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When I Met Tami

A lonly widow becomes attracted to a young 16 girl, and as it turns out, the attraction was mutual.
When I Met Tami F/f
By: Dudetodude

This is a tender story of a lonely older widow who becomes attracted to a young 16 girl, and as it turns out, the sexual feelings for each other were mutual. Please enjoy the story and your comments are always welcome.

She was a little overweight and slightly thick around the waist for a young girl but her figure was solid and muscular. She was very pretty, long dark hair, and beautiful brown eyes. She had rather large breasts for her height, a sexy looking butt that contoured well in the tight cut off shorts she always wore. In our short conversation I could tell she had a pleasant personality, she was a little shy and timid, and was a very attractive girl.

We chatted for a few minutes until she mentioned she had to get back. Tami thanked me for the lemonade I had offered her and told me she enjoyed talking to me and would try to drop by again soon if I liked. Later I found out from my neighbor who called on Tami to baby sit from time to time that she had just turned 16.

"I couldn't believe it," I expressed to my neighbor in total surprise, "I thought Tami was much older."

My neighbor had the same reaction when she first met the girl a few months before we moved in the new subdivision. She told me that Tami's mother’s name was Cynthia and she was a single parent and had an eight year old boy from another marriage. The three of them had been living in their house for about 4 years now. She hardly ever sees Cynthia, since she works crazy hours and figures she had her hands full with just trying to cope with life's daily challenges of working and being a single parent.

Anyway, let me tell you a little about myself, I'm 50 years old, weigh 140lbs. with 34b breasts that I had augmented about 10 years ago, and I still have a decent figure. I’m little wide in the hips and some loose skin here and there but otherwise pretty solid and shapely for my age, so I’ve been told! I still look good in a two piece bathing suit and overall I feel good about my figure for a woman of my age.

My personal fetish is to get naked at every chance I have. So much so that when I'm alone around the house, which is every day these days, I love doing my choirs or just sitting around in the nude. I'm a naturalist and have vacationed several times at nudist camps so I find it “natural.” Over the years I've become a habitual masturbator and it goes without saying, I also enjoy nude swimming in the privacy of my backyard pool whenever I can. So those are some of my personal fetishes and simple pleasures that I enjoy.

Shortly after moving into our new home my husband and I had an in ground pool installed and had finished up whatever landscaping and privacy fencing requirements to meet code. We had just gotten used to being empty nesters and somewhat settled in our new home in this rural subdivision when my husband died suddenly of a stroke. I have one Son and he's overseas in the Navy so I've lived alone now for over a year and just now re adjusting to my new life as a widow. The worst thing about my situation is the loneliness and my limited social circle being new to the area. There is one other need that's lacking in my situation and that is an active sex life. Actually, other than self-pleasure my sex life with another person has been zero!

My home is situated on a large natural wooded area lot and because it's still a developing subdivision, the only neighbors I have are from the two older homes that back onto my property and separated by about two hundred feet of dense forest. I’ve only met the couple behind me but have never noticed anyone out in the house next to it.

Ever since moving in, I noticed a lovely young girl cutting through the woods behind the property and along the side of the vacant lot next to mine as she went on her daily walks. She had been using that path as a short cut to reach the paved roads and walking paths in my subdivision. I had seen her several times while I was out watering plants and such and we had exchanged casual greetings on most of those occasions.

One evening I struck up a conversation and invited her back to my yard and sit for a while to have some lemonade of which she gladly accepted. She introduced herself as Tami and even though I would have pegged her appearance as a mature 20 year old, my neighbor had already given me the scoop on her. After talking with her one could tell she was much younger than what she looked. She stood about 5'3" tall, and very cute. In contrast to her, I kept my dyed blonde hair short and cropped and I was almost a head taller than her.

Her walking schedule was regular and I could pretty much place a time when she would be around during her walks. Usually around 5:30pm and would return around 6:00pm. As silly as it seems, I had gotten into the routine of being out by the side yard to wave to her when she passed. I'm usually shy about doing things like that around people I don't know very well, and it's quite out of character for me to be as outgoing as I had been with her, but I soon realized that Tami was very shy herself and so we had that characteristic in common.

Ever since my husband died the work around the yard has been overwhelming and since I could use a little help I thought I'd ask Tami if she wanted to earn some extra cash. She agreed and was happy to do the work. She was ecstatic about the idea of having some extra money and we just seem to connect right away. Over the next several weeks, I noticed myself admiring Tami as she weeded the garden beds and I even looked forward to seeing her on her evening walks hoping to catch another glimpse of her. I enjoyed having her help me out around the house and in that way I'd get to see her more often and have the company around that I so much needed for companionship.

Crazy as it seemed but at the time, I had developed a school girl crush for her, an unfamiliar feeling but yet pleasant one and every time I thought about her I felt cheery. I learned from Tami that her mother Cynthia usually left for work each weeknight at 7pm to work the second shift. Tami helped her mother around the house and one of her main tasks was to baby sit and put her younger stepbrother to bed each night.

Poor girl I thought, not much of a life for a young girl her age to be babysitting every night while her Mother went to work. Instead of getting a part time job, Tami's Mom paid her a weekly allowance for helping around the house and watching her little brother. The spending money came in very handy when she wanted to buy something cool like her Ipod and a laptop.

After chatting with my newly found friend on several other occasions she mentioned that her stepbrother was spending the whole month of July with his Father in another state and she was very excited about that. So at least she would now be free to enjoy her summer and have more time to do what she wanted to instead of being stuck at home everyday watching her brother.

By now Tami and I were seeing and speaking to each other almost everyday and I think she really enjoyed just stopping by to say hello if she saw me out in the yard. During the heat wave we were having I invited her to come and cool off in the pool anytime she wanted to and now that the temperatures were reaching the high 90s, Tami was thrilled at the idea. Even though she didn’t have the responsibility of watching her brother, Tami would still be stuck at home anyway since most of her school friends had gone on family vacations or some sort of summer camp. It became was obvious to me that Tami had few friends and I felt sorry for her in a way because at her age, having friends and being accepted into the group was everything.

One day during one of our casual conversations Tami mentioned that she wished she was older so she could drive because living in the sticks as she called it sucked! Our neighborhood was too far to walk or ride a bike anywhere and without a drivers license she was reliant on her Mom. I knew she wasn't happy with her situation but it was all she has ever known and she accepted it. Tami seemed like a charming girl, she was bright and fresh, much more mature than other girls her age, and once she got over her shyness with me, she was very talkative. I think it was her maturity that may have been a factor in her not having many friends and the fact that she was usually stuck at home watching her little brother didn't help her connect with friends as much.

In the meantime I looked forward to chatting with her whenever she came around, even if it was only for brief moments. On those occasions after our short chats it occurred to me just how isolated and lonely I really was. On one hot and humid evening while watering my plants Tami dropped by to say hello. She told me how excited she was having all this free time. Tami admitted she would probably be bored sitting at home alone most of the time with nothing to do. I told if she was bored she could run some errands with me the next time I needed to go shopping. It would give her a chance to hang out at the mall or meet up with some friends. Tami was all smiles. Her Mom slept most of the day due to her shifts and after checking with her Mom, Tami had permission to go with me if she wanted to.

Over the next couple of weeks when Tami completed her choirs she and I would go shopping together and by now had been out several times. I treated her movies a few times, and she thought it was cool. Whenever we went to lunch I told her she could order what ever she liked and the treat was on me. I enjoyed her company and she enjoyed going to restaurants and ordering salads and cool looking non-alcoholic drinks with those little umbrellas. Tami told me it made her feel all grown up.

So as the weeks went on and she wasn't doing anything in particular, which was almost every day, she would just come over and hang out around the pool as if my house was her second home. Her Mother appreciated that Tami could come over and there was someone around in case of emergency. Sometimes I would have some chores for her do around the house and she would gladly do them. I always insisted on paying her and she always reluctantly accepted. Secretly, I enjoyed having Tami hang around and by now had grown fond of her. Tami actually looked forward to coming over as well and I soon realized I missed her when she would miss a day.

Tami and I had become good friends despite our age difference. I know there's a huge generational gap but at some point I chose to ignore that small detail as we became more acquainted. Tami was always at ease when she was around me and always complimented me on how comfortable she felt talking to me about things she could not discuss with her mother. I was flattered whenever she would tell me that and I would always give her a little hug and warm smile in return. It was the first time I had felt a hard and firm set of breasts against my chest and I and I enjoyed the feeling. I liked feeling her hard breasts against mine so much so that I began to look for excuses to give her little hugs whenever I could get away with it and without being obvious. 

"You know you can talk to me about anything Tami, and I promise I wouldn't ever tell your Mother or anyone else if you didn't want me to. Any secrets you share with are safe with me." I assured her.

With that reassurance Tami must have felt she finally found someone she could trust to tell her inner most thoughts to which is a normal reaction of any teenage girl. I felt I could trust her also and I told her so, Tami was thrilled. So I opened up to her and began to treat and speak to her as if she were an adult. Tami told me many times how much she liked hanging around me and how cool she thought I was for an older person. Sometimes out of the blue Tami would ask me questions about boys, dating, and sex and I would try to answer her questions as best I could. In general, anything she wanted to know, I would try my best to tell her. So it goes without saying, we had developed sort of a big sister little sister relationship and we casually discussed many topics including sex.

Usually after such discussions I would get wet and horny and would anticipate when she would leave so I could finger myself to a frenzy orgasm. I think she felt the same but of course I couldn't be sure. Over the next few days the sun had been hot and the pool had felt refreshing. On most days when Tami came over, and we hadn't planned on doing anything special, like going shopping, the movies, or the zoo, she would just lay out on the pool deck and tan. Sometimes I would join her. On this particular day Tami had just come out of the pool and laid face up on the lounger. I caught a glimpse of her from my kitchen window while mixing up some iced tea. She looked so pretty and fresh I thought to myself.

Up until last week I hadn't thought of Tami in a sexual way or any other female for that matter until lately, and today, she looked sexy in her new bikini that I helped her select the day before. I felt an immediate tingle between my legs and realized I was getting hot for her. Tami had become the vision I fantasized about when I lay in bed at night fingering myself until I shuddered with pleasure and cum. This wasn't the first time Tami caused me to "be wet" but then again I had reasoned I was a lonely horny woman and desperate for sex, which might explain why I was so horny the past few weeks.

I took my time stirring up the drinks and slipping a finger into my pussy as I continued watching her through the window. Snapping out of my trance and back to reality I stopped staring and brought the drinks out by the pool to set them on the small table beside our lounges. I asked Tami if she would rub some sunscreen on my back as I removed my wrap and adjusted my bottoms. I wore a two-piece and although not so revealing, I looked great in it for my age and I prided myself that I could still get away with wearing a two-piece bathing suit.

“Sure Mrs. C,” she said as I positioned myself on my tummy.

Tami proceeded to squeeze the warm sunscreen on my back and started to rub it in. The sensation of the hot lotion and the feel of her soft hands touching my skin felt so good and I asked her to unclasp my top so I wouldn’t get any tan lines, and she did.

"Mrs. C,!” as she always called me, “you don't have any tan lines,"

"Yes I know, to be honest with you I usually tan in the nude when I'm alone but since I'm not alone I'll have to make due," I told her with in a jokingly manner, thinking that I went too far and embarrassed her, I quickly added,

"That's why my husband designed this fencing and pool area like this so it would be very private and secluded, haven’t you noticed?"

Her hands stopped and rested on my shoulders, Tami looked around and for the first time she noticed just how private and secluded the pool area really was.

"Please don't tell anyone about it, I mean about the nude sun tanning, especially don’t tell your Mom, or the neighbors, I don’t want to offend anyone, you promise?"

"Ah sure, ah, I promise," Tami replied, “I think it’s so cool that you do that!

“Skinny dipping at night feels really nice to,” I quickly mentioned and then added, "Even though no one can see in I don't think your Mom or the neighbors would approve of that either, do you?" I asked her, not that I really cared about what the neighbors thought but I wanted to get her reaction and let her feel like she was in on another adult secret that no one else but her and I knew about.

"Oh! Ok then, that's very cool Mrs. C, you know I wouldn’t say anything!" was all she said.

"Have you ever tried it?" I asked.

"Tried what?"

"You know, nude sun tanning or skinny dipping silly!"

"No not really Mrs. C," she told me. "I think I'd be too scared that someone might see me!" she said and I laughed a little.

"I was a little apprehensive the first time I was completely nude in the great outdoors but now I think nothing of it anymore, just seems so natural to me." I said casually.

Tami was still rubbing sunscreen on my back and was starting to do the back of my legs. The hot sun and her hands moving over my body felt wonderful and I was beginning to feel my pussy getting wet. It was a very new experience for me to be sexually attracted to another woman, and a young nubile girl at that. It felt wonderful and I was feeling very relaxed.

"I went skinny dipping once last summer, right after my 16th birthday with my older cousin at my uncle’s cottage. My cousin was 17 at the time. It was night time and pretty dark and we couldn't see anything so I wasn't too scared but it did feel really cool." She confided. 

"It's like anything else I suppose, the first time is always the scariest," was all I could think of saying as I repositioned my arms so they hung off the lounger at either side. By now Tami had completely covered every square inch of my exposed skin and should have been finished but she continued to rub more sunscreen on and linger. I discretely spread my legs as I pretended to get more comfortable hoping she would work the lotion on the inside of my thighs which is exactly what she did. It seemed like Tami didn’t want to make it obvious which is the natural reaction I expected.

"Well if you ever want to try it sometime you're welcome to come over and I'll just go out or something for the day so you won't feel embarrassed." I told her, breaking the pause in conversation.

“Anything you do here is our secret remember?” There was some silence for a few moments as Tami let my comments sink in and she re positioned herself to load more sunscreen in the palm of her hands. I was going to tell Tami that I had enough sunscreen on but didn’t want to embarrass her and I began to suspect that she liked feeling me up. I liked the feel of her touch as well so I went with the flow.

"Mrs. C, you don't have any tan lines on your butt either! You weren't kidding were you?" she asked in surprise, now noticing after slightly moving the waistband of my bottoms.

"No, I wasn't kidding," I told her with a slight laugh, "you think that’s pretty cool uh?"

"Way too cool Mrs. C!" she said.

"Well then, you should just try it sometime, it feels great!" I reassured her.

After completely rubbing my back and legs with the remaining sunscreen her hands lingered longer than I thought was necessary, and then she asked if I could rub some sunscreen on her.
"Sure thing," I said, good idea, the sun is really hot today,” trying not to sound too eager.

If she only knew how I wanted an excuse to touch her body, and now was my perfect chance. I got up off the lounger as Tami began to position herself on hers knowing full well my top was unclasped and I let it remain there on the lounger as I stood up.

"Oh shoot!" I said in a surprised tone knowing full well what I had just allowed to happen but playing it off as if I really forgot about it. I went through the motions of reaching for my top to put it on as if to forget I had it unclasped and instantly decided this would be a great way to tease Tami a little. The little exhibitionist in me was coming out and in an instant I had developed a seduction plan and thought to myself how clever I was.

"I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to gross you out," as I glanced up at Tami and noticed her eyes were fixed on me, actually, fixed on my breasts. Tami was defiantly getting an eye full of my size 36.

"Ah what the heck,” I quickly said, “it's just us girls here and it’s such a pain to go through all that trouble of clasping and unclasping just for a few minutes, just lay there and promise not to look, Ok?”

I didn’t expect any response as I instructed her to lie down so I could lather her up. Tami positioned herself tummy down on the lounger and I began to rub in the warm lotion to her back and shoulders. I told her I was going to unclasp her top so she wouldn't have any tan lines either and then I proceeded to fumble with the clasp. Tami didn't protest when I unclasped it and gently let the straps fall to the sides.

I rubbed sunscreen in the small of her back, up her spine, deliberately and slowly messaged her shoulders and the sides of her chest, and moved my hands back down to apply the sunscreen to the back of her thighs and legs. Finishing her up, I then rubbed some sunscreen on my own breasts, obviously for protection but also to use it as an excuse to sooth my now aching nipples.

I noticed Tami watching me through her squinted eyes as I positioned myself into a comfortable position on the lounger next to her, wiggling my butt in the seat and lying on my back with my bare breasts against the hot sun ready to soak up some rays. We lay there for some time, each of us sort of half dozed off with just the sounds of the birds and the feel of the heat from the sun beating down on us. After awhile I turned over on my tummy and Tami turned over on her back being careful so as not to loose her unclasped top.

I secretly watched through the slits of my half closed eyes as she moved her body and I was hoping her top would slip off exposing her firm breasts for me to see. She looked to be about the same size as me, 36b but hers were solid, upright and natural, and mine were enhanced with some gravity setting in. At that moment I had a wicked thought of just getting up and walking over to her and sucking on them. I felt myself getting wet and didn’t think she could see my half slit opened eyes behind my sunglasses so I felt safe and confident I wouldn’t get caught peeping. She shifted around and lay on her back, with legs slightly spread as she tried to rub more lotion to her tummy and upper chest.

I shifted in my lounger as I watched her struggle trying to stretch without actually getting up and I casually got up and offered to do that for her. I was very conscious that I was topless and giving her an eye full if she chose to look, and what healthy hormone filled 16 year old girl wouldn’t. So I bent over and gently took the tube of sunscreen from her hand and squirted it all over her legs, thighs, and tummy.

“Here let me do that for you Tami. You don’t want to burn in this sun today.”

I proceeded to finish up her tummy area and told her that if she didn’t want any tan lines that her top would have to go. That said, I lifted off her already unclasped bikini top and slowly placed it on the deck and squirted some sunscreen on her bare breasts. Tami was little nervous but didn’t move. She had her eyes closed and seemed a little tense but I also think she was enjoying this new experience.

“Wow Tami! You’re developing into a beautiful young woman,” I boldly told her as I gently messaged the sunscreen to her perky white breasts. “I remember when my breasts were as nice and firm as yours.”

Thinking I had embarrassed her I quickly apologized and stopped what I was doing and mentioned I was going in to get us a couple of Cokes. With that I retreated into the house and watched her through the window as I prepared the ice and drinks. Tami just lay there appearing relaxed and not phased by the situation so I decided to move forward with my seduction plan, take it slow I thought and not scare her off. If I was going to eventually seduce this young girl I’d rather go slow and let her decide how far she wanted to go.

The feelings I was experiencing were all new to me and I was so turned on by what had happened and what could happen that I had an instant urge to finger myself. Looking down I noticed an embarrassing wet spot and after a short moment of panic I decided I would just go with the flow. If she noticed it, she would either ask me about it or know that I was excited as I’m sure she is. I made a mental note to look and see if she was showing a wet spot as well. I spied on Tami one last time from my kitchen window before rejoining her on the deck and noticed her clamping and crossing her legs together. Was she getting herself off, I wondered?

“Here you go Tami, ice cold Coke,” I cheerfully said as I set the tray down on a small table between both loungers.

Tami raised herself up and with one hand holding her bikini top she covered herself up as she took the ice cold glass with her free hand and sipped her drink.

“So I hope I didn’t freak you out with my topless sunbathing?” I asked her as I sipped my drink.

“Well uh, ya, I think it’s pretty cool but I’m a little scared I think to try it myself.”

“Being a little nervous is perfectly normal, but after you try it once it will feel so natural that you’ll even forget you don’t have anything on.” I casually explained to her trying to put her more at ease.

“You know Tami in most places around the world it’s considered perfectly normal to be on a beach topless, it’s only here in North America that we are so hung up on it!”


Yep, just in North America, perfectly normal everywhere else!” I explained as I re positioned myself on the lounger, closed my eyes, and readied to take in a few more minutes of sun before going into the pool.

“Oh, by the way, please don’t mention this to anyone,” I asked her again, “they may not be accepting to the idea of us Naturalists.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. C, I promise not tell anyone, I don’t want to get into any trouble, besides my Mom would freak I’m sure,” she assured me.

“So how would you explain the no tan lines to your mother because you are getting darker?”

“No problem, my Mom never sees me nude anyway, not since I’ve developed.”

“Cool then, looks like you’ve got it covered, or should I say uncovered!” as I laughed and Tami smiled as well.

The next few minutes we just sort of lay there sipping cokes and soaking up rays. It eventually got too hot and I slipped into the pool and floated around. I’m sure Tami wanted to get in as well but was a little reluctant and still being self conscious of showing her breasts as if I hadn’t already had an eye full. I figured in good time the heat would overtake her and she would eventually get in the water. I was just playing it cool, not pushing anything and letting everything happen on its own sweet time, and as I had predicted, Tami eventually got up from the lounger and with her arms crossed covering her breasts she approached the side of the pool and dropped into the water.

“Ah that feels good!” she said as she surfaced and faced me.

“Yes it does feel great, the water is perfect!” I commented and continued to float around.

There were some toy weights on the side of the pool and I threw them in as they sunk to the bottom at the deep end. I dove down to retrieve one and challenged Tami to get the rest. She dove down and brought them all up. All the while I was able to get a great view of her bare hard breasts as we swam around for a few more minutes. Tami seemed perfectly relaxed by now and at this point to my surprise, I had cum and was thankful I was in the water when it happened.

I got out of the pool and toweled myself off. I suggested we go in the house for a few minutes and enjoy some cool air from the air conditioner. Both of us wrapped in our towels we sat on the sofa and munched on some snacks. I thought I’d put my plan into motion and allow my towel to open and drop, again showing her my breasts and measuring her reaction.

She sat to my right only a few inches away sharing chips from the same bowl and I shifted in such a way so as my towel would appear to open and slip down accidentally. Without any fan fare I reached over for another chip and noticed Tami wide eyed and staring. I guess the cool air from the air conditioner had caused my nipples to stiffen I understood right away what she was starring at.

Jokingly, “Don’t you hate it when your nipples get stiff?” I asked.

“Sometimes I guess,” she stammered out.

“The cold air does that to me every time,” I explained, “I bet your nipples are as stiff as mine! I bet they even feel sore because mine do.”

“Ya I guess so” was all she could mumble out.

“So what do you do about it when they feel so uncomfortable?” I asked, knowing I was moving into new uncharted territory.

“Uh, I dunno, I mean I rub them sometimes I guess.”

“Ah it’s nothing to be ashamed about. I mean whenever I get the urge I just rub them like this, and if it feels good. Why not just do it if it feels good.”

I squeezed each of my nipples while telling her that and explained how I felt so much better now.

“Why put up with the discomfort? Your body is nothing to be ashamed of you know!”

Tami appeared to be nervous but looked like she wanted to say or do something. I sensed her apprehension and asked in a matter of fact manner how old she was when she started to masturbating. Tami’s face went beat red and noticed I may have embarrassed her.

“Oh it’s nothing to be ashamed of Tami,” I quickly added. The reason I mentioned it was only because I was way younger than her when I started to develop and explore my body. I used to think that if my Mother ever found out she would have been pretty mad at me but I didn’t care.”

“Really, you used to do that?”

“Of course I did! Every girl does it, it’s a perfectly normal thing to do!” I assured her. “Even at my age woman still do it!” Throwing in that little piece of information hoping it might spark a question.

“Wow Mrs. C. there are so many things I don’t know about I guess. I thought there was something wrong with me!”

“Ah don’t be silly, I bet you explore your body more than just once a day!” I told her. “The reason why I know this is because it’s perfectly normal for a girl your age to do it maybe two, maybe three or more times a day! Right? Am I right?” I teased her.

Tami bowed her head slightly and nodded in agreement.

“Look Tami, I know it’s hard for a girl your age not have your Mother tell you about these things and relying on what your friends say. If you ever want to know about anything, you know I’m here for you.” I told her as I placed my right hand on her left shoulder and my other hand on her towel covered thigh. “I mean, you know, after all we are friends right!” I threw in.

“Yes Mrs. C. I’m really lucky to have you as a friend, I’m still little shy about everything though you know.”

“Oh don’t be silly Tami, best friends aren’t supposed to be shy about anything they say to each other. Besides we promised that anything we talk about was to be our secret only right?”

Tami looked up, smiled, and nodded in agreement.

“So the first things first,” I said, placing both my hands on my lap, “I know your nipples are aching just like mine are now so why don’t you just drop that towel of yours and take care of that little problem, and while you’re doing that I’ll get us some cold Cokes.”

Tami now had the excuse to let her towel drop which was what she really wanted to do all along but I’m sure she was too shy about it. As I went to the kitchen I stole a glance of her kneading her nipples and I was really getting turned on. These whole new thoughts and feelings about possibly having sex with another woman, a young girl were overwhelming. I wanted to move this along to the next level but knew I should take it slow and let her transition into it on her own.

Not having any specific plan in mind, I thought I’d just play it by ear as they say. Even though I was now beginning to feel uncomfortable from the cool air, I didn’t dare want to put anything on since it would be taking a step backwards in my scheme. I returned with the drinks and we just started talking. I told Tami all about my naturalist ideas and about the nudist camp vacations my husband and I used to take. She was amazed that these resorts really existed and told me there was no way she would have enough nerve to do anything like that. I explained to her she was doing exactly that right now, doing the usual things that one does except doing it in the nude!

“Wow Mrs. C.! I’m learning so much from you and didn’t realize that older people did this stuff. There’s no way my mom would ever tell me about any of this stuff.” She explained.

“By the way Tami, do your nipples feel better after you looked after that little problem?”

“Oh yes Mrs. C. much better,” she told me feeling more comfortable with the situation.

“Good!” I replied. “Now whenever you’re ready I’d like to teach you about some other things that will make you feel really good, but only when you’re ready.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you know, things will satisfy you sexually, you know what that is right?” I responded.

“Like what?

“Now you’re embarrassing me.” I stammered.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about Mrs. C. that’s what friends are for is what you always tell me isn’t it?”

Now I was the nervous one. Here I was waiting for such a moment and I was the one that might chicken out. Maybe I should push this out till tomorrow I thought. On the other hand, this is the perfect set up and I should take advantage of it. I looked at Tami and smiled. I leaned in closer and whispered in her ear.

“There is something I want to tell you about and something I want to try with you but I don’t want it to ruin our friendship so maybe I better not.”

Both my hands were resting on her leg as I waited for her reaction and Tami gave me a quizzical look.

“I was her special friend and nothing could change that.” she assured me.

Now I was the one that was nervous and it was now or never to make my move.

“Tami,” I paused just inches from her face. “I wanted to tell you how sexy and beautiful I think you are and that there is something I have wanted to do for a long time.”

Tami just looked and asked “what.”

Tami, I’ve always wanted to kiss you and wondered if that would be Ok with you.”

“I wanted to kiss you to but I’m to chicken,” she responded.

“Are you comfortable with this? Are you sure it would be Ok if I kissed you?” knowing now that I can’t turn back having gone this far.

“Oh yes Mrs. C. I would like it if you kissed me.”

I leaned in and kissed Tami gently on the lips. This was her first real kiss and my first time kissing another woman like a lover would. We wrapped our arms around each feeling our bare breasts touching and the butterflies in my tummy were swirling around like crazy. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would jump out of my chest. Tami’s heart beat was very rapid as well so between the both us there was a lot of nervousness on that sofa!

I instantly felt a small orgasm and I was sure Tami was having the same. I leaned back on the sofa gently pulling Tami on top of me as she whimpered and held me tight. We were both breathing heavy and both experiencing something very new and very exciting. I spread my legs and her right leg was putting pressure on my pussy while my left leg was putting pressure on hers. I had never felt anything like this before and Tami certainly was as excited as me.

“I’ve never done anything like this before Tami,” I whispered in her ear. “I’m so sorry sweetie, I’m so sorry.”

Tami just wiggled and squirmed around and suddenly tensed up. Her topless body shuddered over mine and I knew she was having an intense cum. I held her tight and whispered, “It’s Ok baby, it’s Ok baby,” into her ear.

We held each other tight for a few moments and Tami didn’t want to let go. I felt a wet tear on my neck and knew she was crying.

“What’s wrong honey, why are you crying?”

Tami was obviously going through a guilt trip with this new experience but none the less she was enjoying it.

“Are you Ok?” I asked her.

Tami nodded and smiled as she crossed her arms over her bare chest as she sat up.

“Yes I’m fine Mrs. C. I love you,” and she embraced and kissed me tightly once again.

“I love you too Tami,” I told her, now getting a little nervous that I might have a love struck broken hearted teenager on my hands.

“I think we should take a break and talk a little about what just happened.”

“Ok,” Tami agreed but wiggled back over to me and kissed me again. “I love kissing Mrs. C. please teach me how to French kiss.”

“Well Ok Tami, I can see that we don’t need to have a little talk after all.”

Seeing a whole different side of Tami I decided to show her everything and use her as my own little play thing.

“How about we go to my bedroom and I’ll show you everything you want to know.”

I held Tami’s hand and went around locking the doors in case my well meaning curious neighbor might decide to drop in unexpectedly. Tami and I walked into my bedroom and we lay under the covers hugging and kissing each other. I removed my damp bikini bottoms and helped Tami out of hers.

“I’ve waited so long time to be with you Tami,” I told her. I don’t want to shock you but I dreamed about you at night, kissing you and holding you just like right now and then after, I would play with my pussy. I hope I’m not shocking you!”

“Do you think of me when you play with your pussy?” I asked straight out.

“Yes.” Was all she said.

“Really Tami? Do you really think of me when you play with your pussy? How many times.”

“Almost every night.”

“I’m so pleased to hear that because I think of you a lot too.”

“So, you want to learn how two woman have sex?”

Tami nodded with that glazed look in eyes. She was ready for anything and I was about to fulfill both our fantasies.

“Lesson one is French kissing. Just kiss like normal and when I open my mouth you do the same and we touch each other’s tongues just like this.”

I kissed her and our tongues battled each other like sword fights. Tami was a natural. For a few moments I thought that she may have had done this before.

“You are passing this lesson with honors! You’re a great kisser.” I told her.

Tami couldn’t get enough of me and I couldn’t devour her fast enough. She was drunk with lust and passion and I was surprised how accepting she was of the whole series of events. We practice kissing for a long time and I’m sure she was as wet as I was, feeling her close and tight to me. Tami was very comfortable with our love making and I began to wonder who was seducing who. After a kissing session of panting and feeling each others breasts it was time to move onto the next level.

“Now for lesson number two!” I whispered.

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” she told me. “I’ve dreamed about this for a long time.” She confided, and she was very pleased that I was holding her tighter and kissing her.

I gently moved my mouth from her face to her breasts and began to lick her sensitive nipples and Tami went wild when I sucked on them. She was on fire! By now we had kicked all the blankets and sheets to floor and never having done anything like this before, I moved my mouth to just inches away from her cute tight lightly haired pussy. I could smell her cum juices and I positioned myself at the foot of the bed, spread her legs, and just started licking her out. Tami was squirming, thrashing and just going wild. Her moans had woken up my lazy sleeping dog which caused him to bark and we both laughed about that.

I sucked on her little clit and I devoured her juices dry until she stopped squirming and just lay still. I thought Tami passed out and started to panic but she was soon back with me. I crawled up to kiss and hold her and Tami could taste and smell her own cum on my mouth as I kissed her again. She told me again she loved me, and as nervous as I was about her strong feelings for me, I liked hearing her tell me. Who doesn’t want to feel loved but I was new to these sensations and Tami was so very young and I was a little uneasy about what was happening because I was unsure of what to do.

“God I’m so hot for you Tami, I want to feel you and hold you,” was all I could say.

We rested for a few minutes just lying there holding each other tight and allowing our heavy breathing to subside. God it felt so good to be held by someone else. I still couldn’t get over the fact that Tami was only sixteen but in my state of mind and level of arousal I wasn’t concerned about that little fact right now.

“I’m going to test you on lesson two, why don’t you show me what you learned!” I said to her sounding like the mature teacher that I was supposed to be, but really just wanting her to suck on my pussy and relieve me!

Tami didn’t hesitate at all. She started sucking on my breasts and twirling her tongue around my nipples. She licked her way down to my pussy and I instinctively spread my legs and propped up my knees. I wanted her tongue deep inside me and as she licked my clit like a pro. I screamed for her to suck on it harder, and she did. Tami was very good at it, remembering everything that felt good to her when I was busy eating her out and she was just mimicking me.

“God!.........Ahhhhhhhhhh I screamed. Ahhhhhhhh you’re such a good student,” I told her in between pants. “You’re getting an A plus on this lesson!

To be continued..............................

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