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Winter's Afternoon

The sun is warm, filling the room with a warm lavender glow as it streams through the window and the sheer curtains. I think that everything is ready for your arrival. The pillows on the bed are plumped and the bed is warmed and turned back. The fire is lit and the couch has a soft lavender chenille throw tossed over the back. There is a low table in front of the couch facing the fireplace with a tea tray and a plate with scones and assorted cookies on it. I look down at myself and smooth my dark purple, long sleeved T-shirt and jeans. I can hardly contain myself as I wait for you to arrive.

I jump towards the door when your knock sounds. I open the door and drink in the sight that awaits me. There you are in all your glory, your soft eyes, and hair falling gently to your shoulders. You look wonderful in jeans and a sweater. All I want to do is take you in my arms and pet you, but instead I step aside and invite you in. The scones are wonderful and warm, so we start with those and our tea. As we work our way through the wonderful food we chat about things and get caught up, it has been a while since we saw each other.

All I can think about while we are talking is how wonderful you look, and how soft your skin looks, and how much I would like to kiss you until your lips are swollen. We are facing each other, our knees touching and our fingertips brushing from time to time. God I just want to take you in my arms and make love to your entire body! You are so amazing and gorgeous. "You should never play poker," you say softly when there is a lull in the conversation. I blush and stammer out why and you reply, "Your face is a dead give away. Why don’t you just kiss me and see where that leads us." There is a sweet smile on your face, as I slip my arm around your shoulder and pull you closer. "Mmm, your sweater must be warm, it’s so soft," I murmur into your hair. I feel a soft kiss on my neck that leads to a few more; you are making it hard to breathe and sending tingles all up and down my spine. I find your lips and kiss them insistently as I open them with my tongue. I gently slide my tongue into your mouth and explore it as my hand slips beneath your sweater to cup your breast. I try to restrain myself as you press your sweet body against mine. I want to taste all that you are, and feel you shiver in the anticipation of my touch.

I stand up and take your hand to lead you to my warm, waiting bed. Before I lay you down on it I slip your sweater over your head and kiss the fleshy part just over your bra. I follow the line of the cup with my tongue and feel you shiver. "Oh please," you moan in anticipation as my hands go around your back and unfasten your bra. I slide it down your arms and drop it to the floor, and then I lower you onto the bed and ease myself down next to you. I unfasten your pants and slide them off and toss them on the ground too. Next your underwear lands on the floor. For a moment I lean back and just revel in your exquisite beauty. Your skin is golden in the firelight, my hands are aching to slide over your glorious curves and I am quivering with the need to taste your skin on my lips. Your breasts are glorious in the firelight, and soft and pert under my palms. Your sweet tasting nipples standing up erect under my deft tongue as I swirl my tongue stud over them. I hear your moans get louder, and your breath quicken as I suckle and gently fondle them. I pull my mouth away and start kissing my way down your soft downy stomach. Making my way to your sweet, dewy mound I have been longing for. Before I reach it however I sit up, ignoring your little moan of protest, and pull my sweater over my head. I am not wearing a bra, I only wear them when I feel it is absolutely necessary, and I can hear your gasp of appreciation even before my sweater has completely cleared my head. My breasts are huge; usually I keep them strapped down by wearing baggy shirts and sports bras. I reach down and unfasten my pants allowing the strap-on that I donned earlier in anticipation of this moment to slide out. You gasp as I slide my pants to the floor. You reach out and as you touch it an electric shock zings through me as if you are actually touching MY cock. I watch with fascination as you lean forward and just take the tip in your mouth. Your sweet tongue circles the head of my cock and you slowly slide your mouth over the whole length of it. I moan in anticipation as I feel the welling of my own excitement start between my legs. I force myself to lay back and enjoy the feeling of you sucking my dick, although all I really want to do right now is slide it into your waiting cunt and make myself at home. You sit back and brush your hair out of your face. I lean over and take your face in my hands and kiss you, opening your lips so that I can taste all that you have to offer me. I lay you back gently on the bed and I kiss my way down your neck, over your breasts, and down your stomach. I reach your mound again and kiss all over the surrounding area before I part your lips and dive my tongue into the honey goodness that is your essence. You taste phenomenal I just want to go on eating you forever! A stronger force however is driving me to sit up and ready cock for entry into your waiting cunt. I grab my trusty bottle of lube that was waiting for us on my nightstand and slather it on. I see you eyeing me, urging me to go faster as your stroke your clit in anticipation. Your breathing speeds up and I watch your eyes as you take yourself over the edge and into the first of what I hope will be many orgasms. As the tidal wave starts to abate I lean forward and nudge the head of my cock into your dripping wet opening as you continue to stroke yourself on the way to your next explosion. I slide myself in gently, and back out almost all the way. I slide in again and slowly build up my momentum until you’re panting so hard and moaning out incoherent little things and bits of sentences. I hear my name, and oh god as orgasm after orgasm hits you in huge waves of pleasure. Your breathing becomes increasingly ragged and you are almost screaming now. I take your hand away from your clit and replace it with mine. I finger your clit and fuck your cunt as you slam into a huge screaming orgasm.

I am so worked up I can’t sit still. After a few moments of rest I slide out of you and undo the buckles of my harness, letting it fall to the floor. I look at you, still gasping on the bed and settle myself next to you. Perfectly content to take care of my own needs now that you are satisfied, I reach over into the other nightstand and take out my favorite clit vibe. My eyes on yours I start to manipulate myself on the way to an orgasm. I am startled when you take the vibe from me and start to make me tremble in the anticipation of my own release. The first orgasm is so intense it takes me off guard. You lean over and start sucking and fondling my breasts and climb between my legs…all the while vibrating my clit until I can’t see straight. I watch as you kiss your way down to my cunt and fold back my lips. The vibe lies between your own legs on your clit and you ride it as well as you start to suckle and nuzzle my cunt. God I wanna cum so badly I can taste it. The amazing waves of pleasure are just zinging through me as I fondle my breasts and you lick my way to my own screaming orgasm. I can hear your labored breathing, as you ride the vibe on your way to another orgasm with me. Oh god…here it comes…I can’t hold it back any longer…after making love to you and having you make love to me I know that I will never forget this day. OH GOD THERE IT IS!! You cum almost at the same time as I do and sit up to look at me as I try to regain my bearings. I am still trembling from the aftermath when you climb back up beside me and nuzzle in next to me. I wrap myself around you and pull up the covers. The snow starts to fall as we snuggle in for a nap.

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