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Working Hard... Or Hardly Working?

Dana really wants the job and will do ANYTHING to secure it.
Sorry it's so short; I composed this at work (thankfully without getting caught) after daydreaming of having lesbian affairs with one of my gorgeous coworkers. Enjoy. 


Carmyn was replacing a folder in the filing drawer, when a brunette beauty entered the spacious office. Donning a dentist-approved smile, she extended her manicured hand towards Carmyn.

“Hi. I’m Dana,” she introduced herself, before sitting down.

“I’m Carmyn. Nice to meet you.”

"First, I would like to state that I'm a good worker. I work extremely hard and I'm extremely dedicated. That's why I know I'm right for this job..."

Dana's words went in one ear and came out the other, meaning Carmyn heard her, but she wasn't listening. In simple terms, she wasn't paying any attention what she was saying.

Carmyn couldn’t help but to catch a glimpse of Dana’s pink undies that were peeking from beneath her short black skirt. Carmyn noticed they matched her lace pink bra which was visible, through her semi-see-through satin white blouse. Dana followed Carmyn’s wandering eyes. Busted! Carmyn thought.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… It’s just that you’re really beautiful,” Carmyn smiled, her cheeks flustered.

“Well, thank you,” Dana replied.

Dana really wanted this job, but her interviewer wasn't interested in anything she was saying. So she refocused her strategy. She gradually separated her legs and gave Carmyn a sexy look.

“So are you. You're very, very beautiful.”

Carmyn’s eyebrow shot up. Dana, a complete stranger who’d roamed into the office, was flirting back and inviting her in. She couldn’t believe it.

Impatient, Dana stood and walked around the desk. Her lips were moving, saying something valuable. But her words only fell upon deaf Carmyn’s ears. Her eyes were too busy sizing Dana’s lovely figure, from her silky dark hair, that encased her tanned face, to her sky blue eyes, she resembled Megan Fox. Her breasts were screaming to be rescued from her lace push up, that was now at Carmyn’s eye-level.

Dana straddled Carmyn in the massive large chair. Carmyn didn’t resist, as Dana initiated a passionate French kiss. As their tongues entwined, Dana gyrated her hips against Carmyn’s pelvis. Carmyn slid her hands under brunette’s skirt and cupped her cheeks.

Dana’s tongue journeyed on a slippery, wet trail down Carmyn’s neck as she unbuttoned her red blouse. When Dana couldn’t get the last button off quickly enough, she just ripped it off. Still, Carmyn wasn’t complaining. Her mouth’s next destination was Boobsville. She unfastened Carmyn’s front-clasped bra, took one erect nipple in her mouth and pinched the other one. Meanwhile, Carmyn inserted her index finger in Dana’s pink velvet, while her middle entertained her pink star. Dana ground herself on Carmyn’s hand. The pair of ladies singsong moans increased, alerting the adjacent offices.

Dana hopped atop the messy wooden desk, spread eagled. Carmyn pulled her skirt above her waist, before climbing atop her. The girls assumed the scissors position and began to trib. Both their pussies grew wetter, moistening the friction, intensifying the pleasure. Dana put Carmyn’s finger in her mouth to let her taste her own pussy juices. She sucked hungrily, as their hairless womanhoods continued to rub together.

“Oh, yeeeah, yeeeah!” Dana moaned.

“Mmmm. Faster, baby!” Carmyn instructed.

The sounds of wet flesh clapping, moaning, and items falling off the desk are audible to the neighboring offices. Little did the horny girls know that there was an audience, outside the glass door.

Several humps and breasts squeezes later, Carmyn collapsed onto her new-found lover and saturated her in sweat. Dana reciprocated their position, atop the large wooden desk, with her on top. She lowered her twat onto Carmyn’s lips. Carmyn extended her tongue and proceeded to tease Dana’s engrossed clitoris, as she fingered her asshole. Dana leaned forward and returned the favor. She buried her face nose-deep into Carmyn’s wet pussy.

The girls begged each other for more and inserted three fingers in the other's pussy. Agreeing to come in unison, the pair released their liquid honey, in addition to blissful wails, several moments later. Determined to make sure Carmyn was pleased more than herself, Dana jumped off the desk and pulled Carmyn’s ass to the edge. She used her fingers to pull Carmyn’s wet puffy lips apart and another finger to tease her opening. Carmyn’s body quivered and her stomach spasmed. Dana indulged in her lover’s exposed pink goodies.

“Yeeeeahhhhh!” Carmyn exclaimed constantly until the end.

An electric wave of electricity shot through Carmyn’s body, making her light-headed and weak, as the surge imploded inside of her. A river of warm, gooey juices flowed from Carmyn’s oozing cunt. Dana hungrily lapped every ounce of it. A lifeless Carmyn collapsed again upon the desk. Dana began to lick her again. Each fresh lick sent an unbearable surge up her spine, alerting her nerve in her body. It was too much! It was too good! Carmyn squeezed her legs shut, begging, please no more! She was spent.

Pleased with her work, Dana stood to dress herself. Carmyn gradually did the same with the little energy she had left.

Smiling brightly, Dana professed through giggles, “Just like my resume said, I’m a hard worker. So do I get the job?”

Confused, Carmyn replied, “What job?”

“For the internship as your assistant.”

“Oh, I’m not the boss. I’m her previous assistant.”

“Wait! Wh-what?!”

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