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Vacation by the Sea (Part 1)

The ultimate fantasy of mine
I open my eyes to the sound of waves crashing onto a beach. I almost forgot where I was for a moment as I sat up. The sun was down, I looked over to the clock sitting next to the bed "2:23am" It read. I lay down quickly making the entire bed shake, I roll over to see the most beautiful girl laying next to me. The covers half on her body, barely covering her. I have a great view of her amazing C up boobs and her toned stomach all the way down to her groin area. The moonlight coming in through the sliding glass doors, which were open, was shining a blue light over her body. Her dark tan skin being lightened up by the moon light.

I lay there staring at her amazing body as she stretches and opens her eyes. "Hello beautiful." I say to her as she looks at me and smiles. "What time is it?" She whispers to me. "About 2:30" I say and lean down to give her a kiss. Her short, dark brown hair was messy, but she still looked so beautiful. Every thing about her was beautiful. All I could think of was caressing her body and holding it close to me, feeling her warmth all around me. I sit back up and grab my cigarettes. I get up and walk over to the open glass doors, wind blowing the curtains softly, it was like something out of a movie. I walk out onto the balcony, my naked body getting goose bumps as I stand in the salty ocean breeze. I light up a cigarette, I could feel her eyes staring at my ass as I stand there bare to the world to see. I take a drag and turn around, I could still see the moonlight hitting her naked body. We stared at each other for what seemed like a long time.

She got out of bed and walked turds me she comes up behind me, wrapping her arms around me as I take another drag of my cigarette. I could feel her breathing on my neck "You know, our night's not over just yet." Her words sent even more goose bumps down my body, I could feel her running her lips across my ear and her hands gliding down my bare body. I felt like I was in a romance novel wanting the moment to never end. I turned around, flicking my cigarette into the sand below, I pull her close to me by her hips and kiss the soft beautiful pink lips that I love so much. We stood there kissing in the moonlight, listening to the sound of the ocean crash behind us. She leads her lips down my jaw and down my neck, her hands grasped onto my hips pulling me close to her. I could feel the moisture building between my legs. I pull away from her and smile, grabbing her by her hand and leading her down the wooden steps to the sea shore. I turn around and pull her into a deep passionate kiss. In the distance we could hear the sound of dance music, down the shore a little ways there was a late night beach party going on. The music was just loud enough for us to hear to add mood to the night.

It was soft trance, the distant sound of it mixed with the crash of the sea shore was almost lie something you would see in a movie. Two naked, beautiful women on a beach with moonlight shining down on them and the faint bumps of trance in the distance. I pull her down the shore to the waters edge. The waves crashing at our feet. I slowly start to kiss her again, pushing her to sit on the sand with the cool ocean water hitting her legs. I kneel down entering between her legs, still passionately kissing her. I lead her to lay down and I begin to kiss down her neck. I could feel her breathing speeding up as I kiss down her neck to her chest. I barely run my lips across her skin, breathing softly. I could feel the goose bumps forming on her skin. I caress her beautiful breasts in my hands and take one of her soft, hard nipples into my mouth. Sucking and licking them, giving her all of the attention she wants from me. I could feel her pelvis rocking against me as I go to the next nipple. She lets out a small moan as I caress her nipple between my lips.

I move my way down her stomach as I lightly breath, kiss and lick all around. I begin to move down further brushing my lips against her wet pussy lips. The smell of her making me more excited. The waves crash at our feet making the experience more delightful. I kiss her wet lips and all around. I lick up the slit, barely entering in between her lips. I could feel her becoming anxious for me to enter her. I make eye contact with her beautiful deep brown eyes. She didn't have to speak a word, I knew what she was begging for. I open her lips with my fingers, rubbing her clit as I let all of her juices flow. I lean in, taking in all of her sent as I let my tongue roam around her warm, moist pussy. Sucking and flicking her clit with my tongue, I could feel her body quivering with excitement as her orgasm builds up. I enter in one finger, moving it against her G-spot as I still lick her clit. I enter in another one, that's all that I could put in.

I speed up the thrusting of my fingers and speed up the movement of my tongue, feeling her body shake with the intense build up of her orgasm. Her juices flowing down my hand, she lets out a moan of extreme pleasure and satisfaction. I make sure to lick up all of her juices and I give her pussy a kiss, thanking her for letting me please her. I slide myself back up her body, and give her a passionate kiss on the lips, letting her taste her juices.

She flips me onto my back kissing my jaw, and down my neck, holding my hips as they rock against her body. She takes one of my nipples into her mouth, fondling and playing with the bar that is through it. The feeling so intense that I let out a moan. She plays with my other breast as she gives my nipples the same amount of attention. They are so hard they could cut glass. She runs her finger tips down my pale toned body as I continue to let out moans of pleasure. Her lips soon follow her hands, she kisses all the way down my body. She doesn't waste any time and dives her tongue into the lips of my wet pussy. I could feel the ball on her tongue ring gliding against my clit, making my body twitch. She slides two fingers inside of me, thrusting them into me, moans escape from my lips. I could feel an orgasm building inside of me as she licks faster and thrusts her fingers inside of me with a steady rhythm. The cool ocean tide coming up further to our body's then before, cooling my sweaty skin down. She keeps going, letting this all be part of the experience. I let out a moan of intense pleasure as I feel my juices escape my body. She licks up all of it and returns back to my lips.

"I love you." She says giving me a kiss, letting me taste my juices. "I love you, too." I say smiling at her. We lay there, letting the ocean waves lick out bodies as we watch the sun rise up over the ocean.

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