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Wife's lesbian fantasies come true

My husband watches as I feel a lady's touch for the very first time...
I can’t believe where I am and what we’re about to be doing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d be lying on this four poster bed in this gorgeous hotel deep in the Dorset countryside. To be honest, never in my wildest fantasies did I think that I was the kind of girl ever to agree to something like this! But the crazy thing is I don’t mind that I’m here. I don’t mind that I’ve agreed to give it a try. In fact…if I was completely honest with myself I think I’d find that I’m actually quite looking forward to it.

Of course, there’s apprehension. What girl wouldn’t be a little apprehensive! I mean, it’s not every day that you get to experience this kind of thing is it. But I’m glad we’re experiencing it together. I like the fact that we’re experiencing new things all the time. No doubt we’ll experience many more as our lives go on. Who knows where we’ll end up. I’d certainly never do this with anyone else, but with you, it’s different. We trust each other, we’re secure with each other. We love each other.

And now, as I lay here, the candlelight throwing long shadows over my naked body, the reality of the situation is hitting me. There is no doubt I’m nervous. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. But with my nerves have come unexpected pleasures. It seems my state of nerves has heightened all my senses. I can hear every note of the beautiful music drifting in from the other room. The warm breeze from the open window swirls the light and sound around, creating a density of music I’ve never experienced. It's as if every note is penetrating my body and energising every cell.

Scents are all around me, filling my head with distinct and suddenly shifting feelings. One instant I can smell the scented candles; powerful, strong and providing a cloud of relaxation and calm on which I feel like I’m floating. The next the woody, herby smell of late summer evenings whafting through the open windows and around the room, fuelling my most basic animal urges. I can smell the warmth that the sun's rays have provided the countryside and I can feel primeval longings for new adventures and reckless acts.

As quickly as one feeling floods my excitable mind another comes to keep me on my toes. The wine has relaxed my body but my mind is sharp and keen. Reckless, adventurous thoughts merge and are then replaced with overwhelming homely and loving feelings as my sensitive nose picks up your unique scent.

On the warm breeze comes the faint yet familiar smell of your aftershave. Like a loving arm it wraps me in a strong and secure embrace. I know you're there to protect and ensure my total enjoyment, ensuring structure and protection to the animal instincts that I can feel deep within my body; deep yet stirring more and more as the time ticks by. I know that whatever happens you’ll understand…that whatever I choose to do you’ll accept and with it we’ll become stronger. Very slowly my fears and nerves become excitement and eagerness.

One final scent, as delicate and filled with mystery as the immediate future’s events, breathes over me like a new lover's caress. I’m amazed at my own body’s reactions. Reacting long before my own mind catches up and helps me put sense to the tingles I feel deep within my most intimate parts. The stirring emotion that was building just moments before grows and I can feel the unmistakable force of arousal and desire. I don’t understand it but I’m helpless to control it.

I open my eyes and survey the scene. I’m laying on the bed, my sensitive, trembling body partially covered with the sheerest satin sheets, my upper half supported with the softest duck down cushions. My mind's eye pictures how I must look with the flickering light of the candles lighting my curves and accentuating my full womanliness.

I picture how you must be seeing me from your perspective at the end of the bed. A vision of pure, unadulterated sexiness. In a magical moment I’m proud of my womanly form, proud that I turn heads with my femininity. Proud that of the arousal that I’m so easily capable of creating in everybody. In that magical moment I’m eager to allow those who want to, to enjoy me...absolutely enjoy me!

Suddenly, the months of fear, acceptance, want and intrigue come alive and my heart rate explodes, beating faster and faster as the moment of truth begins. The first moment must be sooo near. You have gone absolutely quiet, your breathing and the smell of your body the only things giving away you’re there at all. I’m absolutely still, waiting, my body rigid with expectation.

The first touch is like a whisper. At first I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is real. My mind is going so fast, maybe I imagined it. Slowly, unbelievably slowly, the touch hardens and I can feel a slender finger resting on my naked shoulder. It remains motionless as if asking for permission to continue.

A few moments go by; my lack of reaction acts as the trigger to continue and slowly other fingers join the first and a gentle, warm hand is laid against my skin. I can’t believe it’s happening. I can’t believe this woman’s naked hand is caressing my shoulders, her fingers gently stroking across the front of my collar bone. Ticklish yet deliberate and sensual.

My skin is so sensitive. Her touch is like the softest kisses I’ve ever experienced and within seconds my body tells me that the effect she’s having on me is very much sexual. It’s all I can do to stop myself from shifting position to elevate the tension building in my body. Part of me hopes she can’t tell the effect she’s having, but part of me also wants her to see. See so that she might continue and give me more of this exquisite feeling.

I want to open my eyes but I can’t bring myself to. Just a few more moments to see if the feelings change. If they do then I can open them, call a night to this and have you back in my arms.

But it doesn’t change. Now both hands are exploring my body and I’m sure that she is lying close to me. I can feel the warmth of her skin against my own and every so often something brushes over my chest. My imagination runs wild. Could those soft, warm brushes be another girls breasts brushing against my own. I want to reach out and find the source of those soft caresses, want to lift my hands and discover a warm body like my own. Want to feel my own fingers exploring another’s warm skin.

I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this. I can’t believe that the part of myself I reserve solely for you can be being affected so much. My arousal fills the room and I can no longer hold back my sighs of pleasure. The hands continue their exploration, respectfully avoiding my most womanly of parts.

God, how I want to feel her warm, soft and delicate hands caressing my breast, how I want to feel her warm lips place kisses on the soft flesh of my nipples, feel the deliciousness of a hand seeking out the warmth and moistness that lies between my legs. I’d do anything to feel her slender finger tips slip between by sensitive lips, sliding slowly, yet surely up to my sensitive clitoris. I can’t believe that I’m enjoying this and actually longing to be fingered by a lady.

I open my eyes. I want to experience this feeling in all of its different manifestations. I open my eyes and am greeted with another pair looking down at me. Intense, caring, dark eyes look down. The eyes of a beautiful lady gaze down at me…her brown hair framing her slight features.

I can’t believe that this woman is touching me, bringing me such pleasure. As if for reassurance I look over at you. You’re sitting there quietly watching us; there is no jealousy as our eyes meet. Far from it. You smile and wink at me, giving me the slightest nod of the head to carry on and enjoy myself.

Part of me wants you to physically enjoy this with me me but it’ll be far too complicated to get another involved in this. This is my first time and I want to enjoy it in my own way. No doubt you’ll enjoy watching. Judging from the size of the hard-on you’re sporting beneath your jeans I’d say that's definitely what is happening.

I refocus on the girl and lift my own hands to caress her face and neck. Her right hand has found its way to my tingling pussy and her other is running down my left hand side, more gently than any man, cupping my breast and kneading it, applying the perfect pressure.

I can’t believe I’m going to do this but I can’t help myself. I reach up and bring her face close to mine. Our lips meet and we kiss. Her full lips are like nothing I’ve ever kissed; soft like pillows and yielding to my every movement, her mouth in complete unison with my own.

My hands pull her closer as my sensory perception explodes with desire. My own hands slide up both sides of her body, feeling her dark brown nipples brushing against my own, sending ripples of arousal directly to my aching groin.

Within moments my hands have found her breasts and I’m feeling for the very first time what it’s like to be massaging the firmness of another woman. I feel how soft her nipples are beneath my touch, feel an overwhelming desire to take one into my mouth. God, how I want to feel those dark and hardened nipples deep within my mouth, feel my tongue run over the tiny bumps of the soft brown disks.

I take one in my mouth and hear you gasp with excitement. I raise my head very slowly, carefully keeping her sensitive nipple between my lips and look directly at you, my husband. I can’t believe I’m holding another woman’s breast in my hands, my tongue licking her erect nipple. This is what YOU must feel every time you hold my own breasts in your hands, feel MY nipples hardening against your tongue and feel my firm breasts yielding to your cupping hands.

The next time I look at you you’re no longer sitting but have stood up. You’ve moved around the room to get a better view as this lady, who up until a few hours ago was a complete stranger, lowers her head between my open legs.

I’m sooo wet I can feel my juices as they run down between my legs. I know she’s looking directly at my pussy and I love it. I want her to get the best possible view, and I want to open myself completely to her. I open my legs as wide as I can and while doing so catch your eye. I want to be looking directly at you when I feel her tongue against my pussy. I want to see your reaction as a woman tastes my pussy for the very first time. My heart beats even harder as I watch you take hold of your cock and begin stroking it with strong, rhythmic cycles.

The moment comes and I’m shocked to hear my own cry as the girl's tongue barely grazes my sensitive pussy lips. Her tongue feels like magic and I literally can’t control myself. I’m looking deep into my your eyes as I yelp and writhe in ecstasy. This woman is licking my pussy like I’ve never experienced before. She’s using her whole mouth to pleasure me in ways that only a woman knows. And her tongue is long and hot. In my mind's eye it feels like a little penis pushing itself deep into my pussy, the tip working to lick my pussy's tight walls.

I imagine how good it feels to feel your cock pushing deep into me and then I think of the reality. This is me at my sexiest! I’m being watched by husband as he allows me to fuck another woman. He’s watching me love every second, watching me call out and demand more. He’s watching and he’s enjoying it. Wanking his cock over us and loving it!

If I wanted to I could have him, too. But right now I don’t. I want to feel him cum deep inside my body, but not before I’ve tasted my first pussy and felt my first orgasm given by a woman...

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