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Where is She? Part 3

Can I find the strength to let her in?
Ok so… This is the final instalment in the series. It’s pretty long winded, and not really a QF. If you’re looking for that, you might need to go back to Google Maps. I apologise if the quality is not the same as my other publications, I did this all in one go off the top of my head. It’s probably going be the last thing I write ha-ha writing is so hard. Anywho, Enjoy!

For Ariel

Warmth on my face, a gentle breeze across a bare shoulder. One eye opened slowly. Curtains billowing in front of an open window, sunlight a glowing caress over my body, a flash of bare skin and, a dark mass of shimmering flame. My other eye blinked open instantly when I realised where I was and, more importantly, WHO I was with.

I regulated my breathing; eyes sweeping quickly over her to make sure she was hadn’t woken. Quiet, even breaths as her chest rose and fell in the steady rhythm of sleep. Good. I relaxed slightly, and gently eased out from under the covers, one leg searching for and finding the floor.

I stood over her, lips curved in admiration. “Beautiful.” I whispered to myself as I allowed a moment of selfish indulgence, my eyes tracing her curves. I was snapped out of my reverie as she murmured, stirring in her sleep, the smallest of frowns marring her smooth forehead. I frowned slightly myself, I didn’t like to see her unhappy. A single finger stroked the line of her cheek and the corner of her mouth lifted, her forehead smoothing again. I sighed. Time to go.

* * * * * * *

I sat silently in the cab on my way home, lost in thought. She wouldn’t be happy I’d snuck out this morning, in fact, I was 100 per cent sure she’d be royally pissed. My lips curved at the thought, she was damn sexy when her temper came out. I felt something warm and silky uncurl in the pit of my stomach. Frowning, I stared out the window. It was frightening the way she affected me. I hadn’t been so out of control with myself since… My frown deepened, changing to a scowl as a name blazed through my head.


I growled quietly to myself, my eyes rising to meet the driver’s in the mirror, daring him to say something. I might have smiled as he looked away hurriedly, clearly not liking the look on my face, if I hadn’t been inwardly fuming, an old anger burning slowly through me.

It had been a little over a year since I’d seen Shannyn. I’d met her at a business convention, and it was the old cliché – the first time my eyes met hers, something had clicked inside me and I knew I had to have her. I’d chased her down over a few months, and well. Long story short, I gave her everything I had. I loved her with everything I could give. I gave her anything she asked for. All I asked for in return, was for her to love me. As it was, she hadn’t been able to. She’d cheated on me and lied to me, and every time she came crying to me, begging forgiveness, I let her come. Still she couldn’t love me. Eventually, after three years of heaven and hell, she told me that I wasn’t enough. That everything I was. Just wasn’t enough.

Something broke inside me that day. I shook my head, a futile attempt to clear my mind of the muddy waters from the past. I gazed out the window, wrapping my arms around myself protectively. A single, liquid diamond slid down my cheek, a thousand points of light sparkling in the sun. I wiped it away angrily. Fuck Shannyn. I refused to cry for her. I squared my shoulders, folding my arms determinedly. No more.

I opened my bag. Autumn and spice, layered with the musky scent of feminine desire. I smiled, relaxing, reaching in to finger black lace. Ok, ok, it was immature but the opportunity had simply been too good to pass up! I mean, they were just lying there, having been flung carelessly over my bag. I’d taken it as a sign.

I sat back, feeling things throb in low, hot places as her scent wrapped itself around my senses. My thighs clenched instinctively and I stifled a gasp. Fuck, I was still a bit tender down there. The girl could sure play ball. I chuckled quietly, shaking my head in reluctant admiration.

* * * * * * *

I needed to go out. I was nervous, unsettled after the events of yesterday. Ariel had me going all sorts of crazy. I was a confused bundle of nerves where she was concerned. I didn’t know which way was up or down when she was around. A single look from her and my body melted. When she frowned I wanted to hold her and kiss her all over until she smiled again. The strength of my reaction to her scared me, and I didn’t trust it. I needed to regain some sense of control. I picked up the phone.

“Hey, Nevada, we’re going out tonight, ok? That wasn’t a question. Yeah I’ll be at yours in an hour ok babe? See ya!” I hung up, throwing my clothes haphazardly on the floor as I made my way to the bathroom.

Forty minutes later I stood in front of the mirror, applying the last touches of lipstick. I twisted this way and that, making last minute assessments. I’d decided to leave my hair natural tonight, a tumbling mass of deep red curls cascading down to my waist. Bronzer beneath my cheekbones, my lips were a deep ‘kiss-me’ red and smoky charcoal eyes completed my look. I’d decided on a classic strapless, form-fitting black dress that stopped midway down my thighs, paired with a simple silver chain. I threw open the closet door. Oh, good. I grabbed my favourite pumps, putting them on hurriedly. Time check. Damn! I ran out the door, grabbing my keys and handbag on the way.

* * * * * * *

“Cheers!” I smiled, lifting my glass to clink against Nevada’s before downing it. ‘HEY! Give me my fucking lemon!” I grabbed her hand, too late. She’d switched hands deftly, then placed the lemon between her lips, raising her brow at me. I hesitated. She raised both brows. I stepped closer, one hand going to her hip.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” I glanced around to see we’d caught the attention of several testosterone factories in the vicinity. Her eyes twinkled playfully. I smiled, realising she wanted to give them a show. I cracked my neck in mock-preparation, before my other hand settled onto her waist and I stepped up against her. The back of my neck prickled with a distinct feeling of ‘wrongness’ as I leaned in. But the feeling faded as quickly as it had come and I closed my eyes. Citrus, bittersweet alcohol, and the individual flavour that was Nevada. I pulled back as her tongue flicked out against mine in a teasing caress. I stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before she placed the lemon on the bar then slipped a hand around the back of my neck, tugging my mouth back to hers.

“The fuck?” I thought, even as my lips parted automatically, allowing her entrance. “This is Nevada. Your best friend. What are you doing?!” My brain was screaming at me. Hands sliding down to cup my butt. I gave an involuntary gasp into her mouth, surprised at the speed with which my body was heating from the inside out. “What about Ariel?!” The name splashed through my mind with the cold harshness of reality, cutting through the alcohol and desire induced haze that was clouding my senses in a single precise stroke. My eyes opened. Then widened in shock. FUCK.


How did this keep happening?! She was everywhere! Something dark flickered across her face and my heart clenched. “No.” I whispered as she turned abruptly, forcing her way through the crowd. My pulse was racing, throat gone dry in fear.

“I’m sorry!” I said to Nevada as I pulled away, pushing through the crowd after her. I couldn’t see her. I caught a faint hint of autumn and spice before it was overwhelmed by heat and sex. I scanned the crowd wildly, back, and forth. There. Curling wild fire moving through a side door. I ran after her, shoving people out of the way. I couldn’t let her go. I had to find her. I skidded to a stop in front of the door, yanking it open.

Cold air hit my face as I stepped out into the alley, bass thumping in the background as the door swung shut. “Ariel?” a hopeful question to the air. I stumbled slightly, the alcohol starting to overcome the adrenalin of my fear. A few teetering steps, “Ariel?” another question. My focus was slipping. I leaned against the wall for support, trying to remember why I was there in the first place. “Ariel!” A drunken shout. Still no answer. I slid down the wall, numb. “it’s not so bad here.” I thought to myself. ‘I’ll just have a little sleep, then I’ll find her.” My eyes closed slowly. As I drifted into unconsciousness I thought I imagined her scent curling around me. “MM” I gave a happy smile as I fell into oblivion.

* * * * * * *

Oh God. I grimaced as I woke to bright sunlight shining in my face. My mouth tasted like something had died in there and I groaned, reaching for the glass of water I’d cleverly left on my bedside table the night before. Only to be stopped. I tried again. Failed. I opened my eyes fully, then gasped. Not again! A quick head check. Yes, again. Fucks sake. I groaned, closing my eyes, wishing for it to be a dream when I opened them again.

“ARGH! What are you doing here?” A stupid question I know, but it slipped out automatically. Her brow raised.

“I live here sweetie.”

I scowled, not appreciating the blatant sarcasm. “Oh. REALLY? I didn’t know that…” My own failed attempt at sarcasm. She smiled disarmingly in answer, coming over to straddle me, a finger stroking down between my breasts. I jerked, trying to get away, only to discover why I couldn’t move. My scowl deepened.

“Careful love. The wind might change. And as adorable as you are right now, I would much prefer you didn’t have a perpetual frown all the time.” A light tap on my nose. I bared my teeth. God this girl really brought the animal out in me! A delighted laugh swept over me as she jumped up playfully. “Kitty has claws!” She smiled down at me. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but like I said, she brought the animal out in me. I snarled at her, kicking out with a leg.

Her smile disappeared as she caught my leg mid-swing and pushed it wide. My other leg was caught as I lifted it, ready to try again. “Behave.” A quiet order. Maybe I was still drunk, because my next words were probably not the smartest of the century.

“Fuck you!”

Her brows raised incredulously and she glared down at me. “I plan to.”

I started to struggle in earnest now, twisting and wriggling beneath her. To no avail. I was neatly trussed up like a chicken on its way to the slaughterhouse 30 seconds later. I grimaced mentally at the analogy, probably not the best way to explain it. “Let me go! You can’t do this to me! I’m a fully grown adult!” I continued to rant until I ran out of breath, panting.

“Are you done now?” The smallest of smirks on her face. I didn’t like that. The air turned blue.

“UGH FINE. Seeing as how I’m stuck here, how about you tell me what the fuck you want.” I was extremely pissed off. “OW! HEY!” fingers pinched my nipple firmly. My back arching slightly even as the words left my mouth. Stupid body. Never supporting me. I looked away, lest she saw the way my eyes had darkened.

“Don’t talk to me like that. Behave.” She said, fingers gentling, stroking lazy circles around the globe of my breast. My breathing hitched a little. To my embarrassment.

“I’m sorry.” Relaxing under her gentle ministrations. I took a breath. “Ariel. Last night. It wasn’t what you thought it was…” Her hands stilled. “It was my best friend Nevada. It’s not like that for us. We were just drunk. And she wanted to impress those guys who were standing around. She’s straight.” Her fingers moved to my other breast, and I bit my lip.

“She’s straight huh?” Her fingers moved lower, tracing over my stomach. I gave a breathy gasp.

“Yes. Sh-she is… oh!” She’d cupped my breast boldly.

I looked down, to see her leaning down, mouth inches from my nipple, tight with need. I arched up slightly. She moved back, keeping her lips off my skin. I started to squirm as I felt hot air on the surface of my breast. “Ariel… please?”

“Please what?” Unrelenting.

“Please. I need you. Your mouth. On me.” I opened my eyes to gaze at her. So beautiful. “OH!” I cried out as she bit down carefully. My body trembled. I needed more.

She pulled off with a slow sucking pop and I couldn’t hold back a moan. “Just so we’re clear,” fingers sliding lower, “If I ever see you kissing someone else,” a brush on my inner thigh, making me flinch, my breath coming in hard pants now, “I will tie you naked to this bed, as you are now, and keep you that way, until you remember who you belong to. Ok?” Heat sliding closer to my centre. I was wet, throbbing and swollen. My nipples pebbled with desire, a flush sweeping over my body.

I quivered, caught in the spell of her words, my mind racing. Had she just claimed me? My eyes widened. She had! What do I do?! I was terrified, my heart hammering so hard I thought it might break out of my chest. I started to struggle, feeling the walls closing in on me again. “Let me go!” I was starting to panic. I had to get out of here! I’d started buck desperately, twisting and turning in my bonds. I was stopped as she placed a firm hand on my chest, keeping me down. A hot gaze of green met mine, burning fire. I couldn’t look away.

“No. You’re NOT running from this. I don’t care how long we have to stay this way, you’re not going anywhere. You can’t run from me because I’ll find you. I’m not letting you go. If you try to leave I will drag you back here and teach you a lesson.”

I was undone. A tear slid down my cheek. “I can’t.” A broken whisper. “I don’t know how to give you what you want. I’m broken. Damaged.” My eyes squeezed shut, tears flowing freely from both, sparkling crystal on my skin. “You don’t need this. You don’t WANT this.” I turned my head in shame. I couldn’t meet her eyes.

I felt her finger under my chin, turning my head, then her lips were on mine. Gentle kissing bites. She worried my lower lip with her teeth before licking along my upper. I opened my mouth. If this was going to be our last moment together, I’d give her everything. Her tongue slid inside my mouth and I met her stroke for stroke. I was arching up into her, straining to get closer, tugging against my bonds. I moaned into her mouth, my tongue working against hers, fighting for control. She pulled away gasping.

“Don’t you dare tell me what I want.”

And then she was taking my mouth with proprietary roughness. I exclaimed into her mouth, fighting her as she sought to own me. I paused momentarily. I was so tired. I didn’t want to run anymore. I was tired of fighting. I relaxed a little into her kiss, allowing her to lead. Could this really happen? I didn’t know if I could do it. I was so used to doing things my way. So used to having control. To BEING in control.

I thought back to Shannyn. My resolve steeled. This wasn’t Shannyn. This was Ariel. She was making the first move. She was choosing me. She was willing to come after me. If I lost my nerve she would come and find me. She believed in me. This wonderful, gorgeous girl wanted me. I experienced an odd feeling of ‘rightness’ as I made my choice.

“Yes.” I whispered into her mouth, “Yes.” I relaxed completely, letting her take what she wanted from me, willing her to take.

In response, she pulled her mouth away from mine. “You have to be sure.” A finger stroking my cheeks gently. She was soothing me. “If you say yes now, you can’t pull out later. You have to be sure.” Her fingers spread, cupping my cheek. “You will be mine.” I looked up at her, overwhelmed by the tenderness in her eyes.

“Kiss me.”

* * * * * * *

Her mouth met mine in a fiery storm of a kiss. The kiss of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. She nipped hard enough on my lower lip so that I gasped, my mouth opening. She swept in roughly, causing a tremor to run through my body before she dipped her head, lips trailing over the line of my jaw and down my neck in nipping kisses. I moaned, tilting my head sideways, allowing her easier access. I cried out as I felt her teeth beneath my ear. Marking me. “Mine.” She said quietly against my ear, tongue laving over the small hurt.

I quivered, a groan escaping my mouth as she moved downwards, towards my breasts. Her hands slid up my sides, stroking and shaping over my ribs, coming perilously close to the undersides of my breasts. I groaned, wishing I could fist a hand in that gorgeous hair she had. A long slow lick up the side of one full breast. I was trembling now, my body strung tight with anticipation. Another lick on the other breast. I growled at her.

She smiled, winking up at me. “You’re so cute when you growl.” God damn. I blushed. Her grin widened. “And you’re ADORABLE when you blush!” an excruciatingly slow lick around my nipple. I moaned. “And when you moan it’s SO sexy!” The other breast got the same treatment.

I was burning up. My body on fire, I couldn’t take much more. “Please!” A cry of desperation as I felt hot air blowing across the trail of wet she’d left around my nipples. I felt my clit throb in heavy demand, heated flesh, slick between my thighs.

“Nope.” She smiled as I pouted. “And I think your pout is absolutely gorgeous.” Catching my lower lip between white teeth.

“UGH! Ariel! Stop teasing, PLEASE!” I groaned inwardly realising I’d reached an all-time low. I NEVER begged. Today was a day full of surprises.

“No… I don’t think so. You know, I seem to have lost a pair of panties…” Her eyes sparkled. “You wouldn’t know anything about that would you? I’d be so sad to lose them. They were my favourite.”

The little minx was playing games with me. Fine. I could play too. “Hmm… panties…? Nope. Sorry. Haven’t seen them. Maybe Caleb took them?” My cheeks dimpled slightly as her face reddened, and she hesitated, momentarily flustered.

“Why. You. NO! Caleb did NOT take them.” Her eyes glinted with wicked promise as she regained control. “You shouldn’t be laughing, “ She glowered, “because I intend to pleasure you into complete and utter submission.” My own eyes sparked at the challenge.

“Oh yeah?”


“You sound rather confident about that. Who says I’m going to submit?”

“Well…” a finger sliding down to land on my clit deliberately. “You ARE tied down and spread eagled for me…” a teasing stroke at the entrance to my body. Bitch was not playing fair.

“Yeah? Well. Who says I’m going to come for you?” Futile defiance.

“I do. I’ll have you screaming for me shortly.” Such confidence. I swallowed.

“Sorry, but. I’m not a screamer.” A blunt statement.

“Oh?” Brow raised. “We’ll see about that.” Challenge accepted. She brought her finger up to her lips and sucked the glistening digit inside slowly, closing her eyes. “MM” a quiet moan. Her lashes lifted slowly, revealing a haze of black. “You taste GOOD!”

“I know. You should try it direct from the source.” I attempted to spread my legs in invitation. It didn’t really work, but she didn’t miss the gesture.

She moved down between my legs, her mouth dipping to place a kissing bite on the inside of my knee. A trail of small licks and sucks up my leg, getting closer and closer to my burning centre. I moaned as her hair brushed against over-sensitive skin, her mouth working upwards. She stopped just short of my silken pussy, mouth inches from my slit. I couldn’t stand it. “Why did you stop? Keep going!” A breathless demand.

“I don’t think you’re in the right position to be giving me orders right now.” Warm breath on my clit. I wriggled, giving a groan of frustration. She moved back down, mouth on my other knee this time. Her hands slid upwards, shaping the undersides of my breasts gently, lightly dragging her nails across my skin, sending small tremors of pleasure throughout my body.

“PLEASE ARIEL! I can’t stand it!” Screw pride. If I didn’t come soon, shit was going to get real.

“What do you want?” Warm air on my clit.

I narrowed my eyes. “The fuck kind of question is that? What do you think I want? I want your mouth on me. NOW.” I all but growled at her. “If you don’t. You are going to be in SO much trouble when I get out of this!”

She smiled, “Who says you’re going to get out?”

I changed tack. “I’ll be good, please! I promise! I’ll do anything you want. I swear!”

She grinned. “That wasn’t so hard was it?” She bent her head.

I cried out in relief and pleasure as her tongue slid through my slick folds, sliding inside me, stroking firmly, owning me. I began to moan and moan. Her fingers slid upwards to tug on my nipples as she sucked my clit into her mouth firmly. I was overwhelmed with sensation. My body locked. On the brink of a wild orgasm that threatened to render me unconscious. And then she pulled away. Completely.

“WH-WHAT?!” A broken cry. “I was so close!”

“I don’t want you to come yet. I want to play with you some more. You have to learn that you can’t be in control all the time.” A wink. The air turned blue again.

My head fell back onto the pillow as I lay panting, breathless from that last rant. My revenge would be sweet. Nobody messed with me like this. Bitch.

Her head dipped again, this time to my breasts. “Oh, btw, I’m not untying you until you scream for me.” A promise. I thought about screaming just for the hell of it. “And if you scream just to please me, I’ll know. And I’ll punish you. Ok?” Damn. Maybe not then. I was going to be here for a while, it looked like.

A wet lick over one tight nipple had me moaning again. She began to feast on my breasts, alternating between soft little licks and kisses. My whole body was shaking, seeking a release that wasn’t coming. If only I could get some pressure against my clit. Even a little would be enough to push me over. I arched hard and gasped in relief as I bowed my back, my clit brushing rumpled sheets between my legs. It was uncomfortable but, release was guaranteed! I groaned, hips beginning to move rhythmically as I edged closer and closer to the edge.

“STOP.” She pushed me flat. Preventing anymore movement. “I told you to behave. Now I’m going to have to punish you.” I swallowed. I knew that look.

“N-now. Wait a second… I’m sorry?” A lame attempt at apology. She said nothing. “Ariel, I’m s-!” I was cut short as she slid three fingers inside me. “OH!” I shrieked, unprepared. She stopped immediately.

“I hurt you?”

“No. Never. I just, it was unexpected that’s all…” I gasped as she began to move inside me. Roughly.

“You know. That was suspiciously close to a scream…”

“A shriek! It was a shriek!” I was panting, moaning.

“You’re so wet.” Yeah, thanks for that Captain Obvious. I told her so, and was rewarded with a thumb pressing firmly on my clit. I cried out, hips bucking. She added a fourth finger and I gasped as the air pushed out of my lungs. Exquisite stretching pleasure. Her hand closed over my breast as her teeth bit down into my shoulder.

“I’m. Going. To. Come.” Stammering pants.

And then I felt my pussy vacated. NO! NOT AGAIN! I opened my mouth to tell her exactly what I was going to do to her when I got out of my bonds. The words never left my lips. A slight burning and stretching sensation was registered in my brain as she pushed two fingers hard into my ass. My breath left my body. My mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as I inhaled, realising a scream was about to make its way out.

“That’s it, come for me. Come for me baby. I want to feel you come around my fingers.” Whispered hotly into my ear as she pushed, sliding deeper into my ass. “Scream for me.” Teeth sank into my neck.

I screamed. A haze of black rapidly descending over my vision, everything falling silent before it.

* * * * * * *

I came to with a gasp. Tested my hands hopefully. Nope. Still firmly tied. “UGH” I mumbled in defeat. I shifted my gaze to look at her smiling down at me. I smiled back, unfettered. “That was…” I shook my head, unable to find words. “I’ve never passed out before. Or screamed. Or begged.” I felt a little bewildered as I realised how many walls I’d dropped in such a short time.

She grinned, reaching up above my head. Hallelujah! Sweet release! She brought my hands down, massaging my wrists gently before reaching down to free my legs. “So. You liked it I take it?”

I grinned, “Come here you.” I tugged her down beside me, tucking her against my side. “You’re in big trouble missy.” I flicked her nose playfully.

“I hope so!” She giggled slightly, blushing at the brash statement .

I held her close, smiling into her hair. There was no way I was letting this one go. She twined her fingers with my own, and I sighed in contentment.

All was right in the world.


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