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Wake up call with a twist

I love waking up to her beside me and waking her up
I've always been an early riser. As soon as the sun breaches over the tree line, it dances in through the window and instantly warms me. The sun kisses my skin and wakes me up to a brand new day. I usually lounge in bed, with the sheets down around my waist, enjoying the natural warmth. In the summer, the window stays open through the night, and in the morning a cool breeze moves through the room in a sensual accompaniment with the sun’s rays.

This morning is one of those, the warm sun and a slight breeze. I turn my head just a bit and catch a glimpse of her smooth back and just the rise of her hip before the sheet cuts off my view. Her long black hair is in disarray from last night’s activities.

I smile, thinking about the hours of pleasure we shared. I know my love, my Lexi, won’t wake up for a few more hours. She is such a heavy sleeper and likes to sleep in. I curl around her, holding her close. My face is pressed into her wild hair. Her tresses smell of that citrus shampoo she adores.

I lie with one arm wrapped around her waist and the other curled under my head. I pull her closer, and my breasts press into her back. I hear a sigh pass her lips as she wiggles closer to me. Her wonderful ass is right tight to me. I use my fingers to draw little patterns all over her stomach, as I kiss any skin I can reach. My lips press to her shoulder and neck. I dart my tongue out to taste her skin, and she is oh so sweet to taste. I glance at her face and see that she is smiling in her sleep.

I cannot resist the draw she has on me. I back away just a bit, knowing she will automatically follow. A moment later she rolls onto her back, and I’m right back in place snuggled against her. Being on her left side, I rest my ear just above her heart, hearing the steady beat. My hand is just below her right breast as my breath glides over her left nipple. I giggle watching it harden and peak. Her breasts are saying hello even while she sleeps. I can’t deny her body anything and am compelled to say hello in return.

I drag my nails up her breast and circle her nipple. It becomes impossibly harder. I flick my fingers gently across her, cupping and kneading. Hearing a soft moan stirs something inside me; I can feel a knot tighten deep in my belly. I shift down, so I can give equal attention to her other breast. I lightly kiss all the skin I can before dropping wet, open mouth kisses everywhere. I finally take her nipple into my mouth, sucking on as much skin as possible. With a final nip to the tip, I switch sides and repeat my actions.

I check to see that she is still in a deep sleep. Her fingers are like talons, digging into the mattress. Her moans get louder and her hips shift. As much as I love the taste of her skin, I need to taste her pussy. I know she is sopping wet, I can hear it when her hips wiggle.

I kiss my way down her stomach from her wonderfully pink, puckered nipples, vowing to return to show them more love. I shimmy the sheet down as I move lower. I press a kiss to her neatly trimmed mound. That little bit of hair reminds me that she is a woman a few years older than I am. I rest my head against her hip as I draw circles through that patch of hair. I smile, hearing her whimper and wonder what her dreams are like right at this moment.

I tickle her leg so she will spread them and make space for me. Once she opens her long tanned legs I curl between them. I hook my right arm around her leg to hold her open and use my left shoulder to brace her other leg. I lay my head against her thigh knowing that as soon as my tongue touches her clit she will wake up gasping. I want to take my time and enjoy every minute, no matter how much my pussy aches.

I kiss all over her thighs, moving closer to my target. I place little kisses all over her lower lips, darting my tongue out every so often to taste her juices. I place one last kiss to her soft curls, before I use my fingers to spread her. I watch as she glistens in the early sun beams. Her pussy looks so beautiful; I just want to watch her drip all day, but instead, I inhale her musky scent and lick her from her sweet entrance up to her clit. As soon as I brush her clit, I hear that sweet inhale of breath, and her hands dig into my scalp. Her fingers pull my hair hard as she screams my name.

“Oh, yes baby. Mmmmm.” She pants out, “Faster. More. Use your fingers, Kitty.” I smile while keeping my slow pace. I should learn by now, to never turn down an order from Lexi. With my tongue not speeding up and my fingers only spreading her lips, I can feel her need take over and her patience loses out. When she wants something, Lexi always gets it.

I hear her growl in frustration before I realize I’m on my back with Lexi straddling my waist, “Why do you never listen to me, Kitty? Why do you always have to be such a naughty girl?” I can feel her grind down on me and a trail of wetness running along my belly.

Lexi leans down to bite at my hard nipples, smirking she says, “I’m going to take care of myself before I make you feel good.” With a kiss to my lips she slides off me back to her side of the bed, “Sit back, watch, but... ” I can feel her hand glide along my folds, one finger slips between my lips and circles my clit twice before her hand is gone, “Do not touch my little pussy.”

I whimper at the loss of contact. My breathing is ragged but I turn my head to follow her movements.

I watch her lean over to the bedside table before removing a few of our toys. She removes a few of our favourites and lays them out next to me. She has the Ben Wa balls out first, the ones you insert that move while inside you, hitting all these amazing places. Next is the 6 inch glass dildo that I know is her favourite, she loves the feel of the cold glass and how it curves perfectly to hit her g-spot. She pulls a few other toys out, but I get distracted by her wet pussy as she bends over to retrieve them. I wonder what her plan is and run every scenario of what she will do.

When Lexi faces the bed again, she has a large smirk on her face, “Hmm I guess I can allow your hands to wander a little, I don’t want to be cruel to my sweet Kitty.”

I didn't realize that my fingers were idly tracing patterns on my belly, through her wetness that was left on me, until she spoke. Somehow, I was able to blush at her comment, I felt guilty to have disobeyed her instructions already. Lexi always knows how to comfort me, and she kisses my lips lightly.

She whispers in my ear, “Watch me, and then I’ll take care of you.”

I get one more kiss before she leans back against the headboard, so that if I prop myself up one elbow, I can see her sweet folds. I kiss her bent knee, while I watch her reach for her glass toy. Her back arches, and she lets out a pleased moan as the first inch is pressed inside her. I watch her chest heave and her eyelids flutter as the dildo is firmly set all the way in. 

I’m mesmerized, watching her fingers swirl around her clit and her abdominal muscle work to keep the glass dildo in place. While one hand continues to tease her clit, the other begins a regimen of pulling the dildo out and adding a twist on the downward pump. I watch her whither beside me while she brings herself to climax. Her voice is high pitched as she screams my name. I love watching her face scrunch up and her mouth fall open to form a cute little ‘o’ shape.

Lexi slumps on the bed, sliding down until her head is on the pillow, her arms are useless and she pants in her exertion. I reach over and tap on the end of the glass still inside her. I watch her twitch as the glass must have bumped against her g-spot. I continue tapping to a tune in my head while Lexi moans helplessly in pleasure. Her undoing for a second time is when I suck a nipple into my mouth and bite down when I give a final hard tap to the dildo.

I watch as she quakes and lay my head back against her chest. I love the sound of her heart beat and feeling the rise and fall as she breathes. Once she calms I feel her wrap her arms around me.

Kissing the top of my head Lexi says, “Thank you sweetheart, but now let me take care of you. It’s a beautiful morning, and I want you to start your day out in a happy way.” I raise my head when she starts to scoot away. I notice an excited glint in her eye, when she says, “Kneel for me and rest your head on the pillows.”

I do as I’m asked. I know Lexi loves to please me. She is fascinated by my sounds and the way that my body responds to her touch. I feel her hips pressed against mine from behind and her chest against my back, as little kisses are laid all over my skin. I bury my face into the pillows, as I let out an embarrassingly loud moan. Lexi chuckles at me when I whimper at her retreat, until I feel her hands spreading my legs just a little further apart.

“I love the sight of your pussy. So wet for me. So pink and puffy.” Lexi gives me a little swat to my clit and I yelp at the sensation. “I’ve got your favourite toy for you. Relax for me Kitty, I promise to make you feel good.”

I relax and sag into the mattress a little more. Lexi trails one finger down between my cheeks and applies a little pressure to my asshole before she is knuckle deep in my pussy.

“So wet already, I’m sorry I denied you earlier, baby,” Lexi pumps her finger slightly before curling it searching for my g-spot.

With the extraction of her finger, I feel the first ball being entered. I whimper as the second ball is added. I can feel my muscles clamp around the metal balls that are just smaller than golf balls. After they are set in place Lexi adds a hard smack to my ass forcing a moan from me as the balls shift and their internal balls roll adding to the sensation. Lexi giggles, and I look back when I hear the sound of a cap being opened. Lexi has a bottle of lubricant in her hand.

“I thought that cute ass of yours could use a new decoration.” She winks at me as she holds up a plug I’ve never seen before. It was about three inches long, slightly curled and almost two inches wide tapering to a rounded point. “This was in the section for men. It’s supposed to stimulate a prostate. But, since you don’t have one of those, I thought it would work nicely paired with the balls inside you. It should rub against them perfectly.” She has a naughty smirk, and I already love the idea. 

She applies lube to my hole and uses her fingers to stretch me. By the time she inserts the plug I am dripping on the sheets, and I am so close to my release. I feel the plug fill me, and my muscles squeeze, causing a circle reaction of forcing the plug to rub the balls, setting them in motion, which then caused my muscles to tighten again and repeated the process. I moan into the mattress and collapse as my body works itself up.

I can hear Lexi giggle, “If you react like this, I definitely want to try it later.” I feel Lexi’s hand smack into the end of the plug. I scream as I cum from the impact. My pussy spasms faster and my hips jerk, rolling the balls around. The constant movement inside me prolongs my orgasm.

I can’t catch my breath, and I begin to feel light headed. Lexi adds extra pressure to the plug which presses against my g-spot, I scream once more feeling my throat go raw from being so loud. Another orgasm rocks my body stronger than the first as I cum, squirting my release onto the sheets.

Lexi holds me close. I whimper when she removes that wonderful plug from my ass. She rolls me onto my back and kisses my neck as she presses down on my abdomen, forcing the balls out of my pussy. I cling to her, still shaking from my release. I let out a small cry when Lexi leaves the bed, only to return a few minutes later with a soft, warm cloth. Lexi uses the cloth to clean me before she removes the toys from the bed and pulls me close. She strokes my hair while she hums to me.

“Rest now Kitty, we can play again later.” With a tender kiss to my forehead, “I loved my wakeup call, now rest; you worked so hard.”

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