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Universal Loving

I collapsed into my bed with a sense of relief.

The clock next to my head told me it was 2 am. I had been staying up to do a sociology assignment in my shared dorm and I was ready to crash.

Before I could fall asleep, I could hear stumbling outside my door as someone drunk tried to find their room. I closed my eyes tight in an attempt to block it out. The stumbling stopped right in front of my door.

“Shhhh….” Said an all too familiar voice between giggles. “My roomie's probably asleeeeeep.”

Oh goody, the drunkard was my roommate. I sighed as I heard her fumble with the key in the lock.

There was the creak of the door as it opened and closed, some muted footsteps, and a flop behind me. Guess she found the bed this time.

“Will she wake up?”

This made me awake again. This voice I didn’t know. It sounded like some girl my roommate, Chelsea, brought home. Must be a friend who was too drunk to make it to her own home.

“Nah, I’s don’t thinks so…. Just don’t scream,” she said a little loud. She must have been worse than her friend.

I closed my eyes again and tried to block out their chatter. I heard sheets ruffling, things falling on the floor, and the nightstand drawer opening.

“ohh god, what a body!” Chelsea exclaimed.

I got curious after that and I peeked from my lids and couldn’t believe it. Chelsea, laid on her bed wearing only a red thong and bra had another girl, topless with a black mini skirt, sitting on her stomach.

“Oh you don’t how good it is ….. yet.”

The girl on top slipped herself down and kissed Chelsea on the lips.

My eyes were wide open by now. Never knew Chelsea went this way. I watched as the girl slid her tongue into my roommate’s mouth and drove it as deep as possible. Chelsea softly moaned and slipped her hands to the girls back. I saw the tongue go in and out, with the occasional licking of chels’ lips. She clamped her mouth as a decently tight seal every time she drove the tongue in. Chels’ hands going up and down her friends back, scratching a bit.

Chelsea eventually pulled her friend down and started squirming beneath her, their breasts rubbing together. Chelsea was about a solid C cup, but the other girl, had to be about a double D. They looked so big mashed with Chelsea’s like that. I saw them rub up and down and squish down. The kissing continued until the mystery girl slid down to lick between Chels’ boobs.

I realized I felt strange. I slid my hand down and found I was wet. I didn’t want my hand to go back up, so I stroked my pussy very gently as I watched.

The girl covered Chelsea as she licked every part of her breast. Chels’ moans were getting louder and her hand reached underneath to grab the girls breasts. The girl responded by sucking one of her nipples.

“Oh Jade, that’s amazing! Don’t stop!” Chelsea seemed to grab harder and move her hand around. She was still drunk.

The mystery girl, Jade, seemed to smile at that and sucked harder. I could see Chelsea’s back arch up from the bed. Jade had slipped a hand down Chelsea’s stomach and slipped down her shaven cunt. I saw the hand move around in a stoking motion. The tip of the clit, stroking down to the ass hole, and back, circling the edges. The girl was obviously experienced because Chels’ head went back and her eyes started to flutter a little. She was in heaven, and this girl was taking her to new heights.

My own pussy was drenched. My fingers gained speed on their own and I was having a hard time keeping quiet. My clit getting swollen as I used two fingers to circle it and the same two fingers switching to my pussy. My other hand had found its way to my breast on top of my tank top. The feeling of my breast being squeezed, even by my own hand, felt exhilarating. I could feel my breathing get harder as a massaged my boob.

Jade turned her head suddenly. She was facing me.

“Looks like we did wake up your roomie” she said smirking.

Chelsea looked up and looked horrified.

She was embarrassed and drunk, Jade was not.

“What’s up roomie? Got a case of the hot pussy?” I guess she saw my hand going under the blanket.

Jade got up, crossed the tiny room, threw my sheets off, and took a look at me. I was only in a small tanktop and shorts, but Jade still smiled.

That smile made me look away. I didn’t have time to move my hands, and she was staring right at them.

She reached down and shoved her hand down my shorts, past my own.

“Woot, this girl needs it bad Chels’, she’s flooding down there.”

Chels’ seemed a bit too drunk to understand. “Well….. how do we fix it?” she said slurred a bit. I was starting to wonder if Chelsea would remember doing this at all the next morning.

“I know just the way,” Jade smirked at her . She hooked her fingers in my pussy and I started moaning. “Come on sweetie, join the fun”

She kissed me on the mouth slower than she did Chelsea. I didn’t smell any alcohol. She must have been sober. As she rose, I rose with her. I didn’t want to stop, I was far too keyed up for that.

She kept an arm around me and pulled me to Chelsea’s bed. I ended up laying on top of Chelsea, propping myself up with my hands next to her head .

“Ok Chels’, show your roomie a good time,” Jade said as she removed my tanktop, exposing my naked breasts.

Chelsea , pulled me higher to suck on my breasts and kept her arm around my back so I wouldn’t get up. I felt the warm wet tongue swirl around my nipple and her free hand on my other breast, squeezing it. I was about the same size as her, but she could barely fit her hand around it.

I felt my shorts being slipped off behind me and a finger near my clit, stroking. I tried to look at Jade, but I couldn’t see with Chelsea keeping me down.

“Oh we’re going to have fun with you.”

I felt a hand sliding up and down my pussy lips. Jade’s hand was a little cold, but that made it feel even better. I moaned a bit as the two girls worked my parts. I could feel my juice flowing over Jade’s hand. This seemed to excite her. My pussy was already drenched from my work, her hand made it a river.

She kept one hand on my clit, having perfect rhythm as she circled it and the other hand had two fingers gently slipping in and out of my wet hole. The feel of the slide was amazing.

Both her hands suddenly disappeared and were replaced by something warm and flat.

“Mmmmm, Chels, your roomie tastes good.”

Her tongue felt better than her fingers. She traced my pussy lips and clit, giving a strong suck in the process. When she put her tongue in my pussy hole, I thought I would scream. The feel of it wiggling around inside of me was fantastic.

My head was thrown back, the moaning increased in volume, and my back arched, shoving my breast further into Chelsea’s face. When I did this, Chelsea used her teeth a little as she sucked harder.

I was near the point of shouting when I noticed Jade’s hands stopped, followed by something else put there. Something round.

“Hold on.”

I felt something slide into my pussy easily. The pussy juice could have slid a bowling ball up there. Whatever was slid up there, it was huge. I squeezed my insides around it. What was that? It was hard, a little bumpy, pointed round tip, and hard. Jade started to move the object around, stirring a bit and shoving it in deeper.

“You ever been fucked by a dildo, sweetie? Feels good don’t it?”

I think my loud ‘OH FUCK’ answered it well enough. She shoved it far up my hole fast and slid it back out slowly. Hard in, Slide back. Again and again. Everytime, she seemed to drive it deeper. Hitting the back and stirring me up every pound. Now I couldn’t contain it. It felt amazing, no better. Blissful wicked heaven. I had never done anything like this! Sweat was pouring down my face, and I could feel my body start to shake.

“Oh we’re not done yet.”

I heard a click and felt a sudden buzzing. OH MY GOD.

My whole body started to squirm around. Chelsea clamped her arm down so I was securely on top of her. She started to kiss my neck and licking behind my ear when she could.

“OH MY GOD, DON’T STOP. FUCK ME. PLEASE FUCK ME MOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRREEE,” I screamed. I didn’t care who heard. I just wanted more.

I heard the buzzing and sloshing of my cunt going. I bucked and humped against the toy as hard as I could. Jade took this opportunity to drive it harder, faster. I thought I was going to break.

“I can’t take it, stop please,” I suddenly called out. It was too much. I felt like I was going to explode.

“Aww this is going to be good,” Jade said.

She didn’t stop. She turned the vibrator up higher and shoved it far and hard into my pussy. My eyes rolled back in my head and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“She’s a cumn’,” Jade called.

She was right. I released an orgasm like never before. I started to shake. It was so strong Chelsea had to use both arms to hold me down, my juice flooding right out of me, all over the toy, and Jade’s hand. After the long and strong spasming orgasm, I collapsed onto Chelsea, still shaking a bit.

Chelsea kissed me as I passed out in her arms.

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