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Unfaithful 2

Kerri followed closely behind Valerie as she gave a tour of her new home. The tour ended upstairs in Val's bedroom, where she asked Kerri to help start unpacking.

"So what brings you to town?" Kerri asked as she pulled folded sweaters out of a box.

"The love of my life," Val smiled widely.

So, she's not single. Thank goodness. I didn't want to compete with her. Kerri thought as she sized Valerie up.

Valerie stood a bout 5 feet, 5 inches, same height as Kerri. Not an ounce of fat on her tight little body. Ocean blue eyes surrounded by her golden locks atop her perky girls, which were staring at her though her wet blouse. Her dark nipples were visible.

"I'll be right back; I'm going to change out of these wet clothes," Valerie stated.

She enclosed the distance between them to reach in the box Kerri was unpacking to retrieve a sweater. When she leaned forward, one of her breast lightly grazed Kerri's arm. It sent icy chills through Kerri's veins. When Valerie disappeared in the bathroom and closed the door, Kerri used the tail of her sundress to wipe her oozing juices off her legs. Kerri decided to continue unpacking to occupy herself and not think about how incredibly sexy Valerie was.

Kerri removed the last sweater from the bottom of the box and laid it across the bed with the others. The only item left in the cardboard box was a small shoe box. Kerri reached inside and removed the shoe box's lid to discover a dirty little treasure. She looked over her shoulder to assure Val was not in sight before pulling the shoe box's contents out for closer observation.

A variety of dildos resided in the box. Kerri shuffled through them, flabbergasted at the large variety. Why would she need this many if she has a man? Why would she need them at all? Kerri thought. From short, little glass ones to long, thick rubber toys to double-headed plastic dicks to vibrators. Val seemed to have had them all at her leisure. Kerri's finger accidentally grazed one of the vibrators causing it to turn on. She pulled it out of the box to figure out how to turn it off before Val returned. The buzzing sensation of the toy in her hands felt good. So good. She wondered if the solo girls in the porn videos were just acting when they went ballistic over the use of these. Well, I am wearing a dress with no panties on, and I am rather horny right now. Kerri thought to herself. Taking this fine opportunity to discover it for herself, Kerri hurriedly inserted the buzzing toy behind her legs. Instantly, she lost the feeling in her knees as her body shivered in delight.

"I forgot to grab a pair of bottoms," Val laughed as she exited the bathroom.

Kerri tossed one of the sweaters in the box to shield Valerie's stash. Trying to keep her composure with the vibrating toy still entertaining her moist walls, Kerri stood with her legs crossed, pretending to be unloading another box on the bed. She hadn't looked at Val, afraid that her guilt would be visible. But out of her peripheral, she caught a glance that made her avert her full attention to Valerie. Valerie's bare ass was up in the air. Kerri blinked twice to verify she wasn't daydreaming. She wasn't. The only item of clothing on Val was the sweater she'd taken into the bathroom. Forgetting a pair of bottom caused her to return to the room bottomless. Bent over, Val fumbled through the contents of the bottom drawer of her dresser. When Val turned around, Kerri appeared nonchalant to Val's brashness.

"Hey," Val stopped in front of the door. "Do you hear that noise? Like a bumblebee buzzing nose?"

"No! I don't hear anything! Maybe you should go and finished getting dressed, and..."

"Listen. It's coming from..." Val began to tiptoe in Kerri's direction.

"Oh, that's my cell," Kerri fabricated. "It's my husband, but I don't wanna talk to him right now."

Trying not to be noticeable, Kerri tightened her damp thighs closer together to muzzle the vibration. Her body was responding to the pleasurable waves well, making her want to scream out. Her pussy was pulsating and contracting, sending sensations through her bones. Her palms were sweaty as well as her forehead. She used the back of her hand to wipe her forehead.

“You’re hot?” Val inquired as she dashed to the other side of the room.

In so many ways! Kerri answered via her thoughts.

Val adjusted the thermostat; the cool air poured from the many vents in the room. Kerri shivered as goose bumps formed on her skin, not entirely from the coolness, but also due to the impact of the cool air racing up under her dress to her exposed womanhood.

Don’t scream, don’t scream, Kerri kept telling herself. The vibrator was still planted in her pussy and continuously pleasing her. In addition, Val’s was still prancing around without pants on. The entire scenery felt like the perfect setting for a lesbian experience. The thought made Kerri squeal out loud.

“Kerri, are you ok?” Valerie wondered as she neared her strange-acting neighbor.

Kerri involuntarily released another audible moan; Val’s body was so close to hers that she could feel her body heat. Kerri’s climax heightened as she realized the firm little ass she’d been spying on for weeks was only inches away from her. Afraid that direct eye contact would broadcast her thoughts, Kerri looked down. In an attempt to keep her eyes on the floor, Kerri failed and caught herself staring at Val’s shaved pubic area.

Please touch me, Kerri thought she heard Valerie’s cunt say.

“I can’t,” Kerri cried.

“What are you talking about?” Valerie asked as she stretched the bottom of her sweater to mask her goodies.

Forgetting about the present, Kerri faded into a mental slideshow of Valerie since the first day she caught a glimpse of her. In the process, her pussy violently contracted until a rush of hot fluids was delivered. Holding on to Valerie’s shoulders for support, Kerri climaxed hard. The vibrator was still active. It was more pleasure than she could bear now, so she reached under her dress to retrieve it. Kerri handed Valerie’s property to her.

“Thanks,” Kerri smiled, feeling like she was on cloud nine.

“What were you doing with this?” Val dumbly asked.

Unembarrassed, Kerri laughed, “You know what I was doing. The same thing you do with it.”

Still holding on to Val, Kerri’s face was only inches from hers. Val’s eyes were glued to the small vibrator. Kerri looked down at it too.

“I’m sorry. I gave it back to you so dirty,” she said, referring to her sticky juices.

Kerri lowered her head, separated her lips, and gave the dildo a blowjob. Well, she did promise a blowjob today and this was it. After a few licks, Kerri lifted her head.

“All clean now,” Kerri grinned.

Val had become just as horny as Kerri. Taking the chance, she pushed Kerri onto her back until she fell onto her bed. She climbed on top of her. With neither of them protesting, the pair engaged in a raunchy kiss session. Their lips met and hungrily sucked at one another’s tongues.

Both women went ecstatic when their bare cunts grazed against the other. Val lowered her body, so their pussy could do it again.

“Hmm, again,” cried Kerri.

Valerie rubbed her wet pussy against Kerri’s again. And again. Moaning in unison, they continued to trib. Slow in the beginning but picking up the pace caused them to ooze more.

“Make me cum, make me cum! Yes! Oh yes! Make me cum!” Kerri demanded, arching her ass into a 45 degree angle.

“I’m going to cum with you!” Val panted as she continued to grind her hot box.


Val stopped and jumped off Kerri. Sitting up in confusion and disappointment, Kerri was about to question why she stopped.

“You gotta go,” Val whispered. She pulled Kerri by the arm and pushed her towards the exit.

“What?!” Kerri yelled.

“Shut up. My baby just came home; we can’t get caught. You can sneak out the back,” Val whispered.

“What about us?” Kerri cried.

“There is no us. We can’t cheat on our loved ones.”

“But we already started.”

“I’m sorry; it was a mistake. Go home to your husband and have him finish you off.” With a farewell wave, Valerie slid her patio door closed in Kerri’s face.

For several moments, Kerri stood staring at the closed blinds in disappointment. A single tear escaped her eye. She wanted Val so bad that she was considering divorcing her husband. Up until Val mentioned her husband, Kerri had forgotten she had one. With Valerie’s soft lips and wet pussy, Kerri was obsessed with the way another woman made her feel. She’d yet to discover the full experience, but she yearned for it badly.

The guilt hadn’t dawned on Kerri until later that night when her husband crawled into in high hopes of Kerri’s promise. Not interested in anything he had to offer, Kerri turned her back to him and went to sleep dreaming of how to follow up on her girl-girl action.

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