2:00 A.M.

By BelleduJour

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Tags: masturbation, love, fantasy, missing, longing, aching, connection

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Wish you were here...(inspired by a lush crush)
It's just after 2:00 a.m.
I stumble home after a night out with the girls,
perhaps a bit tipsy, yes.
I kick off my high heels
and stripped off my clothes.
Make my way to my cold empty bed,
horny as fuck and thinking of you,
an ocean and time zone away.
Our chat earlier this evening,
your confession,
not having cum in days.
Imagining you naked,
your rock hard cock,
balls tight and swollen,
in need of some tender loving care.
A release,
a happy ending if you will.
Wishing more than anything you were here waiting for me,
keeping my bed warm for me,
stirring awake when I crawl into bed next to you,
naked and in need,
pressing up against you.
You reaching for me,
kissing me deeply,
tongues and legs entwined.
What I wouldn't give to be with you tonight.
Show you how how much I want you,
how much I need you.
My clit, ruby red and swollen,
thighs trembling in anticipation of you.
Rolling on top as your cock slides effortlessly inside me,
making love to me slow and tender,
with intention.
Two souls in need of each other
if only for a moment.
Oh, all the wonderful things we would do together,
the sins we would commit.
That's what I'm thinking about tonight,
what I'm fantasizing,
what I'm aching for,
my own sweet release.
Excitement floods my body at the thought of you,
as my hands and fingers dance,
carefully choreographed,
keeping rhythm to the images of you,
of us.
That’s what I'm playing over and over in my mind,
this evening,
in my bed,
alone and naked
but in need no more.