What really happened at the cabin

By SweetKitty

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We all plan the perfect weekend and hope that nothing goes wrong.

I planned it all. We were celebrating Valentine, two weeks late, and also her birthday a week late. This was going to be our first time together, so it had to be perfect.

We had been together a few times, but it was only a bit of kissing, and a bit of touching. This weekend was all about exploring each other. We were to go beyond what either one of us have ever done.

She knew what she wanted to do to me. I knew what I wanted to do to her. We wanted to make sure that everything we wanted to do to each other, we would do.

We were going to leave Saturday morning and come back home Sunday afternoon.


Saturday morning my husband woke up bright and early. He rolls over, and puts his arm around me. He whispers, "I'm going, I'll call you when I get there." " ok hun "

I watch my hubby leave. I get in to the tub, I take a short bath. I'm all packed and almost ready to go when you call and tell me you are on your way over. You are going to be about an hour. I fix myself up and wait for you to get here.

The phone rings, "hello". It's my hubby, "hi hun , you up". "yes, I got up when you left and took a bath, Tish should be here soon." "Well, I've got some bad news, the road that goes up to the cabin is snow covered, you will have to walk in from the main road." "Oh, no". He says, "just make sure you have boots and not too much things to carry in." " Ok , I'll talk to you later."

I hang up the phone. Shortly after, the phone rings again, "Hello". This time it's Tisha. "Hi, Kitty, I've got some bad news." "Oh no, Tish, I don't need anymore bad news. What's wrong?" "I'm up the road at the store, and the car won't start." "That's ok Tish, I'll come pick you up and Jim can take care of your car until we come home. I'll be right there."

By the time I get to you, you managed to get the car started. You follow me home in your car.

We get back to the house. That's when I tell you about my bad news, "Tish, we can't drive all the way to the cabin, we need to walk a short distance, so we need to make sure we only take what we absolutely need." "That's ok , Kitty, we don't need clothes, but we do need the toys. We'll make the best of it"

So we repack our stuff, and only take what we absolutely need. 40 minutes later we head out in my car. We decided to eat lunch before we get there, and bring in food for supper. We stop at the grocery store and pick up a chicken meal that is already cooked, it only needs to be reheated.

We are now on the highway, it's very difficult to be sat besides each other and not be able to touch, but I do need to concentrate. I look over at you and you are smiling at me. I smile back at you. I reach over for your hand. I rub your hand, I hold it for awhile.

We stop into a restaurant for lunch. We are almost at the cabin, but we decide to eat before we go into the cabin.

You are sat across from me. I want you so bad right now. But not here at the restaurant. We do touch hands during the meal. The waitress doesn't come around too often, she gives us a bit of privacy.

Finally, it's time to leave. It only takes us about an extra 10 minutes, when I turn off towards the cabin. I park the car and we kiss. I ask you, "are you ready for the walk, it's not very far." "yes, let's get this over with".

We grab our stuff, and we start to walk. It's a bit heavy so we take a break along the path, we kiss. We start to walk again. We take a break every 5 minutes.

It only took about 20 minutes to walk to the cabin. When we get there, just before we go in, you turn to me and smile. "Are you ready for this, Kitty?" "Yes, Tish, I'm ready, what about you?" You smile, "yes let's go in".

I unlock the door, I walk in behind you. You look around, I drop everything and move close behind you. I turn you towards me, you drop your things and we kiss. We take our coats off while still kissing, we get out of our boots.

I pull you towards the room. I sit on the edge of the bed, you sit besides me. My hand moves up to your face, I kiss you urgently. My hand moves towards the back of your neck, up to your hair clip. I take the hair clip out, you know I prefer your hair down, but I enjoy taking it down myself. I throw the clip on the floor, I run my fingers through your hair, while I'm kissing you. I love the way your hair falls around your face. We hold each other affectionately for a moment.

Our hands are now roaming around. I need to feel your skin. I pull your shirt off and you pull mine off. You kiss down my neck and down towards my cleavage. You reach behind me and take my bra off. You grab both my tits. You massage the right side, while you suck my left nipple. " hmmmm , babe that feels so good." I'm playing with your hair, I kiss the top of your head. You switch nipple. I'm getting very wet.

I pull you up to kiss you. We kiss passionately. I slowly start to rub your shoulders, my hands move to your front, I work my way down to your tits. I kiss down to your cleavage. You take your bra off. I bring your tits closer together while I'm kissing them both. I reach for your nipples and suck on both of them, back and forth.

We are both breathing heavy. You lie me back and you straddle me. Your hands roam my body, you explore. You massage my tits, you suck my nipples and you pinch them. " Hmmmm , that feels so good." You reach for my jeans, you unbutton them. I lift my hips so that you can pull my jeans and panties down. You take your pants off as well. You get on top of me again, you move back to my nipples. You pinch, suck and bite my nipples. I'm so horny, and wet.

You start to kiss down my stomach, you reach my belly button. Your tongue circles around my belly button, you play with my belly button ring. You move down to my pussy. You suck on my clit , I gasp excitedly. You lick and suck on my clit , then you lick my pussy. " Hmmm , babe you are so wet, you taste so good". You push a finger in my pussy, " hmmm , that feels good". You lick and suck on my clit , and play with my pussy.

I moan, you flick your tongue up and down on my clit . I start to shake, my head moves back and forth. "Oh no, no, hmmm ." You look up at me, "do you want me to stop babe". "no don't, don't stop" "what do you want babe", "oh, oh, don't stop, I want more, ohhhh " You continue teasing me, you now have 2 fingers going in me, you push hard and fast in my pussy. You suck on my clit .

"Oh, oh, babe, no, oh, oh, ... hmmmmm " My body is shaking. You look up at me. " Hmmmm , babe come here." "I want to continue", " no babe, I can't". You come up to cuddle me. You kiss me, I can taste my juices on your lips. Your hands are roaming back down to my pussy. I start to shake again. "No babe you have to stop, that was so intense I need to stop and take a break". " Ok "

We cuddle for a few minutes. I start to calm down. We start to kiss, my hands are starting to roam around your tits. I kiss your tits around your nipples. I suck on your left nipple. Then I move to the right nipple. You moan. I lightly pinch your nipples and massage you tits.

I slowly kiss down your belly, I make my way down to your pussy. I stop just before I get to your pussy. I look at your pussy. You ask, "what's wrong", " nothing babe, just looking, I've never been this close to a pussy before." I explore your pussy, I spread your soft lips, you are so wet. I circle my tongue around your hard clit , " hmmmm " you moan. I continue to lick your clit with more pressure. Licking your sweet pussy, I dart my tongue in your pussy. In and out, you moan, ' hmmm , babe", your breathing is short and shallow. I tease your clit with my tongue, I push a finger in your pussy, you shudder. You are so wet. I push my finger deep into your pussy, while licking your clit . I push a second finger in your pussy, I reach for your g-spot, "oh god babe, that feels so good, don't stop". I push my fingers in deeper and faster and tease your clit . You climax, my fingers are full of your juices. I suck on your pussy, I want to taste your sweet juices. " hmmmm , babe you taste so good".

I move up to kiss you. We kiss and we hold each other. We enjoy the after effects of our passion.

We realize it's starting to get cold. I get up to turn the heat up. We are out of propane, so we have no more heat. We get dress and walk to my friends cabin. My friends have a bit of propane they can give up. Not sure if it's going to be enough, but we are glad to have it. He walks back to the cabin with us to help us connect it.

Finally we have heat, but we've been out of bed for 2 hours now.

We decide to eat supper, while supper is warming up we start to undress. We cuddle together on the couch, in a blanket. We chat a bit about our afternoon experiences.

When supper is ready, we sit back on the couch with a plateful each. I'm not really hungry for supper. I'm hungry for dessert. We put away the supper and get dessert. We have strawberries and chocolate for dessert.

You are lying back on the couch and I'm sitting up between your legs. I grab a strawberry and dip it in the hot chocolate and offer it to you, you take a bite and I eat the rest. Then you grab a strawberry and dip in the chocolate, you offer me the first bite and then eat the rest. I dip my finger in the hot chocolate, it's too hot, I blow on my finger to cool it down a bit, then I circle your nipples with my finger, you fidget. You say, "it's warm". Both your nipples have chocolate on them. I suck the chocolate off both nipples. I then grab another strawberry, I take a bite, it's a juicy strawberry. I take the rest of the strawberry, and rub the juices on your nipples. You say, " hmmm , that's cold". I suck on both nipples, " hmmm , you taste so sweet babe".

I move up and kiss you. "Can I do whatever I want?" I asked. You say, "yes". I take a big strawberry and I start to rub your pussy with it. I push the end in your pussy a bit, not too far, I don't want to lose the strawberry. I eat the strawberry, " hmmm , that's good, babe, I can taste your juices mixed with the strawberry's juices".

We eat a few more strawberries and then we've had enough of them.

We lie together on the couch for awhile, cuddling. We chat a bit more about what we've done and what we still want to do. "Well we haven't played with the toys yet", you say.

" hmmmmmm , get them" I say. You reach over to your bag of toys. You drop all the toys on the chair beside me.

First you grab the smallest vibrator, and lightly rub my clit with it. Then you get your dildo. You get it nice and wet with my juices before penetrating my pussy with it. You slowly push it in and out. " Hmmmm ", I moan. With the dildo in my pussy and the vib on my clit , it doesn't take me long to cum again.

You take the toys away, and you crawl up my body. You pause to suck on my nipples. "No, babe, no more, I need to calm down again."

I move over so you can lie down beside me on the couch. We hold each other, kissing lightly for a few minutes.

I get up and tell you to wait there. "Babe, don't be long" you say. "I won't".

I go into the room and shut the door. When I had asked you a few weeks ago what you wanted for your birthday, you had said you wanted me with a big red bow. I had brought with me a bow and some ribbon. I wrapped myself in the red ribbon and added the big red bow. I opened the door slightly and told you I was ready, you had to come to me. You slowly open the door, and peek in. I notice you smile. I'm lying on the bed surrounded by rose petals with nothing on but the red ribbon and bow.

You come to me on the bed. You crawled on top of me. You kiss my lips. "Happy belated birthday, and happy valentine, babe". You whisper, "thank you, babe, just what I wanted".

You unwrap the ribbon and the bow off my tits. You kiss down my neck to my nipples. You suck and pinch my nipples. " Hmmmm " I moan. You make a trail of kisses all the way down my belly, you reach my belly button ring. You circle my belly button with your tongue.

You unwrap the ribbon from my hips and pussy. You kiss down to my clit . " Hmmmm ". You push a finger in my pussy. I'm so wet. It doesn't take much for me to cum again.

You come up and lay down besides me. We kiss. I whisper, "close your eyes and don't peek, I have another surprise for you".


I quickly slip into my new strap-on.

" Ok babe, open your eyes". You slowly open your eyes, you're shocked. "I though you couldn't get the one you wanted". "I couldn't, but I was talking to the lady at the store and she suggested, I try this one".

" Hmmmm "

I climb back on the bed and kneel between your legs, and I stop. "Babe, I don't know what to do, I've never done this before". "Don't worry we'll figure it out together".

I grab the dildo, and you spread your pussy lips for me. You are so wet. I take the dildo and rub up and down your slit, to get it wet. Then I line it up to your pussy. I slowly push in, not sure how far to push. But I know that I could handle the whole dildo in me, so I figure you can as well. So I push in as far as it will go. I push in and out for a few minutes and then I pull out.

"Babe, I want you on your hands and knees, I want to fuck you from behind". You turn around. I get behind you and I slowly push into your pussy. " mmmm " you moan.

I grab your hips and I push in and out. It's a different feeling, having the strap on and being in control. It's exotic watching the dildo going in you.

I push harder and faster, you moan, " hmmm , oh yes babe, I'm cumming".

I pull out of you and we both collapse in each others arms. I take the strap-on off and lie in your arms.

It's late into the night, we kiss and drift off to sleep.

I wake up at 6 am, I'm cold. I get up to check the temperature. It's 13C and the propane is out again.

I get back to bed with you. You complain, "shit your cold". "I know babe, we have no heat again". I cover the two of us in the sleeping bag. You cuddle me and go back to sleep. You warm me up, but I can't go back to sleep. I lie in your arms, I let you sleep. I'm thinking of everything we've done last night.

At 8 am, I start to kiss you again until you wake up. "Wake up sleepy head."

Our hands start to roam our bodies again. "I wish I had a strap-on too, I'd love to fuck you like you did to me last night". "Use mine, we've shared everything else". We giggle, "that's true".

You put the strap-on on. I climb on top of you and slid down the dildo. It feels so good. You play with my tits while I move up and down. We're in this position for a few minutes. "I want you behind me". I get up off you and get on my hands and knees. You get behind me and grab hold of the dildo. You slowly rub the head near my pussy, and then you push it in me. " Hmmmmm , that feels so good, oh yes babe".

I play with my clit while you push in and out of me. I start to shake. You move in and out of me faster and harder. "Oh, oh babe, no, no, oh babe, no". My head starts to move side to side. You know from yesterday, that I'm too far gone to stop now. "Oh babe no, no don't stop". "Oh, oh, babe, no, oh, oh, ... hmmmmm , I'm cumming babe". My body is shaking. You pull out, you take the strap-on off and lie beside me.

"You know babe, we should probably get ready and go, it's 10 am", you say. "Yes, I know"

We get up, it's real cold. We get dress and clean up. Every couple minutes we kiss and get back to cleaning up. A half hour later we are ready to go. We walk back out to the car and go.