Volleyball Injury

By bassguitarbubba

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First time lesbian encounter


The setter placed the ball in the perfect location for Sam to do what she does best, spike the volleyball so hard and fast that it was almost an impossible feat to return it.   Once the ball left the setters fingers, Sam never lost focus.   She approached the net and leapt as high as she could and at the height of her jump she swung her right arm over her head.   Her outstretched hand slapped the leather ball with such force, the impact echoed throughout the gymnasium.   Sam touched down on the wooden gym floor as the crowd cheered and the scorekeeper added one more point to West High School ’s score.


Jackie ran toward Sam with her arms outstretched and hugged Sam with joy.   That set was one of the best Jackie had ever fed to Sam, and Sam knew it.


“Sweet set, Jackie,” Sam exclaimed as she returned Jackie’s hug.


As they separated, both Jackie and Sam patted each other on their firm, spandex-wearing asses.   As the volleyball season progressed, Sam and Jackie had become very close.   As close as any setter and outside hitter could get.   Perhaps closer than any other two teammates could get.   They became closest friends both on and off the court and they were inseparable.  


Sam is a seventeen year old junior with the perfect physique for an outside hitter.   Her aspirations are to win an athletic scholarship to a west coast university and based upon the number of scouts that came to see her play, the chances were good she would be offered a scholarship.   Sam stands six feet tall and weighed one hundred 142 pounds.   She has a firm athletic body with flowing brown hair that fell across her shoulders to about the middle of her back.   Her eyes were crystal blue and when she smiled her mouth showed off her brilliantly white teeth.  


Sam had been on the volleyball team since her freshman year.   She didn’t meet Jackie until last year.   Jackie was a fifteen year old freshman then and it was during this first season together that they grew close.


Jackie is a sophomore who turned sixteen a month ago.   She stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs 130 pounds.   Like Sam, Jackie has an athletic physique.   Her breasts are larger than Sam’s firm 34C size and they tease each other about how Jackie, the younger of the two, has the larger breasts.


Sam and Jackie typically meet at Jackie’s house after practice and even though they were in different grades, they helped each other with homework.   As was usual, their conversation went from school work to boys, and sometimes from boys to girls.   Neither one of them was a virgin, yet neither of them had any experience with another girl.   That lack of experience took up a majority of their conversation.



“Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be with another girl,” Jackie asked Sam


“Ya,” Sam answered.   “Between you and me, I wonder what it would be like to be with Mary Mills”


Both girls began to laugh.   Mary Mills was a large breasted senior at West High School .   She was also a model and her photos had been in several fashion magazines.    It was rumored that she had breast enlargement surgery.


“I want to find out if they’re real,” Sam chuckled.


“So do I!   If you ever have the chance to find out I want you to call me and tell me right away,” Jackie joked back.   “I bet their fake!”  


The next day Jackie and Sam found themselves at practice after school.   They were doing setting drills where Jackie set Sam the ball and Sam would hit it over the net.   They had done this drill hundreds of times but today would be a little different.   During one rotation of the drill, Jackie set the ball in her perfect fashion.   As Sam began her approach to the net she winced in pain and pulled her leg up as if she were hurt.


“What’s wrong,” Coach Thompson asked as she ran over to her star player.


Sam was grasping the hamstring on her right leg.   “I don’t know.   I think I pulled my hammy,” Sam replied.  


“O.K.   Sit down and I’ll send the trainer over,” Coach Thompson said as she walked briskly into the training room.   Seconds later the trainer emerged and went to where Sam was sitting.   After an examination the trainer determined that Sam had in fact pulled her hamstring.  


For the remainder of the practice, Sam sat on the bench and iced her leg.   When practice ended, Jackie helped Sam slowly into the locker room.   Sam was moving slowly and winced in pain with every step.   They sat on the bench in front of the row of lockers for several minutes before Sam mustered enough strength to take her clothes off and head into the shower.   Jackie helped Sam into the communal shower where they both showered.  


Jackie glanced at Sam numerous times as she showered.   Mostly to make sure she didn’t need help, but also to admire Sam’s lean, firm body.   Jackie found herself becoming slightly aroused as she watched Sam slowly move her hands over her wet, glistening skin.   Jackie’s heart began to beat harder and the longer she watched Sam the quicker her breathing got.   She moved her hands over her wet body slowly, deliberately and seductively.   Jackie wanted nothing more than to make love to Sam right there and then.  


Slamming lockers from some of the other teammates still in the locker room seemed to snap Jackie out of her trance and she finished washing her hair.


When Sam was done, Jackie turned off both of the showers and gave Sam a towel.   Sam dried herself and wrapped the towel around her.   Jackie did the same with her towel and then helped Sam into the locker area.   Sam slowly sat down on the bench.


“I could use a massage,” Sam said to Jackie.


“OK,” Jackie eagerly replied.   “Let’s go to the training room where you can lay on the table and I can get some salve.”   Jackie helped Sam to the training room.   Sam slowly got onto the massage table and lay on her stomach.   She still had her towel wrapped around her but it was so short the bottoms of her ass cheeks were exposed.


Jackie found the salve on the shelf and returned to find Sam on her stomach.   Jackie looked at Sam’s sexy body and focused on her ass cheeks peeking from beneath the towel.   Jackie was again becoming aroused as only a towel kept her from seeing her friend’s nude and firm body.


Jackie and Sam had taken longer than normal in the locker room because of Sam’s injury and the last of their teammates had already left.   Coach Thompson and the trainer had gone to the school office to discuss scheduling, leaving Sam and Jackie alone in the quiet training room.   Jackie put salve in the palm of her hand and began to gently rub Sam’s injured hamstring.    Jackie slowly moved her hands up and down the back of Sam’s upper leg.   She could see a hint of Sam’s cleanly shaven vagina under the towel.   Jackie’s mind began to wander, not about Mary Mills’ large breasts, but what it would be like if she was with her best friend, Sam.  


Sam rested her head on the table and grinned slightly as Sam rubbed her leg.


“What are you grinning at,” Jackie inquired.


“Honey, this feels sooo fucking good,” Sam purred.   “You can’t even imagine.”


Jackie didn’t respond, but she wondered if Sam had given her tacit permission to explore with her hands a little.   Jackie’s breathing got heavier and her heart almost beat through her chest.   Does she dare move her hands under the towel?   Jackie so much wanted to.   She was as horny as she’d ever been and her pussy was at its wettest.   To test the water Jackie slowly moved her hand up the back of Sam’s leg, her finger tips were on the inside of Sam’s leg.   Jackie moved her hand higher than she had and passed over the bottom of Sam’s ass cheek.   Sam didn’t move or say anything so Jackie tried it for a second time.   Once again Sam said nothing.   During the next run up Sam’s leg, Jackie hesitantly allowed her fingertips to brush against Sam’s vagina.   She wanted so much to keep her fingers at the location that has become the object of her desire.  


Sam’s only reaction was to slightly move her legs apart.   Jackie was now certain that Sam wanted her to continue.   Sam’s pussy got wetter with every pass of Jackie’s fingertips and her ass cheeks tightened and relaxed in rhythm to Jackie’s gentle touch.   Sam released a soft moan from her lips and her breathing was getting faster.   Jackie kept her hand on Sam’s clitoris and gently rubbed it.    Sam moaned louder and began to thrust her hips with force.   Jackie looked at Sam’s face and saw that she was grimacing in pleasure and her mouth was open as she tried to catch her breath.   Jackie rubbed Sam’s clit faster and without notice, Sam let out a long growling sound and said in a deep voice, “I’m coming!!”


Jackie didn’t stop rubbing Sam’s clit until Sam’s hips slowed to a stop.   When she removed her hand Jackie saw it was wet from Sam’s juices.


Sam looked at Jackie, grinned and said, “Let’s get out of here.   Coach will be back soon.   I have a favor to repay and I don’t want to do it here.”  


They got dressed and since Sam couldn’t drive because of her leg, Jackie drove her home.


“Let’s go into the spa,” Sam said.   “My folks are gone to dinner until later.”


They both took off their clothes and got into the backyard spa.


“Come here, bitch,” Sam chuckled as she looked at Jackie mischievously.   “I have a favor to return.”


Jackie sat next to Sam and Sam leaned forward and kissed Sam on the lips.   Jackie’s stomach did cartwheels and she parted her lips and sucked Sam’s tongue into her mouth.   Several moments later they parted lips.


“Sit on the edge of the spa,” Sam whispered to Jackie.   Jackie did so and kept her feet in the water.   Sam looked up at Jackie as she moved to a position in front of Jackie.   Sam gently kissed Jackie’s knees and slowly spread Jackie’s legs with her hands.   Jackie watched as Sam’s lips caressed her inner thighs and her tongue darted out of her full lips to lick her soft skin.  


Jackie spread her legs inviting Sam to move closer to her wet and eagerly awaiting pussy.   Sam continued licking and kissing Jackie’s inner thighs until her tongue found the object of her desire.   Her tongue ran ringlets around Jackie’s erect clit as Jackie threw her head back in pleasure.   She then lay back on the pool deck and pulled her knees up, placing her feet on the spa’s edge.   Jackie thoroughly enjoyed Sam’s smooth tongue licking her clit.  


“Oh, God, Sam.   This feels so good,” Jackie purred.


Sam continued to lick Jackie’s wet tunnel and Jackie began to move her hips as she enjoyed every moment of Sam’s tongue.   Although this was Jackie’s first time with someone of the same gender, she found the experience to be natural and exciting.   She spread her legs wider and placed her hand on the back of Sam’s head and gently pulled her lover’s lips against her pussy.  


Sam flicked her tongue faster on Jackie’s clit and Jackie let out a moan as she began to gasp for air.   She raised her head and watched as Sam’s lips sucked on her clit.   Jackie ground her hips against Sam’s face harder and faster.   She felt her orgasm build and could not hold it back.  


“I’m ready to cum, Sammy,” Jackie whimpered.


“Let it go, honey,” Sam replied as she drove her tongue as deep as she could into Jackie’s pussy.   Jackie’s nipples became hard and her back arched with pleasure as she came with the most force she ever had.  


Sam climbed out of the pool and leaned over Jackie as she lay on the poolside catching her breath.   Sam lowered her head and gently kissed Jackie’s lips.   Jackie could taste the sweetness of her own juices on Sam’s lips.   Jackie opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into Sam’s moist mouth.   She savored the taste of her pussy as she kissed Sam deeper and deeper.


Their lips parted and Sam said, “Wow, girl!   That was fantastic!”


“Tell me about it,” Jackie replied with a giggle.   She put her arms around Sam’s neck and hugged her firmly.   The two lay next to the spa in each other’s embrace for several minutes.   They then got up and went into the house to get dressed.


“Sammy,” Jackie said.   “That was the best time I’ve ever had and I’m glad it was with you.”


“Me too,” Sam replied.   They hugged and walked to the front door.


“Thanks for the ride home, lover,” Sam said.


Jackie smiled and said, “Anytime.   See you at school tomorrow.”   Jackie walked to her car and drove home with a smile on her face.