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You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover 2

It had been two weeks since my fantasy came true.
It had been two weeks since Jennifer had made me her pet. Just thinking about that afternoon made me moist. I wondered when I would get to play with her again. I wondered about her boyfriend too.

I was sitting in my office daydreaming about Jennifer when my office door burst open. Jennifer turned and locked my door then she reached under her skirt and peeled off her panties. She tossed them at my face.

“Look what you do to me,” she scolded.

Her panties were soaked. I put them in my mouth and sucked her juice from her wet panties.

“You taste great!” I said mischievously.

“I cannot concentrate on work. All I can think about is fucking you again,” Jennifer said as she crossed the room and kissed me.

She mauled my breasts as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. She pulled her skirt up and sat her naked ass on my desk. She reached down and spread her smooth lips with one hand and shoved my face into her snatch with the other. I greedily sucked and licked her furiously.

She had grabbed my face in both of her hands and was shoving my face back and forth on her smooth wet pussy. She came hard and quick.

“Oh god I needed that,” Jennifer said as she shoved me away from her.

She retrieved her purse from where she had tossed it earlier. She fumbled around in it and finally pulled out her strap-on. She stepped into the legs and walked back to where I was sitting on the floor behind my desk. She pulled me to my feet by my hair.

“Suck my cock!” Jennifer ordered as she slapped my face.

She sat back on my desk as I leaned down and started licking the big black rubber dick. I had it very wet quickly. I assumed she would be shoving it in me soon and I wanted it lubed well before that happened.

She pulled me upright again by my hair. She kissed me hard and bit my lip. She unbuttoned my blouse and yanked my bra over my tits roughly trapping them and squeezing them at the same time. She leaned down and licked a nipple making it stand out proudly. She reached up and pinched my nipple hard.

The pain and pleasure center in me was fighting for control. My pussy was dripping wet. She reached down to the hem of my skirt and slid her hand underneath it. She slid her hand between my silky thighs. I gasped at how hot it made me.

I spread my feet giving her better access to my aching wet pussy. Her hand inched up so slowly. I was on fire with desire for her. She finally reached my crotch and quickly realized I was not wearing any panties. She felt my wetness and slid two fingers up and down my wet nether lips. I moaned softly at her delicate touch. She drove those fingers inside me.

“Finally, I have wanted you inside me for two weeks,” I moaned.

Jennifer slyly said, “Well, my pet, you have options; I can finger your lovely pussy until you cum. That is free. I can also bend you over your desk, and then fuck you doggy style with my big black cock. If you choose the cock, you must wear the butt plug in my bag until I take it out of you at my house later tonight. What will it be?”

“Please fuck me with the cock,” I begged.

She stripped my skirt off of me and made me lean over my desk ass raised high. She moved behind me and stepped between my open legs. I could feel the rubber dick on my back. Jennifer stepped out of her heels and moved back in between my legs. I felt her lady dick nudging my pussy.

She reached into her purse and brought out the butt plug and a tube of lube. She lubed her cock and the plug. She lubed several fingers too. She slid a lubed finger near my tightly clenched anus. She teased my asshole a bit before shoving her finger inside me roughly. She aimed her big black cock at my pussy and slowly started feeding my pussy her cock.

I was in heaven. Jennifer fingered my ass as she started pumping my pussy with her cock. I came so quickly I was disappointed. Jennifer ignored my ass clenching her finger in the throes of my orgasm even adding a second digit. I was wracked with spasms of my climax.

Jennifer started pounding my pussy harder and faster. She was pulling my hair as she fucked me harder and faster. She pulled her fingers out of my ass and I was left feeling empty. It was a brief sensation because she nudged the tip of the butt plug into my tight anus. She pushed and the first knuckle was swallowed inside my ass. God it hurt so good.

Jennifer was grunting as she pumped her cock in my slippery puss. She also shoved harder and the bigger second knuckle of the plug stretched my asshole even wider. I stifled a scream. Jennifer mercifully quit pushing deeper but rocked the plug from side to side in my tight stretched asshole. The last knuckle was the biggest.

“Push out hard and relax baby,” Jennifer said softly.

I did as told and she shoved the last knuckle inside me. I started cumming again. Oh god it hurt so much but I came so fucking hard. I was leaking cum all over my desk. I cried from the pain and lust I was feeling. Jennifer kept pounding my pussy until the last shiver of orgasm waned.

She stepped back and pulled the rubber cock loose and jammed it in her own dripping pussy. She only managed four strokes before she closed her eyes and came all over her rubber dick.

“Tonight you meet my boyfriend,” Jennifer said as she quickly put herself back together. She did leave me her still wet panties.

“I guess it is no panties Wednesday from now on,” I said with a laugh.

“Sounds yummy,” Jennifer agreed.

Are there any requests for the appearance or age of Jennifer’s boyfriend? Thought I might make this a bit interactive .

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