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When in need, seduce your willing neighbour

Who knew how desperate my neighbour really was.

I started getting interested in sex when I was 17. I didn't actually have sex until I was 18. At 17 I would masturbate too many nasty thoughts and after being told a few stories from older friends I would find it increasingly easy to cum. I suppose you could say I was a bit of a wild child. I had an older boyfriend who was 17 but he never knew about my solo fun. One day I got bored at home, nobody was in and nothing interesting was on the television. A crazy thought came into my head. …

You see my house has a big garden but my neighbour, Penny, lived on the top floor of her house. Her window looked straight down into mine. I would occasionally see her staring through her window, looking down to see what I was doing. Sometimes I would smile back at her but other times I would close my curtains. My double bed was beside my window, so I lay back and looked up to see if I could see her in her bedroom. Yes, she was there looking out with her phone in her hand. I pretended that I didn’t notice her, pulled down my jeans and took off my t-shirt. I lay there in my matching bra and thong. I started to play with my 32 D breasts, which were still enclosed in my hot pink lace bra. My nipples hardened quickly and soon enough they were clearly trying to make a break from the fabric. While one of my hands teased my nipple, my other ran down the length of my slim body. I would stop before I touched the little fabric covering my pussy, running my hand up and down, feeling my chest rise and fall at the excitement. I slowly looked up and saw Penny staring down, her tongue practically hanging out of her mouth. I bit my bottom lip, knowing she was enjoying the very sight. I reached for my phone. Dialled Penny’s number and hit the call button.

“Do you like what you see baby?” I said in my flirty voice. I saw her smile through the window. I didn’t really need for her to tell me the answer. “Come over if you want to have some fun” I told her, in a giggly tone that I knew she couldn’t resist.

She pulled away from the window. I knew exactly what she was doing. A few minutes later there was a knock at my front door. I grabbed my dress robe and covered myself before any of my other neighbours saw me. She stood there at my door with a huge smile on her face.

“Can I come in then?” She was nervous; I could hear it in her voice.

“Of course”, she walked into my room and I followed, shutting the curtains and closing the bedroom door. “Let me ask you some questions Penny, Are you a virgin?”

“Yes I am” she replied.

“Good, do you play with yourself?” I sounded like a dominatrix, I was enjoying myself.

“No, I don’t know what to do, nobody will teach me”

“Hmm so you want to be taught, are you interested in men or women Penny?”

“I suppose I want to experience both” it sounded good to me, I had never been with a girl before and the only thing me and my long term boyfriend had done was blow jobs, hand jobs and fingering.

I couldn’t wait anymore, I was so horny. “I’m going to sit here and you will remove all that clothes, strip for me!” With that, she didn’t speak, I sat there on the bed and watched her remove her jeans and her oversized top. Underneath her skin was pale and goose-bumps covered her body as she stood there half naked in front of me. She was wearing a plain white bra that covered her C cup boobs. Her girl boxer patterned pants had a big wet patch at the front. I couldn’t blame her; my thong was practically soaked with my pussy juice. Penny slowly removed her bra, out came her boobs, they weren’t like the topless models in the magazines, but for me they looked perfect. The cold air made her little brown nipples stand on end. As she bent down to pull down her pants her breasts looked amazing. Her pussy looked good, it was unshaved, personally I preferred shaved pussys, they just looked more appealing.

“Hmm Penny you look amazing, but I think there is something we must do first”

“What’s that Lauren?” I will do anything!!

“Come with me”, I took her into the bathroom,” Get into the shower and get warm”

The water ran down over her breasts, I didn’t know it would be possibly, but her nipples hardened even more. I got into the shower with her, with my razor and a bottle of conditioner. She looked surprised but when I looked up at her she had a little smile on her face. I covered my hand in conditioner and ran it over her pussy, her hair was rough but it felt nice as it ran through my finger tips. She stood there and let me shave her hair off, and when I was finished, her pussy looked better than before. We left the shower and returned to my bed to dry off.

I lay her down on my bed and slowly climbed on top of her. I kissed her mouth passionately, my first kiss with a girl, after a long kiss I made my way down to her breasts. With one nipple in my between my fingers and the other in my mouth, I heard a few moans and gasps escape her mouth. After that I continued to move down, my tongue ran down her stomach, licking off any leftover water droplets. I made my way to her newly shaved pussy; my tongue ran down pushing her lips apart. I knew I hit her clit when Penny suddenly gasped out. Her moaning really turned me on.

“Are you sure you want to do this Penny, in a few moments you will no longer be a virgin.” I really hoped they wanted to continue.

“YES Lauren, DO IT!”

With that I slowly rubbed my finger into her pussy. She screamed when I popped her cherry with my finger, and a trickle of blood ran down her leg. Luckily we were lying on the towels for our shower so my bed sheets were safe. I started to pump my finger in and out of her pussy, she was really getting into it so I added a second finger and continued to pump her pussy. She was so wet by now that when I pulled my hand away from her I just had to taste her pussy juices. They were amazing, she had to taste her own cum, so I lifted my hand up to her mouth and she started to lick the length of my fingers, which were previously deep inside her. We kissed again, the taste of Penny’s cum still on our lips. Soon enough I was back down at her pussy running my tongue up and down the length of her parted pussy lips. I quickly rammed my tongue into her pussy, lapping up every drop of her cum, my fingers circling her clit. She had her first orgasm right there, sending her cum all over my hand and face. Her warm, sweet cum covered my mouth, I couldn’t just wipe it off, cause that’s a waste! I slowly licked around my lips, but I could feel more of Penny’s cum on my face. I sat up and without asking, Penny was licking her own cum off my face.

“Now it is my turn baby” I couldn’t wait to teach her how to finger fuck my pussy and lick my cum that was already spilling out into my thong. I reached behind and unhooked my bra, letting it fall loose and drop onto the pile of clothes that we had already removed. She stared at my D boobs with her mouth wide open and smiling. My nipples were already rock solid, so there was no need to waste time playing with them. I was past the teasing stage I wanted to be fucked.

“Get down and lick my pussy, dig your tongue in as far as you can, rub my clit with her hand… MAKE ME CUM!!”

Penny didn’t need to be told twice, she got to work at my pussy, and for a beginner she was pretty damn good. After minutes with her tongue inside me, I orgasmed, she liked the taste of my pussy juice, as when I went down to rub my clit there was hardly any evidence of my orgasm. Suddenly Penny had 2 of her fingers rammed deep into my pussy, did she do it on purpose or did she not know how powerful her movements were. She added a third finger, and soon enough a second wave passed through my body. I never knew how loud I really was, I was screaming to Penny about how good she was fucking me. We lay there for until we got our breath back.

Every now and again we hook up for some fun. I enjoy having girl on girl sex but I prefer fucking my boyfriend and being in a strong relationship. Penny has had girlfriends and loads of guys say she is a bit of a whore. So secretly I made her into a sex god. Me and my boyfriend are planning on taking our sex life to a new level by having a threesome, he thinks I’m doing it to please him but really I want my own fun with our new sex buddy. I think it is time for Penny to pay me back.

This is my second story here and unfortunately I’m 19 and still a virgin so this is all made up. Maybe even a future event. So please comment on my story and give me some tips.

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