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You Had Your Eyes Wide Open…Why Were They Open?

So since Sam and I split, which is interesting considering how we were never together in the first place, I’ve been noticeably kind of upset. People keep asking me if I have lost a family member, I reply in the negative but can never tell them why I’m as sad as I am.

Well, as sad as I was.

The next time I had to see Sam was the day of our assessments. I was completely dreading it after the last time I saw her, the time where I felt like my heart was breaking…

Well, as I expected, I was that nervous about doing the assessment that I completely forgot that Sam would be there. The wind was knocked out of me as she ran from one end of the chapel (where we were doing our assessments) to the other where I had just walked in through the door, jumped on me and sent both of us back through the same door. A few heads turned as I walked back through again with her still pretty much wrapped round me. People know I’m friendly but they didn’t seem to know what to make of this. Neither, to be quite honest, did I.

And if they were shocked by the hug, then they were almost paralytic at the kiss that she planted on my lips. So familiar to the first of our private kisses that we had shared, but there was only one party trying at all this time. Sam seemed to shake off the look of “Shit” that my eyes so clearly told as she released her legs from around my middle and landed without a sound on the cold, hard floor.

It was then as she slipped away, cat-like, leaving me with half of the rooms eyes on me, and half on her, alone, that I realised I had fucked up badly in not returning her kiss. We could’ve pretended that it was a spur of the moment thing, but now it was gonna be awkward. I re-joined my group and went to sit down with them, thinking this to be the best thing to do after the show that the two of us had just provided.

I felt a gentle buzz in my pocket and my eyes flicked to Sam, making the oh-so-familiar movement of slipping her phone into her left front jeans pocket. A slight head flick to the side to check I had received her message. My eyes responding as I caught her doing this as I glanced up. I read her message,

Well, considering your attempts to contact me over the break, I’m actually stunned by your response. I thought you’d have been pleased to see me…guess I thought wrong. You really are the bitch everyone says you are.

I was now stunned by her again for the wrong reason; she had been intentionally ignoring me? I’m a bitch? Who says I’m a bitch and why?

Another buzz in my hand. Followed in quick succession by a few more buzzes, phone dancing in my hand.

I missed you Sarah.

I wanted to see if you had missed me as much as your messages suggested.

The kiss has clearly shown me that you just wanted another quick relief…

You went so quickly after the lecture I had no time to talk to you.

I made a reply.

What do you mean people say I’m a bitch? Who says that? I am pleased to see you…you have no idea how, well, how wet I am to put it bluntly. (This wasn’t a lie, I was soaking) Of course I missed you as much as my attempts to contact you suggested. That was why I was trying so much. I was losing hope of you still wanting me in the end… Quick relief? QUICK RELIEF? Haven’t you noticed that I’ve pined for you…I’ve wanted you for you, not for pleasure that you bring, although that is an added bonus, but I love you Sam. I left the lecture quickly because when I saw you, I felt my heart ache. I couldn’t be in the same place any longer because I thought you were going to reject me.

Her reply did not come quickly.

I saw her sit and her breathing become shorter, then longer, erratic.

I lied, nobody calls you a bitch. You’re the most popular one of us here, you know everyone. Your heart ached? For me? You thought I would reject you? Never.

Aghast, I sat and slipped down my pew a little.

Yeah Sam. It ached. It was terrible. Like there was something pulling my heart two ways. I love you Sam.

But, you had your eyes wide open. Why were they open?

They were open because you surprised me. I didn’t expect you to show, well, show Us to everyone.

You want there to be an Us?

Of course I do. I love you. I am in love with you.

I love you. I am in love with you.

I love you more than you will know…

Then, nothing.

I sat, realising that Becky and her boyfriend and the third years around me had lost interest in the group performances and were huddled lightly around me, trying to catch a glance of what was happening in the conversation between Sam and I.

After about an hours worth of group performances, it was decided that a break was in order. As this was decided, I buzzed Sam.

My place for a quick chat?

I live just a minute, if not less, from the chapel.

Yes. I thought you’d never ask.

We left our stuff in the chapel and I headed to my room first, followed quickly by Sam as everyone else went to the SU. As I opened the main door to my flat and was just about to walk through when I felt a cool breeze behind me as Sam appeared. Half through the door she turned me round and pulled my face down to meet hers where she placed a kiss sweeter than any before. This time I reciprocated, pulling her up into my arms, and wrapped her round me.

Still wrapped in her, I opened the door to my room, continued kissing her and then felt a warm hand caressing my breast from under my shirt and bra. My hand made its way to between her legs. As I closed the door I heard a yell and a door slamming as Steve ran excitedly upstairs yelling,

“SHIT! FUCKING I DON’T BELIEVE IT! SARAH IS…WELL, SARAH IS A LESBIAN! What do you mean you don’t believe me? She has a girl in there and they’re going at it NOW!”

Then more excited yells of, “Fucking Hell!”


“No way, you’re having us on.”

And finally my favourite,

“Fucking yes! Let’s go watch.”

Whilst still kissing Sam, I laughed, an interesting sensation I must say. Sam broke off the kiss, looked at me, laughed and said simply, “Well, I guess that the cats out of the bag now.”

I took Sam and laid her down on my bed, removed her underwear and set about to devour her pussy like a crazed person.

“I’ve missed this,” I said.

“Me too, but we’re gonna have to be quick.”

So I set about, savouring every moment of what went down. I swear Sam made noises as loud as possible to get every cock and clit outside my room hard. “Mmmm, god yes! Mmmm Sarah!”

When Sam had reached her climax quickly, we checked the time, realising we would be just on time for the restart. Sam got dressed properly again after ensuring I had some of her juices on my hand. “This can go on Facebook after the assessments,” she said in a whisper. “Not the sex, but the fact we are now a couple.”

I moaned in happiness and let her feel how wet I was.

We walked out of the room, shocking the crowd at our early appearance. I waved my hand at Steve, Scott and Ethan and said, “You know, she tastes soooo good. I’d let you have some but she’s all mine,” before putting my juice covered hand to my lips and sucking the fingers clean, turning to Sam and kissing her, massaging her breast and walking out of the building hand in hand.

When we got back into the chapel, we stood between the pews and turned to each other, held hands and kissed each other for a good twenty seconds before going a little pink and wishing each other good luck.

Our performances went well as we had thought they would. I wasn’t exactly focussing 100% on mine as all throughout it I could see Sam making those I-WANT-you-NOW-eyes at me and signing that she loved me.

When the performances were done we were asked to go to the SU for half an hour whilst they deliberated our grades. Sam bounded her way over to me before we headed off with the rest of the group, went and ordered a few pints. We sat hand in hand, drank them and then I got out my phone to tell Facebook that I was now “In a relationship” (squeeeeee) and I remembered that I would have to act dumb as to why we were no longer friends.

“Sam,” I whispered as I looked at her quizzically, “Why are we not friends on Facebook?”

“I don’t know Sarah,” she said puzzled. She kissed me gently, taking me by surprise. This seemed to wake Hannah, Ingrid and Rhiannon up, as well as the cocks of the four guys playing pool to our not so subtle affections.

“Sam, Sarah?” Rhiannon asked, “When did you guys finally get it together?”

By this point Sam and I had both taken glugs of our drinks and both nearly spat them out.

“Well,” Rhiannon said, “When did you get it together?”

“Yeah,” agreed Ingrid, “When, because there is something I think a few of us were going to ask you.”

Sam and I looked at each other puzzled.

“See, the thing is you two,” Hannah started, “You weren’t quite so subtle before, in the first break I mean.” More puzzled looks from Sam and I. “Well, the three of us wanted to know where you had gone, and knowing you wouldn’t have gone far, we checked your window. Through the glass door to your building we could see Steve and the guys crowded outside your closed door, so we thought we should check the windows.”

“And my what a sight we saw through the chinks in the curtains…” Rhiannon grinned as she spoke.

I gulped. How much had they seen?

“We know EXACTLY what it is that you are thinking now, ‘How much did they see’ ‘Do they mind’ ‘Do they think we’re weird?’, well, we saw everything, from Sam being put on the bed. It was H O T. No, we don’t mind and we certainly don’t think you’re weird, either of you. In fact,” Ingrid said slyly,

“We all want to join you,” they chanted. I must’ve looked fit to collapse as Sam, Rhiannon and Ingrid reached out to steady me.

Then that was when they each bent down and kissed Sam and I passionately one after the other.

We then went back into the chapel, all feeling rather naughty after what had just happened, all openly flirting with each other and biting our own lips. I even managed to sneak in a kiss from Sam, nibbling her lip and stopping just before out tutors came in and suspected anything else.

We all got B’s.

I could see this working VERY well in the future.

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