.

Doreen has torn up her return air ticket and arranged for her private pension to be paid into one of the local Spanish banks. Barbara continues to service some of her pet clients, but devotes most of her attention to the sexual gratification of her friend. For her part, Doreen feels totally liberated as a woman.

One afternoon, the two women are relaxing in the nude together on the balcony. Barbara marvels at the symmetry of Doreen's beautiful breasts - the gentle concave swoop of the topmost parts contrasting with the convex curves beneath, and the perfectly-formed chestnut brown aerola surrounding her pea-sized nipples. She brushes them softly with the palm of one hand, feeling them harden to her touch, then glances down enviously at the way the sun glistens on the dew-like moisture forming on her new mate's slit.

"Have I ever told you I adore your cunt?"

"Several times. And have I told you that you're my beautiful whore?"

"Several times."

They giggle girlishly.

"Frig me with your finger, Babs?"

"I can do better than that. Did Reg ever go down on you?"

"No way! He thought that sort of thing was unhygienic, even dirty. Remember he was a part-time para-medic volunteer at our local hospital."

"Then let's give it a go, shall we? Spread your legs wide for Babs, sweetie. I'm gonna spend the next half-hour eating that divine pussy of yours!"

The squeals of sexual delight were probably audible on the beach below.

That evening Doreen and Barbara are returning arm-in-arm to their apartment after supper in a local bar. They pause in front of the window of a sex shop.

"Let's take a look around shall we?" suggests Barbara, always eager to introduce her lover to new delights. The once-staid Doreen needs no encouragement.

Once inside the shop they are soon absorbed by the contents of a large glass cabinet, in which various sex toys, vibrators and dildos are displayed.

"What's that?"

"A strap-on."

"A what?"

"A dildo, sweetie. It's for ladies to fuck other ladies. Supposed to have been invented by the ancient Egyptians."

Squeezing her partner's hand tightly, Barbara gestures at a huge dildo labelled 'The Gargantuan'. 

"Now that's what I call 'well hung'! I'm going all weak at the knees just thinking about it."

But Doreen's attention has been attracted by a more modest-sized phallus on a lower shelf. Bell-ended and dark brown, with realistic veins running up its shaft, its box announces: 'The Massai Warrior'.

Doreen whispers, "What d'you think Babs?"

"That's more like it babe. Reckon it'd fit you?"

"Well you ought to know - you took my inside measurements enough times this afternoon!"

Both women bend forward convulsed with hysterical laughter.

Wiping away their tears and straightening up, they are surprised to be confronted by a dapper-looking grey-haired man standing at attention in front of them. He has a thin pencil moustache and wears pale yellow golfing slacks and a blue military-style blazer with brass buttons. He carries a plastic bag under his arm like a soldier's swagger stick.

"Hi Trever," chirps Barbara, trying to regain her composure. "What are you doing here? Returning some naughty DVDs you've rented?"

The military man coughs nervously. "Something like that. And you two ladies?"

"Just window shopping."

After a pregnant pause he glances disdainfully at the contents of the cabinet and gestures at the dildos.

"They say that those things are supposed to be very popular with the... err... gay community."

"Blimey Trev, I never knew you 'played for the other side'!" 

"Certainly not! I have my reputation as Captain of the Benidorm Golf Club to consider. I'll bid you both adieu."

As Trevor stomps off, Doreen dryly observes, "Reckon you can strike that one off your list of clients, sweetheart!"

Back at the apartment the friends eagerly unpack their purchase. They are fascinated to discover that embedded in the warrior's convincingly-realistic latex scrotum is what the instruction book describes as a 'wholly authentic fluid reservoir'.

"So what's all that about Babs?"

"I think it means I can actually cum when I'm inside you, babe."

Doreen positively purrs with girlish delight. "Ooo goody, what shall we use?"

"What, for my cum? How about warm water and honey?" She tightens a back buckle. "Then I'll enjoy licking you out."

"With a generous dollop of yoghurt to make it even more realistic as it trickles down your throat," coos her partner.

All is ready for the experiment. Doreen squats doggie-fashion on the end of the double bed and pokes her pert bottom up provocatively. Then she reaches behind and spreads her pussy lips open invitingly. Her vaginal secretions have lubed her slit to perfection. From behind, legs astride on the floor, the Massai Warrior's entry is surprisingly easy and the dildo slides home and begins its sensual ministrations to squeals of delight.

"Ok Babe? I'm not too big for you am I?"

"Darling you're huge! Positively enormous. I've never had such a big cock between my thighs. Now fuck the living daylights out of me you wonderful woman!"

Barbara throws caution to the wind, fucking her friend furiously and rhythmically, crying out, "Feel my big cock in your wet twat!"

To add further sexual frisson to the act, she licks the ball of her thumb and gently presses it against the exquisite star-shaped sphincter of her partner's bottom. Doreen drops her head until it touches the bed cover.

"That's bloody amazing. Fuck both my holes you whore!"

Sensing her lover is poised on the brink of a massive orgasm, Barbara unleashes the warrior's cum into the other's sodden pussy. "I'm cumming for you babe....Therrrrrrre!"

Afterwards they lie motionless together on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms and whispering raunchy intimacies. Barbara marvels at the sexual abandon she's released in her friend in the few short weeks of their affair. Doreen nuzzles seductively against Barbara and fondly kisses the nape of her neck.

"God, Babs, that was truly unforgettable. I've never been fucked like that in my whole life. Got any more surprises like that, darling?"

"One or two, babe; one or two."

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