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First time at a lesbian story hope you enjoy
Life at University for me was for the most part enjoyable, I was in residence the first year sharing a room with a girl from New Hampshire who I got on okay with. She was an attractive brunet with a nice figure that I admit I enjoyed seeing from time to time. We kind of hung out together and of course got to know a lot of other students, who would often 'hit' on us. I ended up dating one named Chad, a fair haired quiet man in his final year.

Chad was good to and for me, he was quiet and not too pushy, seeming to be more considerate than most of the other students, some who thought being away from home could do no wrong. Of course he had his moments too and I found him to be very sensuous and soon we were making love on a regular basis.

I enjoyed his love making, we would do it in his car. He enjoyed taking his time too which was nice and on occasion we could actually get off together, and even then when I would have loved for him to keep going to give me another orgasm of course he couldn't, and we would have to wait till he recovered enough to do it again, but it was never the same.

During the summer with Joan I was usually in my shorts or Jeans for my trips to Joan's apartment where we indulged in our sexual activities, as at that time we seldom went out together except for a couple of excursions from her work. Now it was Fall and the weather was turning cooler for my dates, particularly the ones where I was sure I was going to get laid, so I took to wearing skirts and dresses for convenience.

Of course I had Joan's phone number and we would write to one another as she was interested in keeping in touch with me, and although I thought I could put my lesbian feelings aside now I was enjoying cock, I found it wasn't that easy to just forget her, or the pleasure she gave me.

Occasionally I would phone her collect, and we would chat for quite some time and it was nice to hear her voice. She would always hang up with her saying something like, "Well take care, and remember I love you," that would make me feel good, and after I would let my 'fingers do the talking' as I would enjoy myself.

When Chad suggested we could go to a motel for a night I was all for it, doing what we did in the confines of his car wasn't as nice as I knew it could be in a bedroom. I enjoyed a variety of positions, as well as sucking and teasing his cock with my fingers and mouth. Needless to say he enjoyed it too, and I particularly liked getting on top where I could control the foreplay to a degree to get ready for the penetration, even the fucking was better that way as I could vary the speed to please us both, and on occasion could match his cumming with my own. As I pointed out earlier, he also enjoyed taking his time and worked to control himself too.

My birthday is in the middle of October, and just before it I was on the phone with Joan and she asked what my plans were for it. I told her nothing special, I would be turning 19 that month so when she asked if I'd like her to come up for the weekend I said "sure." The actual day that year was on a Wednesday, so we decided that the weekend after would be more suitable for both of us, and she would book a motel room for us. I suggested she do it in a neighboring town for privacy reasons to which she agreed. I told Chad and others my 'Aunt' was picking me up to take me home for my birthday.

The few days before she arrived I wondered what she would get me as a present, I was almost certain it would be jewelery, as she herself loved and had quite a collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Then again I thought perhaps a sweater or scarf, but then thought no that's the kind of thing only mothers and relatives would buy. I admit to getting excited as the weekend drew closer and even went out and bought a nice pair of black pantyhose, my favorite.

After classes on the Friday I took a leisurely bath. I've always preferred baths to showers when I have the time, and took my time doing my nails and make up, then lastly my hair. I had it quite long in those days and would often put it up in a bun but knew she preferred it down. I left my panties off and put on my new hose followed by a nice black half bra, and looking at myself in a mirror liked what I saw and knew it would excite her too. I put on a nice navy mini dress and waited for her to call.

She arrived just after 7 PM, it took longer then I thought but I found out she had stopped at a motel in a neighboring town on the way and booked us a room before coming to pick me up. I slipped into my coat and heels and grabbing my purse ran down the stairs to meet her.

She looked gorgeous, and after giving each a welcoming hug led me out to her car. Kissing the way we would have liked would have been too obvious so I had to wait as she got moving. Old memories came flooding back as I placed a hand on her nylon clad knee sticking out from under her coat, and felt her garter strap and realized she had on stockings. There is something specially sexual about stockings, I knew she usually wore thigh highs for work but this felt more exciting. She gently took my hand off her thigh and held it as she drove to the restaurant where we were to have dinner.

Once inside we removed our coats and checked them, Joan removed her boots and put on her shoes. We were led to a table by a window where we were given menus, and the wine waiter came over and she ordered a carafe of red wine. She looked gorgeous, she had on a shirt waist type dress, not quite off the shoulder but enough that displayed enough of her ample boobs. Her skin was still suntanned broken up by the silver necklace she was wearing resting provocatively with a pendant pointing to her cleavage. She had obviously had her hair done as her blond curls framed her face and matching silver ear rings dangled from her ears.

I knew I was in for an exciting night, yet there seemed no hurry as we dined on steak washed down with the wine, this I believe was my first time drinking in public and I found it to be quite exhilarating. It was a very nice restaurant with lots of well dressed people enjoying dinner out. She toasted me, wishing me a very happy birthday, and smiling said, "And I hope to make it happier," to which I let her see the tip of my tongue as I licked my upper lip with it and smiled back.

I was feeling the wine, I suppose the expression was I had a 'glow on', but I was happy and we got ready to leave and retrieving our coats and her boots, we helped each other then left. I admit to being a little surprised she had not offered me a present yet, I had convinced myself she had something for me in her purse, I didn't really feel disappointed just made me wonder more.

In the car in the parking lot we finally embraced, long passionate kisses for each other, sucking each others tongues as we tried to outdo each other, I was horny. It had been so long since we'd last been together, almost two months I could have fucked her right there in her car, but we knew better as she started the engine and we got going.

Inside the motel room I saw it, it was nicely wrapped with a cute bow on it and of course I knew it was for me. Joan seemed to be in no hurry as we took off our coats and she hung them up then turned and we fell in to each others arms and enjoyed long lingering kisses. My adrenaline was flowing quite freely now as my hands caressed her body, she was whispering to me telling me how much she missed me, her hands were wandering over my back and hips as she said this.

I started to undo the buttons on her dress and she gently pushed away and smiling said, "wait" and now she took the present and handed it to me smiling. "I hope you like it," she whispered, I thought sounding a little doubtful as I ripped open the package and took the lid of the box. There was the must beautiful red lingerie ensemble I'd ever seen. I picked up the panties, there were beautiful, silk with lots of lace round the leg openings, and two rows of lace round the back of the bum. It came with the cutest little under cup bra and matching garter belt and she had even included stockings to go with it. The panties were like nothing I had ever seen before, later I was to learn they were called 'French Knickers'.

There was silence for a moment as I didn't know what to say. I'd never had a garter belt and stockings in my life, never mind silk undies of any kind. I guess my pleasure showed on my face as I lifted each item and looked at it, thrilled at the feel of the silk, and looking at her I saw she was smiling and I gave her a big hug and kiss, as if there was a final doubt she whispered, "Will you wear it for me?"

My smile must have given her my answer as she undid the zipper of my dress and helped me out of it, next came my bra and pantyhose. Now all I had on was my wrist watch and ear rings, she handed me the garter belt to put on first and adjusted the waist strap, it was a beautiful lacy one then came the stockings. I had to sit down to put them on and stood up for her to adjust the four garter straps and attach them to the stocking tops. Then the little bra and again she adjusted it followed by the silk panties, the material felt so cool against my skin, was I getting hot as a result?

She asked me to put my shoes back on, then let me look at myself in the mirror. I loved the lady looking back at me, I thought my goodness she looks sexy, I'm not kidding I felt thrilled, I turned this way and that to admire myself even bending over to see the fancy lace round my bum. Joan's reflection in the mirror showed her pleasure too. I must have said something like, "Oh, Joan, it's the most beautiful present I've ever been given." Smiling she came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and pressed her face against my back for a moment then kissed me between my shoulder blades and whispered, "Thank you." 

I turned to face her and we kissed, the long French kiss of lovers, and her hands started to wander over me, only this time I gently pushed her away to arms length. "No, sweetheart, I should thank you, it's beautiful." She seemed a little puzzled for a moment then I undid the buttons of her dress followed by the small belt at the waist, and pushed the dress off her shoulders and she lifted her feet out of it.

Now she stood there in a black waist cincher, panties and a push-up bra that had her nipples threatening to pop out of it. Her globes looked magnificent, high lighted by the silver necklace as I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. My hands found her bum and I pulled her to me and felt her pull me to her too. She began to caress me but I stopped her. "No, Joan, you're my present," I whispered, and began making her walk backward towards the bed.

She was surprised by this as 'til now she had always taken the initiative in our love making before. With my hands inside the waist of her panties, I pushed them down off her hips and when the back of her legs hit the bed, she sat down and in one movement I knelt down and taking one leg then the other lifted her feet out of them. I knew she was talking softly to me but I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying. She took my face in her hands, just to hold it not to rebuff me, as gently I pushed her knees apart.

Now I kissed her thigh, on the inside just at the stocking top, then continued up towards her pleasure, I could smell her sex, see the moisture on her pussy lips as I kissed my way up and around her pussy. Funny the things you thing about at times, I recall thinking how having no hair round her pussy made the mound seem to be that much more proud. I continued to kiss all around her watching her nether lips open like the petals on a flower and glistening with her wetness.

Pressing her legs even further apart so I could reach the outside of her lips with my tongue, and saw her pink clit under it's hood. I could hear the sounds of pleasure she was emitting and felt her lean back to offer her pussy to me. Now with my tongue between the top of her thigh and mound I licked up and around it, down the other side before tasting her juices.

Gently at first with just the tip of my tongue in the crevice I brought it up to just touch her clit with it. She was squirming now, my teasing making it hard for her to keep still. She raised her legs and held them behind her knees for a moment, and I took the opportunity to place my hands under her hips and move closer to plunge my tongue into her pussy. She called out and let her legs go as she tried to raise her hips to meet my thrusting tongue. I licked her as hard as I could, pressing my face into her to press my tongue as far inside her before licking up and sucking her clit.

She let out a loud cry as her orgasm hit and I took a moment to catch my breath and looking up I saw she had her tits out of their cups and was gripping them, one in each hand. She felt me stop and looked down and we made eye contact for a split second before I dove back in to continue what I was doing, her moans were louder now and she was writhing with the pleasure surging through her body.

It was getting to be almost too much for me to bear too, as my own body was responding to my needs, so after she had another climax I came up for air again. This time I pushed my pretty panties down to my ankles and pounced on top of her.

Now I pressed my kitty to hers and started to hump her, and hump her good as now we both were like she cats wild in our excitement. She grabbed me by my tits and pushed me up so my body was arched over hers but I kept humping her, fucking her as hard as I could. She gripped them tight but that just added to my pleasure, her head was shaking from side to side and she continued to cry and when I had the most earth shaking climax myself, my cries mingling with hers.

Her eyes were wild, I was gasping from the exertion and when our next orgasms hit I stopped moving, pressing my clit against hers. She let go my tits and grabbed me round the shoulders as I felt her raise her legs and lock her ankles behind my back.

Exhausted I rolled over and lay beside her on the bed, we were both out of breath as we looked into each others eyes, finally to break the ice I said, "You could have at least have taken your boots off." She laughed out loud at this, and brought one leg down, I was now lying over the other, our pussies still against one another as we kissed, this time gently.

After a few minutes of idle chat she asked me if I was happy, to my affirmative she said, "I love you."

"And I love you," I replied and kissed her.

We got up and finished undressing, then naked got back into bed and cuddled some more before falling asleep.

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