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Waiting for the right moment

Rachael just couldn't wait another day for her.
As I rounded the last corner I found myself looking at the door to her class. I knew what would be waiting, the most gorgeous woman I knew. Rachael was my Geography professor. She had started teaching at my university a year ago and had replaced my old male professor who was just a little odd.

From the minute Rachael walked through the door the room would brighten. I always found myself staring at her, watching what she did, watching as she laughed and smiled at the students. She was beautiful. I had spent weeks building a friendship with my new professor and things seemed to be going in my favour.

There was always some flirting in the conversations that we had and I could tell we were getting closer, but now for some reason I just waited outside the door, watching Rachael prepare for her lesson. I already knew that she would be wearing a low cut top under her jacket and her new perfume just to tease me. It was just like her to do that to me. Rachael turned and saw me outside the door so I figured that now would probably be a better time than any to go in.

I opened and the door and went quickly to my seat, giving Rach a measly nod in greeting, I was hoping she wouldn't know how long I had been there.

As I sat in my seat I grabbed my phone and pretended to be texting until the lesson began.

The lesson seemed to fly and when the bell rang and I closed my textbooks, gathered them and shoved them in my bag. I quickly grabbed my jacket off the back of my chair and tried to leave as quickly as I could, but as I came down the stairs I heard Rach say, "Yasmin, could I have a word?"

I quickly wondered what she could want to speak to me about, maybe an unfinished essay or some paper that was not good enough. I couldn't come up with anything and finally realized it was probably to do with my standing outside the door at the beginning of class. As I tried to come up with an excuse quickly I heard the door slam as the last student walked out of class.

Rachael’s voice broke into my world.

"Yasmin, I couldn't help but notice that you were waiting outside the door before class and you hardly acknowledged me when you entered the room? That’s not like you. Is everything OK?"

I couldn't come up with a creative reason so I just said, "I'm sorry Rach, I just wasn't feeling so good."

Rach was really nice if I said I wasn't feeling so good and predictably she held her arms out for a hug, I accepted her hug as I always do, she smelt fantastic as usual, but this time I could smell something sweet, a familiar sweet smell but I decided that it couldn't be what I thought. As I convinced myself of what the new smell could be I realised that the hug was still going on. This was unusual — Rachael's hugs were long but not this long. As I started to pull away, Rachael realise what had happened and began to speak "I'm sorry Yasmin, I shouldn't ha-" she stopped, as if she couldn't continue

"Whats up Rach?"

"I can't do this Yasmin."

"What? Teach me?"

"No, I can't keep pretending any more. It's not fair on myself or you. I see it in your eyes when you walk by me, I see you staring in class, I saw you outside the door — I know Yasmin. It's why I wear the tops, the perfume...I’ve been waiting months for you to make a move, but you're too polite, so now I’ve had enough. I can't wait another second!"

And with that Rach kissed me. It was amazing, soft but hard, perfect and seemed to last forever.

I kissed her back and she began to slip her hands up my top. It just felt right. I pulled away from the kiss and started unbuttoning her top, revealing her beautiful breasts. I had thought they were maybe B cups but they could have easily been D cups. I took her lacy red bra off and saw her perky nipples and I knew right then I had to have them in my mouth. I took one in my mouth and sucked the nub, running my tongue all over it. Rach started moaning and I knew she was enjoying it.

She pulled me up so she could kiss me again and whilst we made out she began to take off my bra and undo my skirt, she stopped kissing and told me to go lay down on the desk. I did as I was told and she shimmied my skirt off me. I was getting really wet at this point so she slipped my panties off and spread my legs. She began to lap at my pussy and lick all around my clit, at this point I could have cum immediately, but I put it off a bit just because I wanted this moment to last longer. She continued flicking my clit which made me think this wasn't the first time she had done this, then she took one finger and stuck it in my hole and I came immediately. Waves of pleasure took over my body and Rach kissed me as I moaned so I wouldn't make too much noise.

When I came down from my pleasure high I switched places with Rach and laid her down on the desk. I shimmied her skirt off and realised that she had come to class without panties!

"Forget something?" I asked teasingly.

With that I began to trace my tongue around her slit, making sure I went close to her clit, but not close enough. She began to edge further towards me, trying to get my to lick her clit so I edged further back. I took my fingers and placed them at the entrance to her hole; I traced it lightly and she began to grind against my fingers, pushing further against them. I relented a little and began to finger her gently, I could tell she was close to orgasm with the way she purred and squirmed on the desk. I lightly blew on her clit and she moaned loudly.

"Like that?" I asked her.

"Just fucking make me cum!" she screamed

I decided she could wait two more minutes and lightly traced her clit with my tongue again, I could tell she was getting really close so I began to finger her harder and began to flick her clit. As she came I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers and her orgasm continued a for a while, whilst I blew on her clit lightly.

As she finished cumming I kissed her and knew she could taste herself on my tongue.

"Damn Yasmin, you’re a pro at this! Have you been practicing?"

"Nahh, just a skill I have, I guess."

After another long kiss I glanced at the clock and realised I should probably go. I quickly dressed and flicked Rach's bra at her. She giggled a little and with that I began to walk out the door. As I was leaving I watched her lick her fingers and figured that we probably would do that again in the near future...

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