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Wife and Lover

Wife and Lover

What to do? It wasn’t that I did not love my wife, or find her the sexiest woman I had ever met, or that I was an insatiable slut. Sure, when it came to a casual fuck, I was in the market, though decreasingly so; the law of diminishing returns had set in when it came to submissive cunts; it was fun, but done properly, it was demanding in time and energy, and the first was in short supply, and the latter needed to be concentrated on my wife, who needed it. Her illness had meant a long time in a sanatorium, and whatever the many medical benefits to be derived therefrom, they were damned difficult places in which to have wild unhibited sex. It was natural that I should seek some comfort elsewhere. Kate, my wife, understood that.

But this delicious little blonde was different. I had come across her during an evening’s dalliance in a lesbian club. Some dommes have their sub moments, I had my sub strategy. As a sub, one could learn what other dommes did; call it researching best practice. The thought made me giggle. Dommed by a stern, serious German girl, I had met Kitty. She had thought it would be fun to take me and Kitty into a private room; she had been right, but not in the sense she thought.

Sure, it had been a huge erotic turn on to be made to strip and crawl to this petite blonde creature. Her tits, whilst tiny, were perfectly formed, and her nipples, when erect, were a bright red. They just asked to be sucked and twisted and played with. It had been with great gusto that I had taken them into my mouth. The discovery that she loved having them bitten, hard, was delightful; I kept it in mind for the future.

Her little bald cunt was deliciously sweet. It grew red so quickly that one wondered about the intensity of the orgasm which followed; I had never known anyone to have so many multiple orgasms.

If that was all it was, then it would have been simply the usual sluttery. But there was something more than that here. The way she looked at me, with those sweet blue eyes, her sweet, obliging nature, and the clear connection between us, suggested to me that not only would I want her again, but that the want would not vanish.

The tables turned, as they were always going to. The stern German girl’s assumption that my research into submission and dominance from the point of view of the former was a settled position, was overturned one evening, when I ended up tanning her arse and fucking her cunt until she squealed and came, at least thrice. There was no more nonsense after that. I was in charge.

But all of that was but the way to capture Kitty. She was unsurprised by the turn of events. She told me later that she, as a true submissive (and how), could sense that I was simply playing at it. I was quite happy to let Kitty and the German girl play, although it amused me to make the latter submissive to the former. Kitty, never comfortable in the more dominant role, nonetheless did it to please me; and she did.

However, it became increasingly clear as time passed, that the German girl was uneasy in her role. There would be attempts at rebellion until, one evening, she vanished. Kitty, although sad, accepted it was one of those things that happened. Her love, her obedience, and her need to be used, focussed entirely on me. Most evenings we would meet, and it would end with her orgasming mightily. In the end, I spent most nights there. But when Kate was fit to leave the sanitorium, a decision had to be made.

It is one of the many ways in which my wife is exceptional, that she not only tolerated my nocturnal diversions, but encouraged them. Not inexperienced in lovers other than me, she saw no need to be hypocritical when I found one for myself. Our love making remained as vibrant and erotic as ever; no one could match her. But where would Kitty fit in, now Kate was back home?

It was typical of my Kate that she had the answer. Discussing it one evening after our usual exhausting love-making, she wondered whether it might not be an idea to invite Kitty to our house. In another women, I’d have suspected a desire simply to get in on the act, but with Kate, it was the product of a genuine desire to please me and to resolve the problem.

That took us to where we were.

There was a ring on the door.

It was Kitty, in a delightful polka dot dress. Her slender legs were bare, and she wore elegant white heels. If ever a picture was pretty, it was her.

I invited her into the sitting room.

“Kate,” I said, “meet Kitty.” I smiled, so did Kitty.

“Hello sweetie! Cathy has told me a lot about you.” Kate positively grinned. Among her weaknesses were young blondes, and at twenty-five years younger, the difference was enough to be hot for the three of us.

It was typical of Kitty that she boldly went up the Kate, sat next to her and turning toward her and smiling, said:

“Mistress Cathy tells me so much about you too.”

I Intervened.

"We can all share the bed and cuddle, if we go next door." If bushes were going to be beaten, then best be up front about it. I had fucked them both, and if this was going to work, the sooner the two of them got into bed together, the better.

"Stop.mistress, I shall blush," Kitty stammered. She was just so delightfully submissive that she was, indeed, blushing.

Kate, on the other hand, accepted it in her usual delightfully enthusiastic way.

"I can go for that, my love, sounds wonderful."

Looking at Kitty, I said:

"I love your blushes. Do tell my wife about your delectable self."

 Kitty blushed again:

"I am as red as you leave my little cunt. Mistress is so wonderful to me," she said, turning to Kate.

"You know that I have been Mistress's  Kitty for three weeks now? I hope you do not mind?"

Characteristically, Kate replied:

"I'm all in favour of more blondes!"

"Well," I replied, "you know that as well as being my beloved wife, Kate is also my collared sub."

"Yum, yes, she told me, and she also told me of how much she loves you. I am not a jealous girl, and I know my place, so never worry, Kate." 

I was so proud of Kitty. It was precisely that sort of attitude which so endeared her to me. Submissive, sexy, and entirely without jealousy; it was hard to know what more one could want. Kate grinned.

 "How sweet!" She said, cuddling up to Kitty.

"Kitty understands her position my darling. She has been such a comfort in your long absence."

"I'm glad to hear it," Kate smiled, I would hate for Cathy to have to go without pussy for so long."

"I'm happy to be her pet, jealousy is so silly." Kitty smiled.

Cuddling up to Kate, who was cuddling up with Kitty, I told her that I hoped they would become friends, and even lovers.

Kitty giggled:

"I'm honoured to be owned by her."

"That," said Kate, "makes two of us."

"My darling Kitty," I smiled at them both, "do give my wife a kiss."

One of the many wonderful things about Kitty was that she never needed telling twice.

Leaning in, she klssed Kate passionately on her lips. A frisson of pleasure went through me. They were going to be so sweet together. Kate was taken with her, as she was with Kate. They held their kiss the longest while.

Kitty's tongue was entwining with Kate's. They were stroking each other's hair. Had it not been for the erotic charge, I'd have left them to it; but this was too good to miss.

Finally breaking the kiss, Kitty smiled, her face flushed:

"Would you like me to undress you, Kate?"

Kate nodded.

Slowly, sensously, Kitty lifted her green dress up her hips, over her breasts, and off; Kate was nude underneath.

"Goodness, gosh," Kitty blushed, "my Mistress has such a beautiful wife."

"Thank you, darling," Kate smiled back. "She also has good taste in pets."

This was said as Kate grabbed the hem-line of Kitty's dress and pulled that up, and off. Kitty was also nude underneath. Two submissives with the same instructions; what a coincidence.

Kitty giggled.

"I see you got the same orders as me."

"Yes," Kate said, "MIstress is so thoughtful, this way we can enjoy each other sooner."

With that, she leaned in and kissed Kitty's tiny, perfect tits. Kitty immediately moaned.

The eroticism of watching my wife suck hard on my lover's nipples was almost overwhelming. I wanted to play with myself, but decided a bit of denial might add to the fun.

Kate then lay back into the pillows and opened her legs. She was nothing if not direct.

"The bedroom," I commanded.

It was with a delicious sense of naughtiness that I told Kitty:

 "Pleasure my wife."

Kitty positioned her nude body over Kate, kissing her neck, licking it slowly, and biting softly. Working her way down, she kissed Kate's breasts, and continued, working downwards. Her tongue lapped at Kate's soft, pale skin. She lingered on Kate's nipples, her tongue swirling, her mouth closing over them and sucking them in. I watched with pleasure as Kate began to moan and wriggle

As Kitty caressed her nipples with her mouth, slowly stretching them, and flicking them with her tongue, Kate's moans grew louder and more insistent,

"Fuck, Kitty, oh you are very sweet and delicate little pet."

Seeing me smile, Kate looked over and blew a kiss.

"My darling wife and mistress, so kind, she is just the best welcome home present there ever could be!"

Kitty needed no encouragement. She straddled Kate's thigh, brushing it with her wet cunt. Bending forward she applied her mouth once more to Kate's aching nipples, grazing them with her teeth. Leaving a finger playing with her left nipple, Kitty slipped down between Kate's open thighs.

As she did so I took Kate's hand and softly squeezed it.

"I love you, my darling wife."

Kitty licked along the inside of Kate's thighs, inhaling her scent, her fingers rolling on a nipple. She was applying slow soft licks to her labia, exploring Kate's wetness.

Stopping for a moment she leant up, her face glistening with my wife's cunt juice.

"You are so kind, Mistress, sharing your delicious wife with me."

"You are most welcome, my pet, you two are so delicious to watch."

And to be honest, they were more than that. Kitty's little blonde head moving fast as she licked at Kate's pussy. I could see her tongue darting in, and then licking her clit. All the while she twisting her fingers on Kate's aching nipples. She licked upwards toward her clit again, then turned to me.

"May I use a finger mistress?"

"You may act as you think my wife needs."

Kitty smiled, grinning.

"Yes Mistress, thank you."

She wrapped Kate's clit into her mouth, sucking on it, her tongue flicking it.

"Kiss me, my wife!" Kate moaned.

As we kissed, Kate groaned as Kitty's finger entered her cunt. 

"Fuck," she moaned, into my mouth.

I could see Kitty flicking Kate's clit with her tongue, and then probing deeper.

I sucked at Kate's delectable erect nipples, then pulled back to watch.

She was squealing softly in ecstasy, her hips rolling and swaying instinctively.

My teeth went back to grazing Kate's nipples, but looking down as I sucked on them, I could see Kitty's blonde head bobbing as she sucked. I could also glimpse her wet fingers as they darted in and out of Kate's wetness, coated with her cunt cream.

"Oh my goodness, that's not fair. Both of you, how the fuck can I resist?"

I sucked and bit on her breasts, marking her as mine, watching the while as Kitty played with her wet cunt.

Suddenly Kate's back arched as her climax ripped through her.

I held her as she came. Kitty emerged from between her thighs, her face flushed, wet and happy. Kate's emerald green eyes looked at me with lust.

"Well, my pets," I said, "I think we may have an answer to what we do now Kate is back.



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