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What's Next?

What's Next?

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Her one twisted one-night stand is about to get interesting

What’s Next?

Three Months Ago

Sarah quietly tiptoed into their bedroom, glad for once that Ashley could sleep through a nuclear war. She was late. Really late. She got caught up at work on a project and ended up in conference with some client reps in Geneva. It was their ‘morning’ and they couldn’t have cared less that it was her ‘night’ and far beyond normal business hours. Tonight was date night and they had had plans.

She hang up her ‘power suit’ and put the black pumps with the 4” heels in their place in her side of the walk-in closet. She got three points for a swish as the blouse sailed into the laundry basket. The black thigh highs were next and then her bra and panties fluttered into the laundry basket. At least something’s going right tonight, Sarah thought to herself.

Sarah quickly shower and took care of business and then turned out the light and crossed the bedroom and slipped into bed with a mixed groan and a sigh. ‘I’m getting too old for this shit.’

“Where have you been, Sarah? I called your office and some bitch covered for you and said you were in a meeting. The agency closes at 5:30. It was 9:45…is that what they call fucking the receptionist nowadays? ‘She’s in a meeting and can’t be disturbed?’ We had plans and you blew me off for what?”

“I had to conference with the Swiss representatives from Horst Industries. It’s my deal and I’m the one who has to hold their hand and – “

“This isn’t working. All you do is work, work, work. You’re never home and when you are you’re in that damned office with the door closed. I know how important your job is to you. I do. But I want someone whose priorities include me somewhere near the top.”

Sarah didn’t want to argue. For one thing, Ashley was right. Sarah was a workaholic. Her job was life. What little social life she had was almost always job-related somehow. She recognized it. Ashley was her attempt at dialing down the intensity a notch, letting someone in, trying to build a relationship outside of work.

Ashley was a mistake and she knew it. The first weekend Sarah had to go to San Francisco to oversee the debut of a new advertising campaign and didn’t take her along - she whined like a mashed duck as only a 26-year old girl can do. Sarah should have dumped her then but had vowed to try and establish a relationship, something normal and something to look forward to.

The sex was phenomenal. She was even more ‘depraved’ than Sarah. Everyone said they looked like the perfect couple. The age difference reared its ugly head from time to time but she ignored it. Ashley didn’t. Her friends called Sarah ‘Hugh Hefner’ behind her back. It hurt her feelings and Sarah made it worse by dismissing her friends as ‘losers and not worth your time, baby’.

“Okay. When do you want to leave?”

“Right this fucking minute.” She had planned everything in minute detail. Ashley threw off the sheet and sat up, a look of triumph on her face. She was fully dressed, including shoes. Her friends had been busy and all her ‘stuff’ was in boxes in one of her friends’ spare bedroom.

“Sarah, I know you tried your best but it just wasn’t good enough. You’re like…old, and not even aware of what goes on in the world around you. If you don’t slow down and stop and smell the roses you’re gonna find yourself alone at the end of your life and nothing you’ve done or own is gonna fill the hole.”

Present Day 
The Estrus Dance Club
Sarah’s Promotion Party

“Congrats, Sarah. You’re at the top at last. No place to go but – “

“Finish that sentence, Leo, and you’ll be explaining to your girlfriend why she doesn’t need birth control pills any longer.”

“I just meant that you’re at the top of your game – VP/Creative Director – and no new challenges. What’s next?”

That was the question she’d been asking herself since the CEO called her into his office earlier, told her to shut the door and sit down. What next?

“I suppose you know why you’re here, don’t you?” Jeffrey Duncan was 60 and checking out vacation homes in the Hamptons and in Costa Rica. He was on his 3 rd , or was it 4th , marriage and was currently shopping for the next ex-wife. Apparently he bored easily.

“No. I have a lot on my plate today so if you don’t mind, Jeff, cut to the chase.” I was just as tired as he was. The past year had been brutal but we’d managed to cut costs, increase revenues and even won an award or two along the way. Clients were lining up at the door and Jeff was thinking about retirement.

“Right to the point. Okay, Morrison’s out. You’ve been carrying his water since you got here. You’re the new VP/Creative Director of Regulus Advertising. If you play your cards right, all this,” he said, waving his hand about, “will be yours when I retire. I’ve already talked the Board about it…it’s a done deal.”

The music started again and she shook her head to clear her thoughts and was suddenly aware of a loud group of young women seated at a table and they were having a good old time and feeling no pain. Well, they were all young save one, an older woman with jet-black hair that hung loosely down her back. She caught Sarah’s gaze and lifted her glass of white wine in mock salute.

She was probably mid-forties, a bit heavier than she preferred them, full breasted and wearing clothes she probably pulled off the rack at K-Mart. But then she smiled and none of that mattered.

One of the girls she was with leaned over and said something to her and then followed her gaze and saw me.

Shit. Her. Sarah had picked her up in this very bar shortly after Ashley had taken off and they’d had a very intense one-night stand that had lasted the weekend. Sarah thought she had unusual tastes but this girl was twisted.

“Are you bored to tears, Mom? I warned you that we were going to let our hair down and be wild and reckless tonight.” 

Amy had not expected her 44-year old mother to take her up on her invitation to come and spend time with her friends at a blatantly lesbian dance club. You could have knocked her over with a breath when her mom said, “If you’re sure your friends won’t be too uncomfortable, yeah, I’d love to get out and drink some wine and see just how the other half lives.”

“Mom?” Her mother wasn’t listening and appeared to be staring off into nowhere and she wondered if she was thinking about her divorce from her adopted dad.

She lifted her glass as if completing a toast and Amy looked to see what she was looking at and gasped when she saw Sarah who was staring right back at her mother.

“Oh, fuck no, Mom! She’s a predator and you’re so not her type, not to mention you’re straight as a ruler and that one’s…not.”

“Amy, you told me I should get out, spread my wings and try new things. That woman is definitely something new.”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, Mom, you’re not even the least bit gay…”

“Listen, you know nothing about those years before I met your father. For all you know…”

Amy did know about those years. She knew what her mom had done to keep her and her brother together with a roof over their heads and food on the table before Joey had come along and swept her off her feet. She just didn’t want to think about it.

Amy threw up her hands in disgust and turned back to her friends, sipping her drink and trying to ignore Sarah’s stare and feeling a little pissed that it was her mother Sarah had been staring at – not her.

Joan sighed, stood and grabbed her purse and drink and walked towards the tall blonde with the unsettling eyes. Her grandmother would have made some ancient signs and muttered that the woman was a witch (La Strega) and made the Sicilian ‘fist with thumb’ to ward off evil. She didn’t care if the woman was in league with the Devil or not. There was something about her that drew Joan to her.

She stopped suddenly and gulped down the remainder of the white wine in her glass and closed the distance between them.

“Hi. I’m Joan and Amy said you were great in bed and if you buy me another drink, we’ll see if she inherited her tastes from me or her father.”

The blonde’s eyes widened and then she said the first thing that popped into her head and Joan knew that things were going to be very interesting.

“You – you’re her mother?” She colored nicely and Joan laughed, something she hadn’t done much in the last few months. It sounded forced but at least it was honest.

Joan held out her empty glass and waggled her waxed eyebrows and replied, “Yep, guilty as charged.”

Sarah took the empty glass from Joan and when their fingers brushed she felt it all the way down to her core. Shaking off the shock, she turned and signaled the barman for another white wine.

Joan eased up against the bar and turned around to survey the room. She felt at ease here. She felt anonymous. She felt good. It was no different than any other meat market bar in Pittsburgh – except that the meat was all female.

“So, do you have a name? Amy didn’t give it. She just said that you were a predator of sorts. Upon what do you prey, pray thee tell me?” She pitched her already alto voice lower for the last sentence. She used the same voice when she’d ask about a john’s preferences back in the day.

“What? I’m sorry I must have misunderstood you.”

Joan smiled broadly to take the sting out of her question. Their eyes locked and Sarah felt a prickle of arousal at the tone and content of Joan’s question.

“You know exactly what I said and asked. So, do you have a name or should I just call you ‘Predator’?”

The barman returned with Joan’s wine and Sarah took the wine and said, “Put it on my tab, Bobby.” Bobby was the only male employee of The Estrus Dance Club and he doubled as bouncer should anyone show up to start trouble.

“I’m Sarah, Sarah Carter. And I don’t ‘prey’ upon anyone. I just want what I want when I want it.” She took another sip of her Famous Grouse and savored the smoky bite of it.

“I’m Joan Russo and I like a person who has goals and objectives and makes no bones about it.”

Sarah was suddenly uneasy with the direction the conversation was headed. This wasn’t how things were supposed to work. She was supposed to drive the cart, direct the conversation in the direction she wanted it to go and this short woman wasn’t playing by the rules. This would never do.

“And what are your objectives and goals, Joan?” There. Back in control again.

“Short term? To finish this wine and then go home with you. Long term? To see which of us quits first.”

Sarah was knocked off her stride again by the directness of Joan’s answer and the challenge she threw down.

“Would you like to dance, Joan?” She needed time to center herself again.

“No, Sarah, I don’t want to dance. I want to get naked and then see if Amy’s tastes are the same as mine.” She leaned in close to Sarah and her nostrils filled with the delicate scent of Sarah’s perfume. She finished her wine and leaned in closer still.

“Now do you want to take me to your place or not?”

There was a frisson of longing in her voice and Sarah leaned down and whispered, “I never walk away from a challenge, Joan. Did you drive? You can follow me home and – “

“No, I came with the kiddies. Ready when you are, Sarah.”

The ride to Sarah’s was done with little chitchat. Joan watched the scenery unfold and go from urban to suburban to open countryside.

She didn’t seem at all concerned when Sarah turned the Lexis onto a dirt and gravel road that wound through old growth forest and swamps. Sarah reached into the console and removed an electronic device and keyed something and the gloom of darkness was lit up as tiny LED lights marked the road.

“Nice. Takes the guessing out of driving.” It was the first thing she’d said in the 20-minute drive.

Sarah was suddenly nervous. She’d never brought anyone home before. She’d just moved in and all her previous liaisons had been at her old apartment in Olde Towne. She bought the old house for peanuts knowing full well that it would turn into a money pit but it didn’t matter. She wanted, no, needed, somewhere to call home.

“Oh – my – God,” whispered Joan. The house was an antebellum era Greek revival but it was almost falling down. She glanced over at Sarah and impulsively grabbed her free hand and gave it a squeeze. “Please tell me there’s a wide semi-circular staircase and a chandelier and – “

Sarah uncharacteristically giggled and then wiped her sweaty palms on her short skirt. “It’s a fixer-upper. I’ve never owned a place I lived and I thought it was time to finally set down some roots. The price was right and the land – “

“Talk to me as you show me around. My God, is Rhett Butler hiding in the stable and where’s Scarlet?” She was enthralled with the house, imagining all the labor that would be required to put things to right. She was out of the car and standing on the porch, shifting from one foot to the other before Sarah could undo her seatbelt.

“I have got to pee,” she said when Sarah joined her, keys in hand.

“Okay. It’ll just take a minute for me to get a lantern for you and – can you handle a pistol? I haven’t got indoor plumbing yet and the ‘facilities’ are out back behind the tool shed. Out here snakes are pretty common although they normally crawl away if you make enough noise. Oh – and there’s a roll of toilet paper on a hook beside the right-most toilet seat.”

She struggled not to smile as the color drained from Joan’s face.

“Move it, Sarah. Yes, I can shoot a pistol and yeah, I know about outhouses. Let me in and get me fixed up before I pee myself.” They had a summer house on the Allegheny river that had an outhouse and she also knew about snakes. Indoor plumbing was their first of many ‘additions’ over the years.

Sarah opened one of the two double doors and put an arm around her shoulders and led her into the center of the foyer. She took out the control device and tapped a key and a huge chandelier lit the room.

“Oh, my God…it’s beautiful.” Sarah was having the exact same thought although not about the chandelier. Joan’s face took on an inner beauty when she gazed at something in amazement.

“The first thing I had done was a full bath, Joan. There is an outhouse behind the tool shed but only a fool would use it.” Again, she put her arm around Joan’s shoulders and led her to a narrow door with an antique doorknob. Sarah opened it and ushered her in.

“Oh, thank God!” Joan walked quickly over to the porcelain commode, turned and pulled up her short skirt and yanked down her panties and sat down with a heartfelt sigh. She didn’t care that she provided Sarah with an intimate peek at her ass and pussy. All she cared about was relieving her cramping bladder.

Joan’s actions answered several questions that had been on Sarah’s mind. One, she was not overly modest. Two, she was well-waxed. And three, her earlier impression of a female Poppin’ Fresh Doughboy was wildly inaccurate. Her legs were well formed, and her hips, oh, her hips sheltered such a nice smooth mound. ‘Like daughter, like mother.’

“The bedroom’s through there. It’s finally done. The work took a lot longer than planned but I made changes that required some structural work. There’s a light pad and A/C controller just on your right as you enter. I’m going to open a bottle of wine and then – “

“Screw the wine, Sarah. I came here to get royally fucked. Open the wine to let it breathe and maybe we can have some later…if you’re able.”

Again that controlling attitude but she left absolutely no doubt that she was into serious fucking.

“I’ll be right back.” Sarah turned on her heel and marched to the kitchen (a work in progress) and took a nice white out of the wine cooler and opened it. She grabbed two glasses and the opened bottle and walked back to the bedroom.

Joan was standing beside the bed, folding her blouse and setting it on the side chair. She was naked and her back was to Sarah who smiled at the sight. She had narrow shoulders and a slight narrowing at the waist. She had a nice full bottom and her thighs were free from cellulite. At the very bottom of her buttocks, where they disappear between her thighs, she spied what looked like a tattoo.  

‘Who gets a tattoo there ?’ she wondered not realizing she uttered it aloud.  

“Someone who’s in Mexico, three months pregnant, with a guy who wouldn’t hesitate to leave her behind, penniless and without transportation. I suppose someone like that would do what was asked of her.”  

Sarah didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I’d spoken my thoughts aloud.”

“It was a long time ago and I’m not that person any longer.” She turned around and stood, one hand on her hip, the other under her hair behind the nape of her neck.  

“You’re still dressed? Having second thoughts? Well, it happens to best of us, honey. I’ll be out of here as soon as I – “

“No! No, I was just…looking at you. Given the clothes you were wearing I thought – “  

“My clothes are in transit via moving van. I left rather abruptly and really haven’t felt up to going shopping although I suppose I’ll have to.”

Abruptly? Hell, she’d run out the back door as Joey was coming in the front. She’d left her car at the train station and caught a cab to the bus station and taken the first bus that would get her to Savannah.  

“Like I said before, you’re still dressed, Sarah?”  

Sarah was wearing a black Trina Turk sheath dress that Joan knew retailed at Lord & Taylors for $700.00 because she had one just like it somewhere between Pittsburgh and Savannah.

Joan walked around behind her and unzipped the dress, catching the hem to make sure it didn’t touch the sanded hardwood floor. Sarah stepped out of the dress and Joan hung it in the armoire that was open. Absently, Joan noted that there must be at least $10,000 worth of designer suits and business attire on padded hangers.

When she turned around, Sarah was already in bed holding up the sheet in invitation. Joan picked up the black lace bra and matching panties and threw Sarah a dirty look. Sarah motioned to a large wicker container and Joan tossed in the underwear and slipped in beside Sarah who wasted no time at all.

The first kiss was sweet and almost chaste and Sarah ran a palm down Joan’s neck and then down her arm finally grasping her hand. She pulled Joan closer and deepened the kiss, sucking her lower lip in between her own and teasing it with the tip of her tongue. She lifted a leg and Joan placed a thigh between them, easing it up until it was flush against Sarah’s shaven mound.

Joan nudged her thigh more firmly against Sarah’s pussy and then cupped her breast and teased the nipple to firmness. Sarah’s faint moan was accompanied by a subtle change in the intensity of the kiss.

Joan opened her mouth slightly and Sarah’s tongue rushed in, the tip exploring her mouth and then stroking her tongue in a caress. When Joan rolled the nipple between her fingers and tugged on it, Sarah moved her pelvis back and forth across Joan’s thigh and moaned in appreciation.

Joan decided then and there to be more aggressive and tugged and twisted Sarah’s nipple and then released it and slowly ran her fingertips down Sarah’s side and then palmed Sarah’s butt cheek and when her pelvis pushed back, Joan shoved her thigh against Sarah’s pussy and pulled her closer. She could feel moisture on her thigh as Sarah’s arousal increased.

Everything Joan had done so far had been the usual sort of foreplay. Sarah’s moan became a whimper when Joan pushed her flat on her back, broke the kiss and straddled her low on her thighs.

“What – “ Sarah whispered, annoyed at the ending of such sweet kisses.

“Hush, baby.” Joan leaned forward dragging her nipples up Sarah’s abdomen and then, leaning down and supporting her weight on her palms, took Sarah’s nipple into her mouth, holding it with her teeth and rolling her tongue around the tip. When it was soaked, she released it with an audible ‘pop’ and then blew across it, making Sarah gasp as the cold air hardened the nipple even more. Joan began to suckle and tease the nipple, finally biting it and causing Sarah to moan and try to push Joan away.

“No! Just lie there and enjoy things.” Her voice was hard and low and made Sarah’s clit twitch and throb.

She repeated her actions with the other breast and each time Sarah tried to touch her or push her away, Joan would say ‘No’ and then ‘Hush, baby’. She alternated between the breasts until Sarah’s chest was covered with a light sheen of sweat. Joan slid down further on Sarah’s legs until her mouth was above Sarah’s clit. She shifted her legs and forced Sarah to keep hers closed.

She leaned down and ran the tip of her tongue around the clit and then used the flat of her tongue to moisten Sarah’s labia. Joan took a finger and ran it around Sarah’s clit, the nail pressing down on the nerves in the base. She did this over and over until Sarah’s breath grew raggedy and her clit was fully extended out of its hood.

Time to get serious.

She whispered instructions to Sarah who was quick to comply. She wanted Joan’s mouth on her cunt, her tongue plunging deep into her, again and again, her fingertips dancing across her flesh.

Joan knelt between Sarah’s widely spread thighs and pushed the woman’s heels up against her buttocks and then placed a palm on the inside of each raised thigh.

Joan moved her palms downward while pushing outward, spreading Sarah’s thighs even wider. When she reached her pussy, she used her thumbs to stroke the outermost folds, spreading the fluids that seemed to have collected there across them, from bottom to top, over and over, steadily increasing a downward pressure but never touching Sarah’s distended clitoris.

She continued this for a bit longer and then moved her palms inwards until the fingers lay just on the outside of the external labia and then she pushed slightly downward, capturing the puckering lips between the parallel forefingers of each hand.

The puckered flesh reddened as blood flowed into them, preparing for mating, but Joan simply moved her hands up and down, one up and the other down, again and again and again, pressing inward, causing the lips to rub against one another. Joan glanced at Sarah’s face and almost laughed.

Her eyes were closed, her fingers twisting and pinching at her engorged nipples, tugging on them. Her tongue tip was making a lazy circuit

around her lips and as Joan increased the speed and inward pressure, the tugging and twisting became more frantic and her tongue was darting in and out of her mouth as if fucking an imaginary pussy.

Sarah’s ‘Uh, uh, uh’ got louder and faster and Joan increased both speed and pressure of her alternating hands. Sarah was bucking her hips in time with her moans and finally Joan leaned down and sucked Sarah’s clit into her mouth and attacked it with her tongue, never stopping the back and forth motion of her hands.

Joan’s tongue swirled around Sarah’s clit in a parody of fellatio and when Sarah bucked up against Joan’s abusing palms and started to pull at her nipples frantically, Joan bit down gently on Sarah’s clitoris and pulled.

It wasn’t a scream, exactly, because all the breath had whooshed out of Sarah’s lungs when the incredible pleasure/pain blossomed like a fireball between her legs. Sarah’s fingers tangled in Joan’s hair as her hips bucked up and down against Joan’s face. It hurt too much and it felt too good to do much else.

Joan sucked hard on Sarah’s clit and then Sarah took a deep breath and forced a keening wail from her throat that sounded suspiciously like ‘I’m cummmmmminnnnnnnnnng’.

Sarah was exhausted from a full day and from a pussy-ravaging that she’d hardly expected from the mousy woman she’d met in the bar. After catching her breath and rolling over on her side, she held Joan close to her and they kissed and petted one another for a bit until Sarah dozed off.

Joan waited until she was sure Sarah wasn’t going to awaken and she slipped out of bed and began to snoop around the very nice bedroom. She wasn’t looking to steal anything like in the old days but rather was curious about the woman she’d just given what she was sure would be considered in the Top Ten Orgasms if such a list were being kept.

She quietly opened the dresser drawers and smiled at the collection of silk underwear and hosiery neatly folded and separated by color. The woman was anal to a fault and Joan stifled a chuckle.

Sarah was making soft snoring sounds and Joan opened the nightstand drawer and stifled a gasp. Laid out in order of effectiveness and kinkiness were several awe-inspiring sex toys as well as various oils and lubricants. Along the side of the drawer was an imposing strap on. The appliance was thick and the curved shaft contained ribbings as well as bumps but it was the enormous mushroom head that had her clenching her buttocks together, almost in fright.

She selected a few toys, the strap-on, and a tube of lube and padded around the bed and shoved them under the pillow on her side. Then Joan went into the bathroom and closed the door. She took a very quick shower and toweled herself dry.

Inspiration struck and she found a basin, towel and a face cloth and filled the basin with warm water and carried them into the bedroom.

Sarah was lying on her back, her arms stretched out to either side and her legs spread wide invitingly. Joan took the washcloth and wrung it out and then gently began wiping Sarah’s pussy, paying attention to the labia and clitoris. She knew from experience how the rubbing could irritate the tender tissues and so she paid close attention to those parts. It wouldn’t do to have Sarah chafing.

Sarah woke up when the warm washcloth first touched her pussy lips but kept her eyes closed and just enjoyed the sensation of being pampered. ‘God, where has she been all my life? Not only was that the best cum I’d ever experienced but the cuddling and now this incredible pampering…I’m going to chain her to the bed!’  

“Mmm, that feels so nice, Joan. Thank you. No one has ever been so demanding and then so gentle. A girl could get used to this.”

“You’re hardly a girl, Sarah, but I suppose a woman might find such attentions pleasurable.”

“You didn’t get much out of that, did you, Joan? I mean other than kissing and petting, you pretty much ran a one-woman show.” She heard her own words in a different context and hurried to avoid any misunderstandings. “Not that I’m complaining. That thing you did with your palms and then when you, oh, hell, Joan, I almost passed out from the intensity of my orgasms. I just meant – “

“Hush, baby. I know what you meant. We’re hardly through – unless you’re tired and would rather get together at a later date?”

“No! I mean, no, I – I’m not tired in the least bit after that nap. I want to make love again, Joan.”

Joan schooled her features and continued cleaning Sarah up. She had almost laughed at her ‘make love again’ comment. From the contents of the drawer, she didn’t make love, she waged war on her partner’s pussy and ass.

Among the toys were a short-handled leather flogger and a set of police handcuffs.

Joan patted Sarah’s pussy with the towel and then moved up on the bed and began washing Sarah’s breasts. She was curious to see if the attention paid to them would bring any reactions.

It did. Sarah moaned softly as Joan used the soft washcloth to wet and then rub her nipples. The two buds hardened and Sarah’s breath hitched.

“I’d like some of that wine. May I pour you a glass?” A mixed comment containing a demand and an offer to serve. ‘Nothing like confusing the opposition,’ Joan thought with a smile.

“Why don’t you get rid of the basin and I’ll pour the wine.”

Joan was lying on her back, legs crossed at the ankles and propped up against the headboard on several pillows. Sarah was talking about her job and idly running her fingertips up and down Joan’s thigh and she was determined not to respond despite the tingling sensation Sarah’s fingertips were creating all along her thigh.

Sarah leaned over and caught Joan’s nipple in her mouth and began to suckle, teasing it into tumescence. It was a perfect nipple for suckling, hard and thick and – her sensitive tongue felt something and she released the nipple with a ‘pop’ and exclaimed, “You’ve been pierced! When did you stop wearing – “

“I don’t wear the rings in public, just the studs, but I forgot to put in the studs. There’s no danger of them closing. I’ve gone as long as a week without any changes.”

“I wish you’d worn your rings. I love to…play with them.”

“Perhaps another time.” Joan was being very noncommittal about any future.

Sarah put her hot mouth back onto Joan’s nipple and began some serious teasing and sucking and finally, almost frustrated, she nipped it with her teeth.

Joan gasped is shock and her legs spread of their own accord and as Sarah continued swirling her tongue around the hardened nub, her hand found Joan’s pussy and began stroking the outer folds gently, teasing the lips and spreading the moist dew on them around the older woman’s mound.

Joan thought about dead puppies, maggots in her rice, anything to stifle a response to Sarah’s intimate caresses. She was weakening more by the second, desiring only to spread her legs wide and grab Sarah’s hand and suck her own juices from the fingers.

Sarah threw a leg over Joan’s to keep her from crossing her ankles again and got to her knees, abandoning the sensitive nipple and kneeling between Joan’s thighs. She’d whimpered when Sarah had released her nipple from her mouth.

Sarah leaned up and kissed Joan passionately and began rubbing her pussy up and down Joan’s thigh while her hand still stroked the older woman’s wet pussy lips. When Sarah slipped a finger between those lips at the very bottom of her opening, Joan gasped into Sarah’s mouth and bucked her hips upward as Sarah’s tongue and finger invaded her.

She stroked upwards and then downwards slowly, several times, and then smiled when Joan moaned into her mouth, breaking the kiss and embracing Sarah, holding her fast against her while her tongue played with Sarah’s ear.

“I want more, Sarah, for fuck’s sake, more.” Her pussy muscles tried to capture the torturous finger but it wasn't deep enough – yet.

Sarah laughed quietly and then said, “I’m going to drive you insane, Joan, just as you did me. The I’m going to tongue-fuck you hard and make your cunt throb with pleasure and then I’m going to take you with a strap on, lover, thick and long and you’re going to beg me to stop because it hurts so good – but I won’t – not until I’ve fucked you senseless.”

End Part 1

Posting for Miriam who is on deployment.

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