Ty and Simone'

By Katy

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Tyler sat in the bathroom after her shower, thinking of the hot muggy day outside and her mind wandered to the beach. She could do it…but with whom? She couldn’t face the beaches alone, full of happy couples when she was just recently out of a relationship that went on for five years. It had been too hard for him to continue it. She dragged her hands through her brunette hair and closed her hazel-green eyes. A lock of hair fell into her eyes, brushing it behind her ear she decided to ring her friend Simone’. Wrapped in a bath towel she walked to the phone and dialled. One, Two Three, Four rings and then a: “Hello?”

“Hey Simone’ it’s Ty.”

“Hey baby girl what’s up?”

“Wanna go to the beach?” A pause from her friends end.

“Sure why not?” She smiled and said my goodbye, Simone’ said hers. Tyler walked back to her room, still clutching to her towel tightly. She drew down her blinds and rummaged through her top draw, she drew out her black bikini top and loose white linen shirt. She was searching for her bottoms, having dressed in her top clothing, when her hand found something that shocked and reminded her. She had totally forgotten about the dildo in the back of her draw. She pulled it out and looked at the clock outside her door. She had about twenty minutes before her friend arrived. She lay back on the bed; aroused already by the limited time frame she had given herself. Slowly she inserted the rubber cock between her legs and switched her toy on.


It rotated slowly in circles, varying speed at different intervals. The flimsy rubber bits on top of the dildo working her clit into oblivion, she sighed and moaned, thrusting against the purple and white silicon dick. She thought she heard a noise, but thought I was only her cat Mosie. Ignoring it she continued, her breath catching in her throat and her nipples hard and firm. She played with them and pounded herself with the dildo. Damn it felt so good. Her door opened a fraction.

“Hey baby girl…” Simone’s voice stopped her short; She sat up, drenched in sweat, breathing harshly. Tyler smiled slyly and placed it beside her, covering up her vagina with a towel. “Please don’t stop on account of me.” Her eyes glittered and through her top her nipples hardened. Tyler had forgotten Simone’ had other tendencies.

“I’m sorry Sim…” She started but a cool hand was placed over her lips.

“Don’t stop, do you know how long I have wanted this? Seen you with guys and never thought it’d happen. Just try this with me, we’re best friends after all.” She slid off Tyler’s top and kissed between her bikinied breasts. She found her hand and guided her hand to the dildo. Tyler, unwilling to let this feeling go promptly started all over again. Spreading her legs wide and feeling the weight of her friend bearing down on her. It was pleasant, but not as much as the cool hands running their course on her tight body, rigid with anticipation. Simone’ went down, kissing all the way. Her hands playing with her lips of her pussy, exciting her even further.


A moan escaped Ty’s lips, as did a bit more sexual liquid. She felt her legs being pushed apart and propped onto shoulders, then a tongue, tracing circular movements around her erect, hard clit. More shuddering breaths came and the dildo came out. Fingers went in, moving to and fro, finding her G-spot. She gasped as Simone’ found it, the heat in her genitals was almost unbearable. A tongue went it her hole, lapping at her juice, pushing her g-spot. Fingers, tongue, fingers, tongue, dildo. Fingers and tongue. A cry of pleasure burst from her and creamy white stuff exploded from her being, smothering her friend in pleasure. She rolled over and felt her friends naked body on top of hers. Still exciting her.

She rolled over once more, this time on top of her lesbian friend. She massaged her friends perky breast, sucked the nipples and did everything else that had never been done to her before. She slid her hands between her friend’s very moist legs, massaging them open lightly, gently, playfully. As soon as her clit was open and ready she dived in there, nipping, licking, sucking. All to hear moans and shouts.

“Don’t stop, fuck almost there ohhh god!” A vice grip on Tyler’s hair. She pushed harder with her tongue until she found the spot that made goose bumps stand on her arms and legs. She paused and Simone’ beat her fist on her back. “Don’t…please.”

“One second.” She got down and went to her bottom draw, there a strap on lay, still in it’s box. She took it up and lubed it with herself. Sliding it in and out gently, moaning all the while, moving her hips, to see the desperate greediness of Simone’s eyes.


She sidled back over there and pushed it in hard, Hearing the gasp it bought she plunged further, deeper, harder. She flicked on the button and the thing vibrated, twisted and swirled. All the while Simone’ gasped and begged for breath when suddenly; an almighty scream erupted from her lips and her body shuddered. Tyler pulled out and threw it away. Just gently stroking inside now. Licking every now and then. She looked up and was met by a kiss. A passionate strong, Fuck me once more kiss.

“Thankyou. It’s been sixteen years, and that was better then what I thought it would be.” As she spoke her hand was sliding between her thighs, she was rubbing hard at herself and stopped, looking over her friends should and shook her head. “We should get going to the beach. I hear the salt water does wonders with fingers.” They giggled like schoolgirls.


As Tyler stood up she felt hands on her hips. She was shoved to the wall and her leg bought up. Simone’ still greedy for more shoved her fingers up there. Kissing neck, breasts, chest, whatever she could reach. Screams of excitement filled the house. Tyler threw her head back and screamed her lover’s name. She pushed her way out and turned on Simone’. Dropping to her knee’s she forced open her friends legs forcefully. There was no time to muck around. She licked, played and excited the woman more than humanly possible. She shouted her name and in turn Tyler murmured against her clit, giving her more things to enjoy. In one last earth-shattering scream that shook Tyler to the bones, her friend cummed and filled her mouth with the sexy goodness of pussy. She slowly got up and kissed her friend, inserting her own filling into her. She lapped at Tyler’s lips hungrily, like a starved animal. The Tyler pulled away, her hazel eyes now grey.

“To the beach, after we shower.” She indicated the state of their drenched hair and bodies. Simone’ moaned and pushed against the wall.

“Okay then.” She answered with a brilliant smile and led them into the shower. Readying for the sun, surf and sand.