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"Please Cailey? You know Joe is only in town for tonight and if I don't see him, he'll kill me," Ina pleaded. Cailey sighed. It was her first free Friday in months and she had planned to not do a damn thing but have some alone time. "I'll owe you big time. I'll do anything you want hon." Cailey leaned her head back against the couch and looked over at her. "Damn Ina. What is the job?" Ina gave her a big smile, knowing she was going to say yes. "It's a boyfriend wanting to do something special for his girl's birthday. A little domination, a little pleasure. Just the girl. The guy won't be there." Cailey looked at the TV for a long moment and then nodded slowly. "Thank you, thank you!" Ina hugged her loosely standing up. "It's at the Chateau. 10pm. Room 109. I have the money already."

She disappeared and came back moments later with bills in her hand. "Your reputation proceeds you," Cailey smiled up at her. "Here," Ina tried to hand it to her. She shook her head, "Naw, you just owe me. Don't worry about it." Ina eyed her warily. Cailey grinned. "Only rule is a 3 hour limit and to keep her blindfolded the entire time. She should be set up already for you when you get there." "Does he want anything in particular?" Cailey asked. Ina shrugged, "Instructions said as much pain as you want to dole out." Cailey stood up, stretching. "Okay, I'll be there. Tell Joe I said hello." Ina smiled and nodded, hurrying to grab her stuff from the foyer.

A minute later she heard the door close as she refilled her drink a few fingers. She took the glass with her to the door leading to the basement. Turning on the light, she walked down the staircase slowly, draining part of the scotch. She headed to the far door and opened it, turning on the sparse light that illuminated the large square room. A rack stood in the corner, shaded in darkness, restraints untied and falling loosely around the pegs. To the right was a long table, padded with thick material, cuffs attached to the top and bottom. She turned and went to the long wardrobe to the her left and punched in 4 numbers. It slid open without a sound. A light came on, making everything inside turn red.

She reached towards the bottom cabinet and pulled out a plain black bag. She set it on a small table next to the wardrobe. She looked at the crops in front of her and pulled down a longer, thinner one. Her other hand reached for a ball gag and she put both in the bag. She opened the drawer in front of her taking out nipple clamps and a bottle of lubricant. She shut the drawer and then opened the larger one to the the left.

Strap-ons and dildos of different sizes lay methodically placed in the sizable drawer, each in its own place on the velvet. She chose her favorite one, a fairly thick one that curved gently, usually enabling her to hit just the right spot. It wasn't too long, average, but it was the pentration that was the point, not the size. She placed it in a pouch made for it, then took it and her long elbow length black latex gloves hanging to her immediate right off the hook, closing the wardrobe. She heard a slight sound, a vacuum seal, and she put the rest of the items in the bag, zipping it.

To the immediate left of the door, she opened the trunk and pulled out her leathers. All black. Pants, boots that went to above her knee. Two cuffs for her wrists. She closed the trunk, putting the bag over her shoulder and closed the light. Heading back up the stairs, she let her mind start to go where it needed to go for the evening. She cleared it completely as she took everything into her bedroom. She looked over at the clock. Almost 9pm. It would take her at least 20 minutes to drive there.

She stripped and took a quick shower, taking care to wash carefully everywhere, including using a neutral shampoo that wouldn't overpower the woman's senses. She dried off, going to her dresser and took out a black lace bra and a black satin halter. She didn't like wearing leather on her upper torso for some reason. Call it a quirk. She put on her clothes, then checked the clock again before she turned out the lights to her apartment. She hoped this would be quick and easy. Ina owed her big time.

When she got to the Chateau, it was as dark as sin outside. Some of the lights weren't working in the garden path leading towards the different rooms. Better that way, she supposed. Kept her partially hidden in shadows. She walked past a tall man who tried to catch her eye, but she didn't look at him, continuing straight ahead. She never talked to anyone but the client when she was on a job. She controlled her environment from beginning to end, that way there was no outside noise clouding her head.

She looked at the rooms in the corner. Two were dark, the one in the far corner, further from the others had a blue light coming from it. A TV. That was the room. Ina had left the key in the foyer and she looked at it. Same number. She looked around and behind her, back into the garden. Silent. She approached the door and slid the key in quietly, the door opening easily. A smallish two room suite greeted her. She was in the outer greeting room. A couch and table sat in front of her, flowers in a vase. A large TV mounted on the wall. There was an empty beer bottle sitting on the table. She locked the door behind her, chaining it, the shadow of the TV creeping across the wall. Another door was right beyond the couch. She heard some heavy metal music coming from it. Slightly loud and obnoxious.

She set her bag down on the table, unzipping it. She took out the crop and left everything else. She slid it into her knee high boot, then made her way to the open door. The room inside was darker, lit by two candles, one on either side of the bed. Red. Her eyes weren't on the candles or the room or the dark empty bathroom, all of which she saw in an instant. Instead they took in the naked and prone figure of the woman on the bed. She was quite tall, possibly her height, her long limbs spanning a good portion of the bed, restrained as they were. Her hands were in cuffs that were attached to the wrought iron banisters at the top of the bed, her ankles as well. She was spread too far apart for comfort, almost at an unnatural angle.

The flickering light played over her body and she came closer, standing at the foot of the bed. She was shaved smooth except for a tiny strip of hair at the top of her mound, and she followed it up to her absolutely gorgeous breasts. Full, and even laying down, they stood up. Fake maybe. She didn't mind one way or the other. The nipples were softly settled in her larger areolas. The music was not just obnoxious, it was bordeline frenetic, not something she enjoyed at all when she was working. She walked to the radio the was next to the woman's head and turned it off completely.

The girl's head turned slightly towards her. Her eyes were blindfolded and she already had a gag in her mouth, a bit of some kind. She didn't really like bits as they tended to actually chip people's teeth when used. She could see the girl's mouth at the sides were already a little raw. She had the most perfect looking nose and arched eyebrows, but her face was slightly contorted from the bit so she couldn't really tell what she looked like in repose. She had an idea though. The girl was beautiful. She felt something stir low in her spine. Interesting. It had been awhile since she had a client that made her curious.

She crouched down next to her, the bed low to the ground. She looked at the girls wrist and noticed bruising around it. She knew if she looked at the other wrist and possibly her ankles she would see the same thing. Her boyfriend or whoever her boyfriend gave her to didn't handle her gently. She saw the girl start to shiver and looking at her for a long moment, she realized it was one of fear, not pleasure.

She wondered briefly if the girl liked this, or if the boyfriend did. She studied the girl for a long moment. It had been awhile since she had decided to reverse her plans. She was not into doling out pain at someone else's expense. She did it entirely to please the person she was with at that given moment. If the girl did not really want what she was offering, she didn't want to purposely hurt her knowing it would cause her a different kind of pain.

She put her hand on the bed, letting the girl know she was there. She felt the girl jerk slightly. Yeah, she was scared. "I'm going to loosen your bonds," she said quietly. The girl remained silent and she slowly undid the restraint from the bar, putting it closer to the girls head, re-attaching it. She went to each of the four corners and did the same. She saw the girl's body sag slightly into the bed with relief from her limbs being stretched so far apart.

She came to the top of the bed again and reached out slowly, running her hand down her cheek to the bit. She reached behind the girl's head and unlatched it, taking it off. The girl immediately wet her full lips, her jaw moving slightly. She had a few questions for her. Wanted to hear her answers. She looked at the metal in her hand. These things were pretty crucial. Made her think she was getting too soft for this business. Of course that was something she had been telling herself the last few years as she took less and less job offers. The money was out of this world, but she always felt worn out afterwards. Kids were getting more and more demanding. They weren't true subs, just role-players. It wasn't a game to her.

But also more and more, as was evidenced with the girl with her, she felt people were losing the meaning of control. She never left bruises, never left scars. She was always careful and she always only gave what could be handled, until they completely gave in to their own pleasures. Hurting someone just for the sake of being in control and having the power without giving in return was abuse, not something she incorporated into her work or her life.

She set the gag on the table and fingered the girl's blindfold, having the strange need to see her eyes. Not a good idea. She ran a finger down the girls face to her neck lightly, the girl's mouth parting. "Tell me. Do you like pain?" She waited, watching the girl swallow. "Yes, Mistress." Standard answer, but she could tell it was false. "I don't tolerate someone who lies. So I'll ask you again. DO YOU LIKE PAIN?" The girl's lower lip shook slightly, her hands clenching above her. "No, Mistress."

She nodded to herself, her hand going down her side, not touching her breasts, just resting on her hip before moving down to her thigh. "Is this for you, or for someone else?" she asked. "Someone else, Mistress." There was merit in doing things to please your partner, but if you yourself received nothing from it, no pleasure from the pain and ultimate release from yourself through losing control and just being, there really wasn't a point.

She got on to the bed between the girls legs. "Do you like to be dominated?" Maybe that was the better question to ask. The girl wet her lower lip and then let out an almost inaudible, "Yes, Mistress." She knew this time she was telling the truth. So she liked to be dominated, but she was maybe getting more than she bargained for. She would do this without the pain then. She ran her hands encased in the gloves up her legs and over her stomach, once, twice. The girl bit her lip, not moving. She moved up her naked body, running the leather of her pants up her legs. Her chest was below her, the breasts pushed lightly into her.

She placed her hands on either side of her head, looking down at her. She pushed into her body, pressing her pelvis into the girl, against her bareness. She let her hands move over the girl, cupping each breast, the nipples starting to get hard. They were real, definitely not fake. She bent her head and took the girl's mouth, firm, demanding. The girl's mouth opened under hers tentatively and she felt desire crawl over her. They kissed for a few long moments and she realized that she really could lay here all night and do just this. Her fingers pinched her nipple lightly, their tongues sliding together. She felt the girl move slightly under her and she pulled away slowly, the girl's breaths coming faster.

"Do you want my mouth on you?" she asked her, her hand moving down to cup her. "Yes, Mistress," the girl whispered. "Where do you want my mouth?" The girl bit her lip, "Wherever pleases you, Mistress." She shook her head. Another standard answer. "Answer the question," she said slowly, pinching her other nipple. The girl gasped softly, "On my breasts, between my legs Mistress." Her cheeks reddened which made her almost want to laugh. Shy? She moved her mouth to her full breasts and flicked at her nipples one by one. They were rock hard and long and she sucked them strongly, watching the woman's face as she kept them moist in her mouth. Her other hand went between her legs, and she ran her fingertips up her.

She moved down her body to her vagina. Very nice. Almost delicate looking. Pink..smooth. Lips covering her opening. She opened her mouth and started to lick her folds. The girls legs trembled slightly, her back moving imperceptibly. Damn, it looked like the tables were turned on her. She wanted to pleasure her, wanted to be on her knees. She liked the feeling. She smiled to herself as she ate the girl out expertly, taking her to the edge, only to bring her back down and start over. Her opening started to pour fluids, her clit was now standing out from under the hood, her body trying to remain still but failing miserably. She tasted like honey in her mouth as it slid down her throat gently.

She moved her face away a final time and the girl moaned pitifully. She wanted to be inside of her. She got up and left the room, getting the bag. She brought it back in, setting it on the dresser. She took out the strap-on and then took off her own clothes, taking her time. The girls juices were glistening, her nipples still hard, her lips plump from her chewing on them. She was gorgeous, responsive, and she wanted to claim her.

She came onto the bed again and got between her legs. "Do you want to be fucked?" she asked, her voice low. The girl let out a breath, "Yes, Mistress." She tilted her head looking at her. "I don't think you want it enough." She knew the girl was lubricated, but she put more on her strap-on from the bottle she had put on the bed. She pressed just the tip of it to the girl's entrance, then ran it up to her clit before backing away. The girl whimpered, her mouth opening.

"Do you want to be fucked?" she asked her again, studying her. "Yes, Mistress. Please. Fuck me," the girl pleaded softly. She leaned over her, taking her breast into her mouth again, the tip barely sliding in. The girls body shook slightly at the penetration, her hips moving with her. She sucked on her nipple, biting it, her other hand going to her long strawberry blonde hair now tangled around her head. She moved just the tip in and out, the girl's mouth opening in an O as she tried to get more of her inside, her hips pressing against her.

She knew what the girl wanted. Wasn't going to give it to her. She fucked her slowly, never fully seating herself or touching her clit as she rose over her, watching the girl fight the sensations at the same time welcome them. Her breasts moved as she took her, her hands clenching spasmodically in the restraints. She glided in and out of her for long moments, then stilled, watching her fight not to speak, just to lay still. She would start up again, only to stop and settle into her.

She wanted her to lose that control. Lose it to actual pleasure. To her. And to herself. Soon she was penetrating her more deeply, her other leg going over her thigh, pressing her to the bed, controlling the girl's movement and her own. Their nipples teased one another, her mouth brushing the girls. The woman moaned softly, her body now moving with hers, her back arching. She knew she was close to her orgasm, could tell she needed stimulation on her clit, her mouth on her. Just when the girl was about to break, she stopped, coming out of her completely. The girl gasped, her body trying to rise with hers, her face unsure but needy.

She went to the bathroom and cleaned her strap-on after removing it. She came back into the room, took out a new pair of underwear and put them on, then dressed again. Her whole body was pissed at her. Wanted her to get back in that bed and finish what she had started. Wanted to see what this girl felt like, looked like when she came from her being inside of her, with her. But the ultimate act was losing yourself by choice. The girl hadn't had a choice to begin with. So she was making it about a choice for the girl now.

She put everything back in her bag, then zipped it, coming to stand next to the girl. She took out a white card, scribbling her private line and her address. She undid first her left wrist, then her right, the girl's breaths still harsh, her body tight with the need for release. She put the card in the girls fingers, wanting to see her eyes, but knowing that she would have to wait. Maybe she would never see them. She touched her face lightly. So fragile looking. It made her want to pick her up and hold her in her lap. She let herself back away, her eyes leaving the girl. She picked up her bag and walked out of the room, not looking back.



Madison sat on her porch, the blanket wrapped around her. She slowly drank her wine, her eyes unseeing as they looked out over the veranda. Her body seemed to be humming, had been since that night over two weeks ago. She was expecting...honestly, something pretty horrible. And instead...she got much more than she could have ever fathomed. A woman, someone she never saw, took her somewhere she had never been before, somewhere without pain.

Since she could remember, she had always been attracted to more dominant lovers. Men that were strong, protective. But as she hit her late teens and early twenties, she knew that her pattern with men was not a good one. She seemed to attract physically abusive lovers. This weak spot in her, this cowering part of her seemed to call to certain types of men. And it was like they were drawn to her. And she had always had a problem with saying no. Always wanted to please, and always ended up getting hurt. She wanted to be cherished and loved and instead got possessed and chained.

The last few men had been the worst and she thought possibly she was destined for whatever it was that was put upon her. That she was worthy of whatever she got. Brian, the last man she was with ended up sharing her with his friends a few months back, and that night was one she would like to soon forget. Drunken groping hands and brutal fucking. She remembered crying the whole week after, Brian not understand what the problem was.

She didn't know why she felt so helpless. She felt like she was carrying in her mother's footsteps, Brian reminding her of her father. She felt like she had no control over her own life anymore, Brian determing her nights and weekends for her. Her only salvation was work. She had friends, but was too embarassed to talk about what a stupid and insane predicament she seemed to put herself in time and time again. She deserved what she got.

And then that night two weeks ago. It was as if something inside her changed. The woman had asked her what she wanted, gave her what she understood she truly needed. A choice. It was like this door had opened up wide in front of her, taunting her to go on through. She had given her enormous pleasure, something she hadn't felt in many years. Her body literally felt like it was suspended in pleasure. She wanted to take off her blindfold, wanting desperately to see the woman that was making her feel as if she was breaking apart in ecstacy but had been unable to, even after having her restraints removed.

She had slept with a woman in college some time ago, and remembered it being sweet, both of them awkward and slightly tipsy. It was something she occassionally let herself think about when she was particularly depressed. She would take the awkwardness and the okay sex to the harshness of her reality right now.

But this woman. There was nothing just okay about what had happened between them. It was so much more. Not just the sex, but her words, her hands...she was dominant without being condescending, strong without supplying the hurt and degradation that she was used to it coming with. And she found when she was able to sit up and adjust her eyes to the darkness of the room that the woman had given her a card. With a number and address. Offering. She was offering. And she wanted.

What the card also symbolized was the right to say no. And that's exactly what she did. She refused to see Brian. Wouldn't answer the door when he banged on it, wouldn't talk to him except for once, telling him that she didn't want him in her life anymore. There was certainly a fear. Fear of Brian, but an even bigger fear that this woman would turn around and use her, treat her badly as well. But, there was also this flicker of hope that it meant more to the woman than just sex or domination.

She had the card in her hand now. She had debated calling all week. Couldn't get herself to do it. Was afraid. Afraid of starting over. Of needing someone she didn't even know. She finished her wine, her heart beating faster. She wouldn't call. She would go over there. More than anything, she wanted to see what she looked like. Wanted to see her eyes. Then she would know. She had to.

She got up and went to her bedroom to change. Jeans, sandals, strappy tank top. She pulled her hair up, then grabbed her keys, turning out the lights. She drove slowly, thinking at some point she would become scared and turn around but she surprised herself as she got off the exit. She knew the area. Nice, large spacious places. Beautiful views. She found the place and saw the lights were on, a TV changing the color in the bay window every so often.

She sat for a long moment, then got out, her stomach clenching uncontrollably. She was so nervous she thought she might possibly get sick. What was she doing? She grasped the handle of the door, then steeled herself, closing it. She crossed the street, then went up to the door. She knocked lightly, then after a few moments, a little louder. She stepped back slightly just as the door opened and she looked up into the eyes of a tall red-headed woman, a smile on her face as she responded to someone behind her shoulder. She was beautiful, green sparkling eyes and perfect white teeth.

She didn't know what she was expecting, but somehow it wasn't this woman. "Hi," she heard herself say softly. "Hi," the woman smiled at her quizzically and then she turned her head towards someone walking down the hall towards them, "Cailey, someone's here for you I think." The other woman rounded the corner and she felt her breath leave her as her eyes lit upon her. The girl was her height, long gorgeous auburn hair in a ponytail, darker complexion hinting at a mixed heritage. She was wearing hip huggers slung low on her hips exposing her stomach, a button down soft looking shirt. Barefoot. Her forearms and hands looked strong and sexy in the dark light of the entryway, the V of her chest exposed from the open buttons making her hands itch, wanting to touch the smooth expanse. She was absolutely stunning, the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on.

Their eyes met, the woman's large light brown ones widening slightly, her lips parting. The other girl looked at them and then laughed slightly, turning to go around the woman. They looked at one another for a long moment and then the woman opened the door wider, tilting her head slightly. She hesitantly walked over the threshold as she closed the door gently behind them.

"Cailey," the woman said and she took her hand, the feeling sending a spike of adrenaline shooting through her, her voice just as she remembered. "Madison," she replied softly. "Thought maybe you weren't interested," Cailey said, their hands still linked. "I am," she whispered, feeling anxious. "But?" Cailey asked, watching her. "I'm scared as hell," she expelled a breath. Cailey nodded. "I'll let you know a secret," she bent her head slightly, their bodies somehow closer. "What?" she heard herself ask, her other hand clenching, wanting to touch her, never having been able to do so before. "There's no need to be," she said quietly in her ear, and then she was in her arms as Cailey enveloped her.

She felt her knees get weak and she held onto her, her hands clenched into fists on her shirt, as she buried her face in the crook of her neck, her scent making her want to just get lost in her. She wanted and needed this woman so bad she thought she was going to come just from being in her arms, having been on edge since she saw her last. Cailey ran her hands down to her bottom, cupping her, her own hands going up her back. "I...I need you," she said softly, feeling her body already ready, wetness between her legs. Cailey nodded, clasping her hand and leading her down the hall.

She saw her head turn towards a door to the left, but she kept going until she was in a large master bedroom. Huge king size bed, silk sheets. Lights on dim. Cailey closed the door, picking her up and carrying her to the bed. She lay over her and their mouths met, her eyes closing, her hands on her shoulders. Cailey's body on hers, their mouths brought that night back full force and she moaned, her arms going around her neck, feeling her solid against her, above her own hands.

Cailey reached for the hem of her tank top and she let her pull it off of her. Her hands tentatively went to the buttons on Cailey's shirt and Cailey didn't push them away, didn't do anything but watch her as she opened her shirt to reveal beautiful breasts in a dark satin bra. She felt her mouth water, her hands pushing her shirt off her shoulders and then it was on the floor.

"I...what do you want me to..." she swallowed, stopping to look up at her worriedly, hesitant. She always was the submissive one in bed, always waited for permission. Cailey settled herself, her body unmoving above her. "What do you want to do?" Cailey asked her gently. "Everything," she whispered, her hands hooking around her upper arms. Cailey's eyes changed in front of her, she saw her need to take control at the same time her will was fighting it. It disappeared almost as quickly as it came, her eyes becoming clear. The flicker of dominance followed by her need to be what she wanted made her heart leap out of her chest. "Then by all means," Cailey winked at her and she felt a small laugh come out of her. She couldn't even remember the last time she had laughed in bed.

Cailey smiled at her, her curved eyebrow raising, "What?" She licked her lips, feeling like her chest was being crushed. "I...I don't know if I'm going to be any good at this." Cailey rolled slowly so that she was now on top, then sat up taking her with her, her legs parting to go to either side of hers. She felt her throat close, her body tensing as she put her arms around her neck, looking down into her eyes. "You being good at this is not what I'm interested in," Cailey said quietly, their mouths close.

Their lips brushed and she felt her body surge into her. Cailey held her close, their bodies lined up perfectly. "What are you interested in?" she whispered, their breaths mingling. "You taking what you need." She felt her breath leave her completely, her eyes widening. "Take it," Cailey whispered into her ear, her hands light on her body. She felt herself completely give in at her words and she cupped Cailey's face their eyes meeting once again before she pressed her mouth to hers hungrily.

She moaned against her mouth, her arms tight around her neck, her pelvis pushing into her, needing to feel her close. Their tongues slid together, Cailey's hands still gentle on her, letting her set the pace. She felt herself start to spiral out of control. It had been so long since she had felt desire, desire to touch someone else, make love to them. The urgency was almost too much. They fell back onto the bed, Cailey's leg pushing between hers, their hands lacing on the bed. She kissed her face, her neck, her shoulders, tasting her skin. She sat up, taking her bra off, Cailey's eyes moving lightly over her body, sending streaks of lust pounding through her veins.

She undid her jeans, pulling them down and off, her hands going to Cailey's pants. Their eyes remained on one another as she undid them, her breath coming fast. She looked down, her attentions revealing a matching set of bikini underwear. She got on her knees between her legs and took her jeans off the rest of the way. She looked down at her, feeling shock. She was so magnificent looking. She suddenly felt inadequate, her fears coming back to her.

Cailey watched the emotions fly through her and she put her hand on her hip, moving it to her ass, pulling her back up so that she was on top of her. She felt her tension lessen, their bodies soft against one another. Cailey pulled her legs apart slowly so that they were spread over her hips and she bent down over her, kissing her slowly. She felt her breasts push against Cailey's soft mounds against the satin of her bra, the feeling making her sigh.

Soon her kisses weren't soothing anymore, her hips moving langorously over Cailey's body, pressing against her clit and she felt herself swell, wetness flowing through her. Suddenly she couldn't take it anymore, needed to feel her inside her, needed her. She took Cailey's hand, placing it between her thighs. She ran her fingers over her, Cailey's breathing changing. And then she took Cailey's fingers and curved them with hers, pushing both Cailey's fingers and one of her own inside of her, Cailey letting out a near growl, her own moan supplementing it.

Together they moved in her, Cailey's fingers sliding in while hers slid out. Again and again, and she felt her orgasm rush towards her just from feeling both of their fingers deep in her. She lay her body over Cailey's, her legs moving higher, her breasts hovering over Cailey's mouth. Cailey opened it, her tongue dancing over her breasts and she felt Cailey's other hand move to her clit, pressing gently over and over. She felt immediate overwhelming pleasure fly through her body, centering fiercely between her legs. She couldn't stop the sounds escaping from her throat, wordless pleas for release.

Cailey's fingers moved deeper, pressing against her entrance from the inside and she cried out, her body folding over Cailey's, the absolute ecstacy drowning everything else out and she bucked against her, the climax overtaking every single cell in her body, the feeling making her whole body stiffen, as though immobile. It seemed to go on and on, Cailey's fingers still moving inside of her, her fingers now moving rapidly on her clit, her mouth on her breasts. She groaned, her hips finally slowing, her head pressed against the pillow, Cailey's hand moving to her lower back, her other fingers still buried inside of her.

She felt the world go slightly black, her own hand moving from between her legs and she let go of the tension in her arms and legs, laying fully on top of her, Cailey's hand soothing inside of her still slightly tremoring vagina. Cailey held her close as she continued to move her hand, not touching her oversensitive clit. She moaned softly, her hips unconsciously moving  with her, seeking more pleasure. She rode her hand slowly, her vagina opening completely to her and she felt her push another finger in, stretching her. She groaned, her mouth moving to Cailey's neck, nipping at her. Cailey sat up, getting on her knees and she gasped, feeling her penetration at a sharper angle, her hands going to Cailey's now loose hair.

She opened her eyes, seeing Cailey's eyes on her face, watching her. They were dark, taking everything in. She felt Cailey restraining part of herself, forcing herself to be gentle with her as she gently took her body. She reached around Cailey's back and undid her bra, pulling it off. Her own hands went to Cailey's lower stomach, feeling the flat stomach, lightly contoured with muscle underneath, up to cup her firm breasts, her thumbs passing over her nipples. Cailey barely made a sound, but she felt it against her. She kissed her softly, her other hand trailing down to insinuate itself between Cailey's groin and her underwear. Soft hair greeted her. She pushed her hand down between the trail and felt her folds in her hand. She was wet, and the knowledge that she turned her on as much as Cailey turned her on, well, she felt a rush of need shoot through her.

She ran her finger tips up and down her wet folds and slit, from her clit to her perenium over and over, Cailey's fingers now moving faster between her own legs. "Do you like that?" she heard herself manage, surprising herself with her boldness. Cailey inhaled lightly as her fingers moved slightly inside of her, and then out to continue moving up and down her between her legs, her folds and clit now completely swollen to the touch. "Yes," Cailey whispered, cupping the back of her neck as her mouth descended onto her breasts.

She felt her back arch as Cailey now became rougher, her touch more demanding, but still letting her know that she had control. It turned her on so much that when she felt her orgasm hit her suddenly, Cailey's palm raking against her clit, her head fell back, her mouth opening, no sound coming out. She rode her fast, bliss taking over and she let out a low moan. Her whole pussy was on fire, clenching tight around her fingers and she pushed her own fingers into Cailey, sliding in easily to the hilt. Cailey exhaled slowly, moaning as she pushed into her again.

She moved slightly, dislodging Cailey and then pushed herself down between her legs. Cailey lay back on the bed, her breath hitching. She pressed her face into her, her tongue touching her clit as her fingers moved in and out of her lightly and rapidly. Cailey's hand went to her head and she thought for a moment that she would try to shove her face into her like most of the men she gave blow jobs tended to do, her body stiffening slightly but she just cradled it in her hand, her fingers gentle in her hair.

She let out a soft sigh, sucking on her clit and flicking it at the same time, her fingers smoothly entering and exiting her wet flesh, the taste and smell of her surrounding her and filling her senses. She was gentle but firm. "Jesus," she heard Cailey whisper and she opened her eyes looking up to see Cailey's half-lidded eyes on her, her body propped up by her elbow, her lip between her teeth. She looked so sexy, and so aroused. By her.

She moved her fingers lightly, finding the spot she knew would make her feel more pleasure, felt her walls contract and her mouth parted. She pressed deeper, her fingers rasping into her, her tongue and lips on her swollen flesh and Cailey suddenly jerked, her hips moving into her mouth and she felt a gush of wetness around her fingers as she came, her body falling back, her hand still gentle on her head. She rode it out with her, Cailey's chest heaving, a groan immerging out of her mouth as she gently pushed her head away. She pulled out slowly and then came up. Her body pushed into Cailey's stronger one, and she felt shy all of the sudden, her body cradled into her side. Cailey turned slowly, facing her and she felt tears come to her eyes. She felt them fall, Cailey's arm around her waist, her other above their heads.

Cailey wouldn't let her hide, her forehead touching hers. "Madison," she said softly. Her tears came even faster as her name. Cailey brushed her thumb over her cheeks as she let the emotion pour out of her. "You make me feel..." Madison started to whisper then stopped. Cailey waited, her eyes patient, her hand moving back to her hip. "Free." "You don't belong to anyone but yourself," Cailey responded and she felt the words.

But she voiced the one thought on her mind, the one thing that would bind them together, the part of her that truly longed for this unreachable but tangible thing her whole life. She knew in no uncertain terms that she could find it with Cailey. "I want to belong to you." She felt Cailey's body become still, her hand clenching lightly then releasing on her hip. She had never understood what that meant until now. Belonging to someone in a whole different way, feeling safe, feeling protected,, all wrapped up in the one person that could truly offer that and take care of the submissive part of her, gently.

Cailey put her hand under her chin, and she looked into her eyes, baring herself completely to this woman who she had been waiting for. Cailey searched her eyes for a long moment and then she nodded slightly and she felt her heart almost burst out of her chest. She knew it was a huge request, her welfare now in her hands. Cailey pulled her closer, her leg between hers, her own going over her hip.

"I won't ever betray your trust. Only take you where you ask to go," Cailey said quietly, her eyes shining on her, her hand possessive on her back. "I want to go anywhere you are," she nudged her cheek with her own. Cailey's mouth curved and she felt desire course through her, at her smile. "You're here." She felt a smile light her face, Cailey's smile turning into a grin, playful. "You're," she shook her head, feeling amazement. Cailey laughed, kissing her lips lightly.

She felt a gasp escape her as Cailey pulled her leg higher, her leg pressing deeply into her. She had already made her come twice and she still wanted more. She felt a gentle chill go up her back, her breasts feeling heavy against Cailey's chest. "I'm going to make love to you again. Harder...take you on a ride," Cailey said slowly, her eyes roaming over her face and down to their bodies. She felt her whole body respond and she relaxed into her, "Please." Her own voice sounded like it was begging. "Oh I will," Cailey whispered, her body coming to lay on top of hers.

Cailey put her hands above her head and she put them on the sheets, holding on. "Open yourself to me." She felt her sex twitch at the authority in her voice and she spread her legs on the sheets, lifting them up into the air. "Give me a safe word baby," she whispered, her hands firm on her body. "Chateau," she said softly. Cailey looked down at her, a sparkle in her eye and she nodded, her mouth descending on her. As she felt her bite her neck lightly, she closed her eyes, tears stinging them. Maybe. Maybe this would be the new beginning she was looking for. It felt...right. Finally.


Cailey's eyes moved to the man coming towards them, his eyes on Madison. Madison's voice stopped in mid-conversation with Ina who was sitting to her right, her eyes landing on the man. She saw her whole demeanor change, her body becoming rigid and she saw her hand clench lightly on her own knee. She was scared of him. She studied him as he approached. Tall, too much muscle and not enough length. Hair cut close, possibly military. She saw the predatory gleam in his eye and instead of tensing, she felt herself relax. She sat back, crossing her legs, Madison subconsciously pressing herself into her lightly. He reached their table and Ina looked up at him. He looked at her and Ina, ignoring everyone else at the table, then his eyes zeroed in on Madison.

"Hey Madison," he smiled. Charming. It stank on him. His All-American good looks and big dimples probably got him far. "Hi Brian," Madison said softly next to her, her hands now clenched in her lap. "How are things?" he asked, crossing his arms, his chest puffing out and his arms looking bigger as he pushed his hands under his armpits. "Good, thanks." He nodded, "I've missed you baby." She reached for her drink, not saying anything, just listening. Ina made eye contact with her and she raised her eyebrow. Madison didn't respond, her eyes looking downward. "You missed me?" he asked. Madison looked back up at him hesitantly. His face hardened slightly and he motioned towards the corner. "Why don't we chat?" he asked.

Madison bit her lip, her body starting to move as though conditioned. And she knew that this must be the last person she was with, or at least someone relatively recent, from the way she was reacting to his commands. She felt Madison's body stop as she forced herself to not get up at his words. "I don't think we have anything to say to one another," Madison said quietly. His eyes turned stormy, his jaw clenching. "I have plenty of things to say. Come on."

Madison hadn't asked her for her help so she didn't offer it, waiting for her to decide. "She doesn't want to talk with you buddy so back off," Ina said, looking at him. "No one's talking to you." "And Madison's not going to talk to you muscle boy so scram, " Ina smiled sweetly at him. His hands clenched and he looked at Madison, his eyes mean and hard, "Get up now," he nearly spat. She felt Madison's hand move slightly against her thigh.

She uncrossed her legs standing up slowly. She took a step and she was directly in front of him. "Brian," she said quietly. His eyes met hers, the violence simmering underneath. How Madison ever got involved with this man was beyond her. And what he had probably done to her left her feeling anger, a low boil rising. "Take a step back. Now," she said so only he could hear. He looked incredulous for a moment, then took in her eyes. He hesitated, not his only weakness. Someone who couldn't control themselves, it was an all-encompassing weakness. She felt a low sound come from her and she repeated, "Now."

Brian turned his head, looking behind him, then took a slow step back. "You aren't wanted here boy. Go back to your buddies down there, where you belong," she said, her head moving towards the railing. His bravado was a bluff in the face of someone who was stronger than him. His mouth opened in surprise, his eyes moving down her body, trying to intimidate her. She laughed softly. Jake, a close friend of hers who ran in the same underground circles as she did came to stand close to her, his pitch black hair standing in spikes, matching the ones around his wrists and neck.

"Who the fuck are you?" Brian asked, half curious, half angry. "No one you want to mess with. That is unless you want that ass of yours taken from here back to where you came from," Cailey said softly. "By my cock, boy," Jake added harshly. Brian's eyes widened his foot moving back. His eyes went over her shoulder to Madison and then he shook his head, "Cunt," he said to her and she smiled back. He turned going back down the steps. "Jake, you're such an asshole," she turned, eyeing him. "Hey, I know you had it but you know how I like those silly macho guys. All he needs is a little conditioning." "A lot of conditioning," she admitted. "He'd like it, I bet." She had to agree with that one. After he was broken, he's undoubtedly find his way back to the master that took him. The facade he put on made her believe it.

She went back to the seat she had been occupying and Madison looked over at her, chewing on the inside of her lip. "You okay?" she asked her, finishing the rest of the scotch in her glass. "Yes," Madison said softly. She met her eyes and she blinked at her, realizing that she her breathing had changed. "What's wrong?" she asked, turning slightly towards her. Madison shook her head, "I want to go home." She studied her flushed cheeks and her dark eyes. She nodded and stood, Madison standing with her. They said their goodbyes, Madison quiet the ride home, her hand going to the small black band around her neck, fingering it lightly. She parked and opened her side of the door, Madison getting out.

Once inside, Madison disappeared down the hall towards her bedroom and she went into the kitchen, pouring herself another drink. Brian must've really done a number on her. Maybe she should have kicked his ass like she had threatened. She was proud of Madison for standing up for herself, for not getting up when he told her to, for speaking back to him. She knew they were big steps for someone that had been abused, that thought themselves not worthy of love or that they were deserving of what they received.

They had been together for more than two months, Cailey purposely making it a slow race. Only seeing her a few times a week, not wanting Madison to get lost in her, not able to identify herself anymore, something she knew was the norm for her in relationships. She wanted a relationship, not a plaything. She wanted to have her in her bed every night. She was a perfect girlfriend and lover and she found that she wasn't oblivious to what was happening inside her mind and heart. Just wary.

She finished her drink and took her time, turning off the few lights that were on, unlacing her boots slowly. She took them off, placing them near the door to the basement, then walked silently to the bedroom. When she entered, she stopped in her tracks. Madison was completely nude except for the black band around her neck, standing in the middle of the room waiting for her. She approached her slowly, a sliver of anticipation hitting her. Madison stood silently, her body not moving as she came to stand next to her, her clothed body touching her nude one. Ultimate surrender. This was what Madison was offering. No direction, no gentle prodding. She felt her heart start to beat faster.

She reached out, cupping her face and Madison rested her cheek against her palm, her eyes closing. This girl literally swept her off of her feet. All her life she had waited to meet someone like her. Someone that wasn't on a different level, but on the exact same plane. An equal. Regardless if outsiders looked at them and thought Madison was the lesser or the weaker person between the two of them, she knew what this meant for both of them. Madison wasn't weaker, and she wasn't beneath her. She had just as much power as she did.

Her own desires mirrored Madison's. The desire to be understood and accepted and loved. Love. She loved her and in that instant she felt everything else fall away. Madison was no longer her sub, someone she subtly controlled. They were standing on the edge of something very different and just as real.

She took off her clothes slowly, her lungs filling with air as she taught herself how to breath again. Madison's face was more flushed, her nostrils flaring lightly as she watched her, the air shifting between them. Nude, they stood in front of one another. She reached out and with one decisive snap, took off her band. Madison inhaled surprised, her eyes widening. She let it drop between them. "I love you," Cailey whispered. Madison's mouth parted and she closed her eyes as though trying to wake herself up from a dream. She opened them again, her blue eyes big in understanding.

She didn't reach for her, didn't move. Saying the final words that both of them needed to hear out loud. "I'm yours." The moment she said it, she felt her heart rise out of her chest and Madison was in her arms, their mouths meeting. Need. Want. Longing. Desire. Lust. Care. The words circling around them, the slid onto the bed together. Madison held her, their arms tight around one another. "I love you too." "I know," she whispered, kissing her soft lips.

Madison turned her over and she lay on her stomach, feeling her naked body slide over hers. She closed her eyes, letting herself feel the sensations as Madison kissed her skin, her tongue trailing down the middle of her back. She cupped her breasts, Madison's hands moving under her, and she felt her fingers between her legs. Madison shifted her legs wider and she felt her own surrender form in her mind. Madison lay on her, her mouth now on her lower back, her tongue tracing the intricate tattoo that lay across the expanse of it, curving over each hip.

Madison's fingers were gentle on her, barely rubbing and she felt her eyes open and then slam shut as Madison's face pressed between her cheeks, her tongue sliding against her closed hole. She relaxed into the feeling, her hands grabbing onto the pillow beneath her head. Madison nudged her legs, pushing her up onto her knees, her face against the pillow.

Madison rimmed her out slowly but thoroughly, her insides clenching around air. She shivered, the feeling delicious as her tongue slipped deeper inside her asshole, her fingers that were on her clit now pulling the hood up exposing her. She groaned when she felt her tongue stab deeper, her fingers sliding into her. Instead of clenching, she felt her body give in to being taken, her vagina opening to allow her deeper access. "Do you want me inside that beautiful ass of yours?" Madison whispered behind her. She let out a breath, her back moving with her mouth. "Yes," she let out.

Madison continued her minstrations, making her feel incredible and she started to turn her head to look at her when Madison pulled her fingers out wetly. She watched her as she got off the bed and went to the dresser. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a toy. She felt her breath leave her. She couldn't even remember the last time she had been taken in the ass. A long long time. And the idea turned her on completely.

Madison brought the toy and some lubricant back with her, settling behind her. She lubed the slim dildo, then her mouth was on her again. She groaned, her ass sensitive as all hell, her vagina clenching again. "Relax, baby," Madison whispered and she felt the toy press against her gently. She pressed her face into the pillow deep, her hands clenching and Madison spread her wider, inching the toy in slowly. She lost her breath, the feeling almost too much.

Madison stopped pushing, her hand going under her to rub on her clit. She felt her walls contracting and pleasure pushed through her. Madison started to fuck her slowly, her groin pressed against the bottom of her ass, the toy sliding in deeper and deeper with each pass. She pushed herself up onto all fours, her ass pushing back into her as she gave up any fight she might have had about prolonging the inevitable.

Madison's thumb pressed into her vagina, her index finger on the knot between her legs and she felt her completely slide into her ass. She cried out softly, her eyes slamming shut as Madison pumped into her, faster, deeper, until she knew nothing but the toy and her hands, her swollen breasts dragging across the sheets.

She felt the orgasm only a second before it screamed through her body and she fell onto the bed, Madison following her, sinking deep and she bit the pillow, the climax continuing into another one almost effortlessly. Shit. Madison moved her body over the sheets, fucking her strongly. In command. And she shuddered, her ass and pussy clenching uncontrollably in time with her thrusts.

Madison's mouth on her back and neck finally calmed her, her actions slowing until she stopped completely. She felt satiated, taken...and fucking good. They lay together silently for a long moment, then Madison gently pulled out of her, making her groan slightly. When she turned, Madison was on her knees behind her, her eyes wide. She looked as slammed as she herself felt.

"Was it good for you?" Cailey asked her out of breath, watching her from her prone position on the bed. "That was a first." "Do you like being in control?" she asked her softly. Madison nodded slowly, "It was like I was watching myself do these things to you, making you feel things. But was it good for you?" Cailey laughed and sat up, bringing her into her arms. "I think you know the answer to that one, Mistress."

Madison let out a startled laugh and Cailey smiled, holding her close. "I didn't know you that." "My mentor taught me that being a very good submissive always makes for a great dominatrix." Madison hesitated, "You were submissive?" Cailey gave her a half-smile. "Still am....once in awhile."

"I love what just happened, how I can make you feel, but.." Madison said softly. "Your need is to lose control but still be taken care of. Mine is to never lose that control and to maintain that carefulness. It works..." she smiled. "Not that I don't want to fuck you when I want," Madison said slowly, her voice lowering. Cailey felt an answering call inside of her and shook her head, "And maybe I'll let you," she grinned and fell back onto the bed, holding her close.

"Come up here. I want that beautiful pussy on my face." Madison bit her lip then slid up her body. She slapped her ass, "Hurry up." Madison groaned, her eyes filling with need as she looked down at her. Yeah, she was definitely where she was supposed to be. And Madison was about to be. She had been holding out for quite some time and now she knew why. Madison. This would work, they would make it work. And when Madison asked her what was downstairs in the basement, she just smiled and thrust her mouth deeper into her warm body.


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