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While our husbands are away

She designs a pleasure device. Her boss finds out.
She worked at a munitions factory. The men were at war, and she and most of the town's women worked at the factory to support their families and the war effort. Times were tough, but the girls loved their guys, so they worked hard to make sure every rocket, bullet, grenade and pistol was perfect. Months went by and this woman was promoted several times because her rockets were the best.

But every night she went home lonely and increasingly horny, her husband was not there to give her release.

The bullets and grenades she was working on at the factory began to look like cocks to her during the day, it was distracting. At night, and in her spare time, she doodled metal dicks and balls. One day, she was exceptionally tired, so she left work early. Unfortunately she forgot her sketchbook in her work cubby.

Her boss found it.

Her boss' husband was also at war, and she immediately recognized the drawings as the fantasies they were. Looking at them reminded her of how much she missed her man, and how long it had been since she'd had a good fuck. Then it occurred to her that the factory had all the supplies she needed to make one of the woman's designs. The owners would hardly miss the scrap metal.

Still, the idea of making a metal cock sounded vaguely grotesque to her. What would her husband think? Could he understand how much she missed him? What those lonely nights were driving her to do with her fingers? If she couldn't have his cock, maybe she could make one similar, just until he got home.

The boss tore a page from her employee's sketchbook, and slid the rest back in the cubby. She got to work. Her husband was a large man, broad shouldered and thick. His cock had always stretched her pussy wide, she knew any less would be disappointing to her, so the mold she made was at least four fingers wide.

She thought about how much he filled her, and how she loved to grasp his balls when he pressed inside her, so she made sure to make the cock long and finished it off with a pair of thick balls.

The boss began to stay late at the factory. She worked only at night and only used materials that were headed for the dumpsters. Still, she was a perfectionist, and the first 4 dicks were not good enough for her. Too long, not smooth enough, needed more curve...

A year and a half into the war, and she finally had a cock so similar to her husband's, the only difference was her creation was made of a shiny stainless steel that would never rust, tarnish, dent or chip, no matter how hard she played with it.

The night she took it home she wrapped it in a soft cloth and tucked it inside her coat. That evening she made herself a delicious meal and had a long hot bath. Finally she unwrapped the new dick and set it on her nightstand.

She missed her husband so much, she was so horny, just looking at it and thinking about what she could do with it was enough to make her pussy pulse. She closed her eyes and thought of her man, so far away. She hoped he was thinking of her too. Maybe he was stroking himself right now, thinking about her naked after a long bath. She licked two fingers and began to stroke her nipples. She imagined him kissing her there and moaned.

Unfortunately, being so alone for so long made her impatient. She began to tuck and pinch at herself hard and fast.

Before she knew it, she was rubbing the giant cock between her legs, grinding it against her clit. Her juices made the whole thing slick with cum.

She couldn't wait, she plunged it inside and cried out at the delicious familiarity, the hardness of it. Again and again she orgasmed until she was utterly exhausted.

She slept that night nearly content, and finally satisfied. The next morning she woke looking at the giant metal dick on her bedside table. She remembered how fast her fuck had been last night, and how much better it was when her husband was with her.

Then her mind wandered to her poor young employee, the one who had doodled all those metal dicks, giving her the inspiration for her bedside friend. She began to feel sorry that the woman could not make a dick of her own to fuck.

Then it hit her- why couldn't she share? After all, it was her design... mostly. Even if it was her boss' husband whose cock it was made to resemble.

The boss began to come up with a plan. It was a little devious for something that came of such a generous idea.

Most Fridays she let her employees go home early. But this day she called the woman into her office at lunch time. She asked her to stay later for a special brainstorming session after the other workers went home.

"I like what you're doing in your section. And I've seen some of the designs you've come up with for new weapons. I'd like to discuss them with you."

The Woman was perplexed. She'd never designed any new weapons. But since her boss seemed unwilling to discuss things further until after closing, she went back to work.

At 4 o'clock, the bell rang and the factory cleared out.

Most of the girls went to the locker rooms, changed out of their overalls and into housedresses. A few took advantage of the company showers, which were always hot.

The woman did the same, using the time under the water to work the kinks from her muscles and to try to release some of the tension of the day. At 4:30, the locker room was empty and the young employee was once again dressed in her clean street clothes.

She had never been the last to leave before, and the factory felt odd with no one inside it. Her footsteps echoed loudly as she climbed the metal stairs to the second floor offices. Her boss' door was the only one with a sliver of light shining through. She knocked softly and entered when she was told to.

The woman sat down across the desk, not noticing the sketchbook her boss rested her hands upon. "I'd like to discuss this with you," and then she saw it being pushed forward.

The woman felt a shock run through her limbs. This was so embarrassing! Had her boss seen what she'd drawn inside? Would she be fired for owning and bringing pornography to work?

And she herself had drawn the pictures! She was so embarrassed she couldn't speak. She stared down at her hands and hoped it would be over quickly.

"I know exactly what you're thinking, but I don't want you to worry. This has been a rough few years, after all, and I don't think there's a woman in this town who doesn't feel the same way we do right now."

Confused, the employee looked up at her boss. What did she mean? How did she feel? She couldn't possibly be talking about what had inspired those drawins, could she?

Her boss looked at her quietly. After a moment she nodded, leaned down and opened a drawer. "I've been thinking all day about how best to handle this situation, and I think I've come up with a plan that would be ideal for the both of us. Are you willing to listen?"

The woman nodded her head emphatically. Anything to keep her job. Times were tough enough. "Good. Here's what we're going to do." Her boss pulled out of her drawer several strips of fabric. "This may seem a little odd... so you'll have to trust me here. Remember. I know what you've got here," and she tapped the book, "and I know why. If you want me to trust you, you'll have to trust me. Understood?"

Her employee nodded again, slower this time. What would she want her to do with the torn cloth? She was only a modest seamstress, and she couldn't imagine what else the strips were for.

"Stand up, please." the Boss stood herself and looked sternly down at the woman. She quickly hopped to her feet. "Good." Her boss walked around the desk and her employee began to turn to take the cloth from her. "No, face the desk. That's right. Now close your eyes." It was a very strange command, but the woman did as she was told.

She heard her boss step behind her and felt her skirts brush against her own. Then she felt one of the strips of cloth cover her eyes and tighten around her head.

"Uh... what..?" she began to ask before her boss hushed her. The woman was generally trusting, even so, this was a little strange. The only time she'd ever been blindfolded was as a child at a birthday party. For a moment, she had the ridiculous idea that her boss wanted to play pin the tail on the donkey, or pop the balloon, or some other silly game. She almost laughed out loud at that, but then she felt another strap wrap around one of her wrists, then the other.

"Hush now, and don't move unless I tell you. Do you understand?"

"No! No I think, I think I want you to-" the woman was stuttering. She did not appreciate being tied up, even by another woman. This was too strange for her.

But her boss admonished her to be quiet before she could voice her opinion too loudly, and she was yanked forward. Not that it would have mattered. Unless someone happened to still be in the factory, it was likely that no one would hear her. Still, she cried out and pulled at the cotton binding her, even as she felt it tightened and secured on the other side of the desk.

Now she was bent over the desk, her rear end in the air. She dug her heels in and tried to pull away, but she was stuck tight, and the desk didn't even slide on the concrete, it must have been bolted to the floor.

"Hushh" her boss whispered soothingly, even as she put another strip of cloth into the woman's mouth, tying it behind her head. "This is only until you've relaxed a bit. Once you're ready, I'll untie you, understand?" The woman shook her head frantically from side to side, yanking at whatever held her hands wide out in front of her.

"Hush... hush..." the woman heard a drawer open again, and then heard a few objects being place on the desk in front of her, though out of her reach. "Just relax. I would tell you that this will all be over soon... but I don't think you really want it to." her boss laughed then, it did little to comfort her.

Then the woman hear her boss walking behind her again. "As I said, I saw your designs and I love them. As a matter of fact, for the past few months, I've been working overtime to make a prototype. I finished yesterday! Last night was our first experiment... and while I think it was a success, I'd like to know what you think." As she was talking, the woman felt her boss' hands stroking her back slowly and gently, almost like a massage. She worked her hands into her tired muscles, kneeding and stroking.

It was so bizarre, she stopped fighting and just lay there across the desk, unsure of how to respond. "That's right. I think it's time to get started." And the woman heard the sound of a pair of scissors snipping at something. It was the last thing she expected and it terrified her. But she never felt them touch her and she was almost surprised when she felt her dress slip off her and puddle onto the table. The cold air blew across her back and legs.

Her boss' hands returned, twice as hot on her bare skin at her back. She stroked and massaged once again, murmuring as if to a spooked animal and slowly the woman relaxed again. Finally, she knew what was happening and had not a clue what to do about it.

On the one hand, she had no interest in other women. On the other hand, it felt so good to be touched by someone, even her boss, she remained perfectly still... frozen in place by uncertainty.

"That's right... it's been a long time, hasn't it? You see, I knew what you were feeling as soon as I saw those drawings. So I got working and I made something... I made one of your designs."

"I made some modifications, of course, I take it from what you've drawn that your husband is a bit longer than mine is, but my husband is wider, much thicker. And since that's what I like, that's what I made. I hope you understand. Perhaps later we can make one like your husband, but for now..."

And the woman felt her boss' hands rubbing her arms, her back and work their way down to her ass. She felt her slide her fingers between her panties and her skin and drop her underwear to the floor.

A moment later her bra was also unfastened and pulled up to rest around her bound wrists. Cold air made her goosbumps rise, and the strange feeling of her breasts brushing the desk made her nipple stiffen. Her boss' hands were slender and soft. They teased the woman between her thighs, first up one side and then down the other.

Then they traced her spine, her shoulders, and back down to her ass, giving it a hard squeeze.

Everywhere she touched felt like fire. Now she realized what the blindfold was for. With her eyes closed like this, and with her boss now silent, she could just imagine this was her husband behind her right now. Though his hands were rougher and harder on her, right now it didn't matter that it wasn't exact... it was enough.

The woman heard a whisper of fabric and then something being rolled on the desk. A moment later her boss was back behind her, she felt her legs touching hers as her boss bent over her, touching her neck, her arms, her back, then moving around front to wrap her arms around her.

Her boss was naked now, she could tell, but she didn't mind. Her tits on her back were warm and soft, and her breathing was coming in soft pants. She need this just as much as her boss did.

Her hands finally came up to cup first one breast, then the other, pinching her nipples. The woman gasped and her boss paused for only a moment before pinching them harder, and pulling a little. The woman was desperately horny now, and becoming frustrated.

Could this be better than being celibate? What she really wanted was her husband's dick; the woman knew that comforting as another body was, fingers were nothing compared to a cock. Still, she began to rock her hips back and forth, thinking desperately of her husband over seas. How she wish she could climb on top of him just then.

Her boss knew what she was thinking, one hand released its breast and slid down her belly, down between her legs. It found her clit and began lightly brushing it. Then it reached lower to the bottom of her slit, teasing her by gently rubbing and pressing her there. The woman groaned and pressed her ass against her boss... oh how she wished she worked for a man!

She bucked her hips wildly, up and down, desperately wishing for a release that stubbornly stayed out of reach. She began to feel exhausted, her stamina weakening. She heard her boss give a soft, feminine chuckle, as she lifted her hands away from her employees wet pussy.

Again, something rolled on the desk, and the woman knew her boss had picked something up. "Now brace yourself, dear. I can tell you that the first time is a bit painful. No, no... it's a good kind of pain... just relax."

And the woman felt her boss' hands slide down to her hips, then one hand braced against one thigh while something cold and metallic pressed against the other, spreading her legs wide. Whatever the metal object was, it was round and smooth and heavy, she could tell by the feel of it. Her boss began rubbing it up against her pussy. Oh she moaned then. She moaned loud, oh it felt so good. What was it?

Then she felt something huge and round press against her pussy. She felt her lips stretching wide to accommodate the giant cock. She wasn't used to this huge object forcing its way inside her. It was far more than she'd ever experienced. She felt her pussy burning and tingling with the pressure. Just when she thought she couldn't possibly open herself wider, her boss jammed hard, pounding a full three inches of slick metal cock inside her. She could feel every ridge, every curve, and still the dick kept coming. It was incredible, her boss pounded her again and again until the entire dick filled her completely.

Her cum ran rivers over her boss' fingers, and she pulled the dick out partly, just a little, then pushed it back in again, harder than before. The woman through her head back and if her mouth hadn't been covered, the whole factory would have echoed with her screams. She had never cum so hard in her life.

Again and again her boss fucked her with the metal dick, she understood now why her husband loved watching his cock enter her, she was thoroughly enjoying fucking her employee with his dick.

One last time she slammed it into the woman, whose last cry died down to soft gasps as she finally collapsed against the desk, shaking slightly.

Slowly she pulled the cock out of the woman and then set it on a clean cloth on the desk, wrapping it up again so that she could wash her employee's cum off of it later. Quietly she untied her and removed the blindfold. When she was done, the woman smiled sleepily up at her.


This was written as a chat between the two of us one night when we were far apart. We alternated back and forth and it turned out pretty interesting. We hope you enjoy. - Andre and Suzette

At the end of the story, we masturbated via video chat. It was amazing.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright 2013 by Andre and Suzette Paige

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