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What is a woman without a clitoris?
“Blade,” I said, as I looked around me at the sterile doctor’s consulting room. “My name is Blade.”

Her sudden movement brought my gaze back to the doctor across the desk. I saw her name: ‘Dr. Eve Deckard.’

Dr. Deckard opened the file in front of her, looked me up and down and slowly stood up and walked around the desk. Her long black hair fell onto her shoulders and the buttoned-up white doctor’s jacket accentuated her full tanned breasts. As she stood next to me, she leaned forward, her cleavage close to my face and whispered in my ear: “Runner.”

Without question or second thought, I stood up and started disrobing. Not that I had many clothes to shed; my grey jumpsuit, my grey panties, bra and my work boots. I laid on the examination table and spread my legs open. Dr. Eve Deckard stood between my legs and put her cold hands on my thighs. She moved them closer to my vulva and spread those lips open with her fingers.

“Just as I thought,” she said. “Shaved with an inactive clit.”

“What...? I don’t shave down there. Never needed to,” I said, not knowing what the fuck is going on. “I’ve been waiting for you for 200 years,” Dr. Deckard informed me. She slipped her finger through the slit between my legs.

“Do you feel anything?” she wanted to know.

“Like what? What the fuck is going on here? Why am I here and what do you want from me? You won’t find anything there.”

“Do you feel anything?” she repeated her question. “Any pleasure? Any tingling? Anything?”

“Just the annoyance of someone running her finger up and down my piss slit.” I was getting pissed off.

Dr. Deckard pushed her finger in my dry hole.

“Damn you. Haven’t you heard of lube?”

“I will have to operate,” said the doctor.

“Not a fuck,” I said. “Nobody is going to cut me up.”

I caught her hand between my naked thighs and try to wrestle her down. With the greatest of ease, she forced my legs open and pushed me back onto the table, her face close to mine.

“I want to show you something,” she whispered.

She stepped back and slowly unbuttoned her white jacket. Her full, beautiful breasts escaped the confines of the garment and in one movement Dr. Eve Deckard stood naked in front of me. Her hard nipples pointed at me, her tummy was flat and sexy and her vulva desirable.

She gently pushed me off the table and sat where I sat, her legs spread wide open. She indicated that I must stand between her legs and look at her pussy. To my utter amazement, she used her fingers to spread her pussy lips open to my gaze. I bent down to inspect this image more closely and for the first time in my 18 years, I saw a pussy this close. Nothing in our society prepared me for this beautiful sight. Nudity was totally forbidden, no image of any human could ever be taken or displayed. It was punishable by death. I never dared to look at my own vulva.

Dr. Deckard’s pussy was also clean shaven and two the thin smooth lips stood guard next to her entrance. At the top of the slit stood a little button proudly erect. With care I touched the knob with the cushion of my finger. I saw her jerk at my touch and thought that I injured her.

“Please continue,” she begged me.

Pressing my finger back onto the button I felt a sticky wetness. I slipped my finger through her slit and it was oozing a slick wetness. Inspecting my finger, I saw it was covered in this strange liquid. Dr. Eve’s eyes were closed as if in ecstasy. I tasted the stuff on my finger. There was nothing in my world to compare the taste to. It was….. beautiful.

An unnamed desire brought my face closer to her vulva and my tongue darted out to taste this substance without the aid of a finger. It tasted better than the best food prepared by the Buro. I couldn’t get enough. The more I licked the more came out. I started to suck on the knob, lick it up and down and even stuck my tongue deep into her entrance. Dr. Deckard grabbed my head and pushed my face deeper into her vulva, moving it up and down. I drank of her essence and became invigorated. Twirling my tongue into a straw, I suck up more of her juices. DR. Eve convulsed as if she had some kind of seizure and then flopped on the table, spent. I stepped back, concerned.

“Are you okay, Doc?’

Nothing, she just laid there. I moved closer, trying to see if she was dead. Dr. Eve Deckard slowly came back to life, rested on her elbows and looked at me.

“You are a natural,” she complemented me. “You are the One.”

“Why am I not as smooth and wet as you?”

Dr. Deckard were breathing normal again.

“During the Sex Wars of 2020 women’s genes were manipulated that their clitoris coul….”


“This little knob.” She pointed to the button at the top of her slit. “The fanatical religious authorities wanted to prohibit women of enjoying intercourse. That is why biologists manipulated women’s bodies to develop thin membrane over the clit.”

“Why do you have one?” I wanted to know.

“I am a cyborg, a mechanical human,” she said. “My creators wanted to make sure that you would visit me to help women be women again.”

“What do you mean, to be women again? Am I not a woman?”

“Without a clit a woman is nothing more than a mobile incubator.”

“Prove it,” I challenged her.

“Come sit across me and spread your legs.”

I did what she instructed. Our spread pussies winked at each other. Dr. Eve Deckard first rubbed two fingers through her wet slit and then wet my dry pussy with her wet fingers. She repeated this procedure ten times before I sensed anything. After another two it was if a heavy weight lifted from my vulva. Dr. Eve bent forward, licked my slit and sucked on my freed clit. The pleasure sensation waved through my body and shook me to my core. Pure bliss.

I realized what womanhood really entailed after this absolute pleasure.

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