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Taking care of mother
“Hi you must be Charles”, she said in a chirpy voice as she extended her hand to shake his.

Charles almost looked around to see if he had knocked on the wrong door since this was the first time that he had returned from university not to be greeted by his mother in her wheelchair.

“Come on through Charles old chap”, his father waived sensing his bewilderment.

Charles entered his parent’s house to find them taking afternoon tea. His mother’s face glowed to see her son as she had been placed on the sofa for the occasion.

“This is Venseta”, continued his father. “She is your mother’s helper and is staying in the guest room”.

Charles looked at Venseta and guessed her to be about nineteen. She had a lovely figure with a gorgeous golden brown complexion. Her dark hair was neatly tied back.

“Nice to meet you too Venseta”, nodded Charles as he shook her hand.

Charles kissed his mother as she was helped to the washroom.

“Charles old chap”, continued his father as Venseta escorted her patient. “Your mother needs constant round the clock care now and the prognosis doesn’t look too clever either, Dr. Stefanski arranged the home help”.

“Yes we need to do what’s best for mother”, sighed Charles.

“Well I’ll let you folks catch up as I’ve work to do in my study”, his father said as he briskly made his way across to the other side.

Charles was saddened to learn of his mother’s further deterioration but her warm smile melted his heart as she asked him to sit next to her on the sofa. She wanted to hold his hand and embrace him lovingly but the hyper spasticity had got the worse of her. Sensing his mother’s frustration Charles gave her a lovely hug as he kissed and placed his cheek on hers.

“Just call out for me if I’m needed” stated Venseta as she decided that mother and son needed time alone. Charles and his mother talked endlessly as he stroked her hands and shuffled her cushions to make her comfortable. Mother asked all the usual mummy questions regarding eating properly and making sure that he went to bed on time. Her voice was slightly croakier than before but fortunately her mind was still completely intact , she was always fully in charge of every situation.

That night when Charles was lying on his bed he couldn’t help wondering whether Venseta would really take good care of his mother, after all there were cases of abuse highlighted on the news almost daily , where neglect of duties and harsh treatment of patients was highlighted.

After much contemplation Charles decided that he would install minute spy camera in her room so that if there was any abuse or negligence then he would report her to the authorities.

The very next day while Venseta had escorted his mother to the park , Charles installed the spy cam so discreetly that it was almost invisible. He set it up so that he could monitor everything from his pc in his room.

Charles was on vacation from university and as such spending quality time with mother was his priority. After a few days of endless chatting and catching up , Charles felt restless and decided to pay a visit to the gym and catch up with old pals.

It was quite late when Charles returned that night. His mother had retired for night and had instructed Venseta to wait for Charles before going to sleep herself.

“I’ve already eaten with friends’, thank you for asking anyway”, said Charles as Venseta inquired if he needed anything.

Charles was rather keen to get on the pc to see what the recording showed. He powered up his computer and waited for the software to load. There was the adrenalin of fearing the worst but his love for his mother was just far too great. The recording showed his mother with the usual daily routine with Venseta assisting her keenly. Charles viewed the recording for about half an hour and then proceeded to fast forward since everything seemed pleasant enough.

Charles thought he’d call it a night and check the recordings from time to time. He was about to power off when Venseta did something that caught his undivided attention. Charles altered the speed to normal and zoomed in.

Venseta appeared as if she was kissing his mother. Charles’s heart was racing faster now in the anticipation of what was to follow. The kiss was definitely passionate but why had Venseta left the room immediately afterwards pondered Charles?

After a few moments she returned to the room with an object in her hand. At first Charles couldn’t make out what it was as she placed it on the bed next to mother. Venseta then proceeded to undress his mother. Her large breasts flopping out as she de robed her. There was another passionate kiss as Venseta undressed her patient and herself completely. Mother had that radiant glow as she encouraged her young assistant with sweet words and gestures.

Charles fumbled with the volume control as their voices were a little distant. The object placed on the bed was the vibrator that Venseta began to stroke her patient’s clit with.

By now Charles’s heart was almost in his mouth as he tried to comprehend the situation.

His mother was groaning with pleasure as the device made contact with her unshaven cunt. His mother had always been a large lady which was in total contrast to Venseta’s beautifully toned slender shaven figure.

After further kisses Venseta licked out her patient in conjunction with inserting the vibrator. She made certain that her patient was in a comfortable position as she lay down next to her kissing, fingering, licking, and caressing her. Mother's tone was still majestic and powerful despite her ailing condition.

Mother was lost in ecstasy. There were groans of pleasure as she guided young Venseta.

Mother’s body shuddered spasmodically as she orgasmed. Her nipples stood to attention with the heavy arousal. Mother was very white in complexion but her nipples and the rings around them were dark brown. The brown rings turned darker as she came.

Knowing the needs of a woman intimately Venseta massaged her patients tits. She kneaded them in the same way she did her own during masturbation.

Charles had seen enough , he leaned back in chair closing his eyes as the rush of excitement reached his groin.

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