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Where is She? Part 2

Tags: lesbian, kissing, sex, love,
I see her again, and I still try to run
I sighed contentedly, closing my eyes as I inhaled the aroma of earth and spice. I opened my eyes, lifting the steaming cup to my lips. Another sigh, as I swallowed, savouring the hidey flavour of East Africa on my tongue.

SHIT. A flash of ebony fire in the corner of my eye. My cup clattered onto the saucer, barely staying upright. My senses were overwhelmed with autumn and spice. My head turned wildly, this could not be happening! I suddenly felt confined and restricted as the space around me closed in slowly. I had to get out of here. My chair jerked backwards, nearly falling to the floor. I turned, scrambling for my belongings, shoving papers into my bag hurriedly, grabbing my coat off the back of the chair I straightened up, turning towards the door, and then stopped. Dead.


She was watching me. A gaze of cool green. My throat had suddenly gone dry, I swallowed. I was afforded a moment to escape as someone moved between us, breaking our line of sight.

I was just opening the door to my car when a tendril of spice and steel wrapped itself around me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Oh, she was pissed. I didn’t dare turn around to meet her gaze lest I lose my resolve.

“I’ve gotta go… take care of something…” I said vaguely, reaching for the door. I didn’t quite make it.

“Hey! The fuck are you doing?!” I was being towed bodily down the street, held in the iron-like grip only an extremely pissed off female could give.

“Shut. Up.” Quiet, quiet words. I did the smart thing and shut my mouth, letting her pull me where she wanted.

We reached her car, and I started to struggle again, pulling against her. She yanked the passenger door open, pushing me inside. I didn’t like that. I shoved her away.

“I can get in my damn self!” I caught the flicker of a smile before her eyes hardened again and she stalked around to the driver’s side. I sat there, silently fuming. How dare she think she can just snatch me up off the street! Of all the- “UGH!” I grouched out loud as she stepped in and started up.

“Where are we going?”

I was answered with a pointed silence. Fine. I folded my arms, staring out the window.

* * * * * * *

The car pulled smoothly up in her driveway and despite my vow of silence I couldn’t help but gasp. Her house was beautiful. A large maple shaded the east wing of the house, and the west wing opened out onto a huge expanse of open lawn. Large double doors lay between two marble pillars at the entrance. I turned my head, taking everything in. Ok… so the girl had paper. So what. That didn’t mean she could do whatever she wanted. I scowled again.

“Out.” I rolled my eyes, but I stepped out anyway. She stepped out, throwing her keys to a boy who seemed to have emerged out of nowhere. I looked around, searching for a way to explain his sudden appearance. “You can park it. Thank you Caleb.” Her silken voice enveloped me and I shivered involuntarily, swallowing back memories. My nipples pebbled beneath my bra and I scolded myself mentally. Footsteps crunching away over gravel and I ran to catch up. Well, I ran a few steps and then realised it was undignified so I settled for a brisk walk, chin held high. I was not going to follow her around like a lost little puppy.

“Ariel…” I had to tell her I was sorry before anything else. I stepped over the threshold. “Ariel… I’m s-!“ The remainder of that sentence was swallowed by her mouth as I found myself pressed back into the rich mahogany panelling of the door. Well. This was unexpected. I could feel fire beginning to burn slowly through my body as she crowded me, her breasts pressed flush against my own, her hands on my hips, one slim thigh settling between my own. I pushed her back, needing to tell her, “Ariel, please. I’m so sor-“ Her mouth claimed mine again. I fought my body physically as I tore my mouth from hers, jerking away to leave a few feet of distance between us.

I brought a hand up to my chest, my breasts heaving, a deep flush blooming across the tops. “Ariel. Just let me tal- no… NO!” She was stalking towards me with an extremely dangerous glint in her eye. I couldn’t help it. Screw my pride, I was nobody's prey. I turned and ran.

Unfortunately, being in a completely unfamiliar house, I’d managed to run directly for the stairs. I made it halfway up and then turned around to see her walking slowly up towards me. Taking her time. If I could have growled, I would have. I couldn’t go down to her, because she would own me in less than a second. But I couldn’t run away either. I shuffled awkwardly on the step, wondering what to do. I glanced up to see the tiniest of smirks on that gorgeous face of hers. That decided me. I fled upwards.

My feet flew over the soft carpet of the upstairs landing, this was ridiculous. Why the hell was I running? I stopped. I took a deep breath, concentrating. “Ok Ariel… what do you want?” I held up my hands in surrender. She didn’t stop her eyes still burning fire. I swallowed, taking half a step back. “Please stop. Ariel?” My voice trembled slightly, to my horror. A few more steps and she’d be on me. My body was tight, skin taught over my nipples, a flush sweeping through me, cheeks red. Slick flesh between my thighs. Shit. And still my body betrayed me.

“I thought. I told you. To shut up.” Her hands were on my hips, walking me briskly backwards. I couldn’t help it, I whimpered. FUCK. Things were not going well for me. My breath was starting to scatter, my pulse racing. I could feel hot things throbbing in low places. I couldn’t fight it anymore.

* * * * * * *

Her hand slipped slowly around my throat, holding me possessively. My body temperature sky-rocketed. Her other hand slid down into the waistband of my jeans, slipping beneath my panties to slide straight to my molten centre. I cried out as she slid inside me, my legs trembling. Her mouth met mine in a fiery kiss, and I moaned into her mouth, my hips beginning to pump against her hand rhythmically. The hand on my ass moved upwards, curving over my hip, slipping beneath my shirt, sliding over my ribs and around my back to unhook my bra with skilled fingers. I whimpered again, against her mouth as her fingers stroked lazily against the underside of my breast. I needed more. My back arched, pushing into her hand and my arms went around her neck, pulling her tightly against me.

She slid a third finger inside me, and I began to quiver, my body on edge. “I’m so close…” Whispered into her neck. She began to stroke roughly, fingers curling inside me, to stroke against my g-spot. “OH!” My body was beginning to splinter, pleasure sparking through my veins. I threw my head back, long hair tumbling over my shoulders to my waist, the line of my throat exposed. She nipped the hollow of my throat, a long stroke of her tongue up to my ear, making me shudder, on the verge of losing control. My eyes flew wide, nearly completely black, teetering on the brink.

“You. Left. Me.” A whispered accusation before teeth sank into my neck, and I shattered into a thousand pieces. A single tear slid down my cheek even as waves of pleasure crested and broke inside me with unstoppable force. “Don’t cry.” Her lips claimed mine in gentle demand.

“I’m sorry.” A broken whisper against her mouth. I continued to tremble in her arms, holding tightly to her. I didn’t want to let her go. She eased her fingers out of my gently, and I gasped, flinching slightly. We stayed that way for a while, wrapped in each other’s arms. She stroked my back gently, soothing me as I sobbed against her. This was SO embarrassing. I never cried. But I’d missed her so much.

* * * * * * *

She pulled away gently, holding my hand. “No more tears ok?” she lifted my chin with a finger. Lashes sparkled with moisture as I met her gaze, not wanting to run anymore. I nodded solemnly. “Good girl.” Her mouth met mine in a hungry kiss that demanded everything. I pulled back, gasping.

“Wh-What the hell are you doing?!” Impossible. I could feel that familiar fire beginning to burn again. She took my hand, pulling me towards the bedroom with purpose. When I realised the intended destination I dug in my feet. “No, wait!” I was still weak from the last orgasm. She couldn’t be ready to go again! She stepped close, smirking.

“Play time is over baby girl. I plan on punishing you for running away.” A slow stroke down between my breasts with a single finger. I swallowed. “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to walk within the week.” A wicked, wicked grin. My brow raised reflexively. What the hell had I gotten myself into? Smiling, I let her tug me towards the bedroom.

This was going to be some ride.

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