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Where is She?

I ran from her, and now I don't know how to get her back.
Ok so, this is just a little something Iwrote for another user. If you're looking for a QF I don't think you'll find it here. This is a more, sensual piece. I was thinking MAYBE there could be a part two, but i'm unsure. Let me know what you think, enjoy!

For you, Ariel.

UGH. I threw myself facedown onto the bed and groaned loudly into my pillows, inwardly grimacing. I’d made a COLOSSAL mistake. I caught a glimpse of myself in my mirror and made a noise of disgust, stalking into the ensuite, shedding my clothes along the way.
As the water was heating through I stood glaring at myself in the mirror, arms folded over ample cleavage, mentally kicking myself. When the mirror started to steam up I growled openly, unclasping my bra frustratedly and throwing it angrily at the hamper. My panties followed soon after and I stepped into liquid heat, and began scrubbing furiously, as if to erase the events of the week.

* * * * * * *

I’d met her a few weeks ago, in a club of all places. She was tall and slim, hair falling down her back in a black sheet of fire.

I felt something hot and needy clench low in my abdomen as I started visualising her; my fist hit the wall in frustration and want.

She was beautiful. Our first conversation couldn’t really be classified as being a conventional one, as it was more physical than verbal. My thighs clenched as my mind shifted back in time.

Her name was Ariel. Fortunately I’d made the effort to learn her name before bedding her. It was even more fortunate that I could remember it the next day. That Bacardi had packed a hell of a punch. I’d woken to a warm, and very feminine form curled up against my own. I blinked slowly several times, taking in the fact that I had a very attractive and very naked female in my bed. A lazy stroke over her hip and she murmured, shifting slightly, wiggling her butt back into me. I smiled into her hair, autumn and spice. I inhaled again, slowly, loving her scent. Fingers travelled slowly down over bare thigh, sliding down to the crook of her knee. “So soft…” I whispered reverently to myself, simultaneously wondering if she was even softer in… other places.

“FUCK.” I groaned in exasperation and pleasure, my fingers having made their way unconsciously down between my legs. My hand was still braced on the wall in front of me as I closed my eyes again, the water stroking down over my skin in a heated caress. I bit my lip, stifling a cry as I brushed that tight bundle of nerves at the apex of my thighs, feeling nothing but heat, slick and throbbing with desire. My palm slapped onto the surface of the wall again. It wasn’t ENOUGH. I needed more. I needed HER.

I buried my face in her neck from behind as my hand moved back up over her hip, travelling over curves so lethal I nearly lost my breath and up to stroke across the skin of her ribs. I grinned to myself as I felt her quiver; smooth, flat stomach muscles give a little flutter at my touch. “Morning you.” I nuzzled her ear with my nose before catching her lobe between my lips in a gentle kissing bite. She mumbled something sleepily, head tilting sideways to give me better access to her neck. I think I was going to like this girl.

“Hey!” her startled cry brought another smile to my lips as I cupped her boldly.

“What?” An excruciatingly slow stroke from that magic knot of nerves all the way down to the bottom of the entrance to her body. I was answered with a gasp, her back arching slightly. “You’re damp. I can feel you. Hot and luscious and ready.” I punctuated my words with more slow strokes. Her breath began to come faster, and I moved my mouth to the nape of her neck, a slow suckling bite. She jerked slightly, and I chuckled quietly into her ear before I moved backwards, allowing her to roll onto her back into my vacated space. As soon as she was settled I stretched out over her, straddling her hips.

My breath caught in my throat as I gazed at her lying on my pillows. Her hair fell in wild curls of shimmering fire around her face and lay spread over the pillow behind her head. I tangled one hand in it, wonderingly. My gaze shifted, moving over soft pouty lips, a long elegant neck and travelled downwards.

“You’re staring…” I was jerked back into the present as my eyes flicked back to her face to catch her teasing grin. A long delicate finger came up under my chin and pushed gently. My mouth closed with a snap as I realised I’d been gawking.

“I’m sorry… It’s just. You’re.” I struggled to find the words. “Beautiful.” I finished lamely, a deep red flush blooming across my cheeks. I frowned slightly as I saw the twinkle in her eye. She was playing with me. The child inside me laughed with delight, approving. I smiled, cheeks dimpling at her, my hand going to hold her throat in a gently possessive grip before I leaned down, my hair falling to frame her face, and claimed her mouth in a hot, rough kiss that spoke of sinful promise.

She moaned involuntarily, and I shifted, keeping my mouth on hers, until I was half lying on her, one of my legs pressed between hers. I nudged gently with my knee and her mouth broke away from mine with a gasp. My hand was still in her hair, and I used this to my advantage, tugging her back down to take her mouth again, nipping, licking and tasting.

I let go of her throat, sliding my hand down over a smooth tight stomach, fluttering with nerves.


She gasped, eyes flying wide as my fingers came into contact with heated feminine desire. My thumb landed on that tight bundle of nerves and she shuddered. So responsive, I smiled to myself as I watched her body arch, her head falling back, exposing that delicate line of her throat to me.

“That’s right baby.” I murmured against her lips. “Let me touch you. Let me pleasure you.” One finger circled lightly at her entrance, then pushed in gentle demand.

One of her hands had settled onto my shoulder now, the other sliding down over my back to splay on my lower back, pulling me closer. Her hips were beginning to rise and fall slightly as my finger teased her.

“Please.” It was a panted groan. My lips curved against her mouth.

Her cry was a breathy sound against my senses. Shit she was tight. My mouth moved down her jaw to that soft hollow at the base of her neck in nipping kisses. I moved my finger experimentally inside of her and she moaned quietly, her hips moving in their own rhythm now. I licked and sucked my way back up her neck to claim her mouth again in a slow, deep, openly possessive kiss. My thumb found her clit, stroking and petting gently as I thrust in and out with my finger. I dipped my head. Teeth closed over a nipple with calculated care.

“OH!” Her eyes flew wide, staring sightlessly upwards as her body fractured around me. I took her mouth again, stifling the rest of her cry. She was so wet, her flesh such a temptation that I continued to move inside her even as she trembled down from the orgasm.

I withdrew my finger gently when she was limp and sated. Heavy with satisfaction. My hand spread, cupping her with familiar intimacy as I kissed her again with gentle sensuality.

“Good morning.”

A gaze of soft, hazy black. “Good morning.” Kiss-swollen lips shaped the words.

* * * * * * *

“Oh. God!” I cried out as I came, my body exploding in heavy pulses, moving through every fibre of my being. I collapsed against the shower wall, trying to steady myself as flames licked through me in powerful waves. I pulled my fingers from my body with a slow sucking pop, flinching a little with sensitivity. I stood panting, catching my breath.

Ten minutes later I was standing in front of the mirror again. I glared at myself. “You idiot.” My reflection mouthed back at me. I shook my head, gaze flickering to the side of my mirror. A kiss of red. That was all I had left of my Ariel.

I’d been afraid of her. Afraid of the feelings I could feel building inside me towards her. So, like the coward I was, I’d decided to cut and run; breaking contact. Believing it was for the best. Forcing myself to believe it was for the best. And now after it was done. I knew I’d made the mistake of the century. I kicked the wall in despair. I had to find her. But how?

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