1000 Rooms

By socuriouso

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Tags: storm, sex, rhythm, power transfer, morning sex

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This was written the day the drought broke last summer. The analogy seemed fitting.
1000 rooms

rain is finally falling, I can hear it hit the ground above me. 
thunder and lightning roll across the sky 
fucking each other relentlessly.

their sweat falls from the sky 
cooling air and earth, quenching thirst, washing air. 
the early morning thrum on the roof launches 1000 beds

charged with

electricity thick in the sky, thick in her cries 
she urges thunder to crash harder,
pound louder keeping up with the crack light & raw energy


thunder catches her unaware 
pressure explodes in his grip the sonic rip 
unleashes awesome release. ice falls from the sky.

1000 rooms catch rhythm and flow, 
windows glow from sparks and fire
in 1000 rooms as passion crashes around and through
heated cool relief.

perfect porn painted across angry skies senses
pierced and purring, slow rain descends
as lovers decide what violent act is next.

bruised and swollen grudges 
barely announced thunder circles an impossible prey
she dances with fury and raw aggression 
bent only by him


inextricably linked fire and ice coalesce 
emotion unchecked as adrenaline crackles 
across the sky; 
900 beds are still twinned with the storm.

circling in on it self unchecked 
the calm center emerges 
time slows space stretches 
infinity envelopes lovers 
as rage and love weave ecstasy...


she strikes thunder relents, 
power starting to ebb 
her fury unleashed fully as she strides to take control 
taking at will her power from him.

500 rooms still keeping pace as 
fury becomes passion becomes sultry becomes sweaty becomes 
mixed with each other as furnace becomes slowfire.

swollen skies give way to soft drizzles
steady waves of after math ebb and flow 
the rhythm is still there and 
200 rooms wont be left today.

june 30, 2012