Unfaithful 3

By Carmyn

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The next morning, Brad woke up to his work clothes neatly folded on the back of a nearby chair, joined by a pair of clean socks on the arm rest, and his shoes and keys in the seat. Next to the chair stood his smiling wife Kerri.

"I got you all ready for work today; this is my way of apologizing for brushing you off last night. I wasn't feeling well, baby; I'm sorry," she lied. Her purpose was to get him dressed and out of the house immediately.

"That's a nice way of apologizing, but I have another way you can make it up to me," he grinned as he removed blanket to reveal his nudity.

Usually, this would turn Kerri on, and she would be all over him. Not today. She'd gotten a dose of some pussy yesterday and now she was obsessed with getting more. She'd dreamed of her hot neighbor all night, awakening to erect nipples and moist thighs.

"You have to get to work in a few moments baby. Later tonight."

"Damn, you said that yesterday. Just a quickie, hun, please," her husband pleaded.

Only if you have long blond tresses, perky mounds with pink pointers, and a perfectly waxed cunt would I consider she thought. "Brad..." she dragged.

"I don't fucking believe this; I gotta beg my WIFE for some pussy," Brad complained as he started to get dress.

Kerri pretended not to hear his comment.

"Can I at least get breakfast then?" he inquired.

Kerri sighed as she stomped out of the room and descended the stairs. In the kitchen, she inserted two pop tarts in the microwaves and leaned against the counter while they cooked. From her peripheral, she noticed the top of someone's head outside her window. The tall wooden fence that separate her yard from her neighbor's prevented her from seeing anything. Removing the plate from the microwave, she swiftly headed back upstairs. In the process, one of the pop tarts fell off the plate. Oh well, she snapped as she reached her bedroom.

"Pop tarts? Seriously?" he fussed. "And where's the other? There's usually two."

"If you don't want this, there's a McDonald's en route."

"There's a strip club en route, too," he whispered, but she still heard him. She didn't care. Her mind was completed focused on her agenda: finish what started with Valerie.

Finally, Brad was out of the house, and Kerri's eyes were out the window.

There she is in all her glory, Kerri smiled as she spied on her blonde neighbor sun bathing. From her rosy red painted toenails to her silky legs, Kerri's eyes scrutinized. Her lotioned skin glistened from the sun's rays. Her boobs appeared much bigger in her white and gold two piece bikini. She cut her hair, Kerri thought as she noticed her shoulder length golden blond locks. She was still hot, especially with the way she was devouring a rainbow Popsicle. With the heat of August weather, Kerri was certain the Popsicle was melting and dripping on Valerie's sunkissed skin. She wanted to be the one licking it off. Kerri removed her robe and headed outside in her bikini.

When she crossed over into Val's yard, her neighbor gave her this weird, uninviting look. Playing hard to get makes me want you more, Kerri thought.

"Is your baby home?" Kerri asked as she neared her neighbor.

"No, she has a job interview today," her neighbor answered, still suspiciously looking at Kerri.

The only thing Kerri heard was the word "no." That's all she needed to hear. She placed herself in the lounge seat next to her lover and stared at her admirably.

"Uh, hi, I'm..."

Kerri interrupted her introduction by extending her tongue to absorb some of the melted Popsicle that dripped between her massive breast. Her neighbor didn't protest as she usually did. Her glossy green eyes just stared at Kerri. Kerri assumed she was wearing contacts, considering her eyes were ocean blue yesterday. Bigger tits, shorter hair, green eyes. It was like she transformed into another person overnight--literally. Kerri liked it.

Kerri's tongue joined Val's on the Popsicle on a stick until their tongues touched. Taking control, Valerie shoved her tongue in Kerri's mouth. Meanwhile, she climbed over atop Kerri while kissing vigorously. With her legs on each side of Kerri, Val thrusted her hips into Kerri's. Kerri's hands caressed Val's back. When her fingers landed on her the tied bow that held her bikini top in place, she untied the strings. Val raised her body up until her bare breast were at level with Kerri's lips. Taking the clue, Kerri nibbled on her erect nipples. Meanwhile, her left hand cupped Val's ass and her right slipped underneath her bikini bottom.

It didn't take long for Val's cunnilingus to produce hot liquids all over Kerri's fingers. Kerri sucked on her huge breast more as she continued to finger her faster. Val sucked on Kerri's neck in between moans until she reached another explosive climax. Willing to return the favor of delight, Val descended Kerri's bottom. Her wet tongue traveled down her neighbor's flawless skin, paying a lot of attention to her boobs before reaching her aching cunt. Removing her bikini to expose her wet pussy, Val dived in deep. Kerri was moaning loudly, unaware of how experienced her neighbor was. Val stuffed Kerri's thong into her mouth to muffle her screams. The blonde continued to feast on her labia and clitoris.

Kerri wiggled in the lounge chair, unable to remain still. Electrifying waves of ecstatic were taking over her body. She lost count of her multiple orgasms. She even ejected a massive load of her liquid honey (squirt-style) all over her neighbor's pretty face. She forgot they were making love in public. She even forgot that she committing adultery. The only she cared about was the way this woman was making her feel. A way her husband never accomplished.

Val's tongue was leaving no territory untouched. She rolled her wet tongue over Kerri's pink star. Kerri tensed up for a second, but once she relaxed, Val dipped her tongue in her virgin asshole. Not leaving her throbbing womanhood unattended, she pinched and pulled on her swollen clit, frequently inserting her fingers in her hole.

Kerri's heartbeat was pounding a million times a minute. Goosebumps formed on her arms and legs. It felt so damn good to her, that tears accumulated in her pupils.

Through her blurred vision, she noticed Valerie standing in the doorway of her backdoor. Then Kerri looked down at Valerie still eating her pussy. Kerri rubbed her eyes and reviewed the scene again. She was seeing double.

Pussy-eating Valerie hadn't noticed the other Valerie until she spoke.

"Mona! What the hell is going on?" she screamed as she walked towards them.

"Baby! I'm so sorry, but this lady started it. She came over and started licking on me. I swear, Val."

"Wait, your name's Mona?" Kerri asked the girl between her legs.

"You couldn't have me, so you fucked my girlfriend?" Val cried.

"Gi-girlfriend?" Kerri stuttered.

Then it all made sense. Bigger boobs, shorter hair, green eyes. Kerri had mistaken Mona for Valerie. She also understood why Mona was so good with her tongue and why Val had a variety of sex toys. They were a lesbian couple. And Kerri had kissed them both.

"Can't believe you would cheat on me, Mona." Val pouted.

"Baby, I never intended for this to happen. This lady came over and literally started licking my breast."

"I'm sorry; I thought you were Valerie. I just wanted to finished what we started yesterday." Kerri stated.

Mona frowned up and looked at Valerie. "What did y'all start yestderday?"

The roles had turned. Val started apologizing immediately. "I'm sorry, but yesterday we kissed..."

"So you cheated on me first?!" Mona yelled.

Kerri stepped in the middle of them and set the facts straight. "Truth is, you both were unfaithful. Now either you two can argue about it or you can join me in your pool for some more."

Kerri removed her bikini top and dived in the pool naked followed by her blond neighbors.