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Returning a faulty toy to the store could never be fun.......could it?
I bought a present for my niece’s birthday last week but when we gave it to her, it didn't work properly, so today... I took it back.

The young lady on the customer service desk was about 22 and a really bubbly girl. So friendly, and I noticed, very pretty, with medium length blonde hair, lovely blue eyes, and a smile that would warm the coldest of hearts. She was dressed in the store uniform red fitted shirt, which accentuated her lovely figure, and tight black pants.

I explained the problem to her and immediately she started to unpack the toy and check it over.

For the next ten minutes she tried to find the problem, all the while, chatting away like an old friend.

She couldn't solve the problem, so she went and got another, which she then checked out and found that to be faulty also.

She called the supervisor over who turned out to be a very attractive auburn haired woman in her late thirties. She was dressed in similar black pants, but a satin, semi see through blouse with black bra. She then authorised a third toy to be brought out.

While all this was happening, a second assistant wandered over whilst she had no customers.

This one was a tall thin brunette, around twenty, with jet black hair and stunning ice blue eyes. She could have been a Goth chick but didn't have all the make up. She also wore the store uniform, but had small breasts so didn't fill the shirt in the same way.

She looked at all the toy ponies on the counter and said, "When I was little, I liked all the broken toys best... I felt sorry for them."

My assistant, Nikki, they all wore name badges, laughed and I smiled thinking, "What a lovely sentiment."

The dark haired girl, Laura, then returned to serve another customer.

It was then that something caught my eye. As Laura turned to get an item for the customer, the supervisor, Jackie, just happened to be passing and she tickled Laura on the ribs causing her to giggle and twist away.

This caused a familiar sensation in me, a sensation which caused me to wonder...!?

I looked at Nikki and raised an eyebrow. She smiled but with a little twinkle in her eye and held my gaze a little longer than would be normal.

When the toy problem was finally resolved I said, "Thank you, Nikki, for you patience. It has been a pleasure being served by such a nice girl... and pretty too!"

"Awww, how sweet, thank you."

I continued, "You are all nice. It makes a pleasant change from the miserable people we meet these days."

"We do get on very well," she replied, with a slight emphasis on the word 'very'.

Nikki looked at me for a moment, as if thinking, then said, "Would you like to join us after work?"

"Well, thank you. That would be nice. I would love to."

"Okay," she said, "we close at five thirty. Meet us here?"

I took the toy back to the car and continued my afternoon shopping. The time seemed to drag but eventually it was five thirty and I waited by the store entrance.

Laura and Nikki came out together closely followed by the rest of the staff. Finally, Jackie appeared and, before joining us, locked the doors.

Nikki turned to me.

"Hi." Then, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't ask your name."

"I am Anna," I told them.

"Pleased to see you again Anna."

Jackie came over to me and went to kiss me. I expected a peck on the cheek so turned my head accordingly. She smiled, placed her finger on the side of my chin and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised but responded with a soft, slightly open mouthed kiss, just so that she was in no doubt.

"Mmm, nice kiss," she said.

"Thank you." I smiled at her then turned to Nikki. She also kissed me softly.

"You knew didn't you?" she asked.

"I suspected. You gave off so much body language, I couldn't really not."

"So, girls. A drink?" Jackie wanted to get thinks moving, "Or would you rather come back to mine and chat there?"

They all turned and looked towards me.

"I don't mind. Whatever suits you," then addressing Jackie, "do you live far?"

"Only a few minutes on the bus."

"I have my car in the car park. I will take you," and that is what we did. I returned to my car and drove to the exit where they were waiting.

We arrived at Jackie's home a few minutes later. It was a small terraced house but looked nice and cosy. Inside was tastefully decorated but I saw no evidence of a man.

"This is nice, Jackie. You and you husband have made it very cosy."

"I live alone," she told me, "my husband left me. We didn't really get on anyway."

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

"Don‘t be," she said, “I’m not. I like the freedom of being single again anyway." She looked at Nikki and Laura and smiled. They both nodded.

Jackie turned to Nikki then,

“Would you take Anna’s jacket please Nikki. You can hang it on the hook under the stairs."

Nikki came up behind me and helped me off with the black leather jacket I had on. Was it accidentally or did she intend to brush her hand against my breast as she took it. Either way it sent a thrill through me that caused my nipples to immediately stiffen which was quite noticeable through the thin material of my pale blue summer dress as I wasn’t wearing a bra.

"Nikki!" Jackie feigned annoyance, "you really must be more careful! Look at Anna's nipples. You've made them go stiff!"

"I'm sorry, Anna. Hope I didn't make you uncomfortable." She smirked as she spoke.

"Oh no, not at all." I played along with the game but the truth was, my nipples were straining so much, they were very uncomfortable!

"You have lovely nipples, Anna." It was Laura.

"Thank you very much," I replied, "I am sure you do too."

Jackie, who was standing next to her, began to unbutton Laura's shirt.

"I think, Laura, that Anna would like to see how nice they really are. Don't you?" Looking down at Jackie's fingers, tantalisingly slow at releasing each one, Laura nodded her head and just let out a little "Mmmm..."

When she undid the last shirt button, she moved around behind the young woman and, with deliberately slow actions, took the red material from around Laura's neck and pulled it over her shoulders and down her arms. When it was off she laid it carefully over the back of a dining chair.

Laura's breasts were tiny. Not exactly non-existent but very small. Set against the background of her bony chest they were like the rest of her frame, tiny and delicate. Like a porcelain doll and, as she didn't need to, wore no bra.

"So, Anna..."

I just stared. She had the longest nipples I had ever seen! They must have been at least an inch long. As I looked, Jackie put her arms around and began to massage Laura's breasts, paying particular attention to her incredible nipples. Rolling them between finger and thumb and pulling them so her breasts became very pointed. Laura's head went back onto Jackie's shoulder and her eyes closed.

I just stood and stared. I had never in my life seen anything so erotic, so beguiling.

I had forgotten for a moment that Nikki was beside me. I jumped as I felt her fingers touch my breast through the thin material of my summer dress. This time it was no accidental brush. This time she was massaging me. Squeezing me and playing with me.

I felt the familiar rush of adrenaline and that lovely sensation inside that mere words cannot do justice. I had never been so turned on.

I turned my head towards Nikki and our mouths met and locked together in a passionate kiss. My heart was pounding with desire and the blood was rushing noisily through my ears when Nikki broke away and moved round behind me. She began to kiss my neck, something I have always adored, and her hands were now fully on my breasts. If my nipples were aching before, now they were on fire.

“If this carries on," I thought, “I will come!”

My legs felt weak and wobbly. This was far beyond anything I had dreamed of or even imagined and I didn’t know how long I could hold out.

Nikki’s breath was hot on my neck as she kissed around to my ears and nibbled my lobes. I let my head fall forward and she resumed her attentions on my neck and breasts.

In front of me, through the sex induced haze, I could see Jackie. She was still behind Laura but now, whilst one hand continued to massage her breasts, the other was working it’s way into her pants. She was massaging Laura’s belly and her fingers had disappeared into the waistband and were clearly exploring around the top of her mound. Laura’s head was fully back and she was kissing Jackie slowly and passionately.

I felt Nikki’s hand move down my front, slowly and firmly, pressing my soft flesh as she went, pausing as she passed over my pussy and gently squeezing me through my dress, pushing the material up between my legs. Her fingers grasped the loose material and started to pull it up, one handful at a time, until the tops of my legs were exposed and she had access to my black lace panties.

I was soaking now and her finger began to rub along my groove, pressing the thin material between my labia rubbing against my clitoris.

I began to moan, I couldn’t stop myself, the sensations that were flooding through me were unbelievable, I didn’t know how I managed to stay upright as I rubbed myself up and down the front of Nikki. My face was on fire, as was every other part of me.

I became aware of another pair of hands tugging at the waistband of my panties and drawing them down over my thighs. I didn’t open my eyes but reveled in the wonderful sensations I was experiencing and soon felt hot breath between my legs followed my the soft touch of lips and a tongue working over and along the hot, wet recesses of my pussy.

“Oh gosh, oh gosh," I gasped. I was shaking like a leaf, totally out of control now.

Nikki stopped touching me and lifting the hem of my dress, pulled it up and over my head. Looking down I saw it was Laura who was between my legs. Jackie must have removed her trousers as all she now had on was a pair of pink, flowery, cotton briefs.

Having dropped my dress to the floor, Nikki returned her attention to my now naked breasts. She was kneading them and pulling and squeezing my nipples. My moans and sighs were getting louder now, I was so close.

Jackie was not going to be left out and I felt her lips on my buttocks and then her tongue ran carefully up the crease and back down. I felt her fingers gently parting them and her hot breath gently blowing between them.

All the while, Laura was active between my legs, blowing and kissing my clitoris and allowing a finger to slide easily into the excessively lubricated entrance that held the core of my desire, and Nikki, still at my neck with her lips and massaging and pulling my breasts and nipples.

I felt Jackie’s tongue press firmly against that tightest of places until it gained access and it was over. The orgasm that I had been trying to hold off hit me like a bulldozer. Every muscle in my body tightened and I screamed out in ecstasy.

“Aaahhh.” My fluids gushed out over Laura’s hand and face and my anus gripped tightly trying to catch Jackie’s tongue. My knees finally buckled and gave way. I fell backwards but Nikki and Jackie held me and lowered me gently to the floor where I lay twitching. Every muscle in spasm and screaming out with joy.

They did not stop, all three of them massaging, pressing, rubbing, kissing, licking.

My whole being jumping and contracting with every touch. I was screaming and writhing in pain, but such an exquisite pain and before long I could take no more and my body arched as my muscles contracted in a second explosive orgasm.

Only then did they ease off and let me rest. I was soaking. My skin was gleaming with perspiration and my fluids were pouring from my aching pussy.

I began to laugh and repeated, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh’, over and over again.

I lay for a few minutes, with my head in Nikki’s lap, gasping and panting like an overheated leopard and it was a few minutes before I could catch my breath and breathe properly again.

I looked around at three smiling faces, all looking down at me.

“Oh lord," I said, rather shakily, “that was fantastic. I have never come like that in my life!”

“The night is young, Anna. You are going to a wonderful time with us, eh, girls?”

“Oh, yes, Jackie, she certainly is!”

When I had recovered sufficiently I saw that Laura was still kneeling between my legs. I sat up then and pulled her toward me. I was fascinated by her nipples and had to touch them. I began to kiss her. She had a long tongue and soon it was snaking around inside my mouth. With one hand on the back of her head, the other went straight to her breast and began to cup and tease it. I could feel her ribs so easily and her nipple pushed stiffly between my fingers. I trapped it there and rolled it between them, gently pulling at it.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I broke away from our kiss and began to draw the firm dark point into my mouth. I sucked it onto the roof of my mouth and trapped it there with my tongue then bit firmly on it, making Laura squeal with a little pain and a lot of pleasure. I released the suction then and pulled my head back slowly. I let her nipple stretch as I dragged my teeth along it’s length until I reached the end, where I paused and bit tightly again and let my tongue play around the tip, finally releasing it and starting all over again with the other.

Whilst this was going on my hand had been busy also. I slipped inside her panties and explored the prominent mound and the warm, moist area below. As she was kneeling with her knees apart her lips were pulled open and my finger traced the furrow from the firm nub of her clitoris down to the soaking, hot opening to her vagina. I let my forefinger slip inside her while I cupped her mound and let my palm press and rub against her clitoris. I moved my hand back and forth, squeezing and rubbing, entering and exiting, then removing my finger altogether and letting it slip round under her to her tight, slightly prominent, anus. I dallied there awhile, gently pressing and circling and letting the tip of my finger tease the entrance slightly.

Laura was moaning loudly now and I returned my finger to her vagina and slipped it back inside, but this time it was accompanied by a second finger. I could feel her excitement bubbling up and soaking my fingers and hand as it dribbled freely from her each time my fingers withdrew.

Once again, I removed my fingers from her and returned to that lower, tighter place and now fully lubricated slipped one easily inside. Laura increased the pressure on my head as my finger entered her rear and hugged me tight against her breast. I could feel the vibrations in her thin body building up. I sucked harder on her nipple and bit harder and pushed my finger deeper into her bottom, and deeper still until it would go no further so I began to move in and out, gently fingering her.

She started to move slowly up and down and her sphincter closed tightly around my finger as if she was making love to it. I could feel the soft folds of her rectum enveloping my finger as I pushed into her and when her orgasm hit her she pressed hard down onto me and I pushed back as hard as I could and moved my finger around inside her until the pleasure had subsided and I slowly removed my finger from her and drew my hand up and hard along her clitoris. This caused her to twitch violent and let out a guttural moan that came from deep within.

“Mmmm, Anna!" she said, once she had settled. “How did you know I like that?”

“I didn’t," I replied, “but I do so I did it to you." She grabbed my face in both hands and planted a big wet kiss on me.

“I am so glad you came into the store today!”

“Yes, I replied, “so am I."

Laura stood and removed her panties so she was naked and it was then that I remembered Nikki and Jackie.

I looked over and saw that they had not been idle whilst I played with Laura. They were both naked. Nikki was on her back on the floor and Jackie was on top of her the opposite way so that they had access to each other.

I watched them for a moment. They looked so sexy that I just had to join them.

Laura was ahead of me as she had taken up position between Nikki’s legs and was exchanging kisses with Jackie between taking turns in licking Nikki’s pussy.

I went to the other end where Nikki, with her arms around Jackie’s thighs, was licking and probing her pussy.

Nikki looked so sexy with her hair all over and her mouth and chin glistening with Jackie’s fluids that I just had to kiss her except that instead of a kiss I began to lick around her chin and mouth, cleaning her and letting my tongue dip between her open lips and being greeted by the movement of her own tongue flicking out and trying to reach me as I moved.

Next I turned my attentions to Jackie. Nikki had sole access to her pussy so I attacked the only place left and began to kiss and lick between her stretched buttocks. I kissed each one and let my tongue run and play around those firm, smooth globes. I flicked across her anus and licked around the rim while Nikki slurped away at her beautiful, mature pussy. The hot scent of sex was overwhelming and very soon I felt Nikki’s fingers entering my own soaking wet pussy.

After a few licks and kisses I pushed my tongue inside her tight opening and as she relaxed slightly I felt the sphincter release and allow my tongue full access to her.

The motion of Nikki’s fingers inside me and the fact that both Jackie and Nikki were starting to come, tipped me over the edge and, triggered by the other sounds, sights and smells I was experiencing caused me to explode into another earth shattering orgasm!

Such was the ferocity of all of us reacting at roughly the same moment the neighbours must have been tempted to report an earthquake!

We lay for a few minutes in each others embrace until I noticed the clock on the wall.

Oh my goodness, ten o’clock, what on earth will I tell my husband when I get home? Traffic heavy? Oh, to hell with it, it was worth it. The best sex I have ever had.

I dressed and said my goodbyes and thanked them for ‘having’ me.

“Will we see you again?” asked Nikki.

“Oh yes," I replied. “You can count on that!”

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