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Two Go Wild in Benidorm Once More

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A fem's introduction to scissoring
Dappled shafts of afternoon sunshine light up the woodland glade where two women lie sleeping naked on a towel. Doreen - dark-haired and gamine - wakes first. She rises and quietly packs the remains of their picnic into a large cold box. Then she returns to the sleeping figure of Barbara, stoops down and gently kisses one shoulder.
"Taxi will be here in 20 minutes, Babs."

They dress and pack their remaining belongings, then saunter hand-in-hand down the gravel path which winds through the sand dunes behind Coveta del Pinos.

They arrive at the gate to the naturist beach to await their taxi back to Benidorm. Barbara sits on the lid of the cold box, clasping her arms around the slender thighs of her lover who stands close, stroking her blonde hair.

"So, my beautiful whore: got any more surprises for me?"

"Ever tried scissoring?"

"Only in needlework classes at school."

"Lesbian scissoring? 'Pussy locking'?"

"Nope. Can't say I have."

"Or - the best description of all - 'kissing rosebuds'?"

Doreen pauses, looking down thoughtfully, trying to unravel the rosebud reference.

"I kiss your rosebud? But I've done that loads of times. And you've kissed mine."

"So how d'you suppose we could 'kiss' each other's clitties simultaneously? Without using our lips?"

"Search me."

"That's scissoring, babe."

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the taxi. After packing the cold box and beach bag into the boot, they climb into the back and are relieved to find that their driver is engrossed in the commentary of an afternoon football match from Barcelona. The taxi moves off.

Barbara raises her right hand, spreading the index and second fingers apart to form a V-sign.

"These are my legs, right? Now make the same shape with your first two fingers."

She turns her outstretched hand so that it is parallel with the floor, them moves it towards Doreen's hand. Their fingers interlock, with the soft fleshy joints between the fingers touching.


Doreen remains silent for some moments, then brings her other hand up to her mouth in disbelief.


"You bet!"

Barbara lowers her voice to a conspiratorial purr, which is all but drowned out by the noise of the football match. "Once you're worked up - good and lubed with your own juices - and you both start with a steady rhythm, it's just like real fucking. Only it's girl-on-girl fucking. Believe me, it can be mind-blowing!"

Doreen is dumbfounded by this hitherto unknown form of intercourse.

"You ok babe? Cat got your tongue?"

"But that's simply incredible! I'd never have imagined that would be possible. Mind you, so's what we did this afternoon!"

They ride on for several minutes, then Doreen whispers to Barbara. "Just thinking about scissoring's got me really horny. In fact, I think I've wet myself a bit."

Checking that she's hidden by the back of the taxi driver's seat, she unzips her jeans and slips a hand inside to stroke her slit; removes her index finger, studies it briefly, then gives it to her lover to lick and giggles: "Ooops, quite a lot actually!"

Barbara coos gratefully: "Hey, babe, you pussie's still lovely and salty!"

The two women can't get into their apartment quick enough. Throwing their picnic items onto the kitchen table and ripping off their clothes, they head for the bedroom. Barbara decides to slow the pace down a notch or two.

"I know what: let's have a lovely sexy shower, shall we? And I think a couple of extra-strength Bloody Marys are called for."

Doreen starts the shower while Barbara fixes the drinks. In the large shower enclosure they stand close together, arms tightly around each other beneath the cascading showerhead, sensually soaping each other's breasts and making their nipples stand out rigidly.

"Frig my cunt, Babs," whispers Doreen, "I'm feeling so fucking sexy!"

Barbara's tongue is plunged deep into Doreen's mouth as her index finger simultaneously begins to massage her partner's swollen clitoris.

After towelling off they each apply their own perfumes to their bodies. Barbara gets ready for their scissoring session, strategically positioning pumped-up pillows and cusions down the length of the double bed, while Doreen watches.

The older woman pats the centre of the bedspread. "Here, sweetie: park your arse here. You need to be sitting up with your arms slightly behind you for support. I'm gonna sit facing you."

After they are both comfortably positioned, Barbara lifts one leg into an upright position, angled at the knee joint, with the other leg, also angled, laid flat on the bed.

"Right, now can you make a 'mirror image' of my posture?"

The centres of their torsos are a few inches apart. Barbara strokes herself.

"You wet down there, babe?"

"Yeah, sopping wet."

"Good. Now slowly slide on your bum down the bed towards me, so's our clitties are almost touching. That's it - good girl."

After adjusting the angles of their raised legs in order to interlock, Barbara slides her rump the extra inches to give a gently brushing nudge against her lover's wet cunt.

"There hon - now our rosebuds are kissing!

She pauses in their interplay so that the tenderness of the contact can be felt and enjoyed. She stares intently at Doreen, whose eyes are already half-closed in sexual ecstacy. Then very cautiously Barbara moves forward the extra inch, which presses their clitorises firmly together.

"There babe. Now just gently rock together. Smoothly, softly."

They grind in unison for some minutes. Doreen's eyes are closed in pleasure; Barbara remains alert and attentive as her 'tutor'. Then she slowly begins a thrusting movement in her buttocks and, at the same time, reaches out and clasps her lover's knee to increase leverage.

"Not hurting you babe?"

"No Babs it's lovely. Just lovely."

"If you can, try 'thrusting' against me - and grab my knee to pull yourself closer. See how that feels."

"Even better!"

Barbara has now started making low grunting noises in time with their mutual pelvic thrusting, not dissimilar to the sound a woman tennis player makes when serving. "Haaaarree!" Doreen opens her eyes and smiles.

For several minutes this sexual ballet continues to the accompaniment of Barbara's guttural cries. Perspiration is now running down both their naked torsos, with the hardened nipples of Doreen's pert breasts glistening with beads of sweat.

Barabara lifts her hand from the other's knee and runs the palm of her hand down the inside of the thigh, leaning forward so that it hovers close to the point where they are locked together. She feels Doreen quiver with excitement.

"Oh fuck Babs, I don't think I can hold on much longer. Please let me cum!"

"Cum for me, sweet thing. Cum for your lovely whore!"

"Oh yes, yes, YES!"

Barbara gives one final grunt as the two women climax simultaneously.

Gently untangling their locked legs, they collapse onto the bed with exhaustion, both now lying face downwards. They each drape an arm over the other's back and nuzzle up affectionately.

Some time later (neither is sure if they passed out from exhaustion) Barbara whispers into Doreen's ear: "There, babe - your first experience of scissoring. Think it'll catch on?"

With an impish chuckle the fem pecks her lover's nose. "Yeah, I reckon it just might!"

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