A Chick With A Dick

By Bunny12

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I don’t know why I am so threatening to them?
Those jealous bitches and all those insecure men.

For some reason with them I always really strike a chord.
Though the attention they give me is negative, I can not be ignored.

Yes I’m the kind of girl that’s right up in your face.
The images I put in your mind you can not erase.

Maybe the men really hate that my dick always stays hard.
Or the women hate how with the men I always take charge.

Though their rude and judgmental they can kiss my ass.
All of those fake posers who are just trying to pass.

How much do you want to bet they will score this with a two?
But it just amuses me I’ll never go boo-hoo.

I write real stories and what is actually in my heart.
I am always true to myself and never play a part.

Maybe they can never take someone who is for real.
Or who wants to fuck a sexy man’s ass and make him squeal.

Lust and passion are the emotions that I have an excess of.
Though I might cause you some pain it will always be mixed with love.

I wear my strap on proudly waiting for that perfect ass.
When he shows up I’ll take him down he’s going to have a blast.

I’m really not that strange at all with most people I click.
You might even find me exciting yes I’m a chick with a dick!