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Unexpected First Time

Unexpected arousal brings new foundations to a friendship
Bags packed, check. Passports found, check. Best friend round on time, check. We were finally almost ready to go on holiday. My family and I always try to go to the South of France and this year they let me bring my friend along.

Steph and I have been friends for 5 years now, and even though I know she likes to experiment with her sexual side that's never bothered me. She has great big boobs, I think they're a 38DD, nice and round and juicy. She is about the same height as me and roughly the same weight. Only thing that is different is that I have glasses and blonde hair, blue eyes and she is a brunette.

Since we have to leave really early in the morning the plan was that Steph would arrive the night before and stay over, as it was the easiest options for both my family and her. We knew we had to be in bed early so we said our good byes to my family and went to bed.

We were sharing my room, I had to ask Steph if she minded that I slept in just my underwear (I normally sleep naked but to be considerate I would put on underwear). She said no she didn’t mind as she normally sleeps naked anyway. I was on my bed and she was on the air bed on the floor.

I am laying here awake, and all I can think about is what it would be like to lick and suck on those giant tits of hers, or to lick and play with that pussy. These thoughts circulating round and round in my head get my nipples hardened and my pussy dripping wet. I have to take my god damn underwear off, it is so restricting and not at all arousing,

I am laying here now completely naked and so turned on by my outrageous thoughts that I have to do something about it. I slowly crawl out of bed and I go over towards the air bed on the floor, and to my surprise I find out I’m not the only one that found their underwear restricting. I look over her body slowly and I feel myself starting to get even hornier than I first was.

I crawl back to my bed and start to think, “God Hannah where are these thoughts coming from, you have never once been attracted to a girl. Why now?” I start to wonder if I should go for it and try it or at least voice out to her what I am thinking. But no I don’t think I will, I think the best thing for this is to shock her.

I go back to where is she is laying and I slowly run my tongue over my lips as I slowly start to descend them down on hers. I gently brush my lips over hers, to tease both of us until she wakes up and then I deepen the kiss and I start to moan against her lips. She looks surprised at me but I can tell she is aroused enough to go along with it.

I pull her up onto my bed, and I start to play with her tits, rolling her nipples in between my fingers, hearing her moan so softly and sweet. I ask her permission before I gently lick and flick my tongue over those nipples. They taste so good that I lose control and start to suck and nibble on them furiously. She throws her head back in pleasure. I just look at her and I enjoy the pleasure I’m giving her as well as myself.

She pulls my head up and she gives me another deep kiss, this time our tongues meet and start to dance with each other. My hands start to caress her great tits and this time she does the same to me and I feel so ecstatically pleased and turned on. I ask her if I may try something that I haven’t even thought about doing before. I start to move my hand down towards her pussy, slowly trailing my fingertips up and down the inside of her thighs, making her quiver with the anticipation of what I plan to do.

As I reach her pink pussy lips I stop and I hear her beg me to carry on. I slowly slide my finger up and down that slit of hers, harder and harder, hearing her beg me to enter that velvety sensation of her pussy. Once I do it's like something I never before have felt. It feels so good to feel her pussy contract tightly around my fingers as I start to fuck her hard.

I can smell that sweet stench of her lust coming form her pussy. I take my fingers and slowly suck each and every one dry so I can taste that sweet pussy juice before I quickly and suddenly plough my face right into her pussy and nibble on the clit of hers, making her moan and scream with pleasure. I dart my tongue in and out of her pussy with such speed that I feel her hands on the back of my head forcing me to go even deeper. I feel her about to cum as she pulls my hair hard and then I get her juices running down my face as I try and lick it all up.

Once I lay back against my bed I turn to her and say, "Wow, so this is what it is like to be aroused by thoughts of having sex with a girl. I think I enjoy it."

I then lay back and feel the expert at work as she does the exact same things to me and believe me I have never had an orgasm like that in my life.

Oh this holiday is starting to look up…

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