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Vodka (:

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        Already having  hit her mother's liquor cabinet, I was sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for her friend. April was fucking gorgeous- 16 years old, she stood 5'4, long curly red hair, large C cup breasts, and her skin was so fair that it made her petite form look stunning. I'm almost completely opposite, yes, 16, but with a  5'8 stance,  with a golden tan, straight black hair that comes to my shoulders. When it comes to breast size though, we're evenly matched.
      I heard April step through the door, like she had so many nights before. Right after my parents left for work, she creeps in, knowing they won't be back until morning.
     "Hey, Eve" She slightly whispered, looking as if I were her pray.
     In a sense- I was. Tonight wasn't going to be like the others. With two bottles of Smirnoff Vodka, and any other... party favors April brought over, tonight was going to be hot. She dove down, sucking on my lips, grabbing my thighs. I could taste the cheap beer she must have been sipping off of before she came here, and I knew that she would never be able to go back to it after what she was tasting tonight. The drinks would be good, too.
        Slowly she started to pull away, and I leaned forward to keep her plump and curvy lips on mine. She reached down, grazing my boob, and grabbed my wrist. Pulling me up, she led me to the kitchen.
    "Let's get it started, babe!" She yelled, as I went to the cupboard to get all of the ingredients. Peeking behind me, I saw her leaning against the opposite counter, staring at my round ass. I starting slicing lemons, when she came up behind me, grabbing my waist. She didn't say anything, but I saw her smirking. She traced her fingers down to my thigh, and then slowly drew them up to where my panties /should have/ been beneath my miniskirt. I heard her chuckle. "Hmmm... were you expecting something tonight babydoll?" I felt her breath against my neck, and felt her tongue draw a quick line behind my ear, as she kept her hand planted on my firm ass.
    "I expect everything tonight, will you give it to me?" I answered her, completely forgetting the drinks I made, and instead bringing another bottle of vodka. Beneath my cami, I could feel my nipples popping from under my black lacy bra. Her eyes drawn to them, I snuck a peek at hers. Her breasts were pushed up into perfect mounds, nearly pouring out from her strapless mini dress. Downing half of the bottle in one turn, April stole the bottle from me and finished it off, making a show of twirling her tongue around the nozzle of the bottle while looking up at me.
    Grabbing her hand, and racing to my parents bedroom, she slams me to the wall, and thrusts her tongue down my throat. I feel her fingers hungrily finding my skirts top, and then sliding them down to my ankles. I kick them across the room, as she tears off my cami. Staring at my bra, I undo the clasps, and slide it down my arms.
    "I can't be the only one dressed, can I?" April asked me, pouting her perfect pink lips. Fiercly shaking my head, I pull her dress up over her head, and throw it wherever the hell my skirt went at this point. I saw her pink nipple poking out from her red lace bra, that matched her hair perfectly. Ripping the front clasps open, her boobs poured out towards me. I made a note to myself to come back to them later. Bending down onto my knees, I started touching her red thong. Grabbing both of her exposed asscheeks, I started pushing my tongue on her pussy through the cloth. Already I could smell her juice, before I even saw it. I ripped them down her legs, and moved back up. She grabbed my lip with her teeth, perfect and white. Plunging her tongue into my mouth, I tasted the raspberry aftertaste, mixed in with her own spit. I moved us to the bed, and then threw her down onto it.
    "Get the purple one, Eve!" April moaned at me, as I walked over to the dresser. Pulling out a vibrator and cherry flavored lube, I decided to bring her into my parents' closet. Watching her walk over, obviously to horny to walk normally, I sat down, pulling her into the small closet with me. Reaching up to a dim light, a soft light poured over the space. No actual clothes in here, I had a pretty good idea of what my mother must do in this three mirrored closet by herself. I was going to put every naughty thing she'd ever done to shame, because tonight was my night. Pressing April against the side mirror, I crawled (Making sure she saw my ass and clean-shaved as I did so) and sat on the back mirror, facing the front, while looking to the side at her. Pouring the lube onto my cunt, I shivered as the chilly liquid turned warm. Smearing it up to my clit, I turned the vibrator on and started pressing it against my pulsing clit. My legs were pulled up and spread, so she could see my cunt tightening, turning red with pleasure.
    I saw from her face that she was getting turned on the the point that she needed to be touched. She slipped her thong into the corner of  the closet, and then pounced onto me, thrusting her soaking pussy onto my leg. Looking startled, she threw open the closet door, returning with what could only be a joint.
    "We'll be making a fucking flood with this shit. Turns me on in a second." She winked at me, and nearly twenty minutes later, I had my juice and hers all the way down my legs. Both of us giggling, she leaned me down to the ground, and cupped an entire handful of the juices that were pouring out of us, and spread it from my pussy to my boobs. She held her fingers up to my lips, and I eagerly lapped up all of it. She slowly sucked all of the juice off of me, stopping at my nipples that were sticking out almost an entire inch from my boob. She grabbed a dildo from her pile of goodies in the corner, and told me to roll onto my stomach.
    Instead of just telling me to get into doggie position, she instead wrapped her hands around me, stopping above my pussy, and pulled me up, her face coming down to my ass. She reached between my already spread legs, and grabbed both of my tits and pushed up. Licking the last of the cherry lube off of me, she let the gushing natural juices work, as she shoved the dildo into my sopping cunt. I screamed as if I were being stabbed, not loved to. I felt the head ripping through me, every time it hit my cervix my scream would cut off into a desperate pant. She kept the dildo shoving, put the purple vibrator on my clit, and then unexpectedly shoved her tongue into my ass hole. Being fucked in every way possible, I fell to the ground as my vagina's walls closed in, and I shot out a jet of cum onto her chest.
    "Your turn, babe." I panted to her, as she sat licking my cum off of her boobs.

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