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When Best Friends Collide. . .

"What would you do if I kissed your neck?" I asked Tahlyx.
"I would probably ask you to keep going." She replied.


I heard my phone vibrate. It said new 'new text msg' from 'Tahlyx!(:' Every time my phone says new text from Tahlyx, my heart skips a beat. I never thought about liking girls, and Tahlyx has been a lesbian for as long as I can remember. She hits on me all the time, I don't try to stop it.

I read the text from Tahl. "Wanna go to a movie tonight?!"

I replied, "For sure!! Pick me up?! :)"

A few minutes later, she replied, "Yes! Can't wait!"

I wanted to look prettier than normal for Tahlyx. I took a shower and shaved my legs. I washed my hair with a watermelon scent that I know she loves so much. After my shower, I covered my body with Tahlyx's favorite lotion that she gave me for my birthday. I wore Tahlyx's favorite shirt in my closet. It was a teal tank that was incredibly low cut with a push up bra underneath. I wore a thong with really tight skinny jeans. I knew she'd be turned on instantly. I left my hair down because Tahlyx likes to play with it. When I had my perfect outfit and my make up perfect as well, I called Tahlyx to see if she was ready to go.

Tahlyx and I only lived about ten minutes away from each other.

I heard Tahlyx pull into my drive. I walked outside immediately. I looked at her and her eyes were full of lust. Tahlyx had short hair and dressed like a guy. I wasn't embarrassed to pretend she was my boyfriend in public because I'm sure people couldn't tell she was a girl! And her voice was even low to help out!

"Hey Lexsie! You look amazing!" Tahlyx said. My plan was going to work out perfectly.

I had a plan to take Tahlyx home tonight. It was the perfect night too because my parents were going to be gone and I want to experiment with a girl.

"Thanks Tahl!" I said.

Tahlyx backed out of my drive and we went to the movie. I suggested a scary movie because I wanted to hold her hand. Tahlyx paid for me to get in and she even bought popcorn. This was perfect.

When we got to our seats, I sat close to her and we shared the popcorn. In scary parts, I'd grab her hand and I would squeeze it tight. I could tell she liked it. She kept moving her knee closer and closer to mine. In the movie, there was a scene between to girls that were making out. Tahlyx and I looked at eachother and kissed. She grabbed my face and we kissed for about a minute. After that, we held hands without using a scary part as an excuse.

When the movie was over, Tahlyx and I held hands on our way to her car. When I we got in, I climbed over onto Tahlyx's lap.

"What would you do if I kissed your neck?" I asked Tahlyx.

"I would probably ask you to keep going." She replied.

When I heard her reply, I could feel my panties get moist.

I began kissing her neck and worked my way to nibbling on her ear. She let out a slight moan. I felt her hands sliding from the back of my knee all the way up my butt. This got me excited. I moved my hands to the back of her head and played with her short hair. I moved my mouth to her lips. We kissed again. I loved her kisses. The two of us were so into this. I was ready for her to rip my clothes off and do everything our bodies could to with each other.

We were both out of breath.

"Lexsie, I think we need to go to your house. Now." She said.

"Definitely." I said.

I got off of her lap and sat in my seat.

"Lexs, I've wanted this for so long." Tahlyx said.

I put my hand on the back of Tahlyx's head and played with her hair. I replied, "Me too."

It seemed like that twenty minute drive from the theater to my house took forever. I moved my hand from Tahlyx's head to the inside of her thigh. I wanted to tease her. My hand reached just in front of her vag and she let out a slight whiny moan noise. I giggled.

"Lexsie! You can't do this to me!" She whined.

"Tahl, I'm teasing myself too. I want you so bad." My hand was still sliding up and down her thigh.

We pulled into my drive and pretty much ran into my house. We went up the stairs and to my room in what seemed like seconds.

Tahlyx kissed me. She came at me so fast, I loved it. I did this to her!

"You teased me more! You wore that outfit on purpose!" She said.

"I wore it just for you." I said.

"Well, will you wear nothing? Just for me?" She begged.

"You tell me." I said. I slowly unzipped my pants.

"You're killing me!" Tahl said.

"Fine. Pull it down yourself." I said.

She came at my pants with her hands until I stopped her.

"With your teeth..." I said, I sounded evil.

Tahlyx did it, she had her hands on my butt and I loved it.

She pulled my pants down with her teeth.

"Okay, now you wore hot panties too?" She said.

I walked up to her, kissed her lightly and broke it off before there was tongue. "Just for you."
After I said this, we both ripped off the rest of our clothes.

Tahlyx fondled with my breasts and started sucking my left nipple. I had never experienced anything like this. I moaned. She sucked on one nipple and squeezed the other. I was already in heaven.
After she did this, she came up and kissed me again. She broke off the kiss and started to kiss down my body. She stopped just above my freshly shaven vag. She proceeded onto kissing my vag. My clit was throbbing. I need her to put a strap-on on and give it to me. She then began to fuck my pussy with her tongue. I let out a moan and they didn't stop. I grabbed onto my sheets and bucked my pelvis to her face.

"Tahlyyyyyyx!!" I felt a wave of pleasure starting. I orgasmed and came all over Tahlyx's face.
She came up and laid on me, I kissed her. I tasted myself on her tongue. I loved it.

We were both out of breath.

"Tahlyx, huhhh. That was ahhhmazing!" I let out.

"Lexs. You're reaction to everything was amazing." 

We made out for a while longer. I kissed Tahlyx's neck and eventually gave her a hicky. That was all we could handle for one night. 

We got dressed and Tahlyx stayed the night at my house. My parents never suspected a thing.

Alright! This was my second story ever!! Tell me what you thought! :) 
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