Victoria's Pleasure

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It was a warm day in August when Victoria left her office and began walking home. She was on holiday at last! Life at the office had been stressful in the past few weeks, and Victoria had been feeling rather burnt out from it all; but now, suddenly she felt freedom! It was a feeling akin to the last day of school before summer holidays, a feeling of pure liberty! Sure, it was only two weeks, but she was planning to make it the most memorable two weeks of her 23 years on planet Earth. And she knew exactly how that could be achieved.

Victoria was any man's "dream woman" - her slender, hourglass figure was accentuated by large, natural breasts, and her beautiful face was surrounded by smooth, flowing locks of wavy brown hair. Her ass was round, both firm and soft at the same time; and, invisible from the outside, her vagina was smooth, shaven, and tight. Along with this perfect physique, she had a genuinely caring personality, and was quick to fall in love.

Indeed, fall in love she had, about one year prior to that warm day in August. But unfortunately for her many male suitors, it had not been with a man - no, her descent into the arms of love had come at the hands of a tall, sexy, blond woman by the name of Alicia.

Now, due to the heavy constraints of Victoria's job, the couple's sex life had waned to a point of near non-existence in the previous few weeks. Both had been unhappy, unsatisfied and stressed, and their relationship had been tense, with little intimacy at all. This had saddened both of them, and Victoria contemplated the events of the past few weeks as she walked towards her home - she knew that it was time to make up for all the bickering; she knew it was time to release all the sexual tension that had built up over the course of the past few weeks; and luckily for herself and her partner - she knew exactly how to do that. This was going to be fun indeed!

As she walked, Victoria began to feel extremely horny in anticipation of what was to come, she felt her nipples become sensitive, and she felt the juices from her vagina soaking through her panties. She knew that Alicia was waiting for her in her underwear, she knew that Alicia was probably lying on her bed right now, slowly rubbing her clitoris while waiting. Victoria began almost unconsciously to break into a run - she could not wait to get her hands on Alicia!

Soon enough she was home. She fumbled with her keys for a few seconds, and then finally opened the door - only to be immediately embraced by Alicia! Victoria found herself drawn into a passionate kiss; the surprise made her vagina begin pounding with desire and her hands began desperately groping for any flesh they could find on Alicia's body. But Alicia was not kind! She was fully dressed and Victoria could only stroke her breasts through the fabric of her summer dress. It being a warm day, Victoria was only wearing a dress herself, and dropping her bag, she followed Alicia directly into the hallway and through the bedroom door.

The two began grasping at each other, kissing almost violently, with 3 weeks of unfulfilled sexual desires coming to the surface at last. Victoria scrambled to take off Alicia's dress, and Alicia did the same to Victoria - within minutes they were both in their undergarments. Alicia giggled and pushed Victoria to the bed. Slowly, painfully slowly she undid her bra and brought a large, soft breast into Victoria's mouth. Victoria sucked the erect nipple furiously and began writhing as her pussy was now aching to be touched. Alicia undid Victoria's bra as well and began sucking on Victoria's nipples, very slowly and deliberately. Victoria was already at bursting point. "Please" she whispered hoarsely, "please Alicia - you know what I need." Alicia's answer was a smile and a finger put to her lips in a gesture to be silent. But Victoria had had enough. She practically tore off Alicia's panties (eliciting a wild yelp of surprise and arousal from Alicia), and slipped her fingers into Alicia's sopping wet, tight, smooth pussy. She began ferociously rubbing Alicia's clit with the fingers on her other hand, and sliding her fingers in and out of the vagina. Alicia began to buck wildly yelling "more, more, more, don't stop", and suddenly a stream of clear fluid came flying out of her vagina and splattered Victoria as Alicia came. "Oh baby" she whispered - "how should I repay you?" By now however, Victoria was basically a touch away from climax herself and all she could do was whisper - "Mouth. There. Now." Alicia obeyed. She began to suck on Victoria's clit, and she began wildly licking Victoria's overflowing pussy. This was too much. Victoria experienced, three, no, four successive shuddering orgasms with fluid spraying everywhere as she came again and again. Finally, she thought to herself. Finally a release.

The rest of the two weeks were pure bliss for the couple. They experimented with every different position they could think of, they elicited sensations they never dreamed were possible, and they both came on each other countless times. They always ended the night in each other's arms, quietly stroking each other's breasts and pussies, smiling at each other, in pure love.

Alas, the two weeks came to an end all too quickly, and before she knew it, Victoria was walking back to her office. But something in her had changed. She had a new spring in her step. She had regained what once was lost. And one thing was for certain - she would never let it go again.